The Heretics’ Hour: Guernica–Legend vs. Fact

May 31, 2010

Picasso's Guernica

Carolyn Yeager discusses:

  • Obama and Jews in the White House
  • Elie Wiesel’s fund-raising
  • The Revenge of the Neanderthals
  • The truth about the Guernica “terror bombing”

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10 Responses to “The Heretics’ Hour: Guernica–Legend vs. Fact”

  1. A German on June 1st, 2010 11:22 pm

    That was again a great show with interesting information.
    Yes, it’s really true we who suffer under ongoing media brainwashing think of Guernica as the “first strike of Nazi world conquest” etc.
    and pseudo-pacifists, who are in fact defeatists, and lefties of every kind use Guernica in every way as propaganda tool, so that the people think thousands and thousands died by German bombs.
    In fact 600 and they produced weapons as in Coventry.
    !600! vicitims and think how well published it is in our media.
    And at the same time almost nobody knows of the 40,000 victims of the Hamburg firestorm caused by Allied bomb raids.

    And in the end Germany did nothing other what the US did in Korea and Vietnam, they tried to limit Communism.

    I think what’s also very important for understanding the Spanish Civil War, is Spain’s extreme seperatism.
    Spaniards until today are so very much seperatistic. Even more than Ex-Soviet states.
    Spaniards understand themselve as several different nations who are forced to live in one state.
    The Galicians and the Asturians, who treasure their Celtic heritage,
    the Basks who treasure their proto-European pre-Aryan heritage, the Catalans, the Castillians who seem to be the only real bearers of “Spanishdom” and then the Andalusians who are seen by most of the other Spanish tribes as totally foreign, even Moorish and non-European.

    That’s why anthropology=science of race plays a big role for Spanish comrades. They are almost manic about that.

    I think that played a much bigger role in the civil war than politics, for the Spaniards themselves. So that it was more an independance war.
    The only thing that unites Spain is their Catholicism and their history of defeating the Moors and rescuing Europe of Islamic rule.

    And that’s why Franco’s “nationalism” was much more a Catholicism than Fascism, and not in the slightest way Nationalsocialism.

    *Carolyn, I would translate “roads” as “Landstraßen” or “Fernstraßen” in German.

    For the Neanderthal hypothesis:
    I confess it’s quite convenient and would explain much. Many of the money lenders even look really like Neanderthals, but I talked to someone about that issue who knows very much about Rassenkunde and anthropology, with a scientific background, and he said to me:
    That it is a quite convenient hypothesis, but not proven scientifically in the slightest way. And because of that it’s a “layman view” for him. He said that the developing of man and the races is much more complex than to break it down to the simple hypothesis:
    Cro-Magnon – Neanderthal = Aryan – money lender.

    I know that John de Nugent is very much convinced of that and I told him about the opinion of my science guy and that’s why at the end banned me. Email ect.
    Although I just reported what my science guy friend said.

    I myself like the hypothesis, but it’s not really scientifically proven.
    And until that I tend not to accept it, or distribute it as an dogma as JdN does.

    For example, years ago they announced that red hair is inherited by Neanderthals, well but that’s a main characteristic of the “Celtic” and “Germanic” subrace of the Aryan race.
    Alsi the newest report that man has 2% of Neanderthal genes can be tracked almost in all non-African humans, up to New Guinea, where Neanderthals never lived.
    My science guy even said, that the Asians even have an higher amount of Neanderthal genes than Middle Easterners and Europeans. And he said that Arabs often have an aurignacoid face structure, that means they have narrow and long faces, what’s in contradiction to the Neandethal hypothesis. Just think of Bin Laden.

    So my conclusion is, as convenient this hypothesis is, there are big problems with it too. Before we accept it as truth, it must be researched better.

  2. whodareswings on June 2nd, 2010 6:31 am

    At the beginning of the program Carolyn mentioned that Simon Wiesenthal was an American. Wiesenthal was never an American citizen. He lived and died in Austria and sold his name to rabbi Marvin Hier of Los Angeles who started The Simon Wisesenthal Center / Museum of Tolerance there.

  3. A German on June 2nd, 2010 1:07 pm

    That’s what my science guy wrote to me after listening to the show:

    “The idea of the frequent injuries could be better explained like that:
    Neandertals had heavy spears, which they didn’t throw really far.
    They attacked big animals like mammoths in a close distance.

    Homo Sapiens in contrast already used very often remote weapons, for the hunt as for the war, and they mainly hunted for small animals.

    This was presumedly the reason why Homo Sapiens was superior, because he hunted more “strategically” in greater groups, and with lighter remote weapons.

    That’s the reason why Neanderthals were so robust, their robustness had to equalize their lack of hunting and fighting skills,
    similar to the Australoids, where stick duels are a factor of selection, especially for women.

    The Khazar hypothesis also is almost not sustainable,
    genetic data tells us something totally different.”

  4. A German on June 2nd, 2010 1:13 pm

    Another thing:
    To give you an impression how heavily Germany was bombed, in contrast to Guernica.
    Even today almost every week somewhere in Germany they dicover a several tons heavy bomb in the ground.

    One day ago they discovered one in Göttingen, which exploded during the attempt to defuse it.
    Three bomb experts were killed. And what’s totally crazy:
    Only one day before, at the same place there was a rag-fair held.
    These people were very lucky.

    Experts estimate only for Berlin, that still 3,000 bombs are still burried in the ground! Every single bomb with a weight of several tons!

  5. Carolyn on June 2nd, 2010 1:50 pm


    Thanks for that information. I didn’t check it out, just “assumed,” and you know what that can make one!

  6. Carolyn on June 2nd, 2010 2:13 pm

    Thanks, German, for your contribution. I will have some reply and more to say on the Neanderthal story in this coming Monday’s program.

    One thing I didn’t say about Guernica, but I did write in a short piece about it in an upcoming article in The Barnes Review (Sept. issue however!) is: “If (the painting) was truly about terrorizing a population, Picasso should have created a Dresden, Hamburg, or Hiroshima masterpiece instead.”

    Nothing could be more correct! Guernica was destroyed by it’s own anti-Franco forces, not by bombs dropped from the Legion Condor planes, in a “scorched earth” and propaganda action. If there had been no planes that day, what would they have done?

    You mentioned in your first comment: 600 victims. There was no such thing, unless that is a number including the fighting forces of the Republicans, but I don’t think so. The civilian deaths are between one and two hundred, and not necessarily from bombs. There was fighting going on for control of the town.

  7. Rob on June 2nd, 2010 4:21 pm

    This neanderthals = Jews hypothesis is rubbish, and had its provenance with Michael Bradley. He is the Sephardic Jew who wrote “The Iceman Inheritance”, which has become the bible of anti-white Afro-centrism, his hypothesis being that whites are evil racists and sexists because of their neanderthal iceman heritage. I do, however, believe that whites do have a neanderthal heritage, and that as time goes on with further genetic research, this will be further clarified. Indeed, it is probably precisely the neanderthal component that gave homo sapiens sapiens its caucasoid characteristics in Europe. As to this ashkenazi jews equals khazars theory that people like Mishko are so fond of, genetic evidence suggest it’s much more complicated than this, and that the khazar component is quite small, and probably smaller than the semitic component.

  8. Roman on June 5th, 2010 6:19 pm

    @Rob Can you provide some links to your proposals?

  9. Rob on June 5th, 2010 7:05 pm

    Roman, if you haven’t read the Iceman Inheritance for proof of Bradley’s agenda, you should read it.

    As for jewish genetic variation, here is one link:

    Also, for Euros having evolved from neandertal predecessors, any articles and book by multiregionalists who promote the multiregional evolutionary hypothesis are worth becoming acquainted with. Milford Wolpoff and Erik Trinkhaus are two physical anthropologists who have long been involved in this debate and argued for a genetic link between Euros and neandertals based on similarities in femurs, dental surface, occipital bunning, browridge morphology, and other characteristics which Euros could only have derived from neandertals.

  10. whodareswings on June 6th, 2010 2:01 pm

    The Guernica Myth and Picasso
    By Peter Wainwright.

    This production is well researched and all the appropriate references are given. The bombing and destruction of the Basque town of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War is extremely important as it was used, and is used today, to show the frightfulness of Fascism …

    Steven Books