Jamie Kelso, Mar. 31, 2010

March 31, 2010

Jamie connects the revolt against Roman tyranny of the East Anglian queen Boudicca (pronounced boe-dika) in 60 or 61 AD with the revolt of American patriots that The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps is predicting in its press release dissolving its own corporation out of concern that the opposition to unhindered invasion may turn violent. The rising fury of White America is further evidenced in today’s show by a Rasmussen poll this week showing that 53% of Americans believe opposition to the Barry Sotoero “presidency” will turn violent. More evidence of White disgust with the establishment, and great news, is the revelation that CNN’s television audience has plummeted by almost half in the last year. The growth of the Voice of Reason Broadcast Network appears to be cutting into the CNN numbers.

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