Jamie Kelso, Feb. 5, 2010

February 5, 2010

Jamie discusses two red-hot stories. The first is the bombshell pronouncement by the courageous chief of the European Council’s investigation into the swine flu scare that the entire swine and bird flu campaigns by governments, companies, and the media was a criminal fraud perpetrated to terrify citizens and reap billions in profits. The second bombshell is the disrupting, probably by patriots still loyal to our people inside the CIA, of an Israeli black op that was in the process of bugging the office of U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu, Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee charged with investigating both the banksters and the war-for-Israel crowd. In between these two stories we manage to take a detour to Tibet to cover the noble racial nationalism of the Dalai Lama, who once waved our host Jamie Kelso over to talk while both Kelso and the Dalai Lama happened to be at the same spot watching the sun set over the Pacific.

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