The Stark Truth: Robert Lindsay returns

July 7, 2010

Robert Lindsay

Robert Lindsay is an Independent Left journalist, blogger, and “liberal race realist” from California. Topics include:

  • Third Positionism; the A3P Party
  • Fascism and US pro-White politics; US Southern history
  • The bankers who financed Communism; rich socialists
  • Defining fascism; the pathologization of racism
  • A comparison of how Communist and Nazi atrocities are treated and used for political gain
  • Fascism in Israel; whether Zionism is Nationalist or Internationalist
  • Islamic Imperialism

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72 Responses to “The Stark Truth: Robert Lindsay returns”

  1. AT on July 8th, 2010 7:13 am

    Ted Turner, Bill Gates are just nice guys with deep pockets? []wit.

    Bankers funded Lenin and Stalin. The Soviet economy would have gone bang after six months without Jew Banker cash. Where did the Soviet economic growth come from? Anyhow – the
    USSR was merely State Authoritarian-Capitalist, the revolution to open up Russia to Jew money makers.

  2. Akira on July 8th, 2010 10:51 am

    Dear Robert,

    A word of criticism:

    You have a tendency to go along with whoever you are interviewing. I think this is a bad thing, and am sure there are others who would agree. I don’t think it’s necessary to engage in “BBC HARDtalk!”-style attacks, but some aggressiveness would not be inappropriate.

    You kept asking approaching debate with Linsay, but then just backed off and agreed (or appeared to agree) with all his ridiculous responses.

    + + +

    Lindsay makes absolutely no sense. There’s no consistency at all to anything he says.

    This proves that in order to defend The Jews As Jews, you have to lie., just as Jews As Jews lie.

    Lindsay says he opposes “Capitalism”. This is Jew economics. He doesn’t mean the Italian banking of the 14th century, or investing in industry, or whatever. By “capitalism” Lindsay is referring to Jew-Masonic usurious exploitation.

    He says that anyone opposed to Jews is a bigot and full of hate and is an insane antishemite. He says this must be the case because when he was an antishemite he hated Jews and was insane. This is not logic.

    He says he opposes the White Nationalit/Supremacist race-hatred and especially their contempt for Black people. The movement he’s referring to is Jewey. This is the legacy of the likes of William Luther Pierce or the Israe;/British/”Christian” Identity lunatics (who are connected to Rastafarianism and Black Israelitism etc): these are all derived from the writings of Rabbi Manasseh ben Israel. And the belief that Blacks are inferior in moral status etc or that they were born to be slaves and so on — these are all derived Noachidism and from Talmudic interpretations of Genesis.

    He says hat his concern is immigration, not Jews. But then he says that Jews create open borders and that they subverted Hungary, Romania, etc.

    He says that Jews are opposed to nations and have lots of money and lots of power, but it doesn’t mean anything, “So what!?” he shouts. So what? So they use their power and their money to destroy. That’s what.

    He says he worships a Jew (“I’m a Marxist”)

    He says something like, “Ah talked ta this here Jew feller from Canada, and this guy, well he’s got lots a money and newspapers and he makes porn an all that kind of stuff, be he ain’t got no sorta agenda!”

    Everything about Lindsay is Jewed. His attitudes toward society, towards faith, towards morality.

    And he criticizes Libertarians? Yes, he’s right to criticize Libertarians and Capitalists and hateful Whites and so on. Byt it’s absurd to then defend Jewism.

    Libertarianism is a Jew-con. promoted by the Jewess Rosenbaum and the Jews Rothbard, and so on.

    It’s designed to make the “goy” atomized, disconnected from society, an atheist, immoral, and selfish.

    Lindsay also resorts to numerous argumentae ad absurdae.

    For example, he says things like, “Ya know, the Jews ain’t responsible for everything bad in the world!”

    Who ever said they were?

    What sane person ever sincerely said such a ridiculous thing as that all evil is Jewish?

    The use of such “arguments” displays Lindsay’s absolute contempt for the intelligence of his listeners.

    + + +


    + + +

    And I tried to post this comment on your blog, on your post about “Lies about Zionism from the Left and from the Right”, but it didn’t show up.

    Instead you have a bunch of what appear to be comments on American Idol…

    Dear Robert,

    I think you take these people too much at face value. You seem very naive. I advise you to toughen up.

    Jews lie. Christ taught us this. John 8:44-45.

    The Jew Chamish plays a role. The Jew Zinn plays a role. Their interest is: The Jew.

    That’s all.

    Primarily, they are neither Left nor Right.

    Just like the Jew Kristols or the Jew Hitchens or the Jew Mahar.

    When I refer to people as “the Jew X”, I mean those people who are primarily identified as Jews. Those whose primary role in life is to serve the Jew agenda. [The Jew World Order. the Global State, Oligarchy, Anti-Christ.]

    They (and their puppets, such as Obama or McCain) are not left or right or libertarian or communist or capitalist or anything but Jew (and the Jews’ slaves).

  3. Akira on July 8th, 2010 10:55 am

    You refer to John Hagee as “an evangelical pastor, who founded Christians Unite For Israel”.

    Hagee is not a Christian. He’s a lying, twisted, deviant slave of the Jews. He founded nothing. The Jews founded CUFI. The president of CUFI is the Jew Brog. Hagee is obviously anti-Christ:

  4. Tom on July 8th, 2010 11:23 am

    Lindsay is an obvious liar. When he asserted that AIPAC wasn’t one of the largest lobbies in the US and the Military Industrial Complex was the largest I laughed. The fact of the matter is that the largest lobby in the US is the Teamsters. The second largest is AIPAC. You can look that up online to verify it.

  5. Bud Frank on July 8th, 2010 12:04 pm

    The Lindsey interview was disappointing. You might have pointed out that Armand Hammer became THE richest man on earth thru his concessions in the Soviet Union.

  6. neoconslayer on July 8th, 2010 2:13 pm

    This man (Lindsey) is an intellectual lightweight. He condemns the dreaded and horrible “fascism” and then refuses to define it. It’s just this mysterious malicious substance, you know, that seeps into whatever that thing is that he doesn’t like or doesn’t care to understand. Brain-dead logic.

    He claims rich leftists are leftists because they’re just good people. HA! Share the wealth, friend. It can’t have anything to do with influence-shopping, such as people like Soros have mastered. No, it’s just because they’re so kind-hearted. Aww. Help the little messicans to cross the border, not because their presence helps to install an ever-more powerful state and consolidation of federal power, which makes power easier to manipulate. No. it’s because they care about the poor little messicans and want them to have their bbqs just a little further north. It means so much, you know. Well what about the dispossessed poor whites of this country in border states, Mr. Lindsey? Put two and two together and see that it is the rich liberal whites and jews who want to turn this country into a soulless brownish economic zone for the better exploitation and management of the proles.

    Also he thinks Southern white nationalists can distinguish themselves somehow from the Nazis that the rest of the country associates them with. Good luck with that. Don’t you know a Nazi in the 21st cent is just someone the Jews don’t like. That’s the definition. And so any time you try to speak up for whiteness or southerness, or anything other than Jewness and Israel, you are going to get called a Nazi. Get used to it. Embrace it. Flaunt it.

    Snore. Hopefully most listeners can see through this guy’s circular, flawed logic and loser jewwwy-politics.

  7. Horus on July 8th, 2010 7:44 pm

    All I heard from Lindsey was Uhmmm and mmmm and ahmmm. Of course it takes no more than a glance to see that his facial expression doesn’t appear to be disfigured by too much intelligence :-)

    He’s one of these crazy leftist lunatics who will say Jews are Zionists and Zionism is a racial ideology (which it is) but at the same time DENY that the reason Jews hate converts is EXACTLY because they’re racialist and want to keep their blood as it is. Also if you have any doubts that Jews are NOT a religion but a race first and foremost, which at the same time adopted a “religion” based on their ethnic interests, you need to read some books, but more easily, just Google “Jewish genetic diseases” to see at least a dozen unique genetic diseases specific ONLY TO JEWS which you’ll never find amongst Christians or Muslims of any race to suffer from. This is because Jews are very inbred, precisely due to the fact that they never wanted to inbreed with ANY other peoples who are simply cattle to them.

    Another point Lindsey totally misses is that he says in America, the war industrial complex is more powerful than the Zionist complex, yet look at all the people behind the wars and the military complex, Jewish neocons and shabbez goys to the T.

    Who controls the Federal Reserve? Right wingers? No no I know, it’s ADOLF HITLER from the grave!! Yes, that’s it, I’m absolutely sure Lindsey thinks the Nazis or (crypto-Nazis) control the world of finance as well. AJ also touts the same line, but he’s a zio worhsipping misinformation agent, so its no surprise.

    If you want to interview a truly intelligent leftist, go for someone like James Petras or a bright and colorful personality of Rev. Manning.

    All in all I was disappointed with this interview, especially how there was very little counter arguments to all the ridiculous, self-opposing things Lindsey mentioned.

    All I heard was Nazi this and Nazi that, Buchan/Nazi, Kevin McDonald/Nazi, everyone is a Nazi to this dweeb.

    And then he has the gall to deny that the Ukrainian Holodomor was a pre-meditated genocide program against nationalist Ukrainians. Well go and look up Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich (Lazar Moses Cohen), Stalin’s willing commissar who invented the plan to “strike down the Nationalist Ukrainian contra beast” as he put it, by confiscating the people’s grain supply and killing 7 million White Christian Ukrainians (men, women and children) by starvation.

    I didn’t expect a VOR program to interview leftist intellectual lilliputians and agree with them in the end!

  8. Patrick on July 8th, 2010 8:00 pm

    Robert Lindsey did an excellent interview. He is a man of integrity and he is intellectually valiant.

  9. whodareswings on July 8th, 2010 9:47 pm

    Robert Lindsay is Lindsaylicious! I read him regularly even though he believes in the Holocaust, but not in the Holdomor. Even though he’s a cheerleader for the Maoist insurgency in Nepal and India and
    Abemael Guzamn’s Shining Path in Peru. Even though his archive of grisly snuff videos is depraved and he’s elevated a Black feminist named “Alpha Unit” to a blog partner. Everytime he starts in with that stuff about how Stalin increased the life expectancy of everyone in in the Soviet Union I just assume he’s back on crack. I love his stories about the deadbeat Hispanic hangers on he’s had to lower the boom on. I’m least enthused with his interminably detailed postings with exotic pix about pygmy and nomad languages. The only people who could possibly care about these are homesick 711 clerks.

  10. Akira on July 9th, 2010 6:16 am


    You are being unfair.

    By “Stalin increased the life expectancy of everyone of the Soviet Union”, Lindsay means that everyone expected to get life in the Gulag.

  11. Chris on July 9th, 2010 6:18 am

    Akira is correct. Stark needs to challenge his interviewees rather than just agree with them.

  12. Akira on July 9th, 2010 6:37 am

    He should applied some sort of Albero Gonzales / IDF / NKVD style interogation tactics to Lindsay, and asked:

    “Who do you work for!?”

    “Who’s paying you!?”

    “What’s your game there Bobby!?”

    + + +

    Lindsay says he wishes he could find some rich Jews to work for.

    He wishes? Really? Like he isn’t already playing the harlot for Judengeld.


  13. Akira on July 9th, 2010 8:15 am

    Some transcriptions from this dismal comedy act:

    LINDSAY: In the early 1930’s, the Nazis were getting funded by major German industrialists. They were getting funded by the corporations. This is what almost nobody knows. The German corporations were behind the Nazis all the way. That’s where they got their money.

    STARK: But there were bankers funding Bolshevism too. Like Jacob Schiff helped finance the Bolshevik Revolution. So there definitely were industrialists financing both sides. But I think they just want to make a profit. War is one of the most profitable things.

    LINDSAY: Why would a banker finance Communism? [So they can take control of all assets, resources and credit under a central authority; kill Christians; conquer territory; use the enslaved populace to conquer more territory -- Akira] The international bankers generally did not finance Communism. That’s simply not true. There’s no money in it for them! Communism is the biggest money loser in the whole world for capitalists. [Is he an idiot or a liar? -- Akira]

    STARK: But the government still needs to borrow money whether it’s Communist or capitalist. The other thing is that when the Czar was in power, he was more of an economic nationalist and he did not want to do business with these bankers, so the bankers did have some incentives for financing Bolshevism.

    LINDSAY: Those Jews like Schiff, they did not make any money at all off of Russia going Communist. It was just a gigantic money loser. [Idiot or liar? -- Akira] The whole thing with Schiff was all about Jewish ethnic politics. [So Jew power advances Jew interests. -- Akira]

    STARK: Yes, because the Czar was anti-Jewish [and rightly so! -- Akira] , so it was more an ethnic thing than an economic thing.

    LINDSAY: Believe me, that’s all it was – was revenge ["revenge"? for what? this is Jewey propaganda -- Akira] on the Russians. And a lot [ha ha ha! isn't he being "antishenitic" now? -- Akira] of the Communists were Jews. It was just let’s get rid of these anti-Semites [= Christians -- Akira] and put some pro-Jews in power. Schiff was not acting in his class interests by doing that. This whole idea of bankers funding Communism, well, hey, I’m kind of a Commie myself. I mean, I wish they would give us some money! [Admits he's a ho-for-Jews. -- Akira]

    STARK: There weren’t any Gentile capitalists who financed Communism.

    LINDSAY: Why would they? [Because the Communist Manifesto was commissioned by the same Slavemasons who run the global ecomomy. -- Akira] There are a few rich people who are Communists, that’s rare. [Ha ha ha! -- Akira] If you study Marxism [Jew religion -- Akira] , then you understand class [no, you understand Jews -- Akira] , and so many things that people do are based on their class interests. People have class interests. Why would a rich capitalist finance Communism? Why would I buy someone the guillotine that’s going to chop my head off? It’s totally operating against your class interests. There’s no point to it unless you’ve got some kind of ulterior motive.

    But there are some elites who go against their class interests and ally with the poor because, well, maybe they grew up poor or maybe they’re just nice people. But they are basically supporting a project that is going to cut their income.

    And why would they do that? I mean a few of them will, just because they’re good people or they are self-sacrificing.

    Rich liberals are just nice people. They’re just nice people who feel guilty and they’re willing to give up their money and share it with others, and that’s all there is to it. They’re self-sacrificing people. They have no ulterior motives or any of that. The notion that they do is rightwing populism. It’s crazy. [Typical Jew pathologizationism. -- Akira]

    STARK: A lot of the middle class people align with the rich, the capitalists and the corporations too, but they are not really acting in their class interests when they do that. The middle class does not understand their class interests. They want to be rich. They typically align with the rich. But it often doesn’t make much sense for them to do that.

    LINDSAY: But you said that the Left doesn’t really represent the middle class either mainly because the Left is for Open Borders. You wrote a recent article where you said both the Democrats and the Republicans, the Left and the Right, is one big Corporate Party.

    STARK: In the US, that’s true because the Democratic Party isn’t really a Left party anymore. It’s sort of a rightwing party instead, and it’s all just corporate politics. They just represent the corporations, the rich and the upper middle class. The Democrats? Well, the Democrats are sort of for the middle class to a greater extent than the Republicans are, but I don’t think either party is for the poor or the low income people anymore. Supporting them is considered to be a total loser.

    [They are both just wings of the CFR Party. -- Akira]

    LINDSAY: The Democrats used to be for the poor and the low income and the workers [HA HA HA! -- Akira] , but supposedly, that’s why they were losing elections, and that’s why they went to the DNC model.

    STARK: [T]hese labels about the Left and the Right don’t make a lot of sense …

    LINDSAY: … It’s just a sad comment when these rightwingers, who are almost fascists…when the fascists are the only people who are standing up for workers anymore.

    STARK: Hold on now, when you make a statement referring to them as fascists. Now you’re entitled to your opinion, but if you look at the platform, they say they’re for Constitutionalism. What specifically about the platform is fascist?

    LINDSAY: Well…I think they said something about encouraging non-White immigrants to go back to their countries. We’ll even give them money to go home. But there’s nothing much in there that’s specifically fascist. It’s a very moderated program. But they are calling themselves 3rd Positionists, and 3rd Positionist is fascist…They are explicitly pro-White in the US.

    [So "fascism" = "pro-White"? So Asians and Blacks and Arabs and Mexicans and Chileans etc. can't be fascists? -- Akira]

    The leaders of the party are White Nationalists. Kevin MacDonald is a White Nationalist who is sympathetic to fascism and Nazism. The leader of the party [William D. Johnson] is an explicit White Nationalist who called for throwing all non-Whites out of the country 20-30 years ago [in 1985 under the pseudonym James O. Pace). That’s where these people are coming from.

    Those are their leaders – they are coming out of the White Supremacist movement, the White Nationalist movement, which is a pro-fascist movement in the United States. And that’s how they totally failed, because, in being pro-fascist, they have blown off the entire White racist, White supremacist – especially Southern White Supremacist segment in the United States. [By being pro-fascist they've alienated White racial supremacists? -- Akira]

    Most White racists and White Supremacists in the US of the old White Supremacist types – they hate fascism, they hate Nazism. [I get it. White Supremacists are anti-Nazi. OK. -- Akira] They fought in WW2. The Southerners fought in WW2. They were slaughtered in WW2 by the Nazis. [How could US Southerners have been slaughtered by Nazis? That makes no sense. There were no Nazi armies in Tennessee or Mississippi. -- Akira]

    Southerners are pro-British. Their roots are in the UK. Hitler attacked the UK. [Britain and France declared war against Germany on 1939.09.03, and invaded Germany. Canada declared war against Germany on 1939.09.10.-- Akira] The pro-White movement in the US – the White nationalists, the White supremacists – they’re pro-Nazi, they’re pro-fascist! That is the biggest loser project! [This is confusing. Next he'll be saying that the head of the Nazi party in Skokie was a Jew! Oh, that's right -- he was! -- Akira] I know White people. [I've met one or two myself. -- Akira] Most White people want nothing to do with fascism or Nazism. Why does pro-White politics have to be fascist and Nazi? That’s no good. These people are losers. That’s the biggest failure in White politics right there.

    STARK: The Left likes to link the Southern nationalist types with Nazism but most people don’t know this but along with Jews…White Southerners and Jews were the most gung-ho groups about fighting WW2.

    LINDSAY: My mother [Lindsay's authority on history. -- Akira] was present in that era and I asked her, “Well, those Southerners were racists. Wasn’t Hitler seen as a pro-White regime?” and she said, “Oh no! I lived during that era and everybody hated the Nazis.” There were more pro-Nazis in Pennsylvania than there were in the entire South! The only Americans who were pro-Nazi were ethnic Germans, and then after Pearl Harbor, they basically just disappeared or went underground [The Fourth Reich! -- Akira] or shut up. The Nazis had zero support in the South.

    The Southern White Supremacists liked democracy [especially for Black people... -- Akira] . My Mom [the love of his life... -- Akira] said that Americans hated the fascists because they were a dictatorship…and they were persecuting Jews. [Never forgive! Never forget! -- Akira] And Southerners didn’t really care anything about Jews back then. Who cares about Jews?

    And the Nazis were not seen as pro-White at all. I mean every White person was pro-White back then. Why would you line up with Nazis? And the people that the Nazis were fighting were pro-White. France was pro-White [in Algeria, in Vietnam... ? -- Akira] . The UK was pro-White [So Lindsay also supports The British Empire? -- Akira] . Denmark, everyone in Europe was pro-White back in those days.

    STARK: So being pro-White was the norm, but what happened was the Establishment took it up, and they tried to link being pro-White with being with Hitler. But it’s a psychological thing, because if your enemy is telling you that if you’re pro-White, you’re like Hitler, psychologically, you’re going to think, “Well, maybe Hitler wasn’t such a bad guy, and maybe I should be pro-Hitler.” Would you say that that’s the roots of it?

    LINDSAY: Well…I’m not sure [... thinks ... thinks ... slooooowly ... -- Akira] …

    STARK: [G]roups like the ADL along with the media – they’re going to try to link anything that’s remotely pro-White with Nazism and fascism.

    LINDSAY: Well…that’s simply not true. [!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????? -- Akira]

    Even the European Right, the Hard Right in Europe, they’re not really all that classically fascist anymore – the BNP, the British National Party – is not all that fascist, they’re democrats last time I checked. They support civil liberties.

    You see, fascism mutates. Pinning down fascism is like pinning down a blob of mercury. Fascism is like a chameleon. It changes colors, it changes shapes, it can be anything. [He seems to have confused fascists with Jews -- Akira]

    Fascism takes on whatever forms it needs to take on to get in. It’s this very weird movement that very, very difficult to study, to define. [But he finds it quite easy to label them... -- Akira]

    Some of the top research right now on fascism is coming out of [Jew-Masonic] Political Science departments. They are trying to exactly figure out…what it is! Because…nobody…really knows…what fascism is. And the fascists are experts are concealing their motives, at lying, at not calling themselves fascists, at calling themselves anti-fascists. [He's taliking about Jews again? -- Akira]

    I’ve seen fascists on the Net, and they called their enemies fascists! [ So Lindsay must be a fascist? -- Akira] It’s really weird and confusing. If you hang around Usenet sites that have a lot of fascists on there, after a while, your mind starts spinning around and you start wondering if you are a fascist yourself. And they try to convert you to their movement.

    They are like these shape-shifting forms that change into these other things and say all this contradictory stuff, and they’re just all over the place. They’re sneaky, and they’re tricksters, and mainly they confuse you. [Why does he keep taling about Jews! -- Akira] They confuse people, and that’s how they get people to support their project because often people don’t really know what they are supporting. They’re not up front about their aims – that’s another aspect of fascism. It’s basically a popular movement against the Left.

    [A]ll of those old-style racists in the US, and especially in the South, they’re anti-fascists! They hate fascism, they hate Nazism and this crazy pro-White movement has blown all these people off by cheering on fascists and Nazis. What’s the matter with them? I don’t get it. For some reason, Hitler is held up as a hero of the White race. No he wasn’t! Hitler probably killed more White people than anyone in the 20th Century. What kind of hero is that?

    Hitler did kill millions of White people, possibly even more than Stalin. [Sure... -- Akira] I don’t get it. [There are lots of things he doesn't get. -- Akira]

    There are no moderate pro-White movements!

    STARK: Well, Pat Buchanan, he seems to have the best model because he basically is pro-White. …

    LINDSAY: … Buchanan is sort of pro-Nazi himself. That’s a real problem with him.

    STARK: Well, he’s not really pro-Nazi. Instead, he takes the position that the conservatives around the time of WW2, they were not explicitly pro-Nazi, but instead, they took the position that the Communists were a lot worse than the Nazis [Yes. -- Akira] , or that defeating the Nazis wasn’t really worth it [true -- Akira] because Eastern Europe fell to Communism [true -- Akira] and Western Europe fell to multiculturalism [true -- Akira] . So that’s sort of where Pat Buchanan is coming from.

    I saw Denis Prager speak several years ago, and he said that he thought that the Nazis were even worse than the Communists, and that’s usually the position that the Left took.

    LINDSAY: Isn’t he a Jew though? [Yeah -- that's the point, you moron. -- Akira]

    STARK: Yes, he is, so that’s a logical position but part of it is this Jewish influence for the neoconservative movement that has had a huge impact on the conservative movement in the US.

    LINDSAY: Well…I’m coming out of the WW2 Left, and those are my heroes, my comrades. The fascists and the Nazis are my enemies. They killed my comrades. If they ever come back in power, they will kill me, and I have no sympathy at all for those guys. And it’s not even a question of all over who was worse. See, I don’t think Stalin killed 20, 40, 60 or 110 million. I think Stalin killed 2.5 million. [Perhaps he means that Stalin "only" killed a few mill, and the Jews who controlled Stalin killed tens of mills. -- Akira] See, I don’t agree with those figures. Those are Nazi lies as far as I’m concerned.

    I don’t believe that that famine was a deliberate famine, you know, the Holodomor, that fake famine that the Ukrainians go on about? Do you know what that famine is? The Ukrainian famine, the Holodomor?

    STARK: Yes, I know what you are talking about, but it’s important to note that there is definitely a double standard when it comes to Communist atrocities, there can be an open discussion. But if you debate the Nazi atrocities, if you’re in Germany, you can actually go to jail for that.

    LINDSAY: Well…you can still debate the Nazi atrocities. And the legitimate figures for how many Jews were killed ranges all the way down to 4.2 million. So you can say that there was no 6 million, there was only 4 million, and that doesn’t make you a Holocaust Denier. And there are people who say it was over 6 million.

    Anyway, historians [kosher historians -- Akira] pretty much agree about the basics. The debate’s over about the Holocaust. [Just like global warming. -- Akira] They did kill anywhere from 4 million to over 6 million Jews. That’s just the bottom line. There’s no further discussion about it. [VERBOTEN! -- Akira] And the Holocaust Revisionists and the Holocaust Deniers have an ulterior motive, which is to bring back Nazism and to do the Holocaust all over again, and this time do it right.

    STARK: So you’re saying that people who try to downplay the Nazi atrocities, their goal is to bring back the Nazis.

    LINDSAY: That’s correct, exactly.

    LINDSAY: [O]n the Left, we’ve always called Zionism fascism. We think it’s fascism for Jews. It’s been a fascist movement from Day One, from the very start. We on the Left don’t like any ethnonationalism. [!!!??? -- Akira]

    STARK: The reason that the Left doesn’t like Zionism is because they see it as kind of a hyper ethnonationalist movement. But I think there is also an anti-Zionist Right. They see Zionism more as a form of internationalism.

    LINDSAY: Zionism? As a form of internationalism? See, that’s crazy though. That’s nuts. That’s just anti-Semitic whackery.

    STARK: But they are occupying another people’s land.

    LINDSAY: It’s a colonial project. It’s a settler-colonial project. It’s an imperialist project. It’s an ethnonationalist project. It’s a fascist project. There’s nothing progressive or Left about it. Where’s the internationalism? [It's kept on life support by US taxpayers. I guess he means that the US + The Zionist Entity is not 'international' since they share a government. -- Akira] Internationalists don’t persecute minorities in that fascist way like the Israelis do. That’s not what an internationalist does. [The British or French Imperialists didn't persecute minorities? -- Akira]

    STARK: Well the thing is that the Israel Lobby is by far the most powerful lobby in the US.

    LINDSAY: It’s one of them. There’s actually another one that’s more powerful. I think that the Oil Lobby or the Military Lobby is bigger. [Meaning Masons, who are Noachides -- Jews' slaves -- and Jews -- Akira]

    STARK: The Military-Industrial Complex?

    LINDSAY: They are the most powerful ethnic lobby, for sure. Our elections are all about Jewish money. And the whole pro-Israel thing is all about Jewish money. And the Jews have the US Congress by the short hairs, and they control the US Congress and government on the Israel issue to a pretty significant extent.

    [So Lindsay says that Jews control the American government, but he condemns "antishemites"? -- Akira]

    STARK: I think that that is why the anti-Zionist Right says that Zionism is internationalist. Because they manage to simultaneously support things like multiculturalism and immigration and also Zionism. I think it’s this extreme double standard.

    LINDSAY: Well…They’re supporting fascism for Jews over there in their homeland. Fascism for Jews is good for Jews over in Israel, and then on the other hand, there isn’t any fascism for Jews over here in the US. Fascism in the US, or anywhere else in the world, is bad for the Jews, always, and so is ethnonationalism, because it’s always going to turn on the Jews. So in the Diaspora, the Jews always promote multiculturalism and whatnot as a way of diluting their enemies and making the Diaspora societies more friendly to the Jews. It’s all about what’s good for the Jews.

    STARK: That’s where you get that word “internationalist” that Henry Ford wrote about.

    LINDSAY: Henry Ford was a great man! I like Henry Ford. I think he’s unjustly maligned. The International Jew is a good book, and I like it. But he’s wrong about some things. See, the main thing is that back then, Jews were internationalists because they didn’t have roots to the land. They were internationalists in the sense that their only allegiance was to their international Jewish community. [And now things are different? -- Akira]

    They weren’t real true internationalists. It’s more that they weren’t nationalists. They were basically traitors! And the Jews have always been traitors and they still are to some extent nowadays because their primary loyalty is to their international Jewish community and not necessarily to their own homeland. And they will screw their own homeland if it’s good for the Jews. When it comes down to either supporting the homeland or supporting the Jews, they will support the Jews! And that’s the big problem with the Jews. That’s why the nationalists hate them.

    STARK: Yes, it’s definitely the cause of anti-Semitism. You’re saying that you’re against anti-Semitism.

    LINDSAY: Right!

    [W]hen you get into anti-Semitism, you are basically falling into the Jews’ trap because the Jews want you to be an anti-Semite! That’s the way I see it. Now, personally, I don’t think the Jews are very important!

    The only people who think Jews are important are:

    1. Jews.
    2. Anti-Semites.

    I don’t think that Jews deserve all this attention that we are giving them. They’re just this little pissant tribe and I don’t think they are deserving of all this interest and obsession. When you go anti-Semite, you’re giving the Jews what they want. You’re telling the Jews that they are important, when they are not! And…anti-Semites created Israel!

    You’re strengthening Zionism. Because the whole idea of anti-Zionism is that we anti-Zionists want the Jews to be able to live peacefully in the Diaspora. We don’t want them all running to Israel because of Diaspora anti-Semitism. If you’re an anti-Semite, you’re chasing them over to Israel!

    STARK: It’s interesting because Helen Thomas was saying that Israel should be dismantled and they should all move here but if Israel was dismantled…I know some on the anti-Zionist Right who support returning that land to the Palestinians. But what would happen is that they would all move to Europe and the US. So I can sort of see what you are getting at.

    LINDSAY: Do the anti-Semites really want that? I know anti-Semites who support Israel. Their attitude is that they sure as Hell don’t want them in our country!

    STARK: I’m not sure if the BNP is anti-Semitic or not, but they support Israel.

    LINDSAY: The BNP has anti-Semitic roots, but they recently did a turnaround [they have always served the same masters -- Akira] and now they are pro-Jewish, they are Judeophilic, they are pro-Israel, they are Zionists. And it’s all because they are anti-Islam. It’s all because they don’t like Muslims. The BNP doesn’t care that much about Jews. Jews are not that big of an issue in the UK anyway. [Ha ha ha! -- Akira] The Jews in the UK are very well assimilated, and they don’t have a lot of power there. [Is this guy insane? -- Akira]

    The big problem in the UK is not the Jews, it’s the Muslims. They’re setting off bombs!

    STARK: Well, with Europe and the US, we have to look at them differently because they do have very different issues. If you look at Europe, the Muslim issue is huge there. In the US, the Muslim community here is pretty small. With the Muslims, they try to stir up fears about Islam to get support for wars in the Middle East.

    LINDSAY: The Muslim community here is as big as the one in Britain! [Nonsense. -- Akira] The ones in the UK are just not assimilated very well. They are Pakistanis from the former British possessions and they are just not doing well. It’s more a question of assimilation rather than numbers. We are fortunate in the US to have such a well-behaved Muslim community…so far!

    STARK: But you think there could be an issue here in the future.

    LINDSAY: Yes, definitely, definitely. I mean I would not want to allow millions more Muslims to flood into this country willy-nilly. No, not at all. And I think we need to be very careful about the Muslims that we let in here. We need to make them take things like loyalty tests. I don’t know, I don’t know. Muslim minorities in non-Muslim countries are not that great of a thing. They tend to get really agitated and radicalized. They tend to make demands Sharia law.

    They’re…they’re like the Jews! [What an "antishemite! -- Akira] They’re not loyal! They have dual loyalty. Their primary loyalty is to the Ummah and barely, if at all, to the nation. They will actually set bombs against their own nation because the nation is fighting the Ummah. [Just like Jews? -- Akira] The Ummah is the Muslim community of the whole world. U-M-M-A-H.

    STARK: You do think that they have an imperialist agenda too. We are being kind of imperialistic towards them in the Middle East, but they do want to spread their religion through demographics and move throughout the world and have as many kids as possible.

    LINDSAY: Islam is extremely imperialist! That’s a definite fact! One thing you can say about the Jews is they are not imperialist. [Ha ha ha! -- Akira] They don’t want converts. They don’t want to take over. If you want to convert to Judaism, you go to a rabbi, and tell him you want to convert to Judaism, the first thing he’s going to ask you is, “Why? Why do you want to convert to Judaism? Why do you want to do that? What do you want to do that for?”

    STARK: Do you think that is for racial purity reasons?

    LINDSAY: No…Jews just don’t convert. Religions either proselytize or they don’t. Jews used to proselytize and they used to take a lot of converts, but they haven’t been doing it lately for some reason. [They don't want to share the loot. -- Akira] Jews just don’t convert. It’s not their thing. There are other religions like that too, especially in the Middle East. That philosophy has its roots in purity stuff, but it’s generally not a very good idea for your religion to not accept converts. It’s a way to make your religion go extinct – don’t accept converts.

    STARK: I haven’t really studied Islam. I haven’t looked at the texts, so I don’t want to make claims about a religion if I haven’t studied it. But if you study the history of Islam, it’s definitely a pretty imperialist religion. With Europe, the Muslim leaders definitely have a goal to take over Europe.

    LINDSAY: Sure! And so do the ones in the US! If you read the statements of CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations, it’s run by Islamists, and they say the same thing as the ones in Europe do – that their goal is a Muslim America. And that’s what’s scary about these people. [So CAIR is scary but AIPAC is no big deal? -- Akira] I don’t think we should be letting a lot of them in. As long as they are only 2% of the population, what are they going to do? But what happens when they get to be 5%? 10%?

    STARK: What is the level of growth in that community in the US?

    LINDSAY: Not that much in the US. They have a few converts here and there. Actually, a much greater problem in the West in terms of Islam is that a lot of Muslims leave Islam. In the UK, 15% of all Muslims are leaving Islam. [But he just said that they don't "assimilate". -- Akira] In Africa, millions of Muslims are leaving Islam every year. In Russia, 100,000’s of Muslims are leaving Islam every year. It’s a problem that when Muslims are a minority, a lot of Muslims leave Islam. Especially in an Islamic-hostile country.

    STARK: Has that happened in Europe at all?

    LINDSAY: In the UK, about 15% leave, yes. [15% per day? Per century? -- Akira] Pakistanis. They don’t like Islam. I mean, in a few cases, they try to kill them for leaving, but so many leave that there is only so much the radicals can do. It’s hard to be a Muslim in a Western society! There are all those temptations. Do you really want to be a Muslim? If you’re a woman, do you want to wear that bag? If you’re a guy, do you want to shine on chicks, not look at porn, not date women, be a virgin until you get married? I mean, Western culture is pretty fun! [Spoken like a real Jew! -- Akira]

    STARK: Do you think it’s a motivation for terrorism to come from a sexually repressed culture, and they see the West as being sexually immoral. You’ve heard that argument. How much of a role do you think that plays?

    LINDSAY: Hmm…I’m not sure. They kill women for violating Islam, but they also kill men. In Muslim-majority countries, they will kill guys for leaving Islam. The thing about Islam is that, from the very start, Islam has not accepted people leaving their religion. They do not accept apostates! They kill them! They’ve always done this, from Day One.

    I was talking to my Mom [Now she's an expert on Sharia and Nazis both. Next he'll go in the basement and dig up granny and ask for her opinion too. -- Akira] about that, and she just acted like, “Well, that’s just the way they are. Muslims don’t like that. They’ll kill you if you leave.” She didn’t say it like they’re evil, but more that this is just the way that they are. They’ve been this way for about 1,300 years. It’s the nature of their religion. But that’s their imperialist nature right there! Because they accept lots of converts, but they won’t let anybody leave! [Islam colonizes the womb. -- Akira] It’s like a house that’s an Open House. Anybody in the neighborhood can come in, but once you’re in there, they lock the doors, and you can never get out. [Islam is the Hotel California. -- Akira]

    STARK: It would be like a country that took in all these immigrants, but will not let anyone leave the country. [East Germany must have been Muslim. -- Akira]

    LINDSAY: Yes! Especially with the goal of, “We’re going to be the biggest country in the world and take over all the other countries.” And they have emissaries all over all the other countries in the world trying to make their Muslims dual citizens. [Just like Jews? -- Akira] It’s true that Islam has a world conquest agenda and Al Qaeda and folks like that are absolutely explicit in their goals of taking over the world. I’ve read Al Qaeda’s statements. And I’ve been interviewed by the FBI too about Al Qaeda. Because I did some research on them. [And on aliens, and chubacabras, and Big Foot. -- Akira]

    STARK: Yes?

    LINDSAY: Yes I know something about Al Qaeda. It was funny, I called the FBI back one time, and I asked for the Bin Laden division, because they’ve got this Bin Laden Task Force. And it was Friday night and they said, “Oh, they’re gone for the weekend!” I thought that was lame. I think that the Bin Laden Task Force should be working 24-7. And this FBI guy called me back and they did an interview with me. I didn’t really like it too much because they always treat you like you’re a suspected terrorist.

    STARK: Yes, they think you’re a suspected terrorist if you’re going to them with information.

    LINDSAY: Yes, I don’t like to be interviewed by cops either. They always treat you like you’re a suspected criminal. That’s just their nature.

    STARK: I don’t think that’s intentional, but it’s just what they are used to doing as part of their job.

    LINDSAY: Well, he wanted to find out if I was a Muslim! He was like, “Are you a Muslim?” I was like, “No way!” And he was breathing easier. I told him I was a Leftist, a Left-winger and he was like, “Oh well, we’re not worried about you.” The FBI is worried about American Muslims, especially converts. Like White guys like me convert. And quite a few of those guys go super-radical. Because converts are often crazy.

    STARK: They’re more radical than the people who are born into it because they joined just for that purpose, to embrace that belief system.

    LINDSAY: In many religions, even the converted Jews…the Jewish converts often go really nuts. [Like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth taylor. -- Akira]

    STARK: I’ve met Christians who converted to Judaism. They started out as Christian Zionists and that was their motivation for joining Judaism.

    LINDSAY: The Jews say that the Jewish converts are simply nuts in many cases. They’re like these fanatical Jews. And it’s interesting too, because the Jewish converts often take a lot of these supposed “Jewish genetic tendencies.” They become extremely ethnocentric, they become paranoid of the Gentiles. These are not genetic tendencies! The ethnocentrism, the paranoia of the Gentiles, the tribalism.

    STARK: Some people think that those traits are genetic.

    LINDSAY: Yes! I don’t agree with that.

    STARK: But who’s been saying that it’s genetic? I think it’s cultural. Who’s been saying that?

    LINDSAY: Well, the Nazi thing was that there was something wrong with their genes.

    STARK: Well, I see what you are saying. I know that way of thinking.

    LINDSAY: Kevin MacDonald has suggested that too, and boy is he wrong.

    STARK: He has brought it up. I read his blog a lot, and I think that MacDonald’s main view is that it’s a culture, a political ideology. Do you think that he has mentioned the genetic aspect?

    LINDSAY: I think he mentions something about that. [Well, if this genius thinks it, then it must be true. -- Akira] If you read his Trilogy of books, he suggested that Jewish character traits might be genetic. I think that’s crazy. And supposedly the Jews are really aggressive verbally and in business, and they can be rude. [Yeah, "supposedly". -- Akira]

    Well, I think that’s cultural too, because the Jews are verbally and in business, extremely aggressive. But physically, Jews are not aggressive at all. Jewish guys have a reputation for being wimps. Jews commit almost no physical violence or violent crime. Jews are bad at sports. [Lindsay hates "antishemites". -- Akira] So…what did they inherit? Some sort of gene that made him extremely verbally aggressive and at the same time extremely non-aggressive as far as physical aggression goes? That doesn’t make any kind of sense.

    STARK: Well, Jewish behavior is definitely cultural, since it also depends on where they grew up. If they grew up in New York or if they grew up in a small town in the Midwest is going to make a huge difference. [I.e., being surrounded by Jews will make them more Jew. -- Akira] I was reading about this story. There was this rabbi [who went into a bar with a priest and an imam -- Akira] , he went to Peru and he got these Peruvian Indians and he took them to Israel and they turned into these fanatics after about 5 years.

    LINDSAY: Yes, they probably started acting more Jewish than Jews in New York that are 500 years Kosher. That shows you that you can take on those psychological tendencies of the Jews. It’s simply a cultural thing. I could be like that. I could be like that if I converted to Judaism. I could get really paranoid of the Gentiles and get really hyperethnocentric, I could get really acquisitive, really verbally aggressive… [This obviously hasn't happened already... -- Akira]

    I mean, you grow up in a culture like that…and those people from around the Mediterranean, they tend to be that way anyway. They tend to be verbally aggressive, really emotionally expressive…They’re really into business too. Jews act a lot like Arabs, that’s the thing. They get in your face, but they’re really warm too, they embrace you [they embrace you, they embrace you, they embrace you, they embrace you, they embrace you, they take you in their arms and they hold tight, and they embrace you... -- Akira] , and when they’re talking to you, they’re like two inches away.

  14. josh in kentucky on July 9th, 2010 11:40 am

    I can’t believe this guy. What a joke. I think I’ll skip listening to any further interviews with him and go listen to a gardening show or something. Anybody that believes 5.7 jews died in the hOloCau$t cannot be trusted.

  15. Akira on July 9th, 2010 2:47 pm

    Here’s that ridiculous interview he claims he had with a Big Money & Porn Jew from Canada:


    A Meeting With an Executive of Jewish Central Control, Inc.
    Jump to Comments

    I recently met a multimillionaire Canadian who is an heir to a Jewish media fortune (mostly radio). He shall remain nameless. His family also has close connections with the Bronfmans (another huge name in International Jewry due to the Seagrams fortune).

    For all intents and purposes, the guy is an embodiment of World Jewry, Jewry, the Jew Mafia as commenter heg calls it, or whatever euphemism you want. I spoke with the guy for a while and I felt he was a good, progressive, liberal, anti-racist type guy. He had a great personality and he was a really nice guy. He didn’t hate Gentiles or even Arabs at all. He was confused over Zionism and agreed that it was racism and apartheid, but he still sort of thought Jews might need it. He had read my blog (which many Jews call anti-Semitic) extensively, and he said it was fascinating.

    He laughed and agreed with me that the Jewish-Israeli Lobby had the US government by the balls. He also said that the US media was heavily Jewish. The Canadian media is too (Israel Asper has grabbed 60% of it). He was worried about multiculturalism in Canada and was worried about Canadian Muslims. He had concerns about their antisemitism, which I agreed is considerable.

    About money, he mentioned that his empire was starting to get into porn in the hotels (showing porn movies on closed circuit TV in the hotel rooms) they had an interest in. He didn’t care about porn himself, but he said it was a big seller and people really wanted it. He didn’t seem to be promoting porn in order to dissolve the White West. He was just a guy trying to make a buck.

    I’ve been reading critiques of the Jews for ages. Some try to hedge their bets and say they don’t hate all Jews, they only hate this Jewish elite, Jewry, Organized Jewry, International Jewry, the Jew mafia or whatever. This guy was obviously a prime specimen of all of those things. He didn’t seem to embody any of the charges against this group of people.

    The guy was just really normal. He was just like me, even politically. Other than the fact that he was a multimillionaire, he was practically a Commie. If that’s what this horrible World Jewry thing looks like, I don’t understand why people are so worried.


    Millionaire Communist? Check

    Jew spreading Porn? Check

    + + +

    Speaking to a guy who says that “the Jewish-Israeli Lobby had the US government by the balls” proves that Jews don’t conspire to get control?

    Speaking to a guy who points out the fact that one Jew “grabbed” 60% of all newspapers in Canada — this proves that Jews don’t conspire to get control?

    + + +

    This is “normal”?

  16. Science on July 9th, 2010 6:28 pm

    “LINDSAY: Well, the Nazi thing was that there was something wrong with their genes.”

    Insanity runs in Jewish DNA:

    “Among the Jews the proportion of insane has been observed to be very large. From statistics collected by Buschan he concludes that they are four to six times more liable to mental disease than are non-Jews. … In this table the proportion of Jewish, insane is in nearly all places very large, in some cases more than double that of the non-Jewish population.” –

    “Will insanity consume the Jewish race?” –

    Ashkenazi Jews are afflicted with around two dozen serious genetic diseases due to inbreeding:

    Bloom syndrome
    Breast cancer and ovarian cancer Autosomal dominant BRCA1 or BRCA2
    Canavan disease
    Congenital deafness
    Cystic fibrosis
    Haemophilia C
    Familial dysautonomia
    Familial hypercholesterolemia
    Familial hyperinsulinism
    Fanconi anemia C
    Gaucher disease
    Glycogen Storage Disease type 1a
    Mucolipidosis IV
    Niemann–Pick (type A)
    Nonclassical 21 OH deficiency
    Parkinson’s disease
    Torsion dystonia
    Usher syndrome


    Yes, there are MANY things wrong with Jewish DNA.

  17. johnUK on July 9th, 2010 10:50 pm


    It’s funny how people dispute the Holocaust but completely disregard the Holomodor hoax whose origin story at the time was proven to be a fraud and there is a lot of evidence that natural conditions as well as bad central planning, natural conditions prior like bad harvest and wheat root, dip in the international food market as well as actions by Ukrainian farmers themselves burning crops and killing cattle in protest spreading disease.

    In fact there is no hard evidence that it was an “engineered” famine as it was not confined to Ukraine, effected population areas of harvest production the worst and mainly the Ukrainian Russian East not West.

  18. Akira on July 10th, 2010 8:12 am

    John UK,

    You seem to miss the point of “holocoustism”.

    The real point is not: “What happened?”

    The point is: The rule of people who scheme, and who ask each other: “How can we use what may or may not have happened to control freedom of expression?”

    That’s what The Hoaxico$t Myth is all about. That’s how it’s used.

    So, for example, you face NO censure AT ALL even if you say the Holodomir is 100% a lie. No threats of jail. No danger of losing your job etc.

    Anyone who questions the Jews faces jail, unemployment, ostracization and so on.

  19. johnUK on July 10th, 2010 6:30 pm


    Ukraine has made it illegal and Canada has passed a resolution recognising it and all the Eastern European countries will follow Ukrainians lead.

    It is the US State Department helping Russia’s neighbouring states “research” into Communism era and in Russia itself is conducted by the CIA/MI6 through NED financed Memorial who have a mass a laughable 3 million list of people killed in Stalin’s Purge which they say is likely 12 million (LOL!) and published a book on Stalin’s alleged “anti-Semitism”.

    Is the origin story or any actual concrete facts disputing narrative?

    It is not even acknowledged that the pictures used the Holodomor propaganda campaign are from the 1921-22 Volga famine.

    In fact can you on any level of debate or discussion in academia and media have an open discussion or debate on the truth about Stalin or Mao that does not correlate with the CIA/MI6/Trotskyite narrative?

    Why is it now since this Orange clown came into power in Ukraine (which had a rise in GDP before he came to power) that there has been a mass media blitz about Stalinist era crimes or legends in the mass media and revisionist view about WW2 especially in the Rothschild controlled mass media here in Britain?

  20. NeoCon Hysteria on July 11th, 2010 6:35 pm

    Robert Lindsey is mentally ill. For someone to contradict himself as much as he does, you have to be mentally.

    Attempting to understand how he thinks will make you insane because he has split personalities. He will say one thing and then a moment later go against what he just said.

    I can only imagine the pain Eastern Europeans had to endure in the 20th century under the rule of idiots like him.

  21. Larry G. on July 11th, 2010 11:09 pm

    I think Stark is trying to keep his show from becoming an echo chamber every episode with like-minded guests, and while I think that is a bold move to take, Lindsay is just not the right guy to bring on for counter-balance. I thought the first one was bad, but this one was even worse.

    Everything the guy says is typical politically correct agitprop, like he gets all of his history from director’s cut versions of Oliver Stone DVD’s. The basis of many of his arguments seem to stem from nothing more than anecdotal “evidence” – conversations with his mother or some porn-peddling Jew.

    Not to mention he sounds like he just took twenty bong hits of the “dank bud” before beginning the show – it’s painful to listen to his droning as he muddles through his thought process.

    As interesting the concept of a “race realist leftist” might sound at first, this guy comes off as your typical Huffington Post reading/Bill Maher watching lefty dipshit railing against corporations, the “military industrial complex” and “fascism” (even though he admittedly can’t even define it).

  22. josh in kentucky on July 12th, 2010 6:26 am

    Larry G-
    I couldn’t have said it better. I applaude VOR for having different voices, but if I wanted to hear this [] I’d turn on CNN.

  23. Akira on July 12th, 2010 7:03 pm

    Larry & Josh,

    Re: “Stark is trying to keep his show from becoming an echo chamber … Lindsay is just not the right guy.”

    I also appreciate different viewpoints, but only if they have some basis in fact and logic.

    It would also be good to hear people here criticising the likes of Mischko with his “muds” talk, but not if all they’re going to do is start yapping a lot of equally offensive nonsense about “Nazis”, “racist”, “antishemites” …

    + + +

    BTW, here’s a hint of what life is like under these rich Jews Lindsay so admires:


    Rape-Jew Rajmund Liebling Goes Free

    Brian Akira, 2010.07.12

    Switzerland has just rejected America’s insincere request to have the Rape-Jew Roman Polanski (Rajmund Liebling) extradited to the JSA. The Rape-Jew Polanski has reportedly left his luxurious chalet in the Swiss Alps were he was suffering under the goy-imposed chalet-arrest.

    Swiss Justice Minister Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf said “the measures taken to restrict the freedom of Mr Polanski have already been lifted, the electronic tag has been removed”. A senior JSA Justice Department official pretended that America was “deeply disappointed” with the decision.

    The Rape-Jew Polanski has expressed his “massive thanks” to his supporters:

    “I simply want, from the bottom of my heart, to thank all those who supported me and tell them today of my great satisfaction.”

    Rape-Jew Polanski was originally charged with six offences including rape and sodomy over the 1977 case. In 1978, he pleaded guilty to unlawful sex following a plea bargain, but he fled the US before he could be sentenced. The Swiss said that the JSA authorities simply had not clarified the issue of length of sentence and therefore had not made a convincing case for extradition. A Swiss official said the US cannot appeal the decision.

    The Justice Ministry added that national interests were taken into consideration in the decision, but refused to elaborate.

    Polanski’s release was welcomed by French politicians and artists. The Rape-Jew Bernard Kouchner (who prefers Cambodian boys to Californian girls), acting now as the Foreign Minister of France under President Sarkojuif, said:

    “The great Franco-Polish director will from now on be able to rejoin his friends and family and work fully on his artistic projects.”

    The Jew-enslaved Polish foreign ministry also welcomed the Swiss decision.

    The Satanic Babylonian Talmud allows Jews to engage in sexual intercourse with girls after their third birthday.

    We are dealing with monsters. This is just one example of many of the filth in their unholy books.

    Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Sanhedrin 55b

    Editor: Rabbi Isadore Epstein.

    Published under the authority of The Very Reverend Rabbi Israel Brodie, Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom.

    Published by The (Jewish) Soncino Press, 1935

    “A maiden aged three years and a day may be acquired in marriage by coition, and if her deceased husband’s brother cohabits with her, she becomes his. … If she married a priest…”

  24. James on July 13th, 2010 11:15 am

    I have alot I would like to say about this guy but I won’t. Where does this guy get off using Karl Marx ideologies (Real name Moses Mordecai Levy) and going on about the “class struggle”. No wonder this guy denies the holodomor. Some mothers do have them.

    I want to note something about one of the people commenting here. I’ll quote from the last show of Robert Lindsey which he made a comment.

    “patrick on May 20th, 2010 8:28 pm

    Robert lindsay is sophisticated thinker and I thank the host for bringing mr lindsay on the air.”

    “Patrick on July 8th, 2010 8:00 pm

    Robert Lindsey did an excellent interview. He is a man of integrity and he is intellectually valiant.”

    Is that you Robert Lindsay?

  25. Robert Patrick Lindsay III on July 13th, 2010 2:28 pm


    I would just like to say that Mr Lindsay is a veratable jenius and a wonderful writter. His sparkling and sinttilating charisma, charm, intellijince and exceeding humanity shined fourth through evry word he says. He is a sophisticated Marxian thinker of integrated valiance, espeshly regarding the class struggle. He is the greatest person you have ever heared on this show, this podcasting thing and even yea on the internets.

    I am not in anyway related to Robert Lindsay except in the autoginous ways.

  26. Larry G. on July 14th, 2010 4:41 am

    Thanks for the insights about the guest and show, fellow VoR listeners. I can’t say I disagree with any of you either about how this episode was a rare disappointment.

    Otherwise I enjoy the Stark Truth a great deal, and, in my opinion, some of the more interesting episodes were Robert’s and Mike Connor’s off-the-cuff conversations about current events and political theories.

    Maybe Connor could be brought on more regularly as a dual/side host to make the show more dynamic, similar to a few of the more recent episodes of “Disorganized America.” This could make shows where debate with an “opposing viewpoint” guest might spring up more interesting than what turned out with this particular episode.

    And no…I am not Mike Connor nor his talent agent :)

  27. Robert Lindsay on July 14th, 2010 6:00 am

    Patrick is a comrade of my mine, a commenter from my website. He was angered by all the hostile comments from the Faileocons, anti-Semites, Libertardians, fascists, Nazis, White Nutzionalists and other epic failures in the comments that he urged commenters to come to the board here and defend me.

    As far as the hostile comments go, I would actually be worried if you guys liked me. It’s quite a compliment to be hated by your like.

    There really is not much here in the way of intelligent or even intelligible comments to refute. However, I will try.

    #1. Lindsay is “Jewed.” True, I want to be a Jew, always have. I am a wannabe Jew, fact. My last gf was a Jew. My position though is that America is “Jewified.” We are effectively a Jewish state. Marx, in On The Jewish Question, predicted that in 100 years, America would be a Jewish state. He was right, and there was no Nakba or Balfour required. My position is, “We are all Jews now.” Whether that is good or bad depends on your perspective. So flaming away at the Jews is ridiculous, since the majority of Americans are “Jewified” as Alfred Lindemann puts it. In case you are interested, Kevin MacDonald agrees with me on this (personal communication).

    #2. Fascism. Study the history of WW2. No pasaran! No quarter for these clowns. They killed 27 million of my comrades. No quarter and no mercy, the war will never end! You blame me?

    The rest is whacky American rightwing populism that never made sense and anti-Semitic bonkery that is a symptom of a DSM-IV major mental illness. I know, I was there. I was an anti-Semite, but when I came out of it, I realized that I had been insane the whole time. Help is available and affordable!

  28. Morten on July 14th, 2010 8:34 am

    I’m sorry, but this is embarassing. Robert Lindsey is purposely and openly working to manipulate listeners against pro-white views. He makes excuses for marxism and communism, and I strongly suspect that he’s a trojan horse. What’s going on here, VoR?

    This is an all-time low for VoR. Please stop hosting this show.

  29. NeoCon Hysteria on July 14th, 2010 9:05 am

    @ Morten

    “Know thy enemy and know thy self”

    Why fear anything Robert Lindsay says?

    Honestly, i spend more time following weirdos like him then i do anyone who shares my own views. You get to a point where you’re preaching to the choir amongst those who agree with you.

    I often read the Jerusalem Post along with many lunatic Zio-Blogs just to keep tabs on the latest Jewish Hysteria. SPLC’s website is always good for a quick laugh, but that site is mild compared to others.

    Lindsay Lohan’s interview didnt harm anything. Especially on this website where everyone is pretty much a veteran. He’s one of those hippies who believes in evolution, yet turns around and says “we’re all the same”. His life is a contradiction. His social views are a tangled mess of doublespeak and fickleness.

    I guess if he stuck by his own ideology that he claims to believe in, he would be taken more seriously on the merits of being a Socialist One World Utopian. But he plays personal favorites and is guilty of the same racism and prejudice he accuses “those wacky WN people” of.

    He’s a goofy clown in my opinion. A punching bag to hone your skills on.

  30. Akira on July 14th, 2010 9:32 am

    Lindsay’s attitude is:

    “Better to be a rapist than be raped — and those are the only choices.”


    “Since I’m a whore, I should at least get paid for it.”

  31. Morten on July 14th, 2010 1:38 pm

    @ NeoCon Hysteria (Why change something that works)

    You claim that this interview didn’t hurt anyone. Now, unless you live in an alternate universe where concepts like time and energy are nonexistent, you will agree that your time and energy would be better invested on something other than this radio program. If someone suggests that I simply go elsewhere, they’re missing my POINT. I’m here as a white nationalist, giving VoR feedback on their services. This particular show has been a waste of my time, and I trust VoR to deliver good services. Thus I suggested that they discontinue or change this particular service.

    As someone pointed out in an earlier comment, this petty individual isn’t representative of our opposition, and would probably be ridiculed even in a liberal setting. “Honing our skills” on him is less than optimal. If that was the intention, Stark should have invited someone who truly disagree with our opinions in an HONEST WAY, and challenged him to a debate.

  32. NeoCon Hysteria on July 14th, 2010 2:51 pm

    @ Morten

    Its funny how everyone gets butthurt so quickly in these comments. Are you a tough guy?

    If you dont like it, dont listen to it. VOR has plenty of content. Complaining about one interview out of hundreds and threating to defund your support as a result of this interview is asinine and ridiculous. I only listened to half the show, im sure you could’ve done the same.

    Crossovers are always entertaining. They’re nice for the archives and typically produce rememberable quotes for future discussions.

    “unless you live in an alternate universe where concepts like time and energy are nonexistent”

    The time it took for you to ramble on with your complaining, you could’ve done whatever it is you feel is so important with your time.

    If the interview was a waste, why are you reading all the comments? Seems contradictory.

    And who cares if Robert Lindsey was honest or not. Robert Lindsey can say whatever he likes because at the end of the day Robert Lindsey doest matter to either side of the political spectrum. His interview did nothing to bolster his own viewpoints or degrade the viewpoints of this site. It was a loose discussion, not a round table sitdown engineered for ‘optimal’ performance.

    I think it shows how involved VOR is.

  33. johnUK on July 14th, 2010 7:56 pm

    @Robert Lindsay

    I don’t know if RL still reads these comments but it would be good to know if he thinks that the Nazi party and early support was to wage war against the USSR by a proxy force of France and Britain and essentially hoping to eliminate each in a war of attrition.

  34. whodareswings on July 14th, 2010 9:02 pm

    I just remembered why I think Robert Lindsay is “Lindsaylicious.” He’s was the first in the blogosphere to out the “Wiki Jews.” Go back and look for his archived clutch of nettles about them. They’re groundbreaking. He even posted pictures. Now folks are wise to the “Wiki Jews” But back when he started to pull the curtain back we all thought Wikipedia was the everyman’s encyclopedia. Thanks to R.L. we now know its just another of “The Chosen People’s” properties.

  35. Larry G. on July 14th, 2010 9:14 pm

    @Robert Lindsay

    “As far as the hostile comments go, I would actually be worried if you guys liked me. It’s quite a compliment to be hated by your like.”

    I personally don’t hate you, Mr. Lindsay, I just think you’re a world class dipshit is all. You’re not dangerous like other posters have insinuated, nor are you brilliant as your fawning, offended groupie has remarked.

    You’re actually quite mediocre and surprisingly thin-skinned for someone who puts their controversial viewpoints in the public eye.

    I think two hours of listening to you broadcast your viewpoints as you have done so on “The Stark Truth” would lead any reasonable person to agree, despite Patrick’s convincing objections (lol).

    Have fun pushing your Marxist utopia against “right-wing populism”, or whatever you’re calling it this week, “comrade.”

  36. Morten on July 14th, 2010 11:22 pm

    @ NeoCon Hysteria

  37. Robert Lindsay on July 15th, 2010 1:23 am

    Hi JohnUK, yes, all through 1942, the US and UK (but mostly the UK MI5) were constantly feeding the Soviets false warnings of a pending Nazi Orc invasion of the USSR. Comrade Stalin had known of Hitler’s plan for attacking the USSR as far back as the 1930′s. That was the reason for the breakneck speed collectivization (in which 390,000 Ukrainians were outright killed, it is true) and the wild industrialization.

    It was one of the most amazing feats of economic development that the world has ever seen. It was due to that amazing development that the Orcs were defeated and the world was saved. Also the remaining Jews of the world were saved by Com Stalin. Remember that 89% of the Orcs were killed by the Red Army.

    Anyway, by 1942, it was clear that Hitler was going to attack the USSR. Anyone knew that. Stalin was just desperately trying to save time. The MI5 was feeding Com Stalin false warnings of attacks all through 1942. After a while, it got to be like the boy crying wolf, and Com Stalin was dubious of the constant reports of an Orc invasion.

    This has been used by the imperialist press to smear Com Stalin and say that he was not aware when the Orcs invaded. Not true. Com Stalin knew about it as soon as it happened. There were some initial losses at the beginning, true. But those were mostly regroupings, and industry had been unbelievably all relocated east of the Urals, so the USSR was safe, even when the Orcs made it to the outskirts of Moscow.

    The MI5 was feeding Com Stalin these constant fake warnings because they wanted, as you suggest, JohnUK, the Orcs and the USSR to simply destroy each other in a massive war.

    It was a war to the death all right. Keep in mind that with Generalplan Ost, the Orcs had slated 75% of the Soviet population for extermination. 25% were to be killed outright, 50% were to be slowly starved and worked to death, and the last 25% who looked German were subject to Germanization. Germans would occupy all of the USSR as Lebensraum.

    The Orcs actually hated Communism way worse than Jews. Jews were mostly hated as a vector for Communism – Judeo-Communism and all that. At Dachau, the people rounded up were:

    1st. Communists
    2nd Socialists
    3rd Labor unionists
    4th Jews!

    Hitler’s main project, aside from exterminating the Jews, was the destruction of the USSR.

    I’m not really an Orthodox Commie. I’m more of a socialist. I support most any kind of socialism though, all the way from social democracy to Communism. It’s all part of the Great Human Emancipation Project. I don’t support Communism in the West though. But in the 3rd World, it’s ok.

  38. whodareswings on July 15th, 2010 6:22 am

    The Germans never pulled anything as sneaky and Jewey as the Katyn forest massacre of the entire Polish army officer corps and opposition intellectuals. Everytime another mass grave is uncovered in East Europe (Slovenia for example) it turns out to be filled with Germans, not Jews. In Poland they send in the rabbis to curtail the digging if it’s a suspected Jewish grave site like Jedwabne. They’ve got the scriptural anti-forensics thing down pat so that Ivy League holo-gatekeepers like Jan Gross and Daniel Goldhagen can play loose with the numbers and keep the reparations shakedown going.

    Saga’s Tribute to Screwdriver’s “The Snow Fell”

  39. Patrick on July 15th, 2010 6:56 am

    OK for all you guys who claim that “liberal race realist is a contradiction you might want to check out the following quote by Che Guevara… one of the most cherished leftist heroes:

    “The blacks, those magnificent examples of the African race who have conserved their racial purity by a lack of affinity with washing, have seen their patch invaded by a different kind of slave: The Portugese…. the black is indolent and fanciful, he spends his money on frivolity and drink; the European comes from a tradition of working and saving which follows him to this corner of America and drives him to get ahead.”

    And yet the honorable Che worked to emancipate blacks in africa and Cuba, indeed he emancipated all the races of Cuba and life is pleasant there for all people. He attacked western decadence and preserved high culture in Cuba. White people in Cuba are more white culturally than American whites. And yet the whites of Cuba are more compassionate towards blacks. But the blacks of Cuba do not even need the compassion of whites because they have been ;liberated and can stand on there own two feet.

  40. Ian on July 15th, 2010 10:37 am

    Whatever the case may be, like so many other communist nations you are forbidden to exit without special permission. “Most Cubans can never leave Cuban soil”.

  41. Carolyn on July 15th, 2010 1:10 pm

    If anyone thinks that robt. lindsay knows what he’s talking about, they are really being misguided. This guy has put together his own version of history based on some truth and lots of fantasy gotten from the internet craziness about the Third Reich.

    The fact that he lines up with John UK says it all. Both communists; at least lindsay admits it.

    What is this orc business? And he writes: “by 1942, it was clear that Hitler was going to attack the USSR.” Really? This shows that he doesn’t have a clear mind.

    I would agree with this:

    “The Orcs actually hated Communism way worse than Jews. Jews were mostly hated as a vector for Communism – Judeo-Communism and all that. At Dachau, the people rounded up were:

    1st. Communists
    2nd Socialists
    3rd Labor unionists
    4th Jews!

    That’s why he, robt. lindsay, is the enemy and he knows it. He interjects his stuff here (and everywhere else he writes) to waste people’s time and mess with their minds. It’s unworthy of attention, but maybe some people need to bone up on their WWII history; otherwise they don’t know.

  42. Patrick on July 15th, 2010 5:31 pm

    You think R Lindsey is the enemy because he is communist? What planet are you living on? How is communism the enemy?

    Western capitalist nations are at the forefront of dumbing down society with mass entertainment culture. Communist nations have massive funding for the high arts and culture.

    Communist nations on an ideological level are racially egalitarian and they make sure that minorities are respected but the result of communism is that white culture is preserved and academia is respected. Whites flourish in academia.

    All of the nations that are openly nationalist and proud of their heritage are ex-communist countries in eastern europe. All of the nations who are claiming to have no identity are western capitalist nations.

    And in communist nations christianity was allowed to be practiced. It was kinda discouraged initially but eventually they realized it was futile to try to stop people from being christian and present day communist parties respect religious freedom.

    eeastern europe would have never fell to capitalism if it wasnt for the economic war declared on it by america. Communist counrties ended up being very normal places with very normal values even though things at the start were a bit explosive. It is western capitalism that is responsible for promoting all sorts of crazy values.

    You guys just dont understand communism if you think R Lindsey is the enemy. There is a massive problem with Americans just not being educated and not being able to reason properly. Dont believe the hype and dont think in terms of propaganda slogans. Communism is the answer.

  43. johnUK on July 15th, 2010 6:33 pm


    Shows your level of debate using smear words which I don’t know about Mr Lindsay’s political affiliation other than being a liberal but I have never claimed to be a Communist or expressed Communist ideological viewpoints.

    In Mien Kampf and Hitlers unpublished second book he advocated annexing western USSR before WW2 as living space for Germany.

    And before WW2 Germany and Poland signed the Pilsudski-Hitler Pact in 34 with a plan to attack the USSR and annex Ukraine so Poland could get access to the Black Sea and there also was Polish operation to support separatist factions in the USSR setting up the Prometey organisation headquartered in Paris to achieve this.

    @Robert Lindsay

    I heard the theory that MI5 feed false info to Soviet command but I don’t go with it.

    Soviet intelligence themselves in Germany had info of a plan to attack the USSR and using Poland as a proxy Britain and France prior to WW2 had a plan to support separatists in the Caucasus, Volga region and Ukraine creating an organisation called Prometey headquartered in Paris.

    “These declassified documents testify that the Polish Joint Staff created a special subdivision to work with minor nationalities on the territory of the Soviet Union,” shared Sotskov.

    The main task of the project was the destabilization of the situation in USSR’s Ukraine, Caucasus and Volga region to spark separatist movements.

    “The USSR should be split according to nationality. Ukraine and Belarus should be torn from Russia and become independent states. In the meantime, the Russian state should be pushed further to the east, to the Volga River,” Sotskov cited the documents as saying.

    “To do so, Polish secret services created the Prometey organization, financed by Warsaw and with headquarters in Paris,” Sotskov continued.

    He also supposed that similar documents could be in the possession of the US or UK because after the invasion Germany seized Polish archives and later on they could be taken by the ally forces in Europe and brought overseas.

    All the documents, almost 400 pages worth, are being published for the first time, said the general. Among them include documents on: Polish-British relations; Hermann Göring’s talks with the Polish leadership; Polish Joint Staff secret documents on intelligence against Soviet Union; and documents of Polish diplomatic missions in Europe”

    More likely which I think is true the so called show trials of the 30’s of Soviet officials was a real Trotskyite plot to sabotage Soviet industry and economy prior to WW2 so the Stalinist lead government would be overthrow and replaced with Trotskyite faction which was eventually achieved under Khrushchev.

  44. Nationalist Realist on July 16th, 2010 8:03 am

    All great points Patrick, and well argued. I am in full agreement.

    Communism is indeed the answer.

  45. johnUK on July 16th, 2010 8:50 am


    “Communism is the answer”

    I take it you are being sarcastic?

  46. Nationalist Realist on July 16th, 2010 4:14 pm

    I don’t think he is and I’m not either.

  47. johnUK on July 18th, 2010 9:25 pm

    @Robert Lindsay

    The number Stalin actually killed during his rule was according to Soviet archive material Soviet archives was Executed: 642,980, Imprisoned: 2,369,220, Exiled: 765,180.

    This during a period of constant civil strife, conspiracy to overthrow and sabotage the government prior to WW2, large outbreaks of disease and poor harvests/famine,hostile states conspiring to destroy the USSR and WW2.

    The Ukrainian famine was not engineered as it effected the Soviet East not nationalist Nazi aligned West debunked at the time based on Hearst Fascist media serial and phoney journalist and convicted forger Robert Green using the name Thomas Walker and Nazi propaganda with Holomodor pictures based on the 1920-21 famine not 32-33.

    It was rejuvenated for political purposes in the 80’s lobbied and financed by Ukrainian nationalist groups in Canada and the US aligned with Neocon anti-communist campaign Reagonite campaign of the 80’s and rehashed recently with the US installed Orange regime in Ukraine as a geo-political effort to drive a wedge between Russia and Ukraine.

  48. Horus on July 18th, 2010 11:01 pm

    Lindsay is a disgusting puke. I can’t believe he’s even back here. I lived through communism as a kid. Communists killed my great grand parents for being middle class and standing up for the czar against [Jewish] Bolsheviks who were destroying churches and murdering millions of White Christian intelligentsia. And all this garbage says is how everyone should be a Jew and how proud he is to be a wannabe Jew. Lol, just a side note, MOVE TO ISRAHELL, see how they’ll love you there.

    And this communist trash comes here with his idiocy and utters nonsense after nonsense. Wow, all I can say is this is the last of the show I’ll ever listen to. The roaches are coming out in force.

  49. NeoCon Hysteria on July 19th, 2010 12:00 pm

    The Jews are not the ones pushing for recognition of the Holodomor. Some Jews might take pot shots inside articles as a way to drum up Anti-Red Commie sentiment amongst uninformed clueless Americans as a way of slandering the Putin/Medvedev camp in some sort of proxy psychological innuendo.

    For example… they will write about the Ukrainian Genocide very generically, making sure to not get into any detail or substance.. then put a picture of Putin’s face inside the article as a way to somehow make the American reader associate the two.

    That is the extent of the Jewish involvement in bringing up the Holodomor in the media.

    All the REAL political and legal Holodomor dealings that actually mean something and get stuff done.. the Jews fight tooth and nail to stop.

    Jewish group objects to ‘Great Famine’ case

    Yushchenko, Ukraine’s only president to recognize the Holodomor as genocide – bullied by the ADL not to compare with Holocaust

  50. NeoCon Hysteria on July 19th, 2010 12:30 pm

    @ Patrick

    “White people in Cuba are more white culturally than American whites. And yet the whites of Cuba are more compassionate towards blacks.”

    ahh the wonderful world of imaginary Communist academia.

    Whites in Cuba? They all fled to Florida you nitwit. I used to work with many of them.. and they curse the name of Castro every chance they get.

    How many times have you visited Cuba? oh thats right.. Zero.

    LOL, only in Communist Playland do people have to label themselves ‘the intelligentsia’ in the hope that others might actually give them an ounce of intellectual respect or recognition.

    How childish.

  51. Robert Lindsay on July 19th, 2010 1:06 pm

    Cuba is 58% White. Top Cuban government officials are mostly White.

    Anyone can leave Cuba to move to another country. Just get in line for the Orderly Departure Policy. Takes about 6 months to leave. But it turns out they really don’t want to just leave. In particular, they do not want to go to the capitalist paradises of Latin America. They all want to go to the US! And there are only 20,000 openings a year. Hence, all the folks on rafts, etc.

    It is certainly a lie that “most Cubans can never leave.” Ridiculous!

    Cuba is a more pro-White nation than the US. Anti-White hate crimes are almost unknown. Anti-White discrimination is nonexistent, in fact, it works more often the other way – White workers are much preferred over Blacks. There is no affirmative action. Anti-White hate speech and propaganda, so common in the US, is nonexistent.

  52. NeoCon Hysteria on July 19th, 2010 3:14 pm

    johnUK why dont you come out and admit that you’re jewish and your grandparents fled to England from Poland in the 30′s

    its ok to have some legitimate concerns about your tribe and the direction they’re headed. I would direct you to Brother Nathanael Kapner. He may help you to better understand your duel loyalty confusion that seems to be infecting your soul.

  53. NeoCon Hysteria on July 19th, 2010 3:35 pm

    @ Robert,

    Obviously i was being factitious when i said all Cuban Whites fled to Florida. But thanks for seeing an opening to post your timely statistics (which btw are inconclusive)

    According to the Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies at the University of Miami, 68% are black.

    Records apparently are not well kept, if at all, post revolution. Which makes perfect sense. This allows ethnic hate-crimes against Europeans to go unreported by simply labeling the incident a normal act of crime, opposed to a hate-crime with extreme malice against people of European decent.

    If black demographics are not recorded within the Communist Regime of Cuba.. their crimes cannot be recorded either.

    The remanding so called “White people” in cuba are Mulatto and suffer extreme suppression of their cultural identities which have been ‘banned’ by the ban hammer of 20th century jewish communism.

    Cheaply made generic pharmaceuticals is hardly a substitute for decades of cultural repression, prison work and murder.

  54. Robert Lindsay on July 19th, 2010 10:03 pm

    Neocon Hysteria:

    I wonder if I should bother to respond to your silliness.

    No one knows what the racial % in Cuba is. According to the last Cuban census, Cubans are 58% White. Others say it is more like 37%. Let’s call it 47% and split the difference.

    In Latin America, even the White nationalists are no one near as insane as the diabolical WN monstrosities in the US, Europe and Australia. Sure, they are racist and love their people, but the lack and insane, tarded daffynition of White. In Latin America, the view is if you are 3/4-7/8 White or more, let us say, 75-88+%, you are considered a White Latin. Evil, Orc-like religions such as Nordicism are essentially nonexistent. In Latin America, as in any sane Pan-Aryanist Universe, if you look White and you act White, you’re White.

    The Cuban gusanos in Florida are profoundly racist Whites who resemble US Southerners of the Jim Crow era. They fled the country, and since they were traitors to the homeland, their property was confiscated. The gusanos go back to Cuba and see groups of Blacks living in their former mansions and their see red like a bull in front of a flag. In Florida, they are still incredibly racist – in fact, these are some of the most racist Whites in the US.

    All of your statements are flat-out lies.

    First of all, you suggest that Communism is anti-White. Actually existing Communist states have never been anti-White to my knowledge. I can’t think of a single case. It’s true that the Western Left has been extremely anti-White, but these poseurs have never held power anywhere.

    There are few if any anti-White hate crimes in Cuba. In fact, there is little racial tension and Cuban Blacks do not hate Whites at all.

    There is no anti-White hate propaganda in Cuba. As I noted, elite and state culture is frankly White culture. The media, universities, academics, and the state itself is very heavily White. The culture is White Spaniard Catholic.

    Cuba’s population is something like 47% White, 40% mulatto and 13% Black (guessing).

    Your reference to cheap pharmaceuticals is interesting. Amazing that Cuba has the longest life expectancy in Latin America. In fact, they live longer than we Americans do! Do you have something against a long lifespan?

  55. johnUK on July 20th, 2010 4:03 am

    @NeoCon Hysteria

    You’re the oblivious to the real facts spouting Neocon/Trotskyite propaganda regarding Stalin.

    You see facts are facts not opinions and fantastic stories most from Robert Conquest who worked for British Foreign Offices anti-Communist Information Research Department and has been totally debunked since the release of Soviet archive material.

    No real point in debating with you or some others in this blog who have a fixed perspective totally oblivious to basic facts and reason who can only use ad hominem attacks.

    @Robert Lindsay

    What about the info I posted about Stalin?

    Do you want more info regarding Stalin and the Stalin era especially extensive work and research done on the famine in Ukraine as well as states planning to attack the USSR prior to WW2?

  56. johnUK on July 20th, 2010 4:07 am

    @Robert Lindsay

    You forgot to mention yearly that the CIA with Cuban dissident community in Florida launch terrorist attacks against the Cuban homeland plus the illegal US trade embargo imposed on Cuba since its independence.

  57. whodareswings on July 21st, 2010 1:12 am

    I’ve been all over Eastern Europe and when the Commies started in with their retarded Jewish “progressivism” they bulldozed all this elegant Austro-Hungarian and French (1/3 of Bucharest) architecture and replaced it with crappy block housing that still looks like up ended ice cube trays. The first wave of post-war commissars were the radical Jews who’d gone off to school in Moscow before the war and returned to their respective countries in the wake of the Red Army. They couldn’t design, paint or compose anything beautiful or original. They could barely even copy. All they were any good at was Marxist pilpul and giving orders. And they were nowhere near as handsome as the nationalist leadership they’d replaced. The women looked Ayn Rand and the men looked Jerry Auerbach. In Poland and elsewhere loathsome vicious, vile, creepy, sniveling, psychotic, homicidal weasels like Jakob Berman headed up the secret police and intelligence cabals. A pipeline was opened up for pumping Jewish refugee academics into Western universities where they were given plum jobs to turn their departments into Frankfurt School hatcheries. No, Communism isn’t the answer. Nor is capitalism, democracy, socialism, tolerance of all religions, pacifism, objectivism and communitarianism ad nauseum, All the modern slogans have been made up by Jews to turn Christians into atheists and step on their necks. The cross forces the Jew to identify himself. They hate Christ even more than they hate Hitler. Ask yourself why.

  58. Akira on July 21st, 2010 8:38 am

    Re: “The women looked Ayn Rand”

    How dare you imply that Ayn Rand was a woman!?

    Are you trying to insult Mr Alisa Rosenbaum or women?

  59. NeoCon Hysteria on July 21st, 2010 11:24 pm

    It’s a strange day indeed when Communist like Lindsay and his ilk start talking about ‘Race Realism’ as if its the founding philosophy of Communist ideology and we’ve all simply been living in an alternate reality as confused Nationalist.

    Get real. Communism is all about destroying any self awareness, race, identity, culture, religious belief, history, art, family or tradition. Communism teaches the individual does not need any of those obsolete things because the State should be your only love and personal concern.

    “Race Realism Communism” and “Anarcho-Capitalism”

    What kind of ridiculous (refusal to admit they’re wrong) terminology will these playground “intellectuals” come up with next?

    The “Race Realism” that was occurring in Soviet Russia during the 70′s-80′s was not Race Realism Communism… it was Tsarist Loyalist , Cossack, White Army, Russian Orthodox Church slowly coming back to power while still under a Soviet system.

    Dont confuse the late Soviet Unions programs with “Race Realism Communism”. Because Communism was dieing during that time.. Russian Race Realism WAS the symptom! NOT an evolution in Communism ideology.

    Now Russia is a Nationalistic Self Aware Russian Nation, proud of its Slavic race, tradition, art, culture and religion, but also open to the world for trade and business.

    Theres not such thing as Race Realism Communism

  60. NeoCon Hysteria on July 21st, 2010 11:42 pm


    Actually im very aware of the Jews dissatisfaction with Stalin (to put it mildly).

    Stalin is a phantom figure in history. Its still unclear wither or not he stood for traditional Russia (Tsar, Orthodox Church) or the Bolsheviks who came before him (Lenin and Trotsky)

    Theres no doubt Stalin wiped out many of the old Bolsheviks and seem to have won the temporary admiration of Hitler in return. But he also has conflicting stories in Ukraine, the Gulags, his Daughter marrying a Jew, and letting jews into positions of power around him.. some of whom latter poisoned him.

    Your claim that all of Stalins atrocities and actions are Jewish slander may have some foundation to it… simply due to his actions against the Bolsheviks.

    However Stalin DID invade Finland in the Winter War which shows a clear sense of Anti-European beliefs that make it hard not to believe the stories about the Ukrainian Genocide.

    Stalin is still 50/50 for me… he’s a hard man to figure out.

  61. johnUK on August 15th, 2010 7:40 pm

    @NeoCon Hysteria

    Because he invaded Finland we should belive the lies against him?

    Hell all the other countries were invading different regions including Japanese expansion into A

    Finland at that time was a German protectorate state and although misguided

  62. johnUK on August 15th, 2010 7:45 pm

    @NeoCon Hysteria

    Because he invaded Finland we should belive the lies against him?

    Hell all the other countries were invading different regions including Japanese expansion into Asia.

    Finland at that time was a German protectorate state and although misguided given the context of events at the time probably considered that Finland to be or potential to be part of a German alliance given the Germany/Poland plan to atttack the USSR in the 30′s.

  63. Carolyn on August 17th, 2010 8:43 pm

    @John UK and NeoCon H

    Oh, such terriblie lies!

    From: Archaeology Magazine, September/October2010
    page 11;

    Russia: During the construction of a new road outside Vladivostok, crews
    stumbled upon a mass grave containing 495 skeletons–3.5 tons of bones in
    all. According to local reports, almost all the skulls have gunshot
    wounds, and volunteer archaeologists found clothes and money that help
    date the grave to Stalin’s purges in the 1930s.

    (Includes photo of one skull with bullet hole im lower forehead.)

  64. johnUK on August 17th, 2010 11:31 pm


    How do they know that they were killed during the 30′s not the civil war, WW2 or Russia’s chaotic period during the 90′s?

    495 bodies does not equate to tens of millions.

    Nobody disputes that large scale number of people were killed during Stalin’s rule so these could just 495 of the 642,980 people killed.

  65. A German on August 18th, 2010 1:47 am

    don’t waste your prescious time with JohnUK!
    He’s a Soviet-, Stalin-apologist.


    He ignores facts.

  66. Carolyn on August 18th, 2010 12:51 pm


    who stupidly writes: How do they know that they were killed during the 30’s not the civil war, WW2 or Russia’s chaotic period during the 90’s?

    It says right there: volunteer archaeologists found clothes and money that help
    date the grave to Stalin’s purges in the 1930s.

    @A German:

    Yes, JohnUK is a Stalinist. I called him on that long before anyone else did. I don’t understand why VOR allows him a forum for his views. His idea the Stalin was a “nationalist” communist vs. Lenin/Trotsky as “international” communists is nutty. All communism is international by necessity and Stalin was certainly not an exception. Because of Hitler’s invasion of the USSR in June, 1941 (which prevented an imminent invasion of Germany and all of Europe scheduled for a month later!), Stalin was forced to remain within Russia, but with all that he could grab of Eastern Europe with the help of his British-American friends. He also managed to extend his influence into China, Korea and Vietnam — we do forget about that, don’t we?

    Stalin was very depressed when his long-nurtured plan to conquer Europe via WWII was foiled by the sacrifice of the German nation.

  67. johnUK on August 20th, 2010 5:57 pm

    @A German

    Please provide some actual facts that professional historians who have studied the Soviet archives and data have not been able to that do not hold a political vendetta like Anne Applebaum who was financed by the Olin foundation to write the book GULAG using disputed census data any other of your Neocon brethren or the biggest phoney Cold War historian Robert Conquest who worked for British intelligence Information Research Department anti-Communist propaganda unit after WW2.

    You ignore the facts.

    John Arch Getty pretty much covered all the angles and revealed the real numbers of those imprisoned and killed.

    Victims of the Soviet Penal System in the Pre-war Years:A First Approach on the Basis of Archival Evidence


    I read your comment as I was literally about to leave the door and focused on the numbers you provided and responded quickly so yes in the extract you provided it does reference the time period.

    So what my original point stands 495 bodies does not equate to tens of millions.

    We know during the “purges” a panic reaction a Trotskyite sabotage conspiracy prior to WW2 hundreds of thousands were killed especially under the NKVD leadership and mismanagement of Nikolai Ezhov who was latter executed for his crimes.

    “His idea the Stalin was a “nationalist” communist vs. Lenin/Trotsky as “international” communists is nutty”

    No it isn’t in fact the most vehement anti-Stalinists were Trotskyite Communists as well as in the post WW2 era who are today’s Neocons.

    That is like saying Iran and the Taliban are the same because they are both Islamic regimes or Poland and Germany as they were both nationalist.
    And your petty name calling which Stalinist is a Trotskyite term by the way is the tactic of playground taunts.

    I guess you are a Neocon/Nazi then.

    Your nonsense Suvarov thesis not based on any real facts and totally discredited by every major military historian has been totally debunked, in fact all the evidence points to the fact that Germany and Poland with convert support from Britain and France were going to attack the USSR.

    Your beloved Hitler in his unpublished “second book” laid out his foreign policy objective in regards to the invasion of the USSR in 1928. .

    “There are a number of similarities and differences between Zweites Buch and Mein Kampf. As in Mein Kampf, Hitler declared that the Jews were his eternal and most dangerous opponents. As in Mein Kampf, Hitler outlined what the German historian Andreas Hillgruber has called his Stufenplan (“stage-by-stage plan”). Hitler himself never used the term Stufenplan, which was coined by Hillgruber in his 1965 book Hitlers Strategie. Briefly, the Stufenplan called for three stages. In the first stage, there would be a massive military build-up, the overthrow of the “shackles” of the Treaty of Versailles, and the forming of alliances with Fascist Italy and the British Empire. The second stage would be a series of fast, “lightning wars” in conjunction with Italy and Britain against France and whichever of her allies in Eastern Europe — such as Czechoslovakia, Poland, Romania and Yugoslavia — chose to stand by her. The third stage would be a war to obliterate what Hitler considered to be the “Judeo-Bolshevik” regime in the Soviet Union.”

  68. Carolyn on August 20th, 2010 10:47 pm

    Oh JohnUK, I just shake my head at you. It’s unfortunate that VOR allows you to continue to blather on here with totally nonsensical comments.

    I’ll just say this: You obviously get all your “knowledge” about Mein Kampf and Hitler’s Second Book from Wikipedia. Therefore, good day and please don’t bother me anymore. I’m sorry if I commented first on something you wrote. I shouldn’t have. I will try to refrain in the future.

  69. johnUK on August 22nd, 2010 4:21 am


    Please enlighten us to Hitler’s foreign policy stance in his unpublished The Second Book that Wikipedia got wrong.

  70. Akira on August 22nd, 2010 6:27 am

    The great Wikipedia, eh?

    How about this?

    “The authenticity of the book was verified by Josef Berg (a former employee of the Nazi publishing house Eher Verlag) and by Telford Taylor, the former Brigadier General U.S.A.R. and Chief Counsel at the Nuremberg war-crimes trials. ”

    Verified by a kangaroo kourt chief counsel eh?

    According to the link at Wikipedia, Josef Berg is a Czech composer who was born in 1927.

    More from the Wik:

    “The Zweites Buch was first discovered in the Nazi archives being held in the United States by the German-born Jewish American historian Gerhard Weinberg in 1958. Unable to find an American publisher, Weinberg turned to his Jewish mentor Hans Rothfels and his associate Martin Broszat at the Institute of Contemporary History in Munich, who published Zweites Buch in 1961 in German. Rothfels wrote the foreword to the 1961 edition. A pirated edition was translated into English and published in New York in 1962. The first authoritative English edition was not published until 2003 as Hitler’s Second Book: The Unpublished Sequel to Mein Kampf.”

    Enigma Books, New York? I wonder who owns that?

    “Discovered” by Jews?

    Edited by Jews?

    Published by Jews?

    Strange that Mein Kampf is banned in Germany, but “Zweites Buch” is published. Strange that the Jews like people reading one but not the other.

  71. johnUK on August 22nd, 2010 9:57 am


    Perhaps you should read the Wikipedia article again.

    “The authenticity of the book was verified by Josef Berg (a former employee of the Nazi publishing house Eher Verlag)”

    Yes the Nazi publishing house that printed the book that’s pretty much authoritative as you can get.

    “According to the link at Wikipedia, Josef Berg is a Czech composer who was born in 1927.”

    I am not sure but I think that Wikipedia has made a mistake and linked to the wrong Josef Berg. His biography makes no mention of being employed by a Nazi publishing firm and starts in 1946.

    When I click on the external link to a website to his full biography the page doesn’t load.

    “Verified by a kangaroo kourt chief counsel eh?”

    The court itself didn’t verify it and it wasn’t used in the prosecution’s case against Nazi war criminals at Nuremburg which would be quite embarrassing for Britain that the Nazis sought an alliance with Italy and Great Britain given recent declassified material from the British archives that Mussolini had been a British intelligence agent since WW1.

    As for Mr Weinberg here is a more detailed account of his discovery of the book in the national US archives which was reference in Hitler’s secretarial memories and referenced in Hilter’s Table Talk.

    “1958, Gerhard Weinberg made the kind of discovery that features in every historian’s dreams. During his summer holidays, the young American scholar had been examining captured German military documents in the US Army archives, which – back then – were housed in a converted torpedo factory in Alexandria, across the Potomac from Washington DC. Before being shipped back to Germany, each one was being microfilmed.

    Humdrum work, but Weinberg was alert to a remote yet exciting possibility. In a memoir, one of Hitler’s secretaries had mentioned a “secret” book about Nazi foreign policy – Weinberg’s special subject. Then, when Hitler’s Table Talk was published by Hugh Trevor-Roper (later Lord Dacre) in 1953, there was a reference to this “unpublished work” by Hitler himself. Weinberg hoped to track it down one day, though it was not easy to know where to look.”

    “Discovered” by Jews?

    It was not Mr Weinberg that that discovered the original document in Germany but an army officer in 1945.

    “Hitler decided that Zweites Buch revealed too much of his foreign policy goals. Kept strictly secret under Hitler’s orders, the document was placed in a safe inside an air raid shelter in 1935 where it remained until its discovery by an American officer in 1945.”

    Weinberg discovered it again stored in Nazi archives in Washington in 1958.

    “The Zweites Buch was first discovered in the Nazi archives being held in the United States by the German-born Jewish American historian Gerhard Weinberg in 1958”

    “Edited by Jews?”

    Weinbergs version is the original unedited version apart from the foreword added at the start the pirated English version is the one badly edited.

    “Published by Jews?”

    Only in Germany which he was not able to get it published in the US until 2003 and how much distribution it received in Germany at the time is not specified in the Wikipedia article.

    “Unable to find an American publisher, Weinberg turned to his Jewish mentor Hans Rothfels and his associate Martin Broszat at the Institute of Contemporary History in Munich, who published Zweites Buch in 1961 in German. Rothfels wrote the foreword to the 1961 edition. A pirated edition was translated into English and published in New York in 1962. The first authoritative English edition was not published until 2003 as Hitler’s Second Book: The Unpublished Sequel to Mein Kampf. It has also been published under the title “Hitler’s Secret Book”.”

  72. johnUK on August 22nd, 2010 10:39 am


    I have posted a response to the points you mention which you have obviously misread the original Wikipedia article that I posted and which you have referenced but it is waiting to go through moderation.