Dr. Tom Sunic and Paul Fromm in Canada, June 6 to 16

May 31, 2010

From June 6 to June 14, Dr. Tom Sunic, professor, author, translator and member of the Board of Directors of the American Third Position, will have a book tour in Canada. Tom will also give a few interesting lectures. See below his itinerary and the titles of his talks. His host is Paul Fromm from CAFE (Canadian Association for Free Expression).

Tom SunicTom Sunic
Paul FrommPaul Fromm

For more information re the dates and venues, please call: 905-274-3868

Dr. Sunic will be signing his new books Homo americanus: A Child of the Postmodern Age (2007) and Postmortem Report; Cultural Examinations from Postmodernity (2010)

Dr. Sunic will speak in:

  • Hamilton, Ontario, Sunday, June 6. Evening
  • Victoria, British Columbia, Monday, June 7, Evening.
  • Vancouver, British Columbia, Tuesday, June 8, Evening.
  • Edmonton, Alberta, Wednesday, June 9. Evening.
  • Calgary, Alberta, Thursday, June 10. Evening.
  • Ottawa, Ontario, Friday, June 11. Evening.
  • Toronto, Ontario, Sunday, June 13. Afternoon.
  • London, Ontario, Monday, June 14. Evening.

Depending on interest level Dr. Sunic may hold some speeches in German and/or French too.

Titles of speeches:

1. “Cultural or Political Hegemony? The Case of the USA and Europe” ‏

2 “Liberal Propaganda: Double Speech, Double Talk and Mendacity”

3. “Shifting Semantics, Coming Repression; The Origin of “Hate Speech”

4. “The Origin of Self-Censorship; Why are White Academics Scared?”

5. “What is White Identity? Racial and Cultural Perspective”

6. “East Europe and Russia; White Enclaves, Possible Future”

7. “What Can We Learn from Leftists and Liberal Scholars?”

8. “The Fate of Ethnic Germans in Eastern Europe after WWII”

9. “Which Lessons and Parallels can one draw in Croatia’ from the Wars” (1945 and 1995)? ( „ Welche Lehren zieht man in Kroatien aus den Kriegserfahrungen?“ 1945 , 1995) Speech in German at Bad Kissingen, Germany, June 25 at the Sudeten Germans’ meeting).