Jamie Kelso, Jun. 07, 2010: James Edwards

June 7, 2010

Radio host James Edwards is our guest on today’s show. James introduces his brand-new book, Racism Schmacism, released just this weekend at the Council of Conservative Citizens national conference in Nashville, Tennessee. At the James Edwards website, you can order your copies, including options for bulk orders and autographed copies. Jamie is getting his copy immediately, in order to talk in detail about Racism Schmacism with Mr. Edwards on future programs.

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One Response to “Jamie Kelso, Jun. 07, 2010: James Edwards”

  1. A German on June 8th, 2010 8:02 am

    Jamie this show was like a long commercial break.
    Perhaps the book is really good, but why not talk about the content instead of constantly repeating “buy this book”?

    I don’t like advertisings in tv, it makes me change the channel or turn it off.

    So please bring back the Kelsoe show to it’s old standard!
    Also constantly talking about the 3rdParty and Conservatives is boring.
    Conservatives dumped the Western World, in becoming quasi liberals, in all countries.
    Conservatives are no solution for our problems.
    They betrayed us long ago.
    Why riding this train again and again?