The Stark Truth: AIPAC 2010—High Treason on Parade

March 31, 2010

Robert Stark & guest co-host Mike Conner discuss:

  • Thoughts on the US health care bill
  • Gilad Atzmon’s article Judea declares War on Obama
  • The saber-rattling against Iran & subservience to Israel: The high treason of US politicians on parade at the recent AIPAC conference

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3 Responses to “The Stark Truth: AIPAC 2010—High Treason on Parade”

  1. Carolyn on March 31st, 2010 10:00 pm

    Excellent program, this is exactly what VOR needs in it’s lineup.

    I thought. Mike Conner brought a good balance to the conversation, and I really enjoyed hearing the clips from the AIPAC meeting. I can’t stand to listen to these people, but getting the highpoints of their treasonous talk was enlightening. Mike is right, it is unbelievably subservient. They might as well be on their hands and knees and licking the floor of the AIPAC platform!

    The U.S. is committed to support Israel FOREVER!? Who can say such a thing? You are both right that this talk needs to be widely exposed and we must all take responsibility to do it.

  2. Luke on April 2nd, 2010 12:04 am

    May I recommend that all VOR readers listen to the podcast done on The Ugly Truth this past March 15, 2010? Dr. Alan Sabrosky is interviewed by the hosts of that show and I think that every white nationalist in the World should consider that podcast as required listening – ASAP.

    Dr. Sabrosky has also appeared on The Kevin Barrett web radio show, on March 30, 2010 and the archive of this show can be found at:

    Understand this fact, fellow VOR readers and pro-white nationalists: The on-going attempts by the hostile and alien ruling elites who today sit astride our nation to shred our precious Constitution and to destroy our even more precious Bill of Rights – sacred documents that our white Founding Fathers wrote and passed down to their posterity, for the purposes of trying to preserve and protect future generations of their white descendants against the tyranny that great and wise men like Thomas Jefferson knew in their hearts would someday rise in North America, all of these efforts by our hostile elites to resurrect a new Soviet Union in America and to impose totalitarian, anti-white tyranny upon the European majority who these elites despise with such an insane passion – all of this is connected. It all originates from the same ideological cancer known as Cultural Marxism.

    By the way, [Edit: Thanks for your opinion, but we don't want to quarrel with other folks who may be at least half on our side. -Mike Conner]

    These two Sabrosky interviews discussed who the real perps were on 9-11-01, and are the biggest break-through in nearly 10 years on the 911 issue and the aftermath that followed- and by refusing to allow the links to be posted, Taylor’s pals are helping to cover up mass murder and war crimes and high treason by our own government, who were in collusion with a foreign government.

    Plus, this treason reaches into the underwear of every single politician who arrived to show their faces at the AICPAC butt kissing contest.

    Listen to the Sabrosky interviews and the dots will connect themselves.

  3. Jeff on April 4th, 2010 8:48 am

    You can Add also to this list of Sabrosky interviews. (left hand column)

    Daryl Bradford Smith is probably the most astute when it comes to Zionism. He gets a bad rap because he is not a nationalist. No question he favors multiculturism, but I think it’s because he is naive and ignorant….period. If more normal speaking/acting white nationalists gave him respect and support, he may come around. It is a shame that the world is constantly bombarded with a wrong image of white nationalism. Smith is only acting on the same impulse most Americans respond to when the “race” issue is put on the table. When need to break this stereotype with decent white nationals taking front stage like the speakers here on VoR.

    Please support