The Sunic Journal: Interview with Thomas Robb

March 16, 2010

Tom Sunic interviews Thomas Robb, a pastor at the Christian Revival Center. Topics include:

  • The theology of Christian Identity
  • How compassion and empathy are both strengths and weaknesses of White people
  • The importance of home-schooling
  • Mainstream Christianity’s sycophantic acceptance of multiculturalism, white guilt and Political Correctness
  • The need for White advocates to support organizations stick their necks out for all Whites

About Thomas Robb

Thomas Robb

To learn more about Pastor Robb, his ministries and his prolific writings please check out his church’s main website here and his quarterly journal The Torch. You can also request a copy of his latest book The Last Church with a donation sent to the address below:

Thomas Robb Ministries
PO Box 354
Bergman, AR 72615

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4 Responses to “The Sunic Journal: Interview with Thomas Robb”

  1. Rusty on March 18th, 2010 7:22 pm

    This is my first time to hear Tom Sunic. I love to read Tom Sunic’s writing, and now I love to listen to him. He sounds kinda like Father Guido Sarducci (SNL), a very warm sounding voice and a nice kindly manner. I hope to hear more from Thomas Robb again. Perhaps he could speak a little more slowly and clearly, and take his time to get his thoughts together and calm down when responding.

  2. Carl Wilcox on March 18th, 2010 9:39 pm

    Dear Sir,
    I just listened to your interview with Mr. Robb. I have heard him speak before and was glad to see you have him on as a guest. Like Mr. Robb, I am a Detroit native and we do tend to speak a little faster and with a little more gusto then other parts of the country. I don’t have children, but the emphasis on home schooling and avoiding the cultural suicide of the public school system was a topic truly needing to be discussed. I have just learned that 45 schools are to be shut down in Detroit. These schools are war zones and culturally broke. Of course, this black ruled city has long run most whites from here and I can’t blame white families for leaving. I enjoy Dr. Sunic’s style of reporting and I hope to hear more from Pastor Robb in the future. He is a giant in the white nationalist movement and I congratulate VOR for getting an interview with him. I’m in Arkansas right now on business, but will be back for the Faith and Freedom Conference in April. I look forward to meeting Dr. Sunic and Jamie Kelso.

  3. NeoCon Hysteria on March 19th, 2010 1:37 am

    On the issue of Detroit schools becoming warzones. Kansas City is also defunding its school system.

    I’ve driven through Kansas City on my way to Seattle which is a complete White Guilt city now.

    I immediately noticed something different about the locals from KC that i cant really explain. Its just White.

    Confident. Relaxed. Smart. Happy. Friendly. Clean. Professional.

    I dont know what they got going on over there, but it should be a model for the Country. Maybe thats why they’re trying to destroy it by killing its school system.

    I also find the Kansas City Star newspaper to be a fairly decent source of News on some topics like the war, abortion, illegal immigration and Zionist Banking Mafia.

  4. NeoCon Hysteria on March 19th, 2010 1:44 am

    I dont like the idea of ‘running away’ from problems. I think this is a major problem within the White Community in America.

    If we’re all forced to run down to Arkansas then whats the point?

    The frontline of our culture isnt in Arkansas. Its in the major cities our people have created and are now being freely giving away by foreign zionist bankers. They’re looting all our assets and replacing us with the 3rd world slave class.

    How is running away going to help? We need to rally intelligently together in the thick of it. Produce sons and daughters who become lawyers, doctors and politicians who defend our interest and people.