The Heretics’ Hour: Interview with Jim Rizoli

May 4, 2010

Jim Rizoli

Carolyn Yeager interviews Jim Rizoli about his Framingham, Massachusetts public access TV programs: Concerned Citizens and Friends of illegal Immigration Law Enforcement and The Weekly Show. He and his brother Joe’s strong activism against illegal immigration in their town is discussed. Topics include:

  • What is public access TV and how does it work for “heretics?”
  • Dealing with unpopularity and Jewish opposition groups
  • Running for political office
  • What it takes to be a successful activist

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One Response to “The Heretics’ Hour: Interview with Jim Rizoli”

  1. Carolyn on May 5th, 2010 11:01 am

    Here is some information from Joe Rizoli on how we can all make use of public access tv to spread our message … and it’s not difficult! (This is a way to get beyond the Internet and onto the TV [and thus newspapers] where you’ll reach very different people.)

    Anyone who has local access TV through Cable can join their local station. Our Cable station (in Framingham, MA) is FPAC-TV.
    It cost us $25.00 a year to be members. (This gives them the privilege of putting programs on the channel.)

    Persons who want to do cable programing and want to use the facilities of the provider, like cameras and editing suites, are asked to take a course in Cable production. They will show you the ropes. You don’t have to do that, though, if you just want to SPONSOR shows for public access. Once you are a member you can provide the station with any video that you think you would like others to see. Please keep in mind, though, that you have to follow their rules of policies and procedures for sponsoring shows in your cable area. Find out what those are. FPAC-TV has those rules on their web site under documents.

    Our cable people now ask for a disclaimer to be put before any show is played on air. (Saying the station is not responsible for the content; just standard stuff) The show ends with a disclaimer also. This is the way FPAC-YV wants their shows edited. It may not be that way for other stations across the country.

    If they know your show deals with anti-Israeli “heretical” material, be prepared for a fight. But remember, this is about freedom of speech so people need to stick to their guns here. You could expect to have some interesting head-banging with the cable people if they are liberal Zionist or, in our case, love illegal aliens. (Most are, but controversy brings it to the public’s attention, which causes people to watch the programs that are controversial! In Framingham, a porn film was accepted while anti-Zionist material was considered offensive!! )

    People who do their own podcast can send it to us and we will “produce” it and send it back to them on a dvd that they can just take it to their local station for airing. Either a video or an audio (and any of the programs produced by VoR).

    Because this is a time-consuming endeavor for us, we will have to talk about some nominal fee. if you want to sponsor any of the shows we produce (like The Weekly Show) on your cable outlet, we can make them DVD copies for $15.00. This is cheap because cable usually charges $20 to copy DVD’s. We will send you a printed, shiny-looking label all ready to go up for viewing that you can take to your cable station. Usually a show can be played for a whole month in different time slots.

    Joe Rizoli 508-875-0835