The Heretics’ Hour: Is ‘The Holocaust’ a total lie?

July 5, 2010

The World's Biggest Liar Competition

1st segment: Guest Friedrich Paul Berg
2nd segment: Berg & second guest Eric Hunt

Topics include:

  • The layout of Wolfsberg as Stalag 18a POW camp. See here and here
  • How the Jews were treated well, all considered
  • Elie Wiesel, the prime Holo liar to topple
  • Irene Zisblatt and Stephen Spielberg, who are in second place

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7 Responses to “The Heretics’ Hour: Is ‘The Holocaust’ a total lie?”

  1. Luke on July 7th, 2010 12:59 pm

    A video documentary titled: One Third of the Holocaust is one that I highly recommend for anyone, pro or con, on the question of what did or did not happen in World War 2.

    Its a little dry and it’ll require about 4-6 hours of your leisure time, but when we stop and understand that this period of history is being used as a justification for, and is a driving motivation behind, the deliberate, maliciously engineered, attempted genocide of every White, Western, European dominant nation on this entire planet – the time spent getting a complete handle on this topic becomes one of utmost importance.

  2. whodareswings on July 7th, 2010 1:13 pm

    The “Bergson Boys” and “The Ritchey Boys”..Let’s hear more about them from revisionists. This is fertile overlooked territory.

    During the war Hollywood screen writer Ben Hecht and Irgun operative Hillel Kook (aka Peter Bergson) cook up grisly holocaust propaganda for American mass consumption in magazines like the Reader’s Digest. Using Freudian based mind control techniques, first put into play by Edward “The Father of Spin” Bernays, the “Bergson Boys” inoculate the English speaking world with the sacred 6,000,000 number before the war ends and the camps are liberated. Bernays is the wildly successful nephew of Sigmund Freud and the man who introduced and promoted Freud in the USA. Like Bernard Baruch, he is a “king maker” and personal friend of presidents Wilson, Hoover and Roosevelt with whom he’s consulted and globe trotted. Joseph Goebbles acknowledges his debt to Bernays in his diaries.

    “The Bergson Boys” was a Zionist cell working out of Washington DC with access to inner circles of media power and politics. “Having energized politicians, gangsters, Hollywood moguls, and ultra- Orthodox rabbis, the handful of young men taught other Zionist and American- Jewish groups not only how the media was the message but how it could and should be used. A guiding force behind the creation of the War Refugee Board, the group served as a beacon for contemporary Zionist militancy while ultimately laying the groundwork for other organizations to utilize the media in future political campaigns”:

    During and after the war master Soviet propagandist Ilya Ehrenberg and the Anti-Fascist League (Soviet Jewish writers later executed after show trials), crunch the numbers of Jewish losses and population transfers and gin up the general extent of depredations against Jews in East Europe. Commissars and partisans (a disproportionate number of which were Jewish) had been severely dealt with on the Eastern Front by the defeated and collectively demonized Germans. Their treatment was harsh, but Ehrenberg and co. insure that history will make it appear even harsher.

    Immediately after VE Day (but also throughout the war) “The Ritchie Boys,” (up to 10,000 German speaking refugees trained in interrogation and psy ops at Fort Ritchie Maryland) are sent into Allied occupied Europe to interrogate high ranking Nazi POWs and spread disinformation. This is a chapter in US army intelligence history that remains curiously obscure. Less than a dozen out of all the Ritchey Boys have been identified. They have been put forward as avuncular reluctant heroes not spies and torturers. All the ones we know of are Jews:

    In l944 Raphael Lemkin, overseeing a team collating data on German atrocities for the WJC (World Jewish Congress) and The Carnegie Foundation in New York almost inadvertently comes up with the concept of ‘genocide,” a word he invents and introduces in his book AXIS RULE IN OCCUPIED EUROPE. The book is not about genocide per se, and Lemkin doesn’t quite realize what he’s stumbled onto until…

    Lt. Col Murray C. Bernays (the brother-in-law of Edward L. Bernays) latches onto Lemkin’s new word “genocide” and tailors the Nuremburg Trial around the idea of collective Nazi guilt and “crimes against humanity.” The latter is the Lemkin based forerunner to the UN Genocide Conventions, which will come later. Genocide isn’t the issue at Nuremburg, but “crimes against humanity” is the legal gambit Bernays uses to hold all Nazis collectively responsible for starting WWII. Using this corkscrew logic, eventually three generations of Germans are held responsible for the holocaust. Americans and ultimately all Christendom starting with Pope Pius XII get blamed, too, and Jews born after l945 in Brooklyn morph into “second generation survivors.”

    In his l958 book THE WORLD CONQUERORS refugee Hungarian playwright, poet and journalist Louis Marschalko, who covered the Nuremburg Trial, writes:

    “Of the 3000 persons on the trial staff, 2400 were Jews. Many of them wore uniforms to which they had no entitlement.”

    Marschalko, a nationalist, surveyed the worldwide advance of Communism from a decidedly Catholic perspective. The author’s argument is that Communism is a worldwide movement, promoted everywhere by the same transnational force.

    Redeemed New Zealand academic Prof. Joel Hayward disagrees-

    “On page 44 I described Louis Marschalko’s claims that Jews fabricated their Holocaust suffering as “unscholarly … weak, racist arguments”. Two pages later I described them as “nonsense”. A further two pages later I called the same views “too polemical and biased against Jews”. On page 54 I bluntly wrote that, to state that Jewish frauds “have occurred on a ‘horrendous scale’ [as one particularly nasty writer said] and as the result of a Jewish conspiracy to defraud the German government, is preposterous and totally insupportable.” On the same page I criticized that author’s “biases and prejudices”, while on the next page I condemned his claims of a Jewish conspiracy as “totally unsustainable”.”

    In Sept. 2008 US presidential candidate Christopher Dodd publishes his father Thomas Dodd’s letters home to his wife from Nuremburg where he was a star prosecutor. There were too many Jews there, he concurred, “Jews should stay away from this trial – for their own sake,” Dodd explains. He doesn’t want them to supply anti-Semites and isolationists with ammunition – afraid of a possible growing sentiment to describe the war as a”war for the Jews.” or

    Senator Chris Dodd doesn’t have the decency to admit that his grandstanding dad presented false evidence at Nuremburg so he lets the legend of the phony Polish shrunken heads found at Buchenwald (quite possibly supplied by one or more ” Ritchie Boys”) stand:

    Then there’s the Polish Government-in-exile and The British Political Warfare Executive. William C. Paley (later head of CBS) and C.D. Jackson (later editor–in-chief of LIFE) are secret agents in Bruce Lockhart’s small and very exclusive branch of the PWE. Jan Karski, Rudolph Vrba, Sefton Delmer and Victor Cavendish-Bentinck etc. work together in another branch. Those who believed Tony Blair when he told them he had it from his spymasters that missiles launched from Bhagdad could reach London in 45 minutes will enjoy this:

  3. Inquisition on July 9th, 2010 8:01 pm

    This is, and always has been, a demonstration of Jewish power. As for Carolyn Yeager, you are a rare gem.

  4. truth_and_reason on July 10th, 2010 8:10 am

    Have you seen this? Perhaps you should post a rebuttal.

  5. Inquisition on July 10th, 2010 8:08 pm

    There has already been an effective rebuttal to this old film. This was a psy-ops set up with Hollywood at the end of the war.

    The human-skin lampshades and shrunken heads have long been known as frauds. Only the camps in eastern Europe are now recognized as extermination camps, strangely enough. Not all over Europe as depicted. The others were detention or slave labor camps.

    There were war crimes committed by the Germans, similar to what was done at Andersonville prison camp during the American Civil War. There are no excuses for what the Germans did, as their are none for Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. However, the planned extermination program has never been proved, and the evidence for gas chambers is so weak that mainstream holocaust supporters are starting to back away from it. Most importantly, no one should fear prosecution just because they question this contested area of history.

  6. Jeff on July 11th, 2010 7:17 pm

    Who Dare Swings…

    I really enjoyed your Post. Well researched and very informative. Would enjoy hearing you as a guest somewhere. Perhaps over at the infounderground —

    But I have a question.

    The section starting with “Redeemed New Zealand academic Prof. Joel Hayward disagrees”

    seems to be out of place. Why include this? Hayward seems far from “redeemed”. More like a lying subversive to me.

    What was the “point” of including this section into your post? Thanks. Seems to not fit with the rest of the Post.

  7. Jeff on July 11th, 2010 7:19 pm