Jamie Kelso, Mar. 24, 2010

March 24, 2010

“You can’t make this stuff up” would describe today’s Jamie Kelso Show. Are you ready for those same “British intelligence sources” that revealed to us the imaginary uranium for nukes for Saddam Hussein who are now revealing to us that “Al Quaida” (you mean Al CIA..duh?) is now inserting explosives into breast implants for terrorist ladies and into butt implants for the terrorist guys. But, as they say with any good Ginsu knife offer: there’s more! Are you ready for a desperate Neocon Republican primary opponent of the surging patriot Rand Paul in the U.S. Senate race in Kentucky who has plumbed a new low in smear campaign desperation by creating this website. We’re not makin’ it up folks. Here’s the “breast bomb” link.

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One Response to “Jamie Kelso, Mar. 24, 2010”

  1. 30.06 on March 25th, 2010 3:09 pm

    Jamie , the Zionist Neo-Cons are really getting into the gutter , with their yellow journalism approach , to beat the drums for more Zionist Wars . We must expose the Evil ambitions of the Neo-Con Cabal , to start another conflagration on behalf of the Zionist Murder machine .
    Let’s do all we can to spread this awakening by posting this link all over the web .