The Sunic Journal: Interview with John Morgan

August 31, 2010 Logo

John Morgan is the publisher behind Arktos. Topics include:

  • John’s motivations behind beginning a publishing company;
  • The definition of the “True Right”;
  • The importance of the classics comprising the Western Canon;
  • How Marxism and postmodernism have thoroughly pervaded American academia;
  • The European New Right’s motto: “Beyond Left and Right”;
  • How political systems must have some element of the sacred or they are miserably doomed to fail.

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Jamie Kelso, Aug. 31, 2010

August 31, 2010

Voice of Reason Broadcast Network radio host Jamie Kelso opened a brand-new forum website yesterday called In the August 31, 2010 VoR radio show, Kelso reads the mission statement of to make the point that he believes that the psychological approach most likely to work with White folks is one that is immediately, at first impression, perceived by our kinsmen as being remarkably intellectually intelligent, morally ethical, emotionally sincere, and personally family-oriented. An example of such a website, and such an effective psychological approach, is that of Professor of Psychology Kevin B. MacDonald. Nick Griffin and Arthur Kemp, Chairman and Foreign Secretary of the British National Party are employing the same proven psychological approach. Aligning itself with the BNP (Kelso likes to repeat that “A3P rhymes with BNP”), the new American Third Position political party takes the same tack. Kelso is Membership Coordinator of the A3P and Exec. Asst. to A3P Chairman William D. Johnson.

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The Heretics’ Hour: Why did Rudolf Hess fly?

August 30, 2010

Wreckage of Hess' ME110 in Scottish field

Wreckage of Hess’ ME110 in Scottish field. Enlarge.

Carolyn continues the theme of the responsibility for WWII with a detailed look at Rudolf Hess’ unusual peace mission to Great Britain in May 1941. Topics include:

  • No part played by Sikorski and the Poles.
  • The role of the Haushofers – father and son.
  • A deep intelligence op for the Brits.
  • Hitler could not have approved the flight.

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Jamie Kelso, Aug. 30, 2010

August 30, 2010

For August 30, 2010 Jamie Kelso does a survey of the good work being done on several White patriot websites, including the brand-new forum The White Race, the American Third Position Web site, where Kelso is A3P Membership Coordinator, the site where Kelso is uploading all 291 issues of Wilmot Robertson’s Instauration magazine, and which brings you the Voice of Reason Broadcast Network.

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Ludwig Klages on Judaism, Christianity and Paganism (Excerpts and Aphorisms)

August 29, 2010

Ludwig Klages

Translated and edited by Joseph D. Pryce

Ludwig Klages (1872–1956) was a prominent German philosopher associated with the intellectual movement known as ‘vitalism’ (Biozentrismus). He seems to have been a solitary child, but he developed an intense friendship with a Jewish classmate named Theodor Lessing, who would himself go on to achieve fame as the theorist of “Jewish Self-Hatred,” a concept whose origins Lessing would later trace back to passionate discussions that he had had with Klages during their boyhood rambles on the windswept moors and beaches of their Lower Saxony home. Shortly after the NSDAP seized power at the beginning of 1933, one of Klages’s disciples established the Arbeitskreises für biozentrisches Forschung (Working Group for Research on Vitalism). From 1938 onwards, when Reichsleiter Dr. Alfred Rosenberg delivered a bitter attack on Klages and his school in his inaugural address to the summer semester at the University of Halle, the official party spokesmen explicitly and repeatedly condemned Klages and his friends as enemies of the National Socialist Weltanschauung. Yet many prominent NS officials and many influential German academics in the Third Reich and after WWII had a very high opinion of Klages’ work.

The following material is derived from two sources:

Hans Eggert Schroder’s book: Ludwig Klages, Die Geschichte Seines Lebens (Ludwig Klages: The Story of His Life) (Bonn: 1966,1992), hereafter GL

Ludwig Klages’ book Rhythmen und Runen (Rhythms and Runes) (1944), hereafter RR.

The quotations from RR ‘disappeared’ after the WWII in subsequent German editions.

* * *

Mankind and Race

We must draw a sharp distinction between the man who sees the world as divided between the “human” and the “non-human,” and the man who is most profoundly struck by the obvious racial groupings of mankind (Nietzsche’s “masters”). The bridge that connects us to the Cosmos does not originate in “man,” but in race. (RR, 245)

Sin and the Pagan World

The idea of “sin” was quite alien to the pagan world. The ancient pagans knew the gods’ hatred as well as their revenge, but they never heard of punishment for “sin.” The ancient philosophers did understand something of the “good,” but when they employed this expression, they were certainly not endorsing the concept of the “sinless.” Quite the contrary: they were actually speaking of the pursuit of every type of excellence. (RR, 317)

The True Master of Secret Societies

In the forefront of our secret societies, we have the Rosicrucians, the Illuminati, the Freemasons, the “Odd Fellows,” and B’nai B’rith. The educated classes are provided with such recent varieties as … the Einstein cult and Freudianism. For half-educated fools we have H. P. Blavatsky, Anny Besant, Rudolf Steiner, and Krishnamurti. For the poor in spirit, there’s the Christian Science of Mrs. Eddy, the Oxford Movement, and biblical fundamentalism. All of these groups, along with innumerable lesser organizations, are humanitarianism’s masks. Jewry is the center from which they are ruled. (GL, 1345)

Christianity and Wakefulness

Even in the garden of olives Christ begged his disciples to remain awake by his side. The saints indicate by their sleeplessness that nothing can harm them. Christianity is the war against sleep and dreaming, two states for which a reviving elemental life will always be yearning. Against the activity of astral wakefulness, elemental life places consummation and the pagan feeling for fate. True pagans regard sleeplessness as the most monstrous conceivable evil. In addition, the wakefulness of the Christian manifests a slavish impulse: the lurking wariness and prudence of submissive souls. (RR, 253)

From A Letter Re: “Anti-Semitism”

I’ve never endorsed the claim that the Nazi Bonzes [big-wigs] belonged to a superior race. However, I must also add that I have consistently refused to accept the claim of a certain other race to be the “chosen people.” The arrogance is identical in both cases, but with this significant distinction: after waging war against mankind for more than three thousand years, Jewry has finally achieved total victory over all of the nations of the earth.

Therefore, I will have nothing to do with the contemporary kowtowing on the part of almost the entire civilized world before the haters of all mankind (Tacitus spoke of Christians, but he certainly meant the Jews, as will be obvious to every alert reader of his works). I despise all this kowtowing to the Jews as an utterly mendacious tactical ploy. (GL, 1350)

The Prophecy of a Jewish Friend

I might easily fill ten pages…with anecdotes concerning the life of Richard Perls. He was born a Jew, but he eventually abandoned Judaism, a religion that he had come to hate. One year before his death, which occurred, to the best of my recollection, in 1897, he said to me: “Herr Klages, the ancient world was destroyed by Judaism, just as the modern world is about to be!” When I voiced my skepticism as to the accuracy of his prophecy…he merely responded: “Just wait—you will live to see my prophecy fulfilled!” (GL, 196)

The Great Deceiver

To the Jew, everything human is a sham. One might even say that the Jewish face is nothing but a mask. The Jew is not a liar: he is the lie itself. From this vantage point, we can say that the Jew is not a man. … He lives the pseudo-life of a ghoul whose fortunes are linked to Yahweh-Moloch. He employs deception as the weapon with which he will exterminate mankind. The Jew is the very incarnation of the unearthly power of destruction. (RR, 330)

How Yahweh Expresses Himself

Yahweh’s medium of expression is the gesture. The meaning of all of his gestures, so far as they actually possess any metaphysical significance, can be interpreted as an ever-deeper subjugation of one principle at the hands of an ever-loftier one: consecration, blessing, etc., on the one side, and repentance, contrition, and adoration on the other. Semitic religiosity is restricted to adoring worshipper and the adored deity. When this religiosity attaches itself solely to the personal, the emblem of worship becomes the individual person. Only the Semitic religions bow to the “One God.” In adoration, the believer achieves the non-rational form of ego-consciousness. Pagan rationality glides right past the god to the ego; in the Semitic “service of God,” however, the transcendental “One” brings destruction to the world of “appearances.” Apollo is, so to speak, an ethically developed Dionysus; he works on the soil of blood-thinning. Yahweh is the all-devouring nothingness; he works on the soil of blood-poisoning. (RR, 321)

The Cult of the Christ

It is impossible to conceive of a more fatal blindness than that of the cult instigated by this Jewish sectarian and his apostles and camp followers. Torn from the bonds of nature and the past, man must now direct his gaze at the wasteland known as the “future”; into that desert he stares, paralyzed by dread of the vengeful Jew-God. And before this insane masquerade of the “kingdom come,” the “last judgment,” and “eternal punishment” can be consummated, the true heroes and the real gods must first be made to grovel before the cross! (RR, 285)

Joseph Pryce (email him) is a writer, poet and translator. He is the author of the collection of mystical poems Mansions of Irkalla. Mr. Pryce was born in Brooklyn and studied for the Roman Catholic priesthood for three years (Redemptorist Order) and then attended Brooklyn College. He says for himself; “I was a musician for many years and recorded several CDs, but literature has always been my first love (especially poetry). I live with my wife, 30,000 books, and a dog and four cats on Long Island.” His translation of the German philosopher Ludwig Klages’ work will be published shortly.

Source: TOO.

This Week in Disorganized America, Aug. 27, 2010

August 27, 2010

Riot cops assemble to intimidate peaceful Tea Party demonstration attended by Savage Chick

Cops decked out in riot gear assemble to intimidate peaceful Tea Party demonstration attended by Savage Chick; Click here to enlarge

Mishko & Mike Conner host. Topics include:

  • “Savage Chick” joins to discuss race differences, White spinelessness, the Tea Party movement, male-female relations and other topics
  • The pending Food Modernization Act threatening to crush local farms
  • Heather Blue speaks out against heavy-handed forum moderators
  • Israel stocks up on massive quantities of fuel–Is war near?

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Jamie Kelso, Aug. 27, 2010

August 27, 2010

In the August 27, 2010 Jamie Kelso Show, the lead article is provided by brilliant White patriot author Richard McCulloch from his piece in the August 1991 Instauration magazine on the “the root cause of miscegenation.” McCulloch hits on the so-obvious-that-it’s-missed fact that the root cause is not primarily any weakness on the part of either White women or men: “the root cause is the existence of a multiracial society.” The cure, as McCulloch sees it, won’t be found in any berating or self-improvement of White women or men, but will only come when a monoracial ethnostate is restored. In other words, it’s simply the mechanical fact of the continuous intermingling of races that inevitably, for a variety of inevitable reasons, will continuously take a toll in mixed mating…only to be ended by racial separation and an ethnostate. You can read along in the text, uploaded to the web for the first time at Kelso’s written discussion of these uploaded issues of Instauration can be found at his websites: and

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Jamie Kelso, Aug. 26, 2010

August 26, 2010

For August 26, 2010 the Jamie Kelso Show focuses on the excellent scientific journalism of Robert Whitaker, who has published two landmark books tearing apart the nastiness of BigPharma’s toxic brew of lethally destructive psychoactive drugs that provably cause brain, mental, behavioral, and biological damage rather than cure anything.

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The Stark Truth: Robert Lindsay on the War on Men

August 25, 2010

Robert Lindsay

Topics include:

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Jamie Kelso, Aug. 25, 2010

August 25, 2010

N.B. Forrest, one of the great pseudonymous and anonymous writers who filled the pages of Instauration magazine from 1975 to 2000, writes a very encouraging article for White patriots entitled “Do Not Despair” in the June 1991 issue, which VOR host Jamie Kelso is posting online for listeners to read and print out for others at This article is featured in the August 25, 2010 broadcast.

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The Sunic Journal: Interview with Kai Murros

August 24, 2010

Kai Murros

Tom interviews Finland’s renowned speaker and revolutionary thinker Kai Murros. Topics include:

  • Finnish history along with its present plight of mass immigration and anti-white “hate” laws
  • Finland’s enormous welfare state as the irresistible attraction to non-European immigration
  • Kai’s involvement with the European New Right and other nationalist organizations
  • The various themes within his book, “Revolution – And How to do it in a Modern Society”
  • The requirements for a new Pan-European Revolution are directly connected to Liberal Europe’s socio-economic collapse
  • Criticism of the West’s decadent, dreary and self-destructive bourgeoisie

About Kai Murros

To learn more about Kai and his ideas for revolution within our modern society please explore his website here. You can also download his acclaimed essay “Revolution – And How to do it in a Modern Society” here.

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French revisionist imprisoned for writings

August 24, 2010

In France, a writer, father of eight, is in prison for his historical research. And the so-called free press says nothing about it!

With a wife and eight children, the Frenchman Vincent Reynouard, aged 41, is a chemical engineer by training, a graduate of the ISMRA (“Institute of sciences of atomic matter and radiation”) in Caen (Normandy). He readily presents himself as a traditionalist Catholic and does not hide his ultra-conservative political opinions. But, most important, he publicly disputes, in his DVDs and writings, the conventional version of Second World War history. He is one of those researchers who declare themselves to be “revisionists” and who are called “deniers” by others because they do not believe in the existence of homicidal gas chambers in the wartime German concentration camps.

In 2005, Reynouard wrote and sent to numerous tourism offices, museums and town halls a 16-page brochure entitled “Holocaust? Here’s what’s kept hidden from you…”, in which he took a view altogether opposite to that of academic history. French justice immediately pounced upon him.

His trial in 2007 at the criminal court in Saverne (Alsace) resulted in a sentence of one year’s imprisonment, a fine of 10,000 euros and an order to pay damages of 3,000 euros to the antiracist league “LICRA”. In June 2008 the court of appeal in Colmar upheld the prison sentence and ordered him to pay a total of 60,000 euros (a 20,000 euro fine, damages, mandatory publication of the ruling and court fees). Severity as never seen before.

Since he resides in Belgium, France launched a European arrest warrant for Reynouard in order to make him serve the prison sentence ordered by the Colmar court. On July 9th he was imprisoned by the Belgian police, pending his extradition to France. All of which leads him to say: “When people can think of no other way but imprisonment to get rid of a verbal opponent, it’s because they have no arguments.”

Conclusion: A 41-year-old father of eight is currently in prison for his historical research, because of the Gayssot Act.

This Act of the French parliament (“article 24bis” of the law governing the press), having come into effect upon publication in the Journal Officiel on July 14th 1990, prohibits the “disputing (…) of the existence of one or more crimes against humanity as defined by Article 6 of the Charter of the International Military Tribunal [known as the Nuremberg Tribunal] in annex to the London Agreement of August 8th, 1945. ”

In my book Sarkozy, Israël et les Juifs (Oser Dire publishers, [Belgium], 2009), I recall that this freedom-killing law has been strongly criticised in the past by such personalities as the French academician Simone Veil; the Permanent Secretary of the French Academy, Hélène Carrère d’Encausse; the government ministers Jean Foyer, Jacques Toubon, Alain Peyrefitte; the historians Henri Amouroux, Pierre Vidal-Naquet, Annie Kriegel, Francois Furet, Alain Besançon, Jacques Willequet and François Bédarida; the founder of the Hannah Arendt Research Institute, Chantal Delsol; the 1988 Nobel laureate for economics, Maurice Allais; the writers Michel Tournier, Louis Pauwels, Michel Houellebecq, Philip Murray, Jean Daniel, Vladimir Volkoff, Michel Rachline and Alain Robbe-Grillet; the judges Philippe Bilger, Alain Marsaud and Raoul Béteille; the legal scholars Olivier Duhamel, Anne-Marie Le Pourhiet, Emmanuelle Duverger, André Decoq and Guy Carcassonne; the lawyers Jacques Vergès and John Bastardi Daumont; the philosopher Paul Ricœur; the comedian Bruno Gaccio; defenders of the freedom of expression like the founder of Reporters Sans Frontières Robert Ménard (who denounces it as a “thought police”) and Gabriel Cohn-Bendit; the journalists Dominique Jamet, Delfeil de Ton, Alain Rollat, Albert du Roy, Philippe Tesson, Jacques Julliard and Ivan Rioufol; also by the former president of the Ligue des droits de l’homme, historian Madeleine Rebérioux. Abroad, the American linguist Noam Chomsky has declared himself an absolute opponent of it. For the Belgian physicist and intellectual Jean Bricmont, “the Gayssot Act is a legal regression of several centuries”. As for Presidents Hugo Chávez and Mahmoud Ahmadinedjad, they have strongly condemned the repression resulting from this law.

Henceforth it falls to us to defend free expression in deed and not just in theory. Why is no one heard publically denouncing the present fate of Vincent Reynouard? What are Reporters Sans Frontières, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch doing? No organ of the media, either French or foreign, has informed public opinion of this case. Such silence is abnormal.

Personally, I have decided to act as a historian and as a citizen, and to make it known, through this press release, how appalled I am at the fact that, in our country, we have a man thrown into prison for his opinions, however unusual, shocking and controversial they may be. Such treatment is not worthy of France or her intellectual tradition. It is not for the law to say how historical truth is set down: in a free country, that is the task of historians. The Gayssot Act, which restricts the historian’s freedom, is unworthy of a democratic State; it is a wicked law. I therefore ask for its immediate repeal.

I hope to be joined soon by dozens, hundreds, thousands of other people unable to remain indifferent in the face of a scandal that seriously harms the image of France and flouts the spirit of the Republic.

Those who wish to sign this communiqué along with me can send me their names and contact information at the address It is not a question of supporting Vincent Reynouard’s religious, political or historical ideas but of defending his right to express them. To challenge them, an open, democratic, fair and honest debate will suffice.

We shall go over the results of this request for signatures towards the end of September.
Meanwhile, thank you for circulating this text to the utmost extent.

Paul-Eric Blanrue,
Founder of the research group Cercle Zététique,
Author of Sarkozy, Israël et les Juifs (Oser Dire publishers, [Belgium], 2009)

Source: Sarkozy, Israël et les Juifs [This link directs to the original post, written in French. What is posted here is one of the English translations floating around the 'Net. -Ed.]

The Heretics’ Hour: Who Started World War II?

August 23, 2010

Cover of 'The Chief Culprit', by Victor Suvorov

Dr. Wilhelm Kriessmann returns as Carolyn’s guest to discuss the ideas and important data presented in Viktor Suvorov’s book, The Chief Culprit: Stalin’s Grand Design to Start WWII. Topics include:

  • Revisionists get prison terms in France and Austria
  • Goal of Soviet Union was to communize Europe through Germany
  • Offensive military build-up in USSR began in 1939
  • Massive movement of Red Army troops and material to western border was completed in June 1941
  • Operation Barbarossa narrowly beat a devastating attack from Soviet Union
  • Who was behind Rudolf Hess’ peace mission to Britain

13 MB / 32 kbps mono / 0 hour 57 min.

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Jamie Kelso, Aug. 23, 2010

August 23, 2010

Themes from Wilmot Robertson’s racial truth classic “The Ethnostate” provide the material for Jamie Kelso’s August 23, 2010 broadcast. “The Ethnostate” was Wilmot Robertson’s third book, published in 1992, after “The Dispossessed Majority” and “Ventilations”. All are available online.

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Philadelphia demands bloggers pay $300 business license

August 23, 2010

It looks like cash hungry local governments are getting awfully rapacious these days:

An new iPad owner syncs the device with his laptop computer while visiting a Starbucks Coffee location April 3, 2010 (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Between her blog and infrequent contributions to, over the last few years she says she’s made about $50. To [Marilyn] Bess, her website is a hobby. To the city of Philadelphia, it’s a potential moneymaker, and the city wants its cut.

In May, the city sent Bess a letter demanding that she pay $300, the price of a business privilege license.

“The real kick in the pants is that I don’t even have a full-time job, so for the city to tell me to pony up $300 for a business privilege license, pay wage tax, business privilege tax, net profits tax on a handful of money is outrageous,” Bess says.

It would be one thing if Bess’ website were, well, an actual business, or if the amount of money the city wanted didn’t outpace her earnings six-fold. Sure, the city has its rules; and yes, cash-strapped cities can’t very well ignore potential sources of income. But at the same time, there must be some room for discretion and common sense.

When Bess pressed her case to officials with the city’s now-closed tax amnesty program, she says, “I was told to hire an accountant.”

She’s not alone. After dutifully reporting even the smallest profits on their tax filings this year, a number — though no one knows exactly what that number is — of Philadelphia bloggers were dispatched letters informing them that they owe $300 for a privilege license, plus taxes on any profits they made.

Even if, as with Sean Barry, that profit is $11 over two years.

To say that these kinds of draconian measures are detrimental to the public discourse would be an understatement.

Source: Washington Examiner.

Israeli Zionists teach course on editing Wikipedia

August 22, 2010

A first-of-its-kind course opened this week in Jerusalem: “Zionist Editing for Wikipedia.” The patriotic “Yisrael Sheli” (My Israel) organization, which recently organized the demonstrations outside the Turkish Embassy after the flotilla incident, was motivated to open the course in order to address Israel’s public relations problems.

The course, which was organized with the help of the Yesha Council, conducted a one-day seminar, and will continue online.

The strategy and goal of the course is to educate and enable an ‘army’ of editors of Wikipedia, giving them the professional skills to write and edit the online encyclopedia’s content in a manner which defends and promotes Israel’s image.

The participants of the course were chosen from a long list of candidates, with 80 students in total slated to participate.

Seminar workshops were led by professionals and senior Wikipedia editors, and included an overview of the Wikipedia project and practical training on web editing, writing, and values.

Organizers said the initial seminar was a success, and there is a great demand for more meetings in the future.

Source: Israel National News.

This Week in Disorganized America, Aug. 20, 2010

August 20, 2010

Mishko & Mike Conner host, joined by Kievsky and Robert Stark.

Israel Nukes Cartoon by BendibClick here to enlarge
  • Neocon warmonger John Bolton, who is loudly counting the days left for Israel to attack Iran
  • Friendly neighborhood Communist Mexican wife murder suspect Kyle Alleyne
  • “Mind Weaponization”, which is the focus of Kievsky’s new blog
  • Declassified files reveal massive Israeli manipulation of US mainstream media
  • Caller “Schlomo Bagelbaum” reprimands VoR for irritating his bowels

26 MB / 32 kbps mono / 1 hour 56 min.

Jamie Kelso, Aug. 20, 2010

August 20, 2010

When Wilmot Robertson, author of The Dispossessed Majority, Ventilations, and The Ethnostate, put out his March 1991 issue of Instauration, calling Alexander Solzhenitsyn “the greatest living writer” he could not have known that nine months later the U.S.S.R. would cease to exist. That March 1991 issue appeared online today, August 20, 2010 and is the starting point for today’s radio program.

13 MB / 32 kbps mono / 0 hour 57 min.

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France sends Gypsies back to Romania

August 20, 2010

Dozens of Roma (Gypsies) have arrived back in Romania after being repatriated by France under a controversial policy backed by President Nicolas Sarkozy.

France’s Roma
  • Roughly 12,000 Roma migrated to France after Bulgaria and Romania’s accession to the EU

  • Many have no work permits, so live in camps and resort to begging

  • Separately, at least 400,000 people are designated “travellers”, mostly French nationals with Roma origins

Some 86 Roma left France and hundreds more will follow in the coming weeks after their camps were shut down.

The French government says it is a “decent and humane” policy of removing people from deplorable conditions.

But rights groups say the Roma are being demonised, and Romania has warned France against “xenophobic reactions”.

“We understand the position of the French government. At the same time, we support unconditionally the right of every Romanian citizen to travel without restrictions within the EU,” Romanian President Traian Basescu said.

However, Mr Basescu added that he was prepared to send police to France to help implement the repatriation scheme.

A deportee named Gabriel told the AFP news agency in Bucharest that life had been “very tough” in France, but he would not rule out returning because there was no work in Romania.

Another man said that in Romania “we don’t have any chance, no jobs, nothing”.

“Today, 86 people left France on the basis of what are called ‘voluntary returns’, 61 from Lyon on a special flight charted by the French Immigration and Integration Office, then 10 and 15 on two separate commercial flights from Roissy,” said Immigration Minister Eric Besson on Thursday.

Another 139 were due to be flown out on Friday, he said, and hundreds more by the end of the month.
Exploitation claims

The Roma are EU citizens, mostly from Romania or Bulgaria, but French law requires them to have a work permit and prove they have the means to support themselves if they intend to stay for more than three months.

They complain that the permits are difficult to get, and so they are often forced to live illegally.

Roma who agree to leave have each receive 300 euros (£246; $384) and an additional 100 euros for each child.

The French government says it plans to shut down 300 illegal Roma camps in the next three months.

The controversial plan was put in place after clashes last month between police and travellers in the southern city of Grenoble and the central town of Saint-Aignan.

The Roma were not involved in all of the trouble, but the government said travellers’ camps were sources of “illegal trafficking” and “exploitation of children for begging, of prostitution and crime”.

Some 51 camps have already been demolished by police and the residents have been moved into temporary shelters or accommodation.
Popularity booster?

The operation has been condemned by human rights groups, who say it is deliberately stigmatising a generally law-abiding section of society to win support among right-wing voters.

Last week, members of the UN’s Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination criticised the tone of political discourse in France on race issues, saying racism and xenophobia were undergoing a “significant resurgence” there.

But France has insisted that the actions “fully conform with European rules and do not in any way affect the freedom of movement for EU citizens, as defined by treaties”.

Foreign ministry spokesman Bernard Valero told AFP that an EU directive “expressly allows for restrictions on the right to move freely for reasons of public order, public security and public health”.

The European Commission said it would ensure none of the bloc’s rules were being broken.

France repatriated some 10,000 Roma last year and other European countries, including Germany, Italy, Denmark and Sweden pursued similar policies.

Mr Sarkozy’s political opponents have accused him of using the Roma issue to shift public attention away from corruption and on to crime.

The BBC’s Christian Fraser in Paris says that the president’s poll rating is sagging and there are some who accuse him of using the recent unrest to boost his own popularity.

Some of the Roma living in France are part of long-established communities of travelling people who are French nationals.

In addition, there are an estimated 12,000 Roma who are recent immigrants from Central Europe.

“Some of these families have been in France for five, seven or 10 years and 300 euros is not enough to help them settle in Romania. They will return in the coming weeks,” Malik Salemkour, the vice-president of the French Human Rights League, told the Reuters news agency.

Source: BBC.

Ted Nugent commends Dubuque, Iowa for being White

August 20, 2010

It was bad enough that rock musician Ted Nugent made racially insensitive remarks on stage last week in Dubuque. What made it worse was that audience members cheered. [O, the horror! -Ed.]

Anybody who thinks racism is in Dubuque’s past had better think again.

Nugent commented approvingly that he saw so many white people in the audience. He commended Dubuque for being a “white town.” The crowd — not just a few fans here and there — cheered. (That is not to say that everyone in the audience was a Dubuque resident and that everyone cheered. But no expression of disapproval was heard, either; hopefully, some were too shocked to respond.)

People who attend performances, whether they are stand-up comics or musicians or the like, might expect some political comments to be interjected during a show. But Nugent’s remarks crossed the line.

This wasn’t a first for Nugent. For example, there was the Texas governor’s inaugural ball in 2007. A newspaper reported that Nugent, whose conservative politics and pro-gun beliefs are well known, “appeared on stage wearing a cut-off T-shirt emblazoned with a Confederate flag and shouting unflattering remarks about undocumented immigrants, including kicking them out of the country.”

Enter Ted Nugent’s name in Google and you’ll be treated to many racist and sexist gems. Here’s a Nugent rant delivered at a National Rifle Association conference : “Remember the Alamo! Shoot ‘em! To show you how radical I am, I want carjackers dead. I want rapists dead. I want burglars dead. I want child molesters dead. I want the bad guys dead. No court case. No parole. No early release. I want ‘em dead. Get a gun, and when they attack you, shoot ‘em.”

Officials at the Diamond Jo Casino, who booked Nugent here, said they won’t censor a performer. Other venues who book talent, also asked about it by the TH, said much the same. We get it: Freedom of speech and all that. But venues also have the freedom to not book acts, especially ones whose on-stage comments are known to include hate speech.

Certainly, there are comedians who play local stages who might offend some audience members with crude humor and explicit language. But Nugent’s comments went beyond a question of taste. It’s fodder for career-crippling YouTube videos and audiotapes.

That type of talk, delivered to audience members who have been drinking, could spark a confrontation between audience members. Does the venue have a plan for how to handle that? What about a venue’s employees — should they be expected to work in that environment?

And then for the local crowd to cheer Nugent’s remarks? It is an outrage and embarrassment.

Editorials reflect the consensus of the Telegraph Herald Editorial Board.

Source: Telegraph Herald.