Why Minorities Can’t Lead America -David Yeagley

February 1, 2010

Barry Soetoro (often called “Barack Hussein Obama”–may his name be changed, inshallah) is a profound example of the inability of a minority to lead a majority, and the impropriety of such an assignment. That such a disconnected, alien individual should be put in charge of the greatest nation on earth simply demonstrates the imbalanced introspection, and the foolishness of self-righteous idealism to which that great nation has drifted. “Jeshurun waxed fat and kicked…then he forsook God, which made him, and lightly esteemed the Rock of his salvation,” to quote an ancient Hebrew (Deuteronomy 32:15).

It is the special liability of greatness to fail in self-understanding, to credit itself for being, and to deny the true source and origins of its power. But, on the personal level, or on the national level, success is more accidental than created, more circumstantial than achieved. Those to understand something of the Creator, understand something of the nature of greatness. The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong. (Ecclesiastes 9:11.)

A bit much? Lincoln’s words in a 1858 debate with Stephen A. Douglass. Astounding? Maybe not. For the entire quote, see The Liberty Tree.

The seat of power in this world was been created through the white race. Through it’s connection with the true God, by predilection or by choice, the scepter has be held in white hands. “The Great White Throne,” we have called it, metaphorically. The notion that a foreign race, a godless heathen, could successfully occupy that Throne is a notion that reveals the godlessness that has grown up in the white race, particularly in America. It is the expression of a self-congratulatory, self-idolizing, and self-righteous sentiment, born of a profound displacement, yea, ignorance, of the true God. God created the nations, and the ethnicities, and the races. To dismiss this would seem ominous, (to assign such a purpose to Christian faith, blasphemous).

It may be pawned off as an act of transcendent charity, sharing the Great White Throne with an irresponsible, dubious, black juvenile–who clearly has no idea of what he’s doing, or even supposed to do, but it is not true charity. It is merely self-idolizing on the part of whites. It is goodness gone too far. It is the generosity of centuries finally made into a self-awarded badge of honor. While it may seem the apogée of of nobility, while it might even appear to be self-sacrificing, putting a alien Negro (who is not American in any real sense of the word) in charge of country is the epitome of self-destruction. It is in fact ignoble, and disgraced. This is always the final result of self-righteousness. In this case, it is a white race who has neglected to honor its fathers, a nation who has taken credit for its own status, denying the faith of the founders, and the role God played in their values and vision for the nation. The sons play with the riches, without cherishing the discipline it took to earn them. The sons toy with honor, rather than earn it.

That the race through whom power was made in the world should offer the seat of that power to the weakest of the weak, may provide a ‘jolly good show” for some moralistic, philosophical fireside pipe-smoking conversation in some quiet, dignified parlor in an out-of-the-way hunting mansion in Britain, but, the entertainment is nigh too costly. Can the white race recover from its extraordinary kindness?

The fact is, if the whites don’t recover, it spells disaster for the dark races of the world. The Third World depends on the great White Throne. It is in the best interests of the colored races to follow the whites, not try to lead them. It is not an expression of “equality” for the whites to offer power to the coloreds. It is the expression of condescention, and a self-destructive condescention at that. And, again, any power freely given, inappropriately given, improprietously given, to the darks, disables them from improvement. They are thus robbed of the lessons for their own learning–the want of which is the cause of their dependent position in the world.

And the most obvious, most crippling element is the inevitability of race, of minority race interests, confusing and denigrating the general status of the dominant white society. There is one thing that all can be sure of: the minority in power has his own minority interests at heart. This is in principle, in policy, and in action. Barry has behaved as a black man so thoroughly, so completely, that this is the nature of his leadership. His approach has been to force the black face in the white face, day in and day out. Though he pretended to decry the idea that “the most important thing is to be a celebrity — it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you get on TV,” this has been precisely his approach to presidency. He obviously feels that the best thing he can do for himself and for Negroes is to put his face on television 24/7. That way, white will get used to blacks, and maybe even forget the blackness, like Chris Matthews. Equality will finally be achieved. was assessed recently by an Ethiopian seer by the name of Kidist Paulos Asrat (Camera Lucinda). Asrat title her piece, “Indians will be Indians.” She determined that, for all my conservative efforts, in the last analysis, my first interest was in Indians.

David does this, to a certain extent. But, here starts the contradiction. Despite a professed love for America, I think David, naturally, loves Indians first – and best. So he has to find ways to incorporate the defeat of his people with their uncomfortable and humiliating lives in modern America. Hence, his strange, and constant, discussions of the subliminal effects of Indians on America, and even the world.

I shall not challenge this profound insight, but rather employ it as an example of the truth of my own words in reference to the Great White Throne, and the impossible notion that any but a white person could successfully occupy it. I cite the Amharan seer as acute assent.

Quanah Parker, ca. 1852-1911

I will add, however, that my notion that Indians are exemplary is only in the matter of nationhood. Indians have demonstrated what it means to love and cherish your own people to the point of sacrificing. Indians would never allow or want a non-Indian person to be chief. Indians would never accept much less elect a non-Indian as a tribal chairman or governor. Look at the case of Quanah Parker, the government-appointed “chief” of the Comanche. He was hotly hated for this un-Comanche position. It was contrary to all Comanche tradition. It wasn’t our way. Plus, Quanah was half-white, and the white man, the government and the ranchers, took advantage of that fact. And Agent James M. Hayworth assigned a half-dozen body guards to protect Quanah from the Comanches.

(They used to say Quanah took baths in extra hot water to rid himself of his white blood. Well, Barry married an American black woman.)

Source: Bad Eagle.