The Heretics’ Hour: Wall Street, International Banking, & Adolf Hitler

May 17, 2010

Adolf Hitler & Hjalmar SchachtAdolf Hitler & Hjalmar Schacht

Carolyn Yeager separates myth from fact and the real from the rogue on this complicated subject, deconstructing the crazy-quilt world of conspiracy theorizing about the German Führer. Topic include:

  • Conspiracy theories questioned
  • The cause of the Weimar hyperinflation
  • Hitler’s economic miracle based on sovereign credit principles
  • Today’s financial crises
  • A Russian opinion poll on Katyn

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36 Responses to “The Heretics’ Hour: Wall Street, International Banking, & Adolf Hitler”

  1. Bryan Phillips on May 18th, 2010 3:27 pm

    broadcast only played 12 minutes. I was really looking forward to this one.

  2. Roman on May 18th, 2010 4:31 pm

    Excellent show Ms. Yeager.

    However I wanted to point out something about your comments on Russia and its reaction on the Katyn massacre by the Soviets. I as an Orthodox Christian Russian wanted to say that I pity greatly every great White Christian Pole that died at the hands of those blood thirsty, Jew led killers of the Red Army. Just as I feel horrible when I hear today’s neoconized western Ukrainians accuse ethnic Russians for >7 million Holodomor massacre of Christian Ukrainians, which happened not at the hands of ANY ethnic White Russian, but at the hands of yet ANOTHER international Bolshevik Jew, Lazar Moiseevich Kaganovich (from the root Cohen or Kagan, as in the currently appointed Elena Kagan) who despised White Ukrainians and volunteered himself to Stalin (who once again wasn’t Russian by ethnicity) to carry out collective punitive measures (mass starvation) against Ukrainian nationalist and in fact the whole nation of Ukraine for harboring anti-Soviet, pro-Nationalist feelings in the majority of Ukrainian Christendom.
    These are the SAME parasites who slaughtered the Russian czar Nikolai and brutally butchered (with use of corrosive acid to later hide the evidence of the children’s bodies) his children and wife.

    Most WNs know well the fact that out of the 384 Soviet Commissars in the first government of Communist Russia, there were ONLY 13 ethnic Russians and more than 300 Jews out of a total of 384 Commissars. (that’s 3.4% of the Russian population being “represented”).

    Today Putin is deflecting some of the blame the Communists (who slaughtered my relatives for being kulaks and Christians) who ruined and tore down great historic Orthodox Christian churches and murdered millions of White Christian Russians, Belarusians, Poles, Ukrainians and Russian Germans, because he knows that people like this “russian” Alexey LEVINSON (that name is as “Russian” as Ben Shalom Bernanke or Elena Kagan is American!) will use ANY pretext as an excuse to create tension between European countries and as a neo-con attack on Russia and its expanding influence through diplomatic relationship. However I do not condone any such excuses and neither do any Russian WNs I know.

    So just remember that not everything is as it seems. These “Russian” posers such as Levinsohn are the true enemies of European peoples and they are the irritant, corrosive acid which pours its hatred for the White European race using any pretext or historical motive to attack which ever party it can under the current circumstance and set it against another European country. Facilitating brotherly war, that is their business.

    In Russia, these Levinsons attack Russians for the “uncaring” attitude towards Poland (which many do feel went to the Jewish neocon side during the past 10 years and is now paying the price), using some god knows what poll.
    In Germany, these same Levinsons attack Germans for being Nazis and killing innocent commies and Jews in concentration camps.
    In Estonia they’ll attack both sides, to try and pit Russia against Baltic countries.
    In America, Levinsons attack White Americans for being….surprise surprise…Nazis and haters and racists for trying to defend their heritage, race and nation. While slaughtering them with non-stop immigration.

    Same game, all over the world, in every White goyim country.

    It’s all part of their ploy and the same tired old Judeo-Zionist divide-and-conquer approach of Mssr. Marx and Leon Bronstein (Trotsky) and the rest of their bloody, parasitic brood.

  3. A German on May 18th, 2010 5:46 pm

    Carolyn that was really a great show!
    Finally someone who has really a good insight and is able to tell it to other people in a proper way.
    All these conspiracy nuts (make no mistake, I believe 911 was an inside/outside job) who think Hitler was a Jew, a Rothschild, a banker puppet and so on so forth make me totally crazy.
    Hitler was the only man on this earth who really broke the power grip of the bankers! And these idiots, and even we have some of them in the WN movement, believe in such fairy tales.
    Simply crazy.
    But thank GOD, for such hard cases we have CAROLYN YEAGER Jäger!
    Who has such a great insight in historical facts!
    I especially appreciated that Carolyn showed that the social aspect was so important in Nationalsocialism, that made this Weltanschauung so unique.
    Most people think of nationalism and militarism when they hear about Nationalsocialism.
    What made it so popular was the symbiosis of nationalism and socialism!
    Nationalsocialism broke old class barriers and made all Germans equal, now eyery German had the chance to persuit his happiness.
    A kind of germanized “American Dream” (the old way).
    Nationalsocialists discovered that socialism is good and possible in a homogenous nation! Then it’s perfect.
    But as soon as you bring in foreign elements and destroy this homogenity, in Germany today Turks, Pakis in England, Chupacabras in the US, socialism becomes international socialism=Marxism, which destroys everything.
    And that makes social care and medicare impossible, because in a heterogenous society, you cannot call it a nation anymore, you have too many low IQ recievers and too less decent high IQ people who don’t use more than they really need.
    And all these patriotards and tea partisans know that deep in their heart. They’re not against social security and medicare per say, but they know it will be universal=Marxistic, all the illegals, the chupacabras and lazy Blacks with US citizenship will use it.
    And that destroys the system.
    But they don’t dare to speak this simple truth out: “we’re no racists”
    blah di blah di blah.

    Anyways Carolyn again made a great job!
    She’s my #1 on VOR. Every week I’m looking forward to listen to her show!
    She’s simply unique.

  4. Mike Conner on May 18th, 2010 6:24 pm

    broadcast only played 12 minutes. I was really looking forward to this one.

    The entire archive is online. Try downloading the archive file if the built-in player is not working for you.

  5. A German on May 18th, 2010 6:37 pm

    And for Russia:
    Unfortunately in Russia there is a rise of “Sovietism”.
    The people glue Stalin, Bolshevism and Communism together with Russian patriotism.
    They don’t recognize that Lenin and Stalin killed 3 times as many Russians as the Germans, in peace time!
    There the Germans only killed Russians because they were enemies in a world war.
    Russians today totally ignore that.
    For them Stalin is the great savior and defeator of “Fascism” (although that is an Italian thing).
    There is a great anti-Western resentment in Russia today!
    Just watch RT, by many western dissidents praised for their “open-mindeness” and reporting about things which are VERBOTEN in western media.
    But in fact RT is just a Neo-Soviet propaganda channel.
    They don’t put all these dissidents and conspiracy guys on air for the truth, no, they do it because they think they harm the West, especially the US by doing so.
    They always have things on in which the West gets blamed, but no critcical reports on Russia.
    That’s why I wonder why a RT America was allowed?
    Just watch Peter Lavelle’s Crosstalk, there this English traitor loves to blame the West, but if a guest dares to criticise something in Russia, he immediately gets aggrevated and lies: “that’s not true”.
    He’s a modern Neo-Soviet Lord Haw Haw.

    And so the Russians in total are a nation with amnesia.
    They totally forgot the Soviet tyranny of 74 years and the 60 million deaths. In their remembrance it’s just a patriotic time where Russia was strong.

    And so they once again go a very dangerous path.

  6. Roman on May 18th, 2010 7:07 pm

    I agree with you German. But we cannot allow our race to be led astray by hunting the ghosts of the past (and I include all sides in this). In that we will forever be boggled down otherwise and will die and go extinct fighting one another for past offenses.

    The White race faces a dire future, that includes every White country. We must unite and face the forces that are trying to genocide every White European nation in the world today and only White nations. They’re succeeding at the present.

  7. johnUK on May 18th, 2010 10:58 pm

    @A German

    Wrong on all accounts.

    I will address the most widely circulated myth/lie about tens of millions of deaths under Stalin.

    “The people glue Stalin, Bolshevism and Communism together with Russian patriotism.
    They don’t recognize that Lenin and Stalin killed 3 times as many Russians as the Germans, in peace time!”

    No Stalin didn’t if he did then the Soviet population would not have fought to the death for such a regime against the Germans, there would be no industrial development and people to drive production output if he was killing millions of people.

    “Since 1921 till 1954 (that is for the whole period of 33 years, M.K.) in the Soviet Union – according to the official archives of the NKVD, Ministry of the Interior, and of all other state prosecuting organs – there was found and documentarily confirmed the following total number of repressed persons, namely:

    Executed: – 642,980 persons
    Imprisoned: – 2,369,220 persons
    Exiled: – 765,180 persons”

    The said Official Report – dated 1st February 1954, signed by Prosecutor-General R. Rudenko, Minister of the Interior S. Kruglov, and Minister of Justice K. Gorshenin – was declassified and published in the Soviet Union and abroad since the beginning of the so-called Gorbachev’s Glasnost (Openness)”


    The Holomodor engineered famine hoax was debunked at the time based on Nazi propaganda and on series based on pro-fascist Hearst media publications by Robert Green, a phoney journalist and escaped convict who provided famine material to the pro-fascist Hearst chain in 1935. Green, a convicted forger used the alias “Thomas Walker,”

    Until the 1980’s the general consensus was that it was not an engineered genocidal famine until the media and Neocon organisations and individuals and CIA affiliate William F. Buckley, whose Firing Line help promote and launch the campaign in the 80’s when Neoconservatives in the Reagan administration was launching an anti-Soviet campaign.

    Even Robert Conquest (an anti-Soviet MI6 British propaganda agent) who’s work on the famine was the basis for the engineered famine takes the view now that it was not engineered.

    It is being brought back again politically since Yuchenko came to power to create a rift between Ukraine and Russia and use Ukraine to attack Russia given its strategic location.

    Who is paying for the famine campaign in Ukraine and abroad?

    Thanks to Yuchenko and his orange crowd the state is bankrupt in no large part do to the fact that as central bank adviser help implement disastrous IMF policy in Ukraine during the 90’s.

  8. 30.06 on May 19th, 2010 12:35 am

    A most fascinating and excellent presentation !

  9. Chris on May 19th, 2010 5:19 am

    Carolyn, an excellent broadcast but, I’m sorry to say, you are wrong about Hitler’s attitude to Christianity. He was hostile to the Church and the Faith, this is made crystal clear in his “Table Talk”.

    P.S, Are there any books that you could recommend that focus on Hitler’s social and economic achievements?

  10. A German on May 19th, 2010 3:20 pm

    Yeah, Stalin only killed 642,000.
    Are you f””” crazy?!?

    The Holodomor “fascistic popaganda”???
    Yes, as Katyn I presume. XD

    Please crawl back into your Neo Soviet coocoo hole.
    And don’t forget: Always and only trust NKWD numbers!

  11. A German on May 19th, 2010 5:03 pm

    You’re right and wrong!
    Hitler was a devoted Christian! He was clearly a theist and admired Christ.
    But he also heavily criticised Christianity for it’s quasi Communistic attitude and the church as an apparatus.

    It’s a mistake to interprete that as anti-Christianity. That’s not correct. Perhaps you’ve to be a native German speaker to understand these nuances.

    What Hitler disliked was the church’s attitude that they didn’t accept any Aryan Protestant but a Negro who was Catholic.
    He also was angry about the left leaning of the church, which became even much stronger after 1945.

    Today in Europe, the churches, Protestant and Catholic, solidarize with extreme left leaning, almost Communistic groups who in fact want to destroy the church, homosexuals, all kind of immigrant-invaders and in England even with Islam!
    A nice example was the recent abuse scandal.
    All the groups, lefties, Communists, homosexuals, left media, the church normaly solidarizes with against “the evil right”, now attacked the church viciously and wants to destroy them.

    And so the church solidarizing with these groups shows in fact an anti-occidental attitude.
    And this anti-occidental attitude of the church was it what Hitler hated. He also was angry about the fact that the church was quasi a 5th colomn of Rome, a foreign country, that the church supported seperatism by that since medieval times in Germany and made the 30-Years-War possible in which more Germans died than in WW2 (percentual wise).
    He wanted a unified national church like in England or the orthodox countries. NEVER an atheistic or wodanistic society.
    He laughed about Himmler and other neo-pagan fools.

    So if you read the sources carefully, you will find critical statements of Hitler for institutionalized Christianity, but NEVER something negative about GOD or Christ!
    Hitler hated the pacifistic=defeatistic attitude of Christianity.
    He wanted a Christianity that fought for its values like during the crusades and not a in-the-mouth-of-the-lion-throwing weak Christianity. He wanted no defeatism against Bolshevism and wouldn’t have wanted defeatism today against Islam.

    So, the critical statements don’t attack Christianity but a corrupted false Christianity. Almost the same as Martin Luther did in 1517.
    Read again what Martin Luther wrote and said about the church and the pope. You might interprete that as anti-Christianity, but in fact it was a critique for a corrupted Christianity!

    And a last thing: We don’t know if the table talks are really genuine, or parts of it. Too many documents proved to be a falisification.
    So I wouldn’t base my verdict fully on the Table Talks.

    I recommend:
    Jim Walker – The Christianity of Hitler revealed in his speeches and proclamations. 1997

  12. Bryan Phillips on May 19th, 2010 5:28 pm


    Executed: – 642,980 persons
    Imprisoned: – 2,369,220 persons
    Exiled: – 765,180 persons”

    Even if you could trust these numbers they only represent officially directed judicial punishments. Surely you recognize that there was a LOT of “off the books” killing and imprisonment going on during the red terror and forced collectivization phases.

    Fantastic show. It was very refreshing for a man who grew up on “court history” versions of this era and always smelled something fishy to hear a credible opposing interpretation well delivered.

    Regarding the conspiracy retard view of events, I think it is clear that Hitler was a sincere patriot, but I still suspect strongly (without a lot of reliable corroboration admittedly) that the NS movement and war effort were undermined by high level treason besides the actions of Admiral Canaris. Your insight on this issue is invited.

    Please continue your enlightening broadcasts.

  13. Carolyn on May 19th, 2010 6:00 pm

    “The German” has already done a complete and competent job of countering your statement about Hitler/Christianity, and I agree with him on all counts. Amazing! No, I don’t know him … he’s not a “friend” of mine, but I’m glad he’s here.

    When you say “his” Table Talk, you are wrong; it’s certainly not written by AH and the author is not even determined for sure. As already noted, it could very easily be a forgery. It does sound like him in many respects, but that has been done before.

    The book that I would recommend reading is Mein Kampf, if you haven’t already … that for sure is “his.”
    I’ll think about other books. Thanks for your comment.

  14. Carolyn on May 19th, 2010 6:28 pm

    Bryan Phillips,

    Thank you so much.

    There was so much treason going on in Germany against the Hitler regime that it’s a wonder they did as well as they did. It’s because the common people were with him, and the traitors were up against his popularity all the time. They were well aware of this.

    I did not mean to deny conspiracies were going on, but only that we needed to talk about the real ones, not the nutso, Jewish-invented ones. I have been producing translations and commentary, with a German-speaking partner, on Hermann Giesler’s memoir “Ein Anderer Hitler,” a book in which Hitler’s architect and trusted confidant tells much of the story of that treason from the inside. The chapters have been published in The Barnes Review since Nov. 2008. You can buy those issues at or go to my website to read them:, click on “My Articles” and look for them.

    I am not one who suspects Martin Bormann was a Soviet agent, if that’s the kind of thing you’re talking about. The conspirators were not so much Party people, but diplomats, old Reichswehr officers, clerics, communists of course, and various security personnel who are notoriously unstable. The Third Reich was not nearly the kind of tightly controlled police state that is portrayed in mass media. In retrospect, Hitler was not tough enough and allowed many enemies to operate pretty freely. Dissent was NEVER outlawed; even within the Party there was lots of squabbling.

    Hitler and Stalin cannot be compared in any way, and those who throw them in the same boat are just brainwashed or liars with an anti-Hitler agenda … and there are plenty of those.

  15. Carolyn on May 19th, 2010 6:51 pm

    Roman wrote:
    “… we cannot allow our race to be led astray by hunting the ghosts of the past (and I include all sides in this). In that we will forever be boggled down otherwise and will die and go extinct fighting one another for past offenses.

    The White race faces a dire future, that includes every White country. We must unite and face the forces that are trying to genocide every White European nation in the world today and only White nations. They’re succeeding at the present.”

    Very true, Roman. HOWEVER, we can’t build on a foundation that is false and where facts are ignored and research is disallowed. Historical revisionism is necessary. Chauvinism and false ideas of glory must be relinquished; honesty must be looked upon as a virtue.
    In the present political environment, constant calls for white unity do no good. How about a call for introspection and honesty? This idea transcends religious beliefs which cause ALL people to believe that they know what God wants. Is this not the highest chauvinism?

  16. Roman on May 19th, 2010 7:33 pm

    @Carolyn I Agree with you there. I’m completely for historical revisionism!

  17. A German on May 19th, 2010 7:38 pm


    @Bryan Philips
    according to the sources I’ve read my estimates for the Lenin-Stalin genocide are:
    - 15 million deaths in the Russian Civil War (16 mio. died in WW1!)
    - 1 million deaths by the Cheka executions after 1923
    - 1.5 million deaths during the Stalinistic political cleansings in 1930s
    - 10 million deaths in the Holodomor (Ukrainians AND Russian!!! Kulaks)
    - 39 million deaths in the Gulag (of whom 2.5 million were German POWs)
    - 3 million German civilians and soldiers who got killed by Soviet forces

    And for Hitler’s achievements:
    There were many books and pamphlets published by the Nationalsocialists during the years to prove to the German people what they’ve achieved and improved. A kind of ongoing statements of accounts.

    An example would be:
    Alfred Berndt – Gebt mir vier Jahre Zeit – Dokumente zum Vierjahresplan des Führers (1938)
    = “Give me four years!” – Documents about the the 4-years-plan of the Führer

  18. A German on May 19th, 2010 7:45 pm

    @Bryan Philips
    I agree with you on Canaris.
    But suspect Martin Bormann being the big time traitor.

    Because we had such a scandal in 1970s.
    The social-democratic chancelor Willy Brandt, aka Herbert Frahm a half Jew and ex Commie and “resistance” fighter in Norway, was betrayed by his most important adviser:
    Günter Guillaume. He was in fact a Stasi spy from Eastern Germany, and wired all secrets directly to the Communists in the GDR.

    I suspect Martin Bormann being something like that, because he was always around Hitler, like his shadow.
    And there was a major leak in the Reich back then.

    Perhaps Carolyn knows more about that.

  19. Carolyn on May 19th, 2010 10:55 pm

    To Chris again,

    Here are some suggestions; the first two are uncritical, but helpful, I think. The last is a book that you have to buy, but it’s one of my favorites and is not expensive.

    Was Hitler Really a Dictator?

    Life in the Third Reich

    “Into the Darkness: An uncensored report from inside the Third Reich at war” by Lothrop Stoddard

  20. Chris on May 20th, 2010 5:46 am

    Thank you Carolyn, I shall look into your recommendations.

  21. Bryan Phillips on May 20th, 2010 1:12 pm


    Thank you for the reply to my earlier post. My impression is that NS Germany was never allowed to work out its internal tensions and neutralize subversives because It’s external enemies really played their hand well and drew them into war well before they were ready, and because, as you alluded, NS Germany, contrary to popular perceptions, LACKED ruthlessness. IMO, It was too young to have the “institutional confidence” to take the measures necessary to neutralize its many internal enemies.
    Despite the universal reputation for heavy handedness, the NS regime, and Hitler in particular, were constantly hamstrung in attempts to achieve vital goals by quaint and old fashioned concerns of ethics and protocol. Hitler’s dealings with Franco, though not strictly on the topic of internal traitors, indicate the tone of what I’m talking about.

    Again, thankyou for your broadcasts.

    @A German, and others, I am aware of the allegations made against Bormann. I don’t really buy them though. It seems a lot of this suspition stems from Bormann’s mysterious demise. It is my understanding that Soviet records do not indicate Bormann specifically, but may indicate an inner circle traitor.

    My own suspects would be Goering and Himmler, if only because they both used their political power to champion pet operations and causes that were bad for the war effort. Goering in particular was often at odds with Speer on important issues of war material allocation in which Speer was expert and certainly in the right.

  22. Carolyn on May 20th, 2010 9:41 pm

    I think you are far from the truth to speak of Goering or Himmler as the innermost spy reporting to Moscow and Allen Dulles. Himmler and Goering only tried to take over after they believed the Fuehrer would never get out of the bunker. These men were on board all the way.

    The net of traitors was concentrated in the military, the Wehrmacht Generals, and went out from there. It was just too dense, too big to easily exterminate it. It was not a lack of thoughness on the part of the regime, but the ruthlessness came too late. These were necessarily trusted men.

    Franco was just was not willing to join in and Hitler could not do what he wanted in that area on his own.

  23. Bryan Phillips on May 21st, 2010 1:55 am


    The comment on Himmler and Goering wasn’t really based on anything other than my impression of some of the policies they are associated with, nothing more. My impressions are drawn largely, of course, from mainstream sources (with a little David Irving in the mix) and therefore certainly flawed.

    I stand by my example of Franco as an instance where Hitler was not as ruthless as the Allied leadership would have been in similar circumstances though. The sealing off of the Gibraltar strait would likely have changed the course of the war, yet when Franco said no, it was no. I think Churchill, Roosevelt or Stalin in a similar situation would have pulled no punches in securing a “creative solution” to such a vital problem.

    I say this not to detract in any way from the German war effort, or Hitler’s leadership in general. Considering the monumental advantages of their enemies, all branches of the German military
    out performed any and all reasonable expectations and the same can be said of the German homefront effort.

  24. johnUK on May 22nd, 2010 6:53 pm

    I had trouble posting comments on my other computer when I tried to posted a comment I got a windows explorer error message otherwise I would have posted this comment 2 days ago.

    @A German

    Seeing how they are internal archive source material not meant to be disclosed to the public then yes they are the official numbers.

    Where the hell did you get those fantastic numbers?

    Not even The Black Book of Communism claims those fantastic numbers.

    39 million deaths in GULAGS are you serious how where they able to did this impossible fantastic feet?
    Did they teleport them there?

    How big do you think the GULAG prison system actually was?

    700,000 at most during the purges which was not pre-planned and a panic reaction by Soviet authorities to discovery a real internal plot to overthrow the Soviet government prior to WW2 by Nikolai Ezhov when he was appointed NKVD chief who introduced a quota system of number of people who should have been arrested and killed who himself was put on trial and executed for his crimes.

    Most deaths in the USSR where due to the fact of large outbreaks of disease due to civil war and its aftermath including the famine of 1930’s which was not engineered and effected areas outside of Ukraine . And the number of 10 million is the highest estimate totally dismissed by everyone based like Applebaum’s GULAG book on flaw interpretation and reading on the 29 and 39 Soviet censuses.

    Yes the Engineered famine hoax was based on a series of reports by Hearst media chain who provided international news service to the Nazi regime of which the engineered famine narrative first took hold in German publications which at the time where revealed to be phoney.

    And the engineered famine narrative has been debunked by serious researchers that have studied the archive material and analysed the information.

    “The Soviet Famine of 1931-33: Politically Motivated or Ecological Disaster?

    Stephen Wheatcroft, Professor of History, University of Melbourne, Australia, presented new information on the famine based on extensive archival data now available on the tragedy of the Soviet countryside, in a talk sponsored by the Center for European & Eurasian Studies on May 5, 2003.

    By Carla Thorson

    Was the great Soviet famine of 1931-1933 purposely designed by the Soviet leadership to quell Ukrainian nationalism or was it an accident of ecological dimensions? Professor Stephen Wheatcroft, University of Melbourne Australia argued that neither is entirely correct, based on extensive archival research from the period.

    In a talk sponsored by the Center for European & Eurasian Studies at UCLA on May 5th, Wheatcroft also challenged previous estimates of the number of people who died during the famine. His conclusions are based on statistical analysis of demographic and economic data, gathered while working among a large group of Western, Russian, and Asian scholars analyzing a vast collection of formerly secret Soviet documents, to be published in 6 volumes, entitled Tragediia Sovetskoi Derevni (The Tragedy of the Soviet Countryside). These volumes contain extensive evidence that this was a Soviet-wide famine, and the data presented here permit a more accurate assessment of the human tragedy.

    In 1987, Robert Conquest (Stanford University) published “Harvest of Sorrow” the first full history of collectivization, dekulakization and the famine, in which he argued that these events were largely manmade and politically motivated. He estimated the deaths during this period from these policies combined at 14.5 million (7 million of these from the famine itself). Mark B. Tauger (University of West Virginia) along with other scholars has since challenged Conquest’s account. Two articles by Tauger , “The 1932 Harvest and the Soviet Famine of 1932-1933,” Slavic Review, Spring 1991, and “Natural Disaster and Human Actions in the Soviet Famine of 1931-1933, Carl Beck Papers in Russian and East European Studies, June 2001, present evidence that the famine resulted directly from a poor harvest, a harvest that was much smaller than officially acknowledged. He argues that this small harvest was in turn the result of a complex of natural disasters that [with one small exception] no previous scholars have ever discussed or even mentioned.

    Wheatcroft suggested that the answer lies somewhere in between. Soviet state procurement policies clearly contributed to the famine, but it was not a grand design on the part of the Bolsheviks, nor was it entirely directed at Ukrainians. He argued that the famine was an accidental consequence of ill-conceived policies, and that Ukraine suffered inordinantly for demographic reasons. At the same time, he did not go so far as to say that the Tauger assessment is entirely accurate. He agreed that ecological factors were clearly significant, but he suggested that comparative study of the causes of modern famine worldwide indicate that most are caused by problems with exchange entitlements (a disequilibrium in the market) and not because of declining food availability. The Soviet famine, in his view, is no exception. Throughout the 1920s, the Soviet government had relied increasingly on state requisitioning of grain from the countryside to feed the urban population, and this policy over the years left the peasantry with no reserves. As early as, 1927 a grain procurement crisis had already developed, but it was the natural factors of insufficient rainfall in Spring of 1930, 1931, and 1932 and too much rain during midsummer in these years that contributed to the smaller harvest, based on weather data now available. There is also archival evidence of natural phenomena like wheat rust and ergotism that infected the grain supplies.

    Finally, on the basis of substantial analysis of Soviet registration documents and mortality statistics, Wheatcroft concluded that the estimates of the human losses have been grossly exaggerated. In his view, the number of deaths due to the famine should be more accurately reported at around 4.5 million. A number, he was careful to point, that represents a horrendous human tragedy. But a tragedy at 4.5 million people is not any greater tragedy if the number is inflated to 7 million or more.”

    @Bryan Phillips

    True but in 1923 centralised authority was created to try to stop such abuses and have a formal legal procedure and it would not have been in the fantastical tens of millions if that where the case they could have just let outbreaks of disease kill mass outbreaks like what occurred in Europe and China during WW1 in Poland, Russia and China.

    Why even bother with the pretext of any formal procedures?

    Why bother even bother creating a register listing the number of those interned in prison camps, executed and deported.

    And they seem to neglect the fact there was a civil war between the Bolshevik internationalists lead by Trotsky and national Communists lead by Stalin between the 20’ and 30’s.


    If you actually are a Russian I don’t see how you could support Hitler who in both Miens Kampf and his unpublished second book both expressed expanding German territory eastwards to western parts of USSR making it a German colony and characterised Russians as sub human.

    Not to mention the fact that Hilter killed 15-20mn Soviet civilians and the 60% mortality ratio of Soviet POW’s in German camps 3.3mn Soviet POWs and a third of the population of Belarus was eliminated under German occupation.

  25. Carolyn on May 23rd, 2010 4:19 pm

    Bryan Phillips,

    I think Himmler was murdered by the British so the world wouldn’t hear his side of the story. In his so-called betrayal of Hitler at the end, he was trying to salvage what he could of Germany. None of these “Nazis” were ever able to comprehend how vicious the British (and Americans) could be. Because they (Nazis) felt a racial bond, they thought the others had to have some concern for it too.

    No question Hitler was not ruthless or devious. He is entirely misrepresented.

    Did Hitler have so much leverage over other leaders, who were also courted by the Allies, as you are implying?

    He was not impressed with Franco during their one-on-one meeting — said Franco had “no personality,” and that he was sure the Jesuits directed him. Franco’s ruse was to insist Germany should supply everything he would need for the Gibralter objective and Germany couldn’t afford it. This, after Hitler helped Spain out in ’37; but Franco did later send the Blue Division to the Eastern front.

  26. Bryan Phillips on May 23rd, 2010 11:26 pm

    Thanks for the reply Carolyn,

    My information on Himmler is very much colored by the atrocity prop that surrounds his name, I must admit.

    I agree, that Hitler lacked the leverage to induce Franco to cooperate in the war against England by conventional diplomatic means and the deviousness to do it by hook or by crook, as the Allies would have in a similar situation. It’s too bad because the Gibraltar objective was crucial to any hope of Axis victory.

    He may not have been an impressive individual, but my opinion, the Spanish people, and for that matter the Allied nations should regard him as a hero for keeping Her out of WWII.

    Had Franco not won the Civil War, Spain, under the reds, would likely have fell in with England and France over Poland and ultimately been routed by Germany. For the Allies to have won the war with the western Med sealed off to them would have been a whole different ballgame than what they faced in the event as it was.


  27. Dave on June 15th, 2010 1:51 am

    Hi Carolyn!

    I’m probably one of your youngest French-speaking listeners. I just love your podcasts, Carolyn! Well-documented, very serious (I love that!) but never boring.

    I learned about your fantastic work just about a year ago, when you were invited on Mike Piper’s program.

    There’s one little mistake you made in this great podcast on Hitler. I think you might be interested in knowing about Nathanael’s denounciations of fascism and Hitler being “Zionism’s ultimate weapon”…

    In this podcast, you expose Henry Makow as a purveyor of misinformation – and rightly so – but then you promote Brother Nathanael as being one who doesn’t fall in the idiotic Hitler-bashing circus…. I’m afraid you were wrong on this particular point, although it is not evident at all, so I can easily understand why you believed that. (Besides I have never considered Brother Nathanael as a reliable source, although he did write a great number of excellent articles…)

    For example, here Bro Nat echoes a mix of Alex Jones & Rense nonsense:

    Obama To Lead Fourth Reich

    (My comment: this is just the stupidest thing I ever found on his site. It’s just like Alex Jones’ nonsense!)

    In the same article, Nathanael writes: “Obama, the fascist puppet of his enablers, David Rockefeller & Zbigniew Brzezinksi, will thus bring our American youth under complete state control. (…) Is it any wonder then that Obama is presenting himself as a Hitleresque role model for his coming fascist state? Voters beware!”

    Here Nathanael writes:

    THE FOUNDATION OF FASCISM, as Mussolini explained it, is the merging of corporatism with the government. This gives the former the force they need to impose their will and gives the latter the power they crave. Mussolini’s fascist system became known as ‘the corporate state.’

    It is farly obvious that he rejects fascism completely. He may be misinformed on the true nature of fascism.

    On the same page Nathanael writes: “Reminiscent of Hitler’s Youth Program, Obama wants to turn America’s youth into young fascists and spies”

    And here, Nathanael writes:

    (…) the launching of a military dictatorship is now in place in Obama’s fascist administration. (…) If the Zionists succeed in their plan for forced national service, Obama’s fascist warlords will have hundreds of thousands of SS Brown Shirts to enforce a military dictatorship right down to the neighborhood level. And this military dictatorship is… (…)

    So he clearly hates the brown shirts… This is disappointing. He should know better.

    Here’s a picture on his site carrying a dubious message… (Again, he should know better!)

    Maybe I don’t interpret this correctly, may be he means that Hitler as the ultimate boogeyman is used by the Jews to attack and discredit people who point the finger at the Jews. But this is not what the article suggests…

    Okay, enough already…

    Is there any difference between that and Makow’s nonsense? There sure is, but IMO it is only a matter of degrees. Makow is just another clown, but Nathanael’s misinfo is much less evident. He seems more shy when attacking Hitler and the fascists, so he does it with a certain amount of subtelty. I guess he doesn’t want to be dumped by Rense, who hates nazis and antisemites while proclaiming himself to be an anti-Zionist revisionist. (Without Rense and all the publicity he gave to realjewnews, we must admit that almost no one would know about Nathanael.) As many of us know, Rense is a great pretender and a huge hypocrite. Notice how he invites that lying scum Jim Marrs (author of this pile of trash called “The Rise of the Fourth Reich”) almost every week! He knows better than that, I can guarantee it! He’s such a transparent double-faced purveyor of double-think.

    I agree that I’m not being nice with Bro Nathanael, he deserves my respect in many ways, and he is probably an honest truth-teller although he’s not as well-informed as he should be. I don’t write such good articles as he did, but I can pinpoint some of his most obvious errors. What I’m saying really, is that he should know better, and I sadly believe that he does know better.

    By the way, I heard rumours (mostly coming from D.B.Smith) about Rense being linked to the SI Newhouse empire… That would explain a few things, although I’ve never been able to confirm this.

    Thank you Carolyn and keep up the good work!!


  28. Carolyn on June 15th, 2010 6:59 pm

    Thanks, Dave, for all the information you provided here. I believe in correcting errors! I’m glad to find out where I’m wrong.

    I should have figured that Bro. Nathnanael would have made some unfriendly allusions to Hitler and “the Nazis” somewhere along the line … it doesn’t seem that that is a hill any Jew is able to climb, even Jews who hate Jews, haha.

    I have to admit I’m not a reader of realjewnews or realzionnews. I’ve looked at it sometimes, but my opinion of Bro. N was formed from hearing him on radio programs, and I like how tough and accurate he is about Jews and never heard any anti-Hitler talk. I still like him for being a genuine article. We can give him a little leeway for being under the “received wisdom” of our Christian and Western culture. But I won’t make the mistake again of holding him up as a shining example.

    Facism has become the leading label for all “evil doers.” The left loves it, but so do the Christian conservative! None of these people want to bring up the communists because that opens up a judgment against their beloved Jews.

    Most people cannot give a definition of facism, and I’m not sure what it actually means myself, except that the Third Reich is falsely described as fascist. Maybe you can give me a good explanation of it.

    The ‘fascist Obama’ is funny because O. just created the “Homosexual, trans-gender, etc. Pride Month” for the USA — that’s fascism??

    I am reading page right now. It seems interesting, I’ll let you know.

    I’ve never been attracted to the Rense site, nor do I listen to his radio programs. I do appreciate you sharing your insight and thoughts with us; hope you continue. It makes me very happy that smart young people are listening to me and like what I say. You are our hope.

  29. Dave on June 15th, 2010 8:52 pm

    Hello again Carolyn!

    I thank you kindly for saying that I’m your hope! :) LOL

    You’re right, informed young people is our only hope for the future. I wish I was younger so that I could bring even more hope! :)

    You and Mike Piper (and a few others) are my inspiration!

    Regarding the link you mentionned above, Bro Nat says that Hitler was “Zionism’s Ultimate Weapon”… Am I misreading this quote or is he saying that Hitler was a tool of the Jews? That’s what I understand from this statement, although my English is not perfect so I’m not sure.

    Globally, Bro Nat’s RJN/RZN has a good influence on internet truth-hungry readers. I think his exposé on Alex Jones could be much more interesting and could raise much more serious points. Even I could do better than that (although I haven’t done it…at least not yet).

    Regarding Rense, he always mixes up communism and fascism as if it were the same thing. He often promotes TJBS stuff when attacking commies. He never promotes anything by Mike Piper or the best fascists such as Arnold Leese. He never promoted any of your work either… I must say, on the other hand, that he deserves some credit for giving exposure to Mark Glenn, Phil Tourney, Hesham Tillawi, and many other great truth-tellers. But for the last few weeks, he’s had very dubious and uninteresting people (even misleading disinfo agents) as guests. Another good thing is that he relativizes “nazi crimes” by pointing out the jewish communist crimes, so we have to give credit where credit is due. But he still bashes the fascists, and he should know better than that. He’s ben in this “truth” business for at least 15 years, so I can’t believe he doesn’t know better. I guess he is afraid of something, maybe he’s afraid of hurting some segment of his listeners. But I don’t trust him, he’s a known liar, he sure has previous form in this area.

    Now I’m going to listen to Mike Piper’s program and finish reading The Barnes Review special edition on the Khazars/Neanderthals. This issue is so exciting! Did you know what Ingrid Rimland Zundel said about this issue of TBR? She said it’s the most courageous american publication she ever read. Mike Piper and Willis Carto really hit hard in this issue! WOW!!!

    By the way, I found out two days ago that the website is under attack. The content of the TBR issue on Neanderthal is partially available on this site, but when we try to enter the site, it says that this site may damage our computer. This is a zionist trick! They did the same thing to Mike Piper’s website less than a year ago (more than 6 months ago) and Mike confirmed it was an attack. So there’s no threat, nobody has to worry about this site “damaging” anything.

    Keep up your marvelous work Carolyn, on your radio show, on your site and inside the pages of The Barnes Review!


  30. Carolyn on June 16th, 2010 12:34 am

    Well Dave, I’m sorry you’re not young, after all.

    I thought “Hitler’s Most Trenchant Speech” was a good article. It pretty much conceded that the 1922 speech described the exact situation we’re in today. The graphic with the words “Hitler–Zionism’s Ultimate Weapon” doesn’t fit the rest of the page, unless he just means they were able to use Hitler as a weapon, as you suggested. That’s probably it.

    I don’t know how much thought he puts into his montages, and I don’t really care. He’s not a bad guy, but he has to please a lot of different people, I guess.

    Rense might publish things that people send him.

  31. Drew on June 16th, 2010 9:38 am

    I’m very familiar with Br. Kapner’s writings on WWII and Hitler, and I think that he would probably agree with virtually everything you have to say on that subject. For example, he doesn’t believe the Jewish version of the Holocaust, and he believes that it is used to shut up anyone who opposes the Jewish agenda.

    I don’t recall him ever “bashing” Hitler or the Nazis. He knows full well that if the Jews hate Hitler so much, there must have been something valid about the Nazis’ “anti-semitism”. Kapner’s criticisms of the Jews are pretty consistent with those you will find in “Mein Kampf”.

    Yes, he does, at times, use the term “fascist’ somewhat carelessly, but as you pointed out, most people do. Kapner seems to use it to describe people, on the Left or Right, who aspire toward dictatorial power in conjunction with big business and banking. I think he’d be willing to be corrected on this issue if it were pointed out to him.

    He is also aware that part of the Jewish agenda is the destruction of White racial identity. He knows that “racism” is just another Jewish weapon and canard to shut up their opposition. He strikes me as a racial realist.

    That said, I think it would be great if you could get Kapner on your show as a guest. He’s no Henry Makow. You might even be able to enlighten him on a few issues.

  32. Carolyn on June 16th, 2010 12:30 pm

    Thanks Drew. I think Kapner is a unique individual, with very strong character. Just exactly what approach I would take with him, I would have to think about. Not the usual.

  33. Dave on June 17th, 2010 7:22 am



    (…) the launching of a military dictatorship is now in place in Obama’s fascist administration. (…) If the Zionists succeed in their plan for forced national service, Obama’s fascist warlords will have hundreds of thousands of SS Brown Shirts to enforce a military dictatorship right down to the neighborhood level. And this military dictatorship is… (…)

    To be sure: “SS Brown shirts” = “nazis”

  34. Dave on June 17th, 2010 7:24 am

    I’m somewhat surprised that I asked him many times to write something — or at least mention in passing one time — the name of Jim TRAFICANT.

    But he is apparently not interested in Jim.

  35. Drew on June 17th, 2010 2:43 pm

    @ Dave. I’m well aware of that quote, and if you read what I wrote in my last comment to Carolyn, you’ll see my view on that rhetoric vis a vis Kapner. Many people who put out good information still haven’t awakened to the twisted Jewish influence over the language we use, but that shouldn’t necessarily make you suspicious of them.

    For example, a number of commentators on RBN still use that type of rhetoric without realizing how meaningless and historically inaccurate it is. Daryl Bradford Smith and Ognir also slip into it occasionally. Don’t expect people to be perfect out of the gate. We need to take back our language, but it’s no going to happen over night. But your pointing it out is a good start, and needs to be done more often.

  36. Dave on June 18th, 2010 6:07 am

    You speak very wisely Drew.