The Heretics’ Hour: Interview with Arthur Topham

March 29, 2010

Arthur Topham

Carolyn Yeager interviews Arthur Topham, a Canadian publisher & editor fighting a legal battle against B’nai Brith Canada, which filed a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission in 2007. Topics include:

  • How the CHRC and Section 13 came into being
  • Harry Abrams and the power of B’nai Brith Canada
  • Importance of the Marc Lemire case in saving fundamental freedoms
  • Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion as a blueprint
  • … and more

About Arthur Topham

Arthur Topham is the publisher and editor of Canada’s alternative news network,, founded in 1998. Since November of 2007, he has been involved in a legal battle with B’nai Brith Canada, which filed a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission under the controversial Section 13 legislation contained in the Canadian Human Rights Act alleging that he and his website were contriving to promote hatred affecting persons identifiable as Jews and/or as citizens of Israel. The case has been ongoing now for over two years and is currently being processes by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.

Arthur Topham’s website is located at; extensive documentation related to his fight for freedom of speech in Canada can be found here.

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5 Responses to “The Heretics’ Hour: Interview with Arthur Topham”

  1. Tim in SF on March 30th, 2010 8:39 pm

    Thanks for the interview with your excellent guest.I had not heard of his case,although I follow the subject matter pretty closely.Our neighbors to the North are really under the Iron Heel.

  2. Gregeo Shalomich on March 30th, 2010 10:34 pm

    Dear Carolyn;

    Thank-you for doing that most interesting interview with Arthur Topham on-line. It is most important that as many people as possible learn of the struggle that is unfolding and finally coming to light here in Canada, whose resting on their laurels is finally being exposed as being unjustified, because of the sycophant politicians who presently hold power. They, the leader in particular, is a lap-dog of the former infamous ‘Dubyah’ from your side of the border. It’s a sad time for democracy here, as well as most other countries in the world because of the corrupting influence of the zionist power structure.

  3. dana on April 3rd, 2010 3:17 pm

    There is a difference between freedom of speech and freedom to spread hatred.

    Section 13 of the Human Rights code disallows speech that would single out groups or individuals for criticism due to their religious faith or beliefs that cause no harm to others.

    Canada is a great country where freedom of religion, cultural diversity and safety are the promise. Those who would speak out to incite hatred with false accusations against any group should be brought before the courts to prove their statements.

    All journalists, bloggers, and individuals should be sure of their facts before making accusations. I thank the CHRC for being an active body that holds writers accountable for the information they provide.

  4. Arthur Topham on April 3rd, 2010 10:37 pm

    Dana, your heart is in the right place but your facts are bordering on an out of body experience!

    First off, we already have hate laws in Canada and they were in place before the infamous sec. 13 scam now being used by Jewish lobbyists and their sycophants to censor legitimate criticism of Israel, Judaism and the political ideology known as Zionism. The reality though is that sec. 13 doesn’t operate within our court system but outside it.

    You are also correct in saying that Canada is a great country where freedom of religion, cultural diversity and safety are the promise. But with sec. 13 threatening our basic legal rights to freedom of speech our rights remain just that – a promise.

    I think that Marc Lemire, Canada’s longstanding free speech champion who has been battling with Richard Warman over sec. 13 summed your whole argument up today in a letter sent to Senator Doug Finley who gave a speech to the senate on March 30, 2010 calling for the end of this repressive, undemocratic legislation. In his letter to Finley Marc states:

    “Canadians are sick and tired of the totalitarianism of the Canadian Human Rights Commission and their obsession to restrict freedom of speech on the Internet. Editorials from every major newspaper across Canada have demanded that Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act needs to be scrapped. The Canadian “Human Rights” Commission (CHRC) has become the single largest threat to freedom of expression, religion and personal beliefs in Canada’s History.

    Sections 13 and 54 of the Canadian Human Rights Act are a direct attack on the freedom of expression guaranteed to us under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The provisions of these sections allow the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal to prosecute anyone alleged to have said or written something “likely to expose a person or persons to hatred or contempt” whether there is a living, breathing victim or not.

    Vague concepts such as speech or writing “liable to cause hatred or contempt” are the basis of expensive state-funded prosecution of individuals. The statute provides no objective legal test for “hate” or any objective means of determining what constitutes “contempt”. As a result, the CHRC is used by various groups and individuals, as a risk-free taxpayer funded method to silence their critics and those they disagree with. CHRC investigators have testified that that “freedom of speech is an American concept” and therefore not valid in Canada. Such statements are contrary to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but are standard operating procedure at the CHRC.

    Commissioners of the Canadians Human Rights Tribunal, who are not judges and are often not even lawyers, have held that “truth” is not a defence against prosecution under Section 13. Intent or fair comment are also not defenses. In fact, there is not a single listed defense under Section 13! Because of the lack of any defenses, the Tribunal has a 99% conviction rate since 1978. The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal routinely ignores the principles of fundamental justice, such as the rules of evidence, and these kangaroo courts, even allow hearsay evidence. The CHRA provides for each Tribunal to make up the rules as they go.

    Every journalist, writer, Internet webmaster, publisher and private citizen in Canada can be the subject of a Human Rights complaint for expressing an opinion or telling the truth. Given the ambiguity of Section 13, it is virtually impossible for any individual to determine if they might be in violation of Section 13. Arbitrary censorship and punishment are wrong, and cannot be justified in a free society.”

    Hallmarks of Suppression

    1: The Canadian Human Rights Commission and Tribunal are not fair, and make arbitrary decisions based on who an accused is rather than on a fair and impartial application of the stature they enforce. High profile accused, such as Macleans, Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant are given a free pass, while others, less prominent and lacking the resources to hire legal council are relentlessly prosecuted. This creates a chill on the freedom of expression since there is no discernible “line” between speech that is prohibited and speech that is “acceptable” to the CHRC.
    2: The CHRC pays no heed to constitutionally protected rights such as Freedom of Expression. In place they use imaginary “rights” such as the “right to be free from contempt”. There is no such right in our Charter. Both the CHRC and the Attorney General’s office considered freedom of speech to be an American concept that does not apply to Canadians. The CHRC only believes in “group” rights, and not the rights of individuals to “speak truth to power”, hence the 99% conviction rate.
    3: The CHRC is out of control and is currently under three investigations. CHRC investigators are under criminal investigation by the RCMP for the criminal theft of telecommunications services; The Privacy Commissioner is investigating complaints of CHRC breaches of personal privacy; and CHRC investigation techniques are under review by the Parliamentary Justice Committee. In the meantime, the CHRC continues to apply the law in an arbitrary and capricious manner.
    4: The CHRC engages in clandestine spying on Canadians including using aliases to engage others in conversation and writing questionable material while asking for support for views of the alias for use in a subsequent prosecution.

    5: The entire process is paid for by taxpayers on behalf of the complainants. The defendants must pay their costs personally. There is no legal aid and there is no way to claim costs, even if the defendants are found innocent.

    Over the past few years, the CHRC has tried to bump itself up into a quasi National Security type agency. Shamelessly, this politically motivated outfit operates in almost complete secrecy, with no rules, no public oversight and continually deflects Access to Information requests over their activities with absurd claims of “security”.

    I hope this clarifies the illusions that you were under Dana.

  5. Akira on April 4th, 2010 1:52 am

    Dana: “Section 13 of the Human Rights code disallows speech that would single out groups or individuals for criticism due to their religious faith or beliefs that cause no harm to others.”

    Who are you, or Stephen Harper, or any Jewman Rights Kangaroo Court Commissar, to decide what “harm” is, or who or what may or may not be criticized.

    I say that everything from Judaism/Jewism, whether Talmudic or Kabbalistic or Secular or Communistic — ALL of it harms both Jews and the rest of humainty. I say it harms Jews eternal souls. And if I were in Canad, then some jumped-up bureacrat is going to judge whether or not I am right on this metaphysical position of mine? Are you serious?

    I also say that Islam is rubbish, Mormonism is nonsense, the Catholic Church is schismatic and corrupt, Hindus are idolators, Atheists are stupid, and Protestants are deluded. So what? Whose business is that?


    – Slander is already covered under civil law.

    – Calls for genocide, and incitement to violence are prohibited under criminal law.

    – “Hate Crime Laws” are therefore unecessary for the regulation of civil society.

    “Hate Crimes” are part of a Jewist and Masonic agenda to to establish a One World Government on oligarchic basis as part of a Jew World Order.

    I guess saying that would be a “hate crime” in Canada.

    Today is Easter Sunday, and I shouldn’t be on the internet, I know, but I lose a lot of sleep thinking about how rotten our world has become.

    Who was the greatest victim of Jew “hate crimes” “laws”?

    Who was Crucified for exercising His freedom of worship, freedom of belief, freedom of expression and freedom of association?

    Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    Christ is Risen! And we who truly believe in Him shall rise too — this is promised — so we don’t fear these evil Jew laws or their implementation by the Jews’ Shabbos Goyim in places like the parliament and courts and media of a temporaral state such as Canada. What we do fear is God. (“Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.”) And because we fear God and therefore feel compelled to bear witness to what we know as the Truth, we cannot stand back and allow these Satanic tyrants to impose their will on the innocent, to delude, to decieve, and to try and create a world where stating Gospel Truth is a crime.