The Heretics’ Hour: Auschwitz & Ellis Island

April 19, 2010

Today’s show is in two parts:

  • In the first half, Carolyn introduces her new book Auschwitz–The Underground Guided Tour: What the Tour Guides Don’t Tell You at Auschwitz-Birkenau, a 48-page deconstruction of a “death camp.” Ordering instructions can be found at

  • In the second half, Friedrich Paul Berg joins Carolyn to discuss the crematoria and disinfection chambers at Ellis Island–surprisingly similar to what we see at Auschwitz. Pictures and text can be found at his website,

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Jamie Kelso, Apr. 19, 2010

April 19, 2010

Today we commemorate the 235th anniversary of the stand taken by our forefathers at Lexington green and Concord bridge on April 19, 1775. The Jamie Kelso Show today follows the trail from the Boston Tea Party of Dec. 16, 1753 to the Tea Parties of April 15, 2010. The notice posted in Boston by Patriots in Dec. 1753 before the first Tea Party seems to have lasting meaning: “Brethren, and Fellow Citizens! You may depend, that those odious Miscreants and detestable Tools…those Traitors to their Country who are doing every Thing to Murder and destroy all that shall stand in the Way of their private Interest are determined to come and reside again in the Town of Boston. I therefore give you this early Notice, that you may hold yourselves in Readiness, on the shortest Notice, to give them such Reception as such vile Ingrates deserve. Signed, Joyce, jun., Chairman of the Committee for Tarring and Feathering.”

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Mishko and Dietrich, 4/16/2010

April 17, 2010

This Week in Disorganized America:

Dietrich goes on a deserved leave so Mishko discusses a few topics and takes calls for about 90 minutes.  Topics discussed.

  • The current financial situation
  • Jews and their involvement with where we are
  • Media LIES, LIES, and MORE LIES

And much more

Violence in Kyrgyzstan: Who Benefits?

April 17, 2010

By Matt Johnson

Riots and warfare have ripped through the former Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan. As of this writing, President Kurmanbek Bakiyev has been driven from power, yet refuses to step down as President. While obscure to American eyes, Kyrgyzstan remains one of the world’s most strategic states, as it borders China’s vulnerable western border. Kyrgyzstan is the proposed site of several major gas pipelines linking Afghanistan to China. It is also one of the world’s major gold exporters.

Kyrgyzstan Palace

A police truck burns in front of the presidential palace in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan on the day opposition protesters overthrew the government.

Whoever controls this strategic state has an important entry point for the Chinese market and China’s massive demand for energy. As gold continues to rise in price given the world’s economic depression, this small country is more strategic than ever.

Kyrgyzstan is also the site for two major military bases: one Russian and one American. The American air base at Manas was nearly ejected from the country by Bakiyev last year. Only when the US drastically increased its rent payments did Bakiyev relent, but was considered untrustworthy as a leader ever since. This would have crippled the US war effort in Afghanistan, since this base is one of the main suppliers to the US forces there. Manas has been used as an entry point for the CIA to stir up trouble in Tibet and the Xinjiang region that serves as home to China’s advanced weapons testing areas. The Russian navy also has an advanced testing facility on Lake Issyk-Kul.

While Bakiyev’s economic record is generally excellent, as of late, the economy has taken a substantial downturn. Sporting economic growth rates upwards of 8% over the last several years (with tremendous help from Chinese investment), this rate has turned negative in 2009, with the added problem of rising inflation. In 2008-2009, industrial output declined by 20%.

Anti-Bakiyev rioting has not been unusual in Kyrgyzstan. Last year several major riots broke out as the economy went into a major tailspin. China has the most to lose in that much of the economy of the eastern parts of Kyrgyzstan is in Chinese hands. The rioters in this recent round of unrest have targeted Chinese businesses (yet have not attacked western owned businesses). China has invested more than $2 billion in this country over the last several years, an economy whose total GDP is $11 billion.

Recent unrest in Tibet (bordering Kyrgyzstan) had all the stamps of a CIA operation, and the strategic Xinjiang region has long been a major target of the American government.

But the real interest in the American establishment has been the elimination of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), an organization of anti-western powers that seek, among other things, “the protection of national sovereignty” from the inroads of the New World Order. This Organization comprises China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. India and Iran serve as observing members. Whoever controls this region controls the world’s energy supply as well as its major transit points as well as the economies of both Russia and China and a market of several billion people. The SCO has made the search for untapped energy supplies under Central Asia a major economic priority. This is the interest the CIA has in these riots.

Bakiyev has made it clear to the world that his government has a vested interest in protecting its energy supplies and gold reserves, and keeping the income from them in the country. This patriotic purpose made him persona non grata among western investors. The opposition has rejected this demand.

Kyrgyzstan’s gold mines have been underwritten by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and currently run by the Canadian firm, Centerra Gold. Bakiyev has been a major thorn in the side of Centerra, and has consistently demanded a larger piece of the gold income for the state.

It is difficult to see China’s interest in the violence, since Chinese investment has been a major target of the rioting. Russia too has a great economic stake in the country, as all of her major oil firms are active there. Only the United States and western investment has any real interest in this violence, and her recent history of involvement in Chinese riots in the west makes her a highly suspicious target.

The European investors in Centerra specifically have a great interest in removing Bakiyev, as he has been trouble for elite investors in the country. Amazingly, so far, the main Centerra mine in the country, Kumtor (which provides about 10% of the country’s entire GDP), has been totally unscathed by the protests. Opposition leaders held that they will not demand a greater share of the Centerra mines, according to The Turkish Weekly. Hence, Centerra sides with the opposition to Bakiyev, clearly giving it a vested, financial interest in supporting the violence, if not helping to direct it along with western intelligence.

Matthew Raphael Johnson, Ph.D. is a former history professor, a professional author, a priest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and a VoR radio host. His Web site is The Orthodox Medievalist. Email him at   fr_raphael

Jamie Kelso, Apr. 16, 2010

April 16, 2010

What does the Protestant Reformation from Martin Luther’s nailing of the 95 Theses on the Wittenberg Church door on Oct. 31, 1517 to the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648 have to do with Jamestown in 1607 and Bishop Richard Williamson today on April 16, 2010? And how does all of that connect to junior high school food fights and Reverend Billy Graham having breakfast with President Richard Nixon and Harry Robbins (H.R.) Haldeman in the White House on Feb. 1, 1972? Tune in to today’s Jamie Kelso Show to find out.

Note: Part of this broadcast was lost due to server lockup.

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The Orthodox Nationalist: Venezuela and Syria against the NWO

April 15, 2010

Flag of Venezuela

Flag of Syria

Matt Johnson discusses:

  • Venezuela and Syria against the NWO
  • Social Nationalist economics
  • Chavez and Assad against the NWO

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Jamie Kelso, Apr. 15, 2010

April 15, 2010

Since the anti-White Main Stream Media avoids real coverage of the Tea Party revolution, we don’t know on today’s show just how many Tax Day Tea Party rallies were held, and are still being held as I write today’s show summary. Some estimate as many as 2,000 Tea Parties. That’s a revolution. Fellow members of the American Third Position party are reporting to me that the rallies they joined in Orange County, California and Chicago, Illinois were huge. The Ron Paul Revolution, which gave birth to the Tea Party revolution again clobbered the Neocon wing of the GOP today also, with the announcement that incumbent Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning has glowingly endorsed Dr. RAND Paul as the “only” patriotic candidate running for the U.S. Senate this year!

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The Stark Truth: South Africa, Israel & the MSM

April 14, 2010

Robert Stark & guest co-host Mike Conner discuss:

  • The tragic, savage situation in White South Africa, and the lessons that the West must learn
  • The mainstream media’s blatant double standard in covering South Africa’s apartheid and the Israeli occupation of Palestine
  • Paul Gottfried’s latest column, The Myth of “Judeo-Christian Values”, which is a critique of Larry Auster’s views

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Jamie Kelso, Apr. 14, 2010

April 14, 2010

A White man who started as a newspaper boy, Edward Willis (E.W.) Scripps founded a White newspaper chain starting around 1880, that today has revenues of 1.1 billion dollars. Today’s show includes a column from one of the current fourteen Scripps newspapers, the Memphis Commercial Appeal, whose editor Chris Peck writes that the dispossession of the White man in America is inevitable, and that getting angry over this “fact” constitutes a “racist tendency” which could lead to “paranoia” and then becoming “unhinged’. The fun starts in the Comments to this spineless poor excuse for a White man, as real White men let him have it in the online pages of his own Scripps newspaper. Surely E.W. Scripps (who died in 1926) is cheering on the Commenters.

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Netanyahu uses holocaust remembrance day to promote war with Iran -Robert Stark

April 14, 2010

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin used the holocaust memorial ceremony at Israel’s Yav Vashem last Sunday to threaten Iran. The theme of his speech was that Iran is the new Nazi Germany and if Iran is not stoped there will be another holocaust. Netanyahu said “The historical failure of the free world in facing the Nazi beast was in not confronting it when it could still be stopped,” Netanyahu said, “today we witness the fire of the old-new hate, the hate of the Jews being spread by the regimes and organizations of radical Islam, spearheaded by Iran and its cohorts.”


Netanyahu added that “Iran’s leaders are hell-bent on developing nuclear weapons and publicly declare their intention to destroy Israel, but in the face of the oft-repeated calls to erase the Jewish state from the face of the earth, we see at best mild protestations, and these too seem to be fading. “Netanyahu added that if “we do not hear the decisive condemnation required, the world stands by, some even criticize Israel. We do not see the international resolve required to prevent Iran’s nuclear armament.

While Netanyahu did not directly threaten Iran he said “From this lectern I call on the enlightened nations to rise and powerfully condemn Iran’s genocidal intentions and act with real resolve to stop Iran arming itself with nuclear weapons.”

At the recent AIPAC convention Senator Lindsay Graham also used the holocaust to promote war with Iran, when he said “If you’re a nation that wants to pursue nuclear power there should be an application, and if the president of that nation denies the existence of the Holocaust that should be the end of the application process.”

He went on to call for a full out war saying “All options must be on the table. You know exactly what I’m talking about. The question is – do the people we’re talking to understand what I’m talking about? I’ve been in the military as a support person. I’ve never been a combat troop walking down the streets of Iraq and Afghanistan, but I’ve been in the theater. I know that war is a terrible thing. It takes the lives of people at the prime of their life, and when you talk about war you should never talk about it with a smile on your face. But I do know this: that sometimes it’s better to go to war than it is to allow the Holocaust to develop a second time.

In a recent interview Senator Joe Lieberman who is also demanding military action against Iran said that “the United States should begin preparing plans to attack Iran’s nuclear program — and use that option if all diplomatic and other means fail.” He added “I don’t think it’s time to use military force against Iran, but I certainly think it’s time for the United States to have plans that will enable us to use force to stop the Iranian nuclear program if the president orders such an attack.”

On the Amy Goodman Show former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni admitted that “When from Europe somebody is criticizing Israel then we bring up the holocaust . When in this country people are criticizing Israel then they are anti-Semitic. And the organization is strong and has a lot of money. And the ties between Israel and the American Jewish establishment are very strong and- they are strong in this country, as you know. And they have power, which is ok. They are talented people and they have power and money, and the media and other things, and their attitude is ‘Israel my country right or wrong’ , identification. And they are not ready to hear criticism. And it’s very easy to blame people who criticize certain acts of the Israeli govt as anti-Semitic and to bring up the holocaust and the suffering of the Jewish people and that- that is justify everything we do to the Palestinians.”

While Iranian regime is anti-Israel it is a flat out like to say that Ahmadinejad called for the destruction of Israel. Ahmadinejad never threatened to wipe Israel off the face of the map. These allegations come from a speech he gave at conference called a “World without Zionist”, where he said the occupation regime over Jerusalem should vanish from the page of time.” The world regime was misinterpreted for the nation of Israel. Ahmadinejad was not threatening Israel but that the regime will inevitably collapse like those of the Shah of Iran and the Soviet Union. He said elections should be held among “Jews, Christians and Muslims so the population of Palestine can select their government and destiny for themselves in a democratic manner.”

Netanyahu has refused to attend an meeting held by President Obama with 46 nations about how to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorist, due to the fact that Israel has long kept its nuclear arsenal a secret. However Netanyahu is outraged that the west isn’t doing enough to stop Iran.

Iran knows that attacking Israel would be suicide but if Iran were able to achieve nuclear capabilities Israel would loose its geopolitical power as the soul Nuclear power in the middle east. Comparisons to the Nazis and the Holocaust are an affective way to stir up fear but is a gross distortion of the truth to say that Iran is the new Hitler since Israel has far superior military capabilities, hundreds of nukes, and the unconditional backing of the world number one superpower. Israel will probably not attack Iran itself anytime soon but they are using the threat of a lone attack to get western nations primarily the US to but greater pressure on Iran.


Maine moves to ban boys-only & girls-only facilities, sports & clubs in schools

April 14, 2010

The little girls’ room won’t be just for little girls anymore, if the Maine Human Rights Commission has its way.

The Maine Human Rights Commission is taking heat over a controversial proposal to ban schools from enforcing gender divisions in sports teams, school organizations, bathrooms and locker rooms. It says forcing a student into a particular room or group because of his or her biological gender amounts to discrimination.

The issue came to light last year when the commission ruled that, under the Maine Human Rights Act, a school had discriminated against a 12-year-old transgender boy by denying him access to the girls’ bathroom.

Now the commission aims to issue guidelines on how schools should deal with similar situations in the future. It would make Maine the first state to implement such guidelines for schools as young as preschool and nursery — and even some private schools.

But not everyone in the state is on board with the current proposal.

Some school districts and organizations have criticized the commission for making its initial ruling without getting enough input from conservative groups, and then for coming up with proposed guidelines in what some described as closed-door sessions.

“The conservative side was never brought in on the discussion in the first place, if you look at who gave testimony, written testimony, etc., in the beginning,” Rev. Bob Celeste of Harrison told “When you only bring one side in, you’re not looking for an honest debate. You’re looking for an agenda.”

Once it came time to vote on the guidelines, the commission again came under fire for not doing enough to inform Mainers of the vote, and for not allowing the public to speak at the hearing where it was held.

“We found out about this hearing by accident. We were never informed of it,” said Celeste, who was the first person to speak out at the March hearing.

“When I went to the hearing I expected to ask, ‘Why are they doing this?’ And they said that they weren’t going to have public hearings,” he said. “I said ‘Mr. Chairman, it’s getting late, when are we going to be able to ask questions?’ and he said, ‘You can’t.’”

Celeste says he then walked out of the meeting, but other outraged citizens got very vocal after his departure and apparently persuaded the commission to postpone the vote.

Now those critics are looking to get their voices heard again at a public hearing on the issue next month.

“When we separate biology it gets very confusing for everyone,” Mike Heath, president of the American Family Association of New England, told “Now we’re talking about bathrooms where ladies will entertain the possibility of men being in the restroom with them, and every woman I’ve talked to has indicated that they wouldn’t be comfortable with that.”

With the law affecting schools ranging from nursery level to post-doctorate studies, Heath says he’s concerned with the ramifications of opening up “this can of worms,” especially when it comes to younger students.

“I get a little more upset with the topic when it touches on young children and what they’re going to have to think about and process,” he said.

Critics seem especially concerned about the mixing of genders in bathrooms and locker rooms. The commission’s proposal reads: “Transgender students must be allowed access to the bathrooms that correspond to their gender identity or expression or, if they prefer, to existing single-stall bathrooms.”

“There’s not a whole lot of places a girl can expect privacy, but the bathroom should be one of them,” said Celeste. “And there’s not a whole lot of places a boy expects privacy, but the bathroom should be one of them. Married couples close the door when they go to the bathroom.”

Ken Trump, President of National School Safety and Security Services, says the guidelines set out in the commission’s draft brochure pose some serious safety issues as well.

“If my kid walks into a girls’ bathroom and sees a man in there, the child is going to instinctively feel that something’s wrong. If you create an entirely new climate where anything goes, you’re going to create increased confusion, and those with ill intentions could take advantage of that confusion and decreased ability to make a distinction,” Trump told

“The reality is, every day we’re seeing more and more cases of exploitation of children and others, and this would be creating an environment where the risk is increased for that exploitation.”

Because the commission suggests that people won’t be obligated to supply medical documentation that proves they are transgender, Trump says the policy also paves the way for increased sexual activity on school grounds – both consensual and non-consensual.

“Educators at the middle school level struggle every day in trying to keep student hormonal issues under control so that the focus can be on education,” he said. “We certainly don’t need to create an environment to accelerate and exacerbate the issue and further the experimentation, the inappropriate comments, inappropriate touching, groping, grabbing, sexual assaults and in some cases, rapes in schools.”

Karen Kemble, the Director of Equal Opportunity for the University of Maine, says the university has not taken a position for or against the proposed guidelines, but she shared concerns over some of them, including schools’ inability to ask for “proof” of sexual orientation.

“This would leave the institution without any way to determine the bona fide nature of the gender identity or expression,” Kemble said in a letter to the commission.

“It is routine practice to seek documentation of non-obvious disabilities in the event of an accommodation request. Even in the case of religious accommodations, an employer may sometimes seek additional information regarding either the religious nature of the request or the sincerity of a particular belief,” she added.

As an NCAA institution, Kemble says the University of Maine system could also face many hurdles when it comes to incorporating the guidelines into its athletic program.

“Some of the issues that we face are that the NCAA has rules that if we, for example, allowed a transgender student to participate in gender-segregated sport, then that may raise concerns about fairness and also may spark action by the NCAA, she said.

“We certainly want to have a welcoming environment and are doing everything we can to support the right to gender identity and gender expression,” she added.

John Gause, counsel for the Maine Human Rights Commission, told that the commission is still in the process of developing guidelines on how the Maine Human Rights Act “applies in the context of sexual orientation in schools and colleges.”

“A date and location for the public comment session will be finalized in the near future,” he wrote in an e-mail.

The commission said more information on the public hearing will be posted on its Web site once those details are finalized.

Neither Gause nor the commission’s executive director, Pat Ryan, returned follow-up e-mails and phone calls seeking a response to concerns raised over the guidelines.

Source: Fox News.

The Sunic Journal: Interview with Dr. E. Christian Kopff, #1 of 2

April 13, 2010

Dr. E. ChristianKopff

Tom Sunic interviews renowned educator, classicist and writer Dr. E. Christian Kopff. Topics include:

  • How Tradition get passed down through the generations
  • The mind of Julius Evola and what he meant by “revolting against the modern world.”
  • Evola’s thoughts on the “masses.”
  • Evola’s thoughts on Western Tradition
  • Evola’s thoughts on masculinity

About Dr. E. Christian Kopff

To learn more about Dr. Kopff you can see his academic profile here. You can also read his writings at Occidental Quarterly Online and the Alternative Right. His unique book on the necessity of a classical education, The Devil Knows Latin: Why America Needs the Classical Tradition, can be purchased at Amazon.

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Jamie Kelso, Apr. 13, 2010

April 13, 2010

The general election is only three weeks away in Britain, and the British National Party may elect its first Members of Parliament, as discussed on today’s Jamie Kelso Show and at the BNP Web site. The American Third Position party, seeks to emulate the BNP’s success.

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When the debt bombs of Europe explode

April 13, 2010

Greece is just the first in a series of European debt bombs about to go off. Mortgage debts in the post-communist economies and Iceland are more explosive. Although most of these countries are not in the eurozone, their debts are largely denominated in euros. Some 87 per cent of Latvia’s debts are in euros or other foreign currencies, and are owed mainly to Swedish banks, while Hungary and Romania owe euro-debts mainly to Austrian banks. These governments have been borrowing not to finance a budget deficit, as in Greece, but to support their exchange rates and thereby prevent a private-sector default to foreign banks.

All these debts are unpayably high because most of these countries are running deepening trade deficits and are sinking into depression. Now that property prices are plunging, trade deficits are no longer financed by an inflow of foreign-currency mortgage lending. For the past year, these countries have supported their exchange rates by borrowing from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund. The terms of this borrowing are politically unsustainable: sharp public sector budget cuts, higher tax rates on already over-taxed labour, and austerity plans that shrink economies and drive more workers to emigrate.

Bankers in Sweden and Austria, Germany and Britain are about to discover that extending credit to nations that cannot (or will not) pay may be their problem, not that of their debtors. No one wants to accept the fact that debts that cannot be paid, will not be. Someone must bear the cost as debts go into default or are written down, to be paid in sharply depreciated currencies, and many legal experts find debt agreements calling for repayment in euros unenforceable. Every sovereign nation has the right to legislate its own debt terms, and the coming currency re-alignments and debt write-downs will be much more than mere “haircuts”.

There is no point in devaluing, unless “to excess” – that is, by enough to actually change trade and production patterns. That is why Franklin Roosevelt devalued the US dollar by 75 per cent against gold in 1933, raising the metal’s official price from $20 to $35 an ounce. To avoid raising the US debt burden proportionally, he annulled the “gold clause” indexing payment of bank loans to the price of gold. This is where the political fight will occur today – over the payment of debt in currencies that are devalued.

Another by-product of the Great Depression in the US and Canada was to free mortgage debtors from personal liability, making it possible to recover from bankruptcy. Foreclosing banks can take possession of collateral property, but do not have any further claim on the mortgagees. This practice – grounded in common law – shows how North America has freed itself from the legacy of feudal-style creditor power and the debtors’ prisons that made earlier European debt laws so harsh.

The question is, who will bear the loss? Keeping debts denominated in euros would bankrupt much local business. Conversely, re-denominating these debts in local depreciated currency would wipe out the capital of many euro-based banks. But these banks are foreigners, after all – and in the end, governments must represent their own home electorates. Foreign banks do not vote.

There is growing recognition that the post-communist economies were structured from the start to benefit foreign interests, not local economies. For example, Latvian labour is taxed at more than 50 per cent (labour, employer, and social tax) – so high as to make it non-competitive, while property taxes are less than 1 per cent, providing an incentive towards speculation. This skewed tax philosophy made the “Baltic tigers” and central Europe prime loan markets for Swedish and Austrian banks, even as domestic labour struggled to find well-paying work. Nothing like this (or their abysmal workplace protection laws) is found in western Europe or North America.

It seems unreasonable and unrealistic to expect that large sectors of the new European population can be made subject to salary garnishment throughout their lives, reducing them to a lifetime of debt peonage. Future relations between Old and New Europe will depend on the eurozone’s willingness to redesign the post-communist economies on more solvent lines – with more productive credit and a less rentier-biased tax system that promotes employment rather than asset-price inflation. In addition to currency realignments to deal with unaffordable debt, the solution for these countries is a major shift of taxes from labour to land. There is no just alternative. Otherwise, the age-old conflict between creditors and debtors threatens to split Europe into opposing camps, with Iceland the dress rehearsal.

By Michael Hudson — a professor of economics at the University of Missouri and chief economic adviser to the Reform Task Force Latvia, an opposition think-tank.


The Heretics’ Hour: Carolyn & Wilhelm Kriessmann discuss Katyn

April 12, 2010

Wilhelm Kriessman

Dr. Wilhelm Kriessmann returns as Carolyn’s guest to discuss:

  • The crash of the airliner carrying Polish dignitaries to the Katyn commemoration
  • The causes of the start of the war between Poland and Germany
  • The murders at Katyn by the NVKD, and the wrongful blaming of Germany for the crime

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The Nationalist Report: In memoriam, Eugène Terre’Blanche

April 11, 2010

Eugène Terre'Blanche

Mike Conner & Mishko Novosel interview Marc Cornah, a regional leader of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB) of South Africa. Topics include:

  • The final days of Apartheid and the state of post-Apartheid South Africa
  • The assassination of Eugène Terre’Blanche, leader of the AWB
  • The growing violence and the threat of a Zimbabwe-like scenario faced by the remaining White population

About Marc Cornah

Marc Cornah is the leader of the Cape region of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB) of South Africa. To contact Marc, write to newawb

13 MB / 32 kbps mono / 0 hour 57 min.

Contact Mike: mike.conner

Contact Mishko: mishko

Mishko and Dietrich, 4/9/2010

April 11, 2010

Friday VoR Mishko talks about current events and takes some great calls.  Topics mentioned. 

  • Crisis in South Africa
  • Media Lies

Jamie Kelso, Apr. 9, 2010

April 9, 2010

Canadian attorney, Doug Christie is the focus of the second hour of today’s show. The “battling barrister” Christie has been for decades a foremost champion of freedom in Canada. Patriot nationalists owe the greatest debt of gratitude to Mr. Christie who was born in 1946 in Manitoba and now lives in Victoria, BC. Christie founded the Western Block Party in 2005. Which leads us to the subject of the first hour of the show, which is Tom Sunic’s acceptance of a Director role with the American Third Position Party.

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Jamie Kelso, Apr. 8, 2010

April 8, 2010

In today’s show, all of our material comes from the pages of Professor Kevin B. MacDonald’s webzine. Edmund Connolly points out in Take the Money and Run that White folks are not really in charge of their own society today. One principal reason for this is that a Jewish population of about 2% in America has now, indeed, taken the money and run. In another Occidental Observer article, Alex Kurtagic (pronounced KUR-teh-gitch, Slovenian) asks: “Are Leftists Cleverer?” The answer is: no. Social Identity Theory (SIT) tells us that leftists hold their views not because they are intelligent, but because they are conducive to power and status in the social group.

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The Daily Beast’s Top 25 Media Whores

April 8, 2010

By Mlad

The Daily Beast — apparently some kind of hideous Web 2.0 abortion of Internet journalism — recently came out with a piece celebrating the most inane middle-of-the-road voices in American politics today, calling it The Top 25 Centrist Columnists and Commentators. Of course, such a target was too tempting to resist. John Avalon, who profiles these middlebrow bores, claims that they represent a ‘powerful backlash’ against ‘play-to-the-base politics’ and political extremism. While I wholeheartedly agree that the conservative/liberal, Republican/Democrat partisan pigeonholing can be exasperating and even damaging to political discourse, the two dozen or so commentators featured are anything but a chorus of fresh and innovative thinkers who break the dichotomic mold. They are unimaginative, zealous sycophants of the third ‘party’ in American politics, i.e., the media class.

These commentators masquerade as populists too clear-headed and reasonable to be seduced into the bickering and endless partisan sniping of party politics, but most of them fall into four groups: People who have capriciously picked-and-chosen from the two mainstream policy responses on offer like they were at the salad bar in Sizzlers (Harold Ford, Jr., Christopher Buckley); corporate Republicans and internet libertarians who love low taxes but think opposing gay marriage is for superstitious rubes (Robert Guest, Charles Johnson, Joe Scarborough, Ronn Owens, David Frum, Brooks); unscrupulous careerists who drift through multiple administrations and campaigns without a word of dissent, too timid to rock the boat that keeps the money flowing (David Gergen, Douglas Schoen); and dull-minded media creeps who have recently fallen in love with the idea of ‘bipartisanship’ and ‘moderation’ as a means of preserving the technocratic status quo (everyone else, pretty much).

Despite their laughable ‘rebel’ image, everyone profiled, with the exception of Peggy Noonan, shares a broad political orthodoxy: Progress is Good, Technology is Good, Religious Morality is Bad, Capitalism is Good, Racism is Bad, Immigration is Good, and most importantly, The Media is Really, Really Good. In other words, their ideology is little else than diluted bourgeois idealism, and they hew to this ideology as passionately and single-mindedly as the most rabid of party faithful.

Among those mentioned are:

Kathleen Parker

Kathleen is your average conservative commentator. Nary an original thought or idea has fallen from her mouth or found its way into her columns for years. Well, actually, there was that one time she said “…Palin didn’t make a mess cracking the glass ceiling. She simply glided through it.” That was kind of funny; that, along with some recent favorable remarks directed towards tea partiers and political independents, was probably enough to get her on this list.

David Brooks

Neocon extraordinaire-turned-Obama enthusiast. Turns out the Democrats aren’t nearly as averse to global military policing and alienating the working class as he thought they were, so he switched camps. Hooray for ‘centrism’!

Michael Smerconish

‘Conservative’ talk radio host who wants Republicans to stop being so picky about abortion and gay marriage. Another moron who thinks that social traditionalism is what is really holding back GOP success (despite all evidence to the contrary).

Matt Miller

We can have all the benefits of a welfare state, without exorbitant government spending! Miller’s retch-inducing neo-liberal optimism makes George Soros look like Oswald Spengler. Oh, and he supports the Iraq War.

David Frum

Another Jewish neocon who soured on the Republican party after it started to go goy on him. Like Brooks, his welfare-warfare platform found a surprisingly warm reception in the Obama administration, so another ‘centrist’ is born.

One of the smartest people in politics on either side of the aisle, Frum is a committed conservative but a principled patriot first.

Read: social and cultural issues come last; war is the only thing that matters.

Irshad Manji

Dykish-looking Muslim feminist recruited by Canadian liberals as a living advertisement for Western-led ‘reform’ in the Middle East. Her book The Trouble with Islam is the Muslim equivalent of Bishop Spong’s A New Christianity for a New World, another screed on why religions should jettison long-standing moral attitudes in the name of egalitarian freedom. Neocons may also find her useful, too — first we bomb their houses, then we send in brown Gloria Steinems to dissolve their families.

Jon Stewart

Stewart’s patented brand of smug, pseudo-journalistic comedy is among one of the many reasons why I no longer bother watching television. Apparently, a few token attacks on fellow liberal blowhard Keith Olbermann were enough to merit him the centrist crown.

Joe Scarborough

Token MSNBC ‘conservative’ who was vetted for any controversial or thought-provoking opinions before his placement as the host of the Morning Joe program. Ignore.

Andrew Sullivan

With Glenn Reynolds, the leader of the libertarian blog community. Left the Republican party because it made him uncomfortable in his embrace of the buttsex lifestyle. Famous for fondling his own ass on national television.

Ron Brownstein

Ho-hum political analyst whose columns share a chief focus on party fortunes. Unlikely to inspire any emotions, good or bad, on either side of the party aisle.

Mark McKinnon

But he announced in advance that if Barack Obama won the Democratic nomination, he would ride off into the sunset rather than participate in the negative attacks he knew would be required.

All you need to know, really.

David Gergen

Slimy, Rockefeller-type Bohemian Grove veteran whose complete absence of principle carried him unnoticed through the Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Clinton administrations. A bureaucrat-for-life if there ever was one.

Harold Ford, Jr.

Schizophrenic blue dog Democrat who is pro-life but supportive of stem-cell research, fond of the Iraq War but anti-death penalty, and a ‘fiscal conservative’ who supports universal health care legislation.

Charles Johnson

Libertarian jazz guitarist-cum-blogger who leads Israel’s online amen corner; Jewish turban-hunter known for his hysterical anti-Islamic fear-mongering, but despises gentile anti-Islamic groups like Vlaams Belaang because they set off his Shoah-meter.

Doug Schoen

Doug ShoenDoug Schoen

No idea who this is, really. Maybe he makes a living as a professional Dick Cheney impersonator?

Peggy Noonan

The only worthwhile writer in the entire list.

Thomas Friedman

The baron of banality. The king of commonplaces. The master of mixed metaphors.

Give a blackberry-addicted high school guidance counselor column space in the New York Times and you’ll end up with someone like Thomas Friedman. His barely-contained enthusiasm for rootless globalism, and the techno-goodies it brings us (at low, low prices!, he reminds us) would be despicable in itself, but coupled with his naive belief in education-as-panacea and his gushing, ‘gee willikers!’ exposition Friedman easily outranks even David Brooks as the worst of the lot.

David Broder

Professional pundit with frequent appearances on shows like Meet the Press. A drooling admirer of Palin, whom he praised as cool as a cucumber, comfortable with her talking points and unrattled by anything that was thrown at her.

Joe Klein

Author of Primary Colors, a political drama about Clinton’s 1992 Democratic campaign. Like most of the others listed, he’s another fiscally conservative social liberal, but he gets brownie points for questioning conservatives on their ambition to ‘… [use] U.S. military power, U.S. lives and money, to make the world safe for Israel”.

Christopher Buckley

Son of the titan of intellectual conservatism, William F. Buckley; like Frankie Schaeffer, living in daddy’s shadow has pushed him into an embrace of the left, although it’s good to know that (like nearly everyone else on the list) he “clings tenaciously to the idea that one ought to have balanced budgets”.

Robert Guest

Another ‘fiscally conservative, socially liberal’ media nobody. This one writes for The Economist.

Jonathan Capehart

Otherwise unimportant black intellectual that is mentioned solely because he completes The Daily Beast‘s racial quota for this otherwise overwhelmingly pale (and Jewish) roster of pundits.

Joe Gandelman

Who? Apparently, another tweeting blog junkie who thinks moderation qua moderation is, like, the best thing EVER. This one runs a blog called The Moderate Voice.

Ronn Owens

From his book Voice of Reason: Why Both Right and Left Are Wrong:

..while I tend to be liberal when it comes to social issues, I’m far more conservative on foreign affairs.

See a pattern here, yet? He’s a neocon radio jockey who scorns Limbaugh not because (as he claims) he is too ‘far right’, but because he’s his major competitor. His rear book cover also features accolades from Joe Lieberman, Chris Matthews, and John McCain. Barf.

Patricia Murphy

Inoffensive columnist who seems to mostly cover political trivia and “This Week in Politics”-style briefs.

* * * * *

If there’s one more lesson to be gained here, it’s this: To these centrists, supporting stringent controls on sexual morality and immigration is evidence of ‘extremism’ on the right, yet free trade fundamentalism and an invade the world, invite the world mentality somehow complement a ‘moderate’ mindset. Why is this? Why is a platform decked to the gills with all kinds of foolish and quixotic remedies for Big Government and foreign despotism so acceptable to people who claim the mantle of prudence and ‘moderation’?

Again, with the exception of Peggy Noonan, there is not a single cultural or social traditionalist in the entire list. All of them are bland mediacrats who, contrary to their intentions, do nothing but reinforce political conventions — by, for example, claiming pill-popping right-of-center Limbaugh as the apostle of conservative extremism, or by insisting on a ridiculous view of foreign policy that adopts Wilsonian idealism as ‘right-wing’, and Jeffersonian realpolitik as ‘left-wing’.

Instead of opposing the meaningless din of partisan outrage to thoughtful reflection on what ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ even mean, or whether there are indeed any viable alternatives to the Left/Right paradigm at all, we get something even worse: Hacks complaining not that our discourse is shallow, or intellectually bankrupt, or that it is infected with groupthink and milquetoast platitudes, but that it is merely polarizing.

Far from broadening the margins of political debate, they want to narrow them to a tiny consensus of conventional opinions; they claim to be challenging the partisan status quo, yet they want to neuter what little potential for political and intellectual creativity remains. Worst of all, their success speaks to the existence of a large demographic of readers who enjoy media-conditioned horseshit analysis, who genuinely believe that it is ‘extremism’ that is causing our downfall, not the Thomas Friedmans and Glenn Reynoldses of the world. Needless to say, this bodes ill for the future of our democracy.

Mlad is a radical conservative living in the cultural wasteland that is Orange County, California. He can be reached at todieamongstrangers