Netanyahu uses holocaust remembrance day to promote war with Iran -Robert Stark

April 14, 2010

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin used the holocaust memorial ceremony at Israel’s Yav Vashem last Sunday to threaten Iran. The theme of his speech was that Iran is the new Nazi Germany and if Iran is not stoped there will be another holocaust. Netanyahu said “The historical failure of the free world in facing the Nazi beast was in not confronting it when it could still be stopped,” Netanyahu said, “today we witness the fire of the old-new hate, the hate of the Jews being spread by the regimes and organizations of radical Islam, spearheaded by Iran and its cohorts.”


Netanyahu added that “Iran’s leaders are hell-bent on developing nuclear weapons and publicly declare their intention to destroy Israel, but in the face of the oft-repeated calls to erase the Jewish state from the face of the earth, we see at best mild protestations, and these too seem to be fading. “Netanyahu added that if “we do not hear the decisive condemnation required, the world stands by, some even criticize Israel. We do not see the international resolve required to prevent Iran’s nuclear armament.

While Netanyahu did not directly threaten Iran he said “From this lectern I call on the enlightened nations to rise and powerfully condemn Iran’s genocidal intentions and act with real resolve to stop Iran arming itself with nuclear weapons.”

At the recent AIPAC convention Senator Lindsay Graham also used the holocaust to promote war with Iran, when he said “If you’re a nation that wants to pursue nuclear power there should be an application, and if the president of that nation denies the existence of the Holocaust that should be the end of the application process.”

He went on to call for a full out war saying “All options must be on the table. You know exactly what I’m talking about. The question is – do the people we’re talking to understand what I’m talking about? I’ve been in the military as a support person. I’ve never been a combat troop walking down the streets of Iraq and Afghanistan, but I’ve been in the theater. I know that war is a terrible thing. It takes the lives of people at the prime of their life, and when you talk about war you should never talk about it with a smile on your face. But I do know this: that sometimes it’s better to go to war than it is to allow the Holocaust to develop a second time.

In a recent interview Senator Joe Lieberman who is also demanding military action against Iran said that “the United States should begin preparing plans to attack Iran’s nuclear program — and use that option if all diplomatic and other means fail.” He added “I don’t think it’s time to use military force against Iran, but I certainly think it’s time for the United States to have plans that will enable us to use force to stop the Iranian nuclear program if the president orders such an attack.”

On the Amy Goodman Show former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni admitted that “When from Europe somebody is criticizing Israel then we bring up the holocaust . When in this country people are criticizing Israel then they are anti-Semitic. And the organization is strong and has a lot of money. And the ties between Israel and the American Jewish establishment are very strong and- they are strong in this country, as you know. And they have power, which is ok. They are talented people and they have power and money, and the media and other things, and their attitude is ‘Israel my country right or wrong’ , identification. And they are not ready to hear criticism. And it’s very easy to blame people who criticize certain acts of the Israeli govt as anti-Semitic and to bring up the holocaust and the suffering of the Jewish people and that- that is justify everything we do to the Palestinians.”

While Iranian regime is anti-Israel it is a flat out like to say that Ahmadinejad called for the destruction of Israel. Ahmadinejad never threatened to wipe Israel off the face of the map. These allegations come from a speech he gave at conference called a “World without Zionist”, where he said the occupation regime over Jerusalem should vanish from the page of time.” The world regime was misinterpreted for the nation of Israel. Ahmadinejad was not threatening Israel but that the regime will inevitably collapse like those of the Shah of Iran and the Soviet Union. He said elections should be held among “Jews, Christians and Muslims so the population of Palestine can select their government and destiny for themselves in a democratic manner.”

Netanyahu has refused to attend an meeting held by President Obama with 46 nations about how to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorist, due to the fact that Israel has long kept its nuclear arsenal a secret. However Netanyahu is outraged that the west isn’t doing enough to stop Iran.

Iran knows that attacking Israel would be suicide but if Iran were able to achieve nuclear capabilities Israel would loose its geopolitical power as the soul Nuclear power in the middle east. Comparisons to the Nazis and the Holocaust are an affective way to stir up fear but is a gross distortion of the truth to say that Iran is the new Hitler since Israel has far superior military capabilities, hundreds of nukes, and the unconditional backing of the world number one superpower. Israel will probably not attack Iran itself anytime soon but they are using the threat of a lone attack to get western nations primarily the US to but greater pressure on Iran.