The Sunic Journal: Interview with Michael Kleen

February 9, 2010

Michael Kleen

Tom interviews Mike Kleen from Black Oak Media. Tom and Mike discuss the ideas contained within his insightful book One Voice and other issues vital to “Middle America.” Topics include:

  • Postmodern deconstruction of Western Culture and how it de-beautifies a people’s art, architecture, towns, homes and their very lives.
  • The unique Midwestern brand of legends and folklore, the messages among them and their effects on the local culture.
  • How self-reliance can be a repelling force to the continuing encroachment of the federal government into the lives of ordinary people.
  • The persistent threat of totalitarianism. How it creeps into a population’s mindset and takes over its organic institutions.
  • Self-sufficiency as a way out of America’s current economic-cultural malaise or what Mike describes as “Modern Feudalism.”

To learn more about Mike Kleen and his work please go to his personal website and his publishing outlet Black Oak Media. He also has fascinating material on Legends and Lore of Illinois and uniquely insightful writings on the concept of freedom at Strike the Root.  Many of Mike’s books can be found here at Amazon.

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4 Responses to “The Sunic Journal: Interview with Michael Kleen”

  1. Rich on February 12th, 2010 2:39 am

    We need a second interview to continue with the topic that was discussed at the end – self-sufficiency. I think Sunic was also hinting that the size of the US is so large that it should be possible for us to find a space where we could thrive. I think a lot agree with that but the actual on-the-ground mechanics of getting anything going never seems to happen. Maybe Sunic could have one the PLE people on to discuss that concept and how that is going.

  2. Truth on February 15th, 2010 1:46 pm

    All people in the world and certainly the Americans could live in paradise.

    Most of us know how the paradise is depicted: There are a beautiful woman and a strong healthy man, both naked, which represents their purity in a green garden with a fruitful tree. A lot of apples are offered as nourishment.

    What is disturbing there is a serpent. Especially women don’t favour this animal very much, afterall it is a cold blooded animal. The serpent belongs to the reptiles. It kills with poison and uses infrared sensors in order to even kill at night times, when it is dark.

    The English language gives us a hint: paradise is pronounced almost like:

    p a r a . d i e s

    Para may refer to:

    Para-, in English, is usually an affix of one of these origins:
    Greek origin meaning “beside”, “near”, “past”, “beyond”, or “contrary”
    French “pare à” = “prepare for”

    d i e s = d e a t h

    When we seek paradise we encounter death. Our dreams, bodies, thoughts and souls are poisoned. Finally most of us die without having lived our dreams.

    W h a t I s T h e S o l u t i o n ?

    We need to become conscious..
    We need to study the serpent..
    We need to instruct others about the serpents’ operations..

    Then, only then can we live a free life.

  3. Truth on February 15th, 2010 4:22 pm

    Matt Johnson on reasonradio has an excellent talk about the natural way of living:

    The Orthodox Nationalist: On Agrarianism

    M o s t I m p o r t a n t !

    We should have a closer look at the plans of the Rothschildians. What are their plans for America (the rest of the world is not better of):

    U N A g e n d a 2 1

    o population reduction of 85% . America will be reduced by
    257 million people
    o abolition of all private property
    o almost all citizens are to be moved into the cities
    o almost no one will be allowed to live on the land
    o the citizens must live in urban super cities in highrise buildings, with railway tracks leading into the cities
    o massive reduction of water usage to about 10%
    o private cars will no longer be allowed
    o work will be asigned by the State
    o children will be educated by the State

    It seems that there are not a lot of Americans who seem to know about it. They use the usual twist langauge and Agenda 21 has been in operation under different names since almost two decades.

    AGENDA 21 Sustainable Development- Michael Shaw

    Drought and Starvation . Michael Shaw

  4. Edgardus de la Vega on March 10th, 2010 2:54 am

    A very good interview. I enjoyed his sincerity…

    Mr. Michael Kleen inspires those, who care about the cultural life condition of an American region. For me, it’s the Northeast and the South.

    Despite the Northeast’s cosmopolitan decadence and corporate mediocrity, this region will culturally and demographically change for the better. Yes, yes… the Northeast is another planet.

    In general, our respective States are clearly in a situation, from which they will have to painfully ‘re-mature’ their way to a higher standard of constitutional independence as once before.

    An encroaching government likes to subtly hinder the maturity cycle of its people, and therefore the maturation of liberty with virtue. Good luck to Michael Kleen.