The Heretics’ Hour: Auschwitz, Wolfsberg and the meaning of detention

June 28, 2010

Wolfsberg main gateWolfsberg main gate
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Auschwitz main gateAuschwitz main gate
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Dr. Wilhelm Kriessmann answers Carolyn’s questions about Wolfsberg. Topics include:

  • Elie Wiesel update
  • Life as a detainee under the British is detailed; was it really worse at Auschwitz?
  • Dr. Kriessman’s report from Austria: Immigration top concern

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16 Responses to “The Heretics’ Hour: Auschwitz, Wolfsberg and the meaning of detention”

  1. A German on June 29th, 2010 2:43 am

    I have a bit of critique FRAU JÄGER ;-)
    Please don’t overroll your guests verbally, especially if they’re an old man who tries to collect his thoughts, especially in a foreign language.
    Listen more than asking!

    Why didn’t you ask him about the Rammkommando Elbe?

    2ndly the life circumstances in the camps are quiet boring, more interesting are the numbers.
    Debunking the numbers is more important than the swimming pool.

    For example I used all the OFFICIAL (the numbers which are also used in Yad Va Shem) numbers of the KZs, extermination camps, ghettos, death marches, massacres in the east and added them up, result: 2.5 million under 6 million, exactly the 2.5 million which were subtracted when they changed the plaques in Ausschwitz in 1989. Strange…

    It also wasn’t optimal when Dr. Krissmann wanted to allude to the Rheinwiesenlager and you stopped him “we’ve no time for that”.
    The circumstances in the interrogation camp Dr. Krissmann was in sounded quite good, compared to the POW camp my grandfather told me about and the real horror: The Rheinwiesenlager.

    For the Turkish problem:
    Here Dr. Krissmann was right and wrong.
    Wrong because the problem is much larger.
    Turks infest not only Germany and Austria. also Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and even, in a slighter extend, already Denmark and England.
    Turks are very chauvinistic, true supremacists.
    They always were like that to the Kurds, Armenians, Greeks, but now they also show this attitude to the Central Europeans.

    In Germany Turks are 3.5 million=4.3% of the population
    and 5% of the potential work force
    40% of the unemployed and welfare recipients,
    25% of them have no professional training, nor a simple school graduation and this even in the 3rd and 4th generation.

    The problem is, what polticial correct inquisitors don’t want to accept, most of them are low IQ Anatolian sheep herders.
    IQ 80 maximum.
    And that’s why can’t learn German correctly, even if they’re born here. That’s why don’t integrate into the society. That’s why they’re uneducated, unemployed and criminal.
    And out of this intelligence deficit they became Turkish supremacists or Islamists who want to destroy us or conquer us.

    For example, lately in the federal state of Northrhine Westfalia there were elections and a new parliament came together.
    Well, as a new member of parliament for the Greens(=Marxists) there is Mr. Ünal, who held his very first speech in very broken German. He lives for !30! years in Germany!
    He demanded to abandon the swearing-in-formula “for the welfare of the GERMAN people”!

    Lately there was a report that a Catholic school in Vienna has no Christian but only Turkish students.

    Turks make up 40% of the prison inmates in Germany.

    A few days ago they made an ambush on policemen (who were German of course) in Hamburg and then attacked them with extra ordinary brutality!
    That happens more and more in Germany.
    But our papers and media is quiet, if they report they state “a group of ‘juveniles’ ”
    Another case, in the moment we’ve some euphoria in Germany about the football world cup and so many Germans dress with the German Jersey and/or bear some flags. There was one young German celebrating the victory over England at a public viewing.
    A Turk came along (Turkey is not at the world cup this time) and he said “Fucking Germany!”
    The young German replied in a non offensive way “Hey, you even didn’t made to the tournament!”
    The Turks reaction?
    Immediately he drew a dagger, injured the young German under his eye and then rammed it into his belly!

    Cases like this happen Germany everday!
    They even shoot at policemen because they’re German.
    But you’ll never read that, because it’s not allowed to make that public or say of what origin the perpetrators are.

    And what’s really disgusting, our judical system is in one bed with them. They always let these intensive perpetrators go on parole.
    Even the ones who beat a German father of a family into coma.

    But if a drunken Skinhead has a brawl with a drunken Negro somewhere in the hinterlands of Eastern Germany then the media campaign is to be started!
    Same happens when a Turk, who intends to cheat his insurrance company, and burns his own Döner “restaurant” (Texas Lightning).
    Then the media starts gigantical campaigns, Turkey sends “special investigators” and all Germans are in kin liability.
    And when the fraud is discovered it has no consequences, no excuses by the media or politics.

    Many Turks openly show their disrespect against Germans and say that they will breed us out and that we won’t have anything to say in 50-100 years in our own country.


  2. Carolyn on June 29th, 2010 1:20 pm


    I always appreciate your extensive comments.

    As to overrolling, my microphone is higher quality than that of my guests, which makes my “overrolling” sound worse than it is. But I do indeed interrupt when I think it’s necessary; sometimes that turns out to be wrong, sometimes right. I shouldn’t have done it with the Rheinwiesenlager, but Dr. Kriessmann did get his comment in after all, that the German prisoners there were not fed at all. They were purposely starved. This subject, however, requires a show of it’s own.

    Dr. Kriessmann, though, does not think of himself as an “old man” who’s speaking a foreign language, and neither do I which I’m sure he appreciates, as youngsters like you and others listening do. Maybe you should take care for your own manners. Just a thought.

    I did ask him about the Rammkommando Elbe and we discussed it quite a bit. He doesn’t put much into it, and says that both Hitler and Himmler disapproved of it and even tried to stop it at the end. We didn’t think it was worth taking up time in the program. For more leisurely talks, you’ll have to take that up with Mike Conner, the program director, for a longer time slot. :-)

    As I told you, you are free to write to Dr. K directly.

    My response to the terrible behavior of the Turks in Germany is: Why don’t the German people rise up and throw them out?! Why do they tolerate it? This is the same question I asked Dr. K about the Austrians. That is really the only solution in the end. No one else is going to do it.

  3. Carolyn on June 29th, 2010 1:23 pm

    Excuse me. In the above comment, I typed “Hitler and Himmler” when I meant to type Hitler and Goering. Please everyone take note of that.

  4. Carolyn on June 29th, 2010 1:39 pm

    Also this from German:
    The circumstances in the interrogation camp Dr. Krissmann was in sounded quite good, compared to the POW camp my grandfather told me about and the real horror: The Rheinwiesenlager.

    Wolfsberg was not an “interrogation” camp (Dr. K was not interrogated once while he was there) and my whole point was not to compare it with Rheinwiesenlager and therefore proclaim it “good,” but to compare it with Auschwitz and discover that it was comparable. So if Wolfsberg under the British was a good enough place, so was Auschwitz under the Nazis. In fact, Auschwitz was even better.

    The only thing that was better about Wolfsberg was the quality and character of the detainees it held. They didn’t come out of there and tell lies about it. I think you can tell that Dr. K is an honest witness.

    I hope everyone who listens gets that.

    If you want to argue about that, go ahead. I don’t agree with your death numbers, by the way. You mentioned them once before, so I assume you are convinced by them, at least presently.

  5. A German on June 29th, 2010 3:27 pm

    @dear Carolyn
    With due respect, but Dr. Krissmann is 90 years old.
    Isn’t that old?
    It wasn’t meant disrespectful.

    And his audio was surprisingly good this time!

    And to the numbers, I’m not convinced about them.
    But we here only can work with OFFICIAL numbers.
    You know that.
    And I wanted to call attention to the fact that already something is wrong with the OFFICIAL numbers.
    2.5 million are missing in the calculation!

    And for the Turks, their abomnational crimes and why the Germans don’t rise up:
    Well, I think it’s for the same reason why Americans don’t rise up against the occupation of Southern California, the thousands of hush crimes=murders by Blacks and the 36,500 rapes of white women by Blacks per year in the US.
    It’s totally VERBOTEN!
    Even to think about it.

    I give you one example, in my home town newspaper’s online edition there is a comment section under each article.
    And always when we’ve cases like Turks mugging old ladies or clobber some Germans, my local newspaper writes:
    “juveniles mugged a…. juveniles clobbered a…”
    And everyone knows who it really was!
    And some even write it in the comments:
    “the perpertrators were Turks as always, everyone knows it!”

    What happens?
    One of the private internet police will call it “Nazi talk” in the following comment and demands the deletion.
    And even without this demand the newspaper will delete the critical comments in seconds.
    And if the critical comments become too much, they simply delete all comments and close the comment section.
    And it’s only factual critique, no-one writes “Heil Hitler” “gas them” and such crap. But even the softest critique gets deleted.
    All our newspapers and tv stations are ruled by Marxists.

    “We”, i.e. chosen polticians will vote a new Bundespresident tommorrow and the media is totally blanking out the 4th candidate of the NPD, FRANK RENNICKE.
    In the main news they only show 3 candidates, Wulff candidate of the “Christ”-Democrats, who is surely the winner since he was chosen as candidate because his fraction has the most votes, Gauck the candidate of the “Social”-Democrats and Lucretia Joachimsen the candidate of the LINKE(=Communists) former SED, who says: “The GDR (Communistic Eastern Germany) was no state of unjustice!”
    So, our media will give us tommorrow the illusion of an election, in which the winner is chosen weeks ago and one candidate gets blanked out. That’s is our media!

    They same in the public.
    You cannot say what you want!
    If you do, immediately you’ll have one “good mind”=Gutmensch who will report you at the police for “incitement of the people”!
    And so many people become stoic and disenchanted with poltics.

    There’s also a speciality at our courts, that Turks who clearly attacked Germans because they’re Germans often get parole.
    We call that “Migranten Bonus”.
    And Germans who had slight conflicts with Turks almost always get harder sentences because of an allegded “racisitic intention”.

    As our media, almost all our judges are Marxists.
    Who gave ridiculous punishments for violent crimes.

    In my city, last year a “juvenile” stabbed an old man with 32 stings to death. Verdict: 8 years youth asylum + a professional education as electronics technician.
    Meanwhile many decent young Germans don’t get a professional education at all, because there are not enough apprenticeship places,
    And then on the other side we have such verdicts:
    A German mother of several children has to go 15 days into prison because she didn’t want her children to take part in the sexual education in school because of her faith.

    Here we have a total paralysis.
    Nobody dares to resists, to talk, to think.
    Even many words and expressions are prohibitted.
    We already have 1984.

  6. Carolyn on June 29th, 2010 4:02 pm

    German dear, age is relative. Even at 90.

    I don’t think Dr. Kriessmann would mind my telling that he still plays doubles tennis and goes on long bike rides regularly. He is, of course, the oldest among the groups, always.

    I don’t use official numbers of the Holo propagandists, but I suppose in Germany you have to. I do use the official numbers of the ICRC and SS camp records.

    Thanks for your further description of how impossible it is to speak up in Germany. It should be an alarm for the rest of us in our complacency; that is what is waiting for us.

    But it IS possible for the German people to vote differently, isn’t it. That’s where they have their chance. The Austrians too. If they will only vote for who the TV shows to them, then they are going along with it.

  7. A German on June 29th, 2010 6:32 pm

    The different voting option is an illusion.

    Because everything right of the middle in under constant “Nazi” suspicion.
    “Christ”-Democrats (former conservatives) constantly have to justify themselve if they say something outside the left dogma.
    That’s why the “Christ”-Democrats, former conservatives, became middle-left and a Turkish lobby group.

    The CDU candidate for the Bundespresident, Wulff, was the minister president of Lower Saxony, where he put in charge the first Turkish minister. The new minister of justice then demanded as first act to remove all Christian signs in public buildings and demanded more Turkish judges because: “the Turkish accused understand German judges as a foreign power!” That was her justification.

    And under Merkel we got our first Vietnamese minister and the gay Guido Westerwelle as foreign minster and vize chancelor.
    There’s nothing conservative left in the CDU (Christ-Democratic Union). That why we call them Halbmond(=crescent)DU.

    And for the NPD as liberating option:
    The media has achieved it, in decades of propaganda warfare, to scare the living daylights out of the German voter. So that he doesn’t dare to vote right of the middle. They achieved it to make up the connection in the brains of the people:
    Who votes NPD votes Ausschwitz!

    Although the NPD is a democratic national party and no sucession party to the NSDAP. The NPD was founded 1964.
    The Communistic party, DIE LINKE, is a direct succession party of the SED, the Communistic state party of Eastern Germany.
    No-one says anything.

    2 examples how strong the brainwashing is in our society not even to THINK the slightest way in the right direction:

    We have a former SPD (Social-Democrats) politician of the more conservative wing, Thilo Sarazin.
    He said: “Turks only live of welfare, cost the German economy more than they pay into the system, conquer Berlin like the Albanians conquered the Kosovo by birth-war, have to low IQs and even stupify German students if they dominate a class room.”

    He had to resign as Berlin’s finance minisrter, was thrown out of his party in which he was for decades. Then he went into the private economy and became a banker. And now the left hyaenas even demand his firing as banker!

    Another case, Eva Herman.
    She wrote a book about parenting and criticised publicly the demographic genocide. And mentioned in a talk show that the demographic politics in the 3rd Reich were better than today.
    Immediatelly the other hyper political correct(=Gutmenschen) guests criticised her heavily!
    She answered:
    “Oh man, in the Third Reich they also built the Autobahn. Are the highways now bad too?”
    answer by the hyaenas:
    “Oh my god, “AUTOBAHN” is a no-go!”
    So they criticised her for saying the word “AUTOBAHN”.

    She was thrown out of the live show by the hyper political correct host, lost her moderation job in a talk show and her anchorwoman job in Germany’s most prestiges newscast.
    Now she’s a persona non grata.
    Comparable to Brigitte Bardot in France.

    And for the voting option in Austria.
    The FPÖ is just a pseudo-national party who mimicrys the conservatives.
    They’re not really on the right side. They’re against “Nazism” and “Fascism” and they’re a kind of light Austro-Fascistic seperatists.
    They don’t share the WN pan-Aryanism.
    Only Christianity, which owns Europe for them.
    They never speak of the fact that Austrians and Germans are one nation. They don’t call themselves Germans.
    They’re anti-islamic but not more, i.e. if a Turk converts to Christianity it’s OK for them. They don’t think about the racial consequences.

    Such parties are just an illusion of a solution, because they just spring into the niche the “Conservatives” gave up.

  8. A German on June 29th, 2010 6:41 pm

    For example:
    Here left hyaenas who cheered so much for the mulattoe messiah now see Obama more and more as an “Conservative”.

    And American Conservatives would be seen here as “Nazis”.

    Believe it or not!

    Also the gun issue. Here the people, blinded by the left Zeitgeist, think Americans are all gun nuts who shoot each other.
    The media is not explaining the origin of the 2nd amendment as a way to fight against a potential tyranny and the historical connection to independance war.
    And they also don’t explain that criminals will always have guns, with our without the 2nd amendment and so to own a gun is just to secure oneself of a crime.

    But here the grotesque travesty is produced by the left media:
    Americans are dumb, chauvinistic, fat gun nuts, who abuse the world for oil.

  9. A German on June 29th, 2010 6:42 pm

    A Lou Dobbs or Pat Buchanan would be in prison here for “incitement of the people”!

  10. Carolyn on June 29th, 2010 7:59 pm

    I don’t care, German. They can still vote for the furthest right party they have as a way of “speech” and the hyenas will do what they do with it. They can’t control that. But they can speak in the secrecy of the ballot booth. IF THEY REALLY DON’T LIKE WHAT’S GOING ON.

    Do they have minds or are they completely zombified? It is the same here though. You and I many others can see through it. Are we super brilliant or super courageous? Or super nuts? What is the difference between us and them?

    I think its because they are afraid of being isolated, and losing their comfort, wealth and good life (as long as it lasts). It’s not going to last for their children or grandchildren, but I think they tell themselves that they (the children) will adjust to it, and it’s too big to stop anyway.

    It is too overwhelming. It is easier to cave in. I certainly respect that Thilo Sarazin, but then people from here wrote on that page that he wasn’t far right enough and playing into the hands of the Jews. See how we divide ourselves and don’t stand behind anybody? Always someone is not happy.

    We do need to get everyone behind something, but that is not my job.

  11. Chris on June 30th, 2010 4:24 am

    Carolyn, ninety is old. It’s as simple as that.

    I know it seems like I’m being pedantic but if you don’t ascribe real meaning to words then we can’t communicate.

    I hope the good Doctor lives many more years and continues to “feel” young but please do not twist the meaning of words.

    I thought “A German”‘s comment suggested a respect toward him because of his age. I think that is something Dr Kriessmann deserves rather than than pretending he is a teenager.

  12. kelvinator on July 11th, 2010 6:55 pm

    German camps compared to Russian Gulags.I wonder if the Red Cross where invited to Stalins Camps?Probably not after all what is the 62 million white christians exterminated compared to a supposed 6 million jews.

  13. johnUK on July 11th, 2010 8:11 pm


    62 million LOL!

    Actually the majority of Gulag inmates survived including German POW’s compared to the death ratio of Russian POW’s in German camps.

    And the Gulag system excluding WW2 never had more than 2.5 million people.

  14. kelvinator on July 12th, 2010 3:41 am

    @johnUK So your amused at that number?

  15. A German on July 12th, 2010 6:26 am

    “most German POWs survived the Gulag”????
    Man, 2.5 million German POWs died in the Gulags.
    That were 83% of the total German POWs in the Soviet Union!!!
    1 million already died in the first 5 years!

    The worst Gulag was Vorkuta.

    John [,]
    You’re a Stalinists apologist!

    In the Gulags 39 million people died!!!!

    ↑ Gunnar Heinsohn:Lexikon der Völkermorde; Rowohlt rororo, 1998; S. 157.
    ↑ Rudolph Joseph Rummel Demozid – Der befohlene Tod; LIT 2003, ISBN 3-8258-3469-7

  16. NeoCon Hysteria on July 13th, 2010 2:53 am

    German, what do you say about General Dwight Eisenhower intentionally causing the deaths by starvation or exposure of around a million German prisoners of war held in Western internment camps briefly after the Second World War.

    These deaths are innocently labeled “Other Loses” in the west.

    Have you heard of this in Germany?