Jamie Kelso, Apr. 14, 2010

April 14, 2010

A White man who started as a newspaper boy, Edward Willis (E.W.) Scripps founded a White newspaper chain starting around 1880, that today has revenues of 1.1 billion dollars. Today’s show includes a column from one of the current fourteen Scripps newspapers, the Memphis Commercial Appeal, whose editor Chris Peck writes that the dispossession of the White man in America is inevitable, and that getting angry over this “fact” constitutes a “racist tendency” which could lead to “paranoia” and then becoming “unhinged’. The fun starts in the Comments to this spineless poor excuse for a White man, as real White men let him have it in the online pages of his own Scripps newspaper. Surely E.W. Scripps (who died in 1926) is cheering on the Commenters.

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