The Sunic Journal: Interview with Alain de Benoist, Part 1 of 2

January 19, 2010

In Part 1, Tom and Mr. de Benoist discuss the awkward label, the European “New Right”, and the confusion that this label creates, particularly in the USA. They also reflect on the present cultural climate in Europe and America along with its political implications. The show includes:

  • A description of the New Right; its origins and its current perspectives. Alain eloquently explains how “New” is more important than “Right”, and emphasizes the importance of ideas over insignificant political categories.
  • The semantic distortions connected with the labels “Liberal” and “Conservative”; how the terms “Left” and “Right” were born out of modernity and have since lost their meaning as we step fully into postmodernity.
  • Alain elaborates on the major themes in his book On Being a Pagan. Among these are the polytheistic mindset versus its monotheistic counterpart, and the advocacy of cultural pluralism as opposed to multiculturalized “sameness.”

About Alain de Benoist

Alain de Benoist.jpg

Alain de Benoist was born on 11 December 1943. He is married and has two children. He has studied law, philosophy, sociology, and the history of religions in Paris, France. A journalist and a writer, he is the editor of two journals: Nouvelle Ecole (since 1968) and Krisis (since 1988). His main fields of interest include the history of ideas, political philosophy, classical philosophy, and archaeology. He has published more than fifty books and three thousand articles. He is also a regular contributor to many French and European publications, journals, and papers (including Valeurs Actuelles, Le Spectacle du Monde, Magazine-Hebdo, Le Figaro-Magazine, in France, Telos in the United States, and Junge Freiheit in Germany). In 1978 he received the Grand Prix de l’Essai from the Academie Francaise for his book Vu de droite: Anthologie critique des idees contemporaines (Copernic, 1977). He has also been a regular contributor to the radio program France-Culture and has appeared in numerous television debates.

To learn more about Alain de Benoist, read his insightful articles at his personal website and at The Alain De Benoist Collection.

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21 Responses to “The Sunic Journal: Interview with Alain de Benoist, Part 1 of 2”

  1. johnUK on January 20th, 2010 7:28 pm

    I guess these are pre-recorded in on session divided into 2 parts but it would be good if Sunic ask Benoist about his address to Eurasian philosopher Alexander Dugins The Centre for Conservative Research of Moscow State University (MSU) Faculty of Sociology

  2. Skeeter on January 20th, 2010 8:38 pm

    We desperately need someone like Alain de Benoist in America.

    The race-obsessed and or Jew-obsessed populist “thinking” that dominates right-wing circles here is not going to solve any of our problems.

    It may bandage them, but it won’t solve them.

    Our problems are too complex.

  3. Rich on January 20th, 2010 11:28 pm

    Thanks Dr. Sunic for the interview with Mr. de Benoist — great interview, look forward to Part II !!!

  4. Steve(Codex) on January 21st, 2010 5:08 am


    It was our great pleasure to FINALLY have de Benoist on VoR. I agree completely that we do need more thinkers like Alain in American nationalist political circles who approach the problems we have from a different perspective.

    Yes, we have been mired for decades in a rather paranoid, conspiracy-minded doldrum that makes our camp look ridiculous. I think the European New Right is a positive model. We intend to have more guests and hosts like Alain in the near future.

  5. Bryan Phillips on January 22nd, 2010 12:11 am

    Great guest. Great interview.

  6. Sigtrygg on January 22nd, 2010 5:00 am

    Why would any reasonable Western Whites be interested in Dugin? He’s just another anti-Western, Russian imperialist.

  7. johnUK on January 22nd, 2010 7:20 am


    “Why would any reasonable Western Whites be interested in Dugin? He’s just another anti-Western, Russian imperialist.”

    Funny because if I remember history western countries have continually waged war against Russia since the Crimean war, then the Communist overthrow of the Tzarist government by western backed non-Russian terrorist groups fully supported in Europe and the US and financed by world biggest banking houses, and after the fall of Communism immediately started sponsoring terrorism and organised crime in Russia to annex its Southern regions to control the Caspian basin creating an international organised crime network with waging war and destruction of Yugoslavia to finance these organisations.

    With the collapse of the USSR western banking firms immediately started putting the capital in western banks were with Soros and his Harvard economist introduced “shock therapy” were the same international bankers that financed the Bolshevik revolution seized control of the countries industry and resources turning it into an IMF colony.

    I could also state how the US and NATO has broken all its post USSR agreements with Russia, financed anti-Russian Soros/CIA coloured revolutions, installing nuclear capable missiles in Poland and the Czech Rep and the latest patriot missile system on the border with Kaliningrad Jackson-Vanik amendment which is still in force, etc.

  8. Sigtrygg on January 22nd, 2010 9:37 am

    Sure, John (Ivan?): The West is evil, Russia is an innocent victim. Pretty much coincides with Dugin’s position. Which is why we don’t need him.

  9. johnUK on January 22nd, 2010 6:14 pm


    Yes because the fact that it has launched numerous illegal aggressive wars, financed and trained international terrorism in co=operation with OBL throughout the 90′s and expanding the largest military alliance in human history on all of Russia’s borders with a president whose senior foreign policy advisor 97 book The Grand Chessboard advocates the dismantlement of Russia in 3 separate states by war and Islamic proxy who since 2001 US foreign policy in Eurasia exactly mimics what was proposed in TGC.

    And it is your Jewish white brothers that were at the forefront of orchestrating the Iraq war these Trotskyite Neocons.

    Care to dispute anything I said?

    “Who is Gulen?

    Fetullah Gulen is “a 67-year-old Turkish Sufi cleric, author and theoretician,” according to a recent profile in the UK’s Prospect magazine. Prospect ran a public poll last month to find the world’s greatest living intellectual. Gulen ‘won’ the poll after his newspapers alerted readers to the poll’s existence. Gulen is also the leader of the so-called ‘Gulen Movement’ which claims to have seven million followers worldwide. The Gulen Movement has extensive business interests, including “publishing activities (books, newspapers, and magazines), construction, healthcare, and education.”

    “Gulen and the CIA

    The fact that the prosecutors in the court cite documents that claim that Gulen has been financed in part by the CIA is remarkable for a number of reasons, even though there have been strong suspicions about the CIA’s involvement in the Gulen Movement for years. The Russian intelligence agency, the FSB, has repeatedly taken action against the Gulen movement for acting as a front organization for the CIA. In December 2002, Turkish newspaper Hurriyet reported:

    “Russian secret service claims: Turkish religious brotherhood works for CIA

    The FSB, the Russian intelligence organization formerly called the KGB, has claimed that the ‘Nurcus’ religious brotherhood in Turkey has engaged in espionage on behalf of the CIA through the companies and foundations it has founded. FSB head Nikolay Patrushev has mentioned the names of these companies and foundations, saying, ‘The brotherhood engages in anti-Russian activities via two companies, Serhad and Eflak, as well as foundations such as Toros, Tolerans and Ufuk.’ Patrushev has accused the brotherhood of conducting pan-Turkish propaganda, of trying to convert Russian youths to Islam by sowing the seeds of enmity, and of engaging in certain lobbying activities. These companies and foundations have turned up in the internet site of Fethullah Gulen [alleged leader of the Nurcu religious community currently living in the United States who is a defendant in several court cases in Turkey, accused of engaging in anti-secularist activities.]“”

    The Technique of a Coup d’Etat

  10. Sigtrygg on January 22nd, 2010 7:40 pm

    @John/Ivan: I have no intention of arguing against your conspiracy theories. Life’s too short. Btw, where is your hero Dugin in this landscape?

  11. johnUK on January 22nd, 2010 10:05 pm


    Fact not theory as I have referenced by sources and provided links.

    If you are going to make stupid statements back them up with some FACTS!

    “Btw, where is your hero Dugin in this landscape?”

    What are you talking about ?

    I only mentioned him in relation to Benoist address to Centre for Conservative Research of Moscow State University (MSU) Faculty of Sociology. Read my first comment again.

  12. Sigtrygg on January 23rd, 2010 7:37 am

    @John/Ivan: Your “facts” are based on typical Russian conspiracy theories (the encirclement paranoia). One of your main sources is the FSB… Pretty much speaks for itself. I can’t imagine what Benoist and Dugin could possibly have in common.

  13. johnUK on January 23rd, 2010 1:50 pm


    “Your “facts” are based on typical Russian conspiracy theories (the encirclement paranoia). One of your main sources is the FSB…”

    You should get your FACTS straight the source is from an immigration case in the US of Fetullah Gulen.

    “In a recent immigration court case involving Turkish Islamic Leader, Fetullah Gulen, US prosecutors exposed an illegal, covert, CIA operation involving the intentional Islamization of Central Asia. This operation has been ongoing since the fall of the Soviet Union in an ongoing Cold War to control the vast energy resources of the region – Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan – estimated to be worth $3 trillion.”

    The FSB reference is from a Turkish newspaper which you would have know if you bothered to click on the link I provided from where the extracts were taken.

    Here is a declassified 1998 Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Intelligence Information Report (IIR) of forign terrorists networks in Russia and the Crimea.

    Do you think you can read the report or is that to hard for you?

    NATO has encircled Russia that is a FACT.

  14. Sigtrygg on January 23rd, 2010 5:30 pm

    John/Ivan: Why should Westerners share the specifically Russian feeling of being “threatened” by the expansion of NATO?

  15. Spectator on January 23rd, 2010 6:05 pm

    Sigtrygg sounds like a stooge or an agent. Ignore.

    Notice how he never deals with substance, and always tries to re-cast the questions into his own idiom. Like our neo-con rulers.

  16. Sigtrygg on January 23rd, 2010 6:40 pm

    The only “substance” present in Ivan’s contributions here is the implicitly encoded messages of a Russian imperialist mindset.

  17. johnUK on January 23rd, 2010 11:48 pm

    I would have to refute Sunic and Benoist’s assertation that Christianity is the fore barrier of Marxist/leftist/socialist thought as it can be traced back to the French revolution and the overthrow of the Christian monarchist order in France.

    If I am not mistaken Lenin based his Bolshevik overthrow of the Tzarist regime on the Jacobins and Robespierre reign of terror.


    I think Sigtrygg is Joel Stern using a different pseudonym.

    There is no real point in debating or refuting his assertions because he just resorts to ad hominem attacks.

  18. Sigtrygg on January 24th, 2010 11:39 am

    I think John’s alias Ivan’s talent and taste for conspiracy theories speaks for itself.

    White “nationalists” in the West often let themselves be manipulated by Russian propaganda. They think of Russia as a “White” nation, and putinism as the answer to their prayers. This is a serious miscalculation.

  19. johnUK on January 24th, 2010 2:58 pm


    Not Russian or even been to Russia.In fact I haven’t even left Britain in 10 years on holiday.

    “White “nationalists” in the West often let themselves be manipulated by Russian propaganda. They think of Russia as a “White” nation, and putinism as the answer to their prayers. This is a serious miscalculation.”

    Apart from the fact that the sources I provided are not Russian.

    Maybe the FSB has agents in the US DIA that the US intelligence community does not know about to draft a report in 1998 no one knows about to be released by chance from Judicial Watch from a Freedom of Information act. Unlikely Joel.

    I don’t think Russia or Putin has anything to do with Europe or WN which is a moronic concept.

    What does Russia or Putin have anything to do with the faux concept of WN? Not a damn thing.

  20. Joel Stern on February 2nd, 2010 4:02 pm

    To John of UK:
    “Sigtrygg” is not my alias; he’s an independent blogger. So don’t ascribe to me any argument he makes on his own.
    By the way, apart from compiling voluminous lists of dubious references (I say “dubious,’ because your claim that Andropov was Jewish was an outright falsehood, your claim that Milosevic did not persecute non-Serbs would be disputed by the eight thousand or more Muslims butchered at Srebrenica–if they were still alive to testify, and I’m sure your other “facts” are on the same level of intellectual probity) concerning alleged wahabist, jihadist, zionist, Uighur, Chechen, Ottoman Turk, Kurdish, Bosnian Muslim, Kosovar, etc. etc. evil plots against the totally blameless, magnanimous, highly moral, non-exploitative, altruistic, virtuous Christian gentiles of past and present times, what exactly have you contributed to the world by way of academic, artisitc, scientific, or any other field of endeavor? Have you ever had a relationship with a human being (I’m not referring to Intenret exchanges with your like-minded sociopaths like Ranting Rob or beer-soaked parties with skinheads at the local British pub you undoubtedly frequent)..

  21. johnUK on February 4th, 2010 4:22 pm

    @Joel Stern

    “your claim that Milosevic did not persecute non-Serbs would be disputed by the eight thousand or more Muslims butchered at Srebrenica–if they were still alive to testify,”

    But it is a fact that Milosevic did not command or give orders to the Bosnian Serb leadership even the phoney Hague show trial which is financed by George Soros who financed numerous anti-Milosevic NGO’s and media outlets including Otpor which overthrew his government could not convict him of any of the charges against him.

    And independent investigators have concluded that Srebrenica was a hoax like Alexander Dorin or the original UN report.

    “In the West, the popular mythology about 7,000-8,000 Muslim men being executed in Srebrenica in 1995 is still alive and well, but independent research shows some 2,000 Bosnian Muslim fighters were killed in battle for Srebrenica and that is the number of bodies Hague investigators were able to find”, said Swiss researcher Alexander Dorin, who has been investigating Srebrenica events for the past 14 years.