Jamie Kelso, Jun. 8, 2010

June 8, 2010

The astonishing spectacle of the Washington, D.C. “press” corps banishing their most senior fellow liberal, Helen Thomas, merely for having said privately that Israelis “should get the hell out of Palestine”, is the opening subject of the June 8, 2010 Jamie Kelso program. Every journalist and every journalism student in America surely shed thereby any lingering personal doubt he or she may have had about the scope of Israel Lobby control over the American press. Helen Thomas, 89 years old, having covered every White House from Kennedy to Obama from her exclusive front seat rank has now joined banished Congressman Paul Findley and those whom he titled (in the book of the same name) “They Dare To Speak Out” ( Interestingly, Findley mentions in his own commentary on the Helen Thomas expulsion that she addressed him as “They Dare To Speak Out” Findley when the two met for the first time in 2009 at a Council for the National Interest event in Illinois.

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