Mishko and Dietrich, 12/11/2009

December 13, 2009

This Week in Disorganized America: Dietrich calls in from the road. Mishko and Dietrich have special guest Skirnir and take additional calls for the evening. Just an FYI we did have a little problem with the server so about 1/2 the show got lost.

  • We had several callers that discussed current events
  • Tiger Woods, and why you shouldn’t be surprised
  • The collapsing Dollar
  • The Obama’s
  • Alex Jones
  • And much more…


78 Responses to “Mishko and Dietrich, 12/11/2009”

  1. Dawn Landry on December 13th, 2009 10:45 pm

    Great show Mark-I didn’t get to hear the end of it-will listen to the
    archive. How long can the Kwa ignore the blatant truth?

  2. James Brown on December 14th, 2009 12:23 pm

    Adjustable Rate Mortgage, Credit Card debt, and the Domino Effect:

    As people default on Acorn loans, the interest rate rises substantially for those still making payments. As these home owners chase down the market trying to sell their homes, the housing market continues to crash. Soon enough the interest rate is so high that few are able to continue making payments. From here they either have to sell their home at a loss (if they don’t have enough equity) or default on their loan which further feeds the problem for those still making payments. This debt that is accumulated from defaults on adjustable rate mortgages is sold around the world. This contributed heavily to the global economic crisis. The selling of this debt means that home owners are now no longer in the original agreement that they signed, but the agreement of the buyer of their debt. These collection agencies further raise the interest rate, charge hidden costs and fees, at such fraudulent rate that they eventually drive the debtor into bankruptcy. From here, those selling the homes have the home, the moneys they collected, and have sold the debt to Europe. This is classic Zionist Usury. It is wrong. As your credit is ruined by these mortgages, your credit card company also raises the interest rate and demand a complete payoff of debt accumulated. They too sell your debt to a collection agency who again raises the interest rate until it is impossible to pay. This debt is also sold to Europe and around the world. This further feeds the flames of global economic crisis.

    How do I know?

    Because I defaulted on a student loan. My debt was sold to a creditor. I received a bill saying that I owed 50,000 U.S. dollars for 18,000 dollars worth of debt. I reported them to the US Department of Education for fraud and I won. I did not sign a contract with the collection agency, but with the US Dept of Education. The University was audited and cited for unlawful and unethical business practices. They sent me a letter yesterday explaining that I now only owe 16,000 US dollars and was not responsible for the interest accumulated during the three years of debt dispute. That’s right, it took me three years to get justice. As a punishment for my dispute of the loan I was expelled from my University with only a single semester to go. I am one semester away from degrees in both Political Science and English. I am bitter.

    This is why mostly honest people are living in tent city; many of them Veterans whose homes were repossessed while fighting in Iraq. These people are not White Trash. They ARE my brothers. I will stand for them always. I disagreed with many of you on this point and have resigned to agree to disagree. It was a pleasure to meet many of you via skype, but I won’t be back anymore. I just wanted to explain why I felt so strongly about my position. I feel that it would be counter-productive for me to continue to post in your forums. You have a good website, a good show, and I wish you well. No hard feelings. I still agree with the gentleman from England.

  3. Skirnir on December 15th, 2009 3:17 am

    Mordy, this is most convenient, as I have a catapult and some pieces of ham. Your eruv shall be penetrated in the same manner as I penetrated your yenta: spectacularly.

  4. See through you on December 15th, 2009 1:03 pm


    Could you explain to me why Dietrich is putting on that silly voice?

    you guys must think your listeners are the dopiest gits.

    This aint Andy Kaufman here.

    oh vay to a lamentable day.

    all you talk about is in Orwells 84 you guys should go in depth on that prothetic book.. starts with “it was the economy drive for hate week” on the first page.

    man had the system clocked.

    and get some Jimi Hendrix on your playlist mann… Mishkos music aint bad.. liking that foreign one with the intense beat talking about in america.

  5. lalalala on December 15th, 2009 1:19 pm

    In a way your anger against “jews” isnt unvalidated as the predominant ones are not by ancestry but conversion…

    Why suspend your intelligence on this?

    D is a smart dude but you guys fall into this resentment towards these people and in a way that resentment is their victory over you.. because we are all one.. like the Sun, many different reflections but all pertain to the same thing.

    And did you know we were once black in the earliest days?

    look up the word etiolated.

    a german philosophy put this forward.

    Aryan race is beautiful so are many others, the anger all boils down to economics and they win when you get p@@£@d off.

    its all to do with a crooked system from its very foundations… MONEY.

    also you speak off stupid blacks this and that but did you know they were the first astronomers, the first to advance in geometry, the first architects. doctors.

    you guys are very ignorant off all of this.. and you are smart on some things… under read .. and no the books I read are not biased and written by any scholar of an agenda… truth is truth.

    your shows could be great but your division ruins.. its all a pretension.

    we originate from congo

    get out your bongos mann.

    your biased.. in your news too the moment a black person does something wrong you jump on it.. what about whites that commit?

    and you guys are probably foreign your selves given the names.. your attitudes are what would have worked against your ancestors.

    Martin Luther King said it best..

    By the nature of their Character and not colour or creed.

    Truth lads.. dont sway.

  6. Skirnir on December 15th, 2009 5:05 pm

    Whatever it is he was smoking, I want a hit of.

  7. Dietrich on December 15th, 2009 6:38 pm

    In a way your anger against “jews” isnt unvalidated as the predominant ones are not by ancestry but conversion…

    I’m going to answer what I think you meant to say: Saying “those who call themselves Jews” is more correct, but since everyone knows what one means when one says simply, “Jews,” it’s close enough. By the way, this necessary and normal short-hand has zero bearing on the validity of the point, but your shucking and jiving around it is noted.

    D is a smart dude but you guys fall into this resentment towards these people and in a way that resentment is their victory over you.. because we are all one..

    Well, thanks, but no, we’re not all one. Funny though how just previous to this, you tried to invalidate a point by claiming we’re not being 100% accurate (which isn’t even technically possible) in talking about large groups of people under one name out of necessity during broadcasts, only to next write some pap like, “. . . we’re all one.” That’s simply less than 100% accurate out of necessity, that’s just feelgoodism for the genetically challenged.

    And did you know we were once black in the earliest days?

    “We” were? I’ve always been pretty much my present color, thanks. But yes, in referring to our distant ancestors, that is indeed the prevailing guess among anthropologists currently. To that end, “we” were also single-celled organisms at one point. Neither means much, except that if you are right, that means our ancestors took great pains to evacuate from African TNB and populate Europe and Asia, while Africans stayed put, content with their own TNB.

    look up the word etiolated.

    a german philosophy put this forward.

    Yes, it’s about plants. I’m wasting my time here, right?

    Aryan race is beautiful so are many others, the anger all boils down to economics and they win when you get p@@£@d off.

    They “win” when we get angry? Sure, as long as they “win” all the way to my people waking up to what’s happening to them.

    its all to do with a crooked system from its very foundations… MONEY.

    False, if it was about money, or even votes, media and politicians would appeal to Whites, not work against them for their kosher management.

    also you speak off stupid blacks this and that but did you know they were the first astronomers, the first to advance in geometry, the first architects. doctors.

    Name them. No, the “nigcopter” doesn’t count. Or does it?

    you guys are very ignorant off all of this.. and you are smart on some things… under read .. and no the books I read are not biased and written by any scholar of an agenda… truth is truth.

    Name them.

    we originate from congo


    in your news too the moment a black person does something wrong you jump on it.. what about whites that commit?

    Good poing, but nobody’s forced to live and go to school with Whites. You’ve got your ‘hoods, you’ve got your “historically black colleges,” and more. You can get away from Whites if you wish. Whites can’t get away from non-Whites as a matter of law.

  8. Dietrich on December 15th, 2009 6:41 pm

    Could you explain to me why Dietrich is putting on that silly voice?

    Do you mean Mishko’s stand-in co-host, Skirnir? I came in about 1hr on over the phone, which may also be why I didn’t sound as usual.

    I do believe you heard a small piece of Skirnir talking, thought it was me, and fired off your missive. So no, you don’t see through us kthxbye.

  9. Arthur on December 16th, 2009 7:31 am

    To Congo Bongo aka “lalalala” :

    “also you speak off stupid blacks this and that but did you know they were the first astronomers, the first to advance in geometry, the first architects. doctors.’

    Developmentally speaking Sub-Saharan Africa is still about 25,000 years behind the rest of the world. The only traces of civilization in Sub-Saharan Africa today are imported. Perhaps there were some witch doctors in Sub-Saharan Africa in ancient times, but that is in no way related to modern medical practices. Speaking of astronomy and geometry, modern negroes like to take credit for ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt was populated by a Mediterranean sub-race who were not and still are not negroes. There were occasional negro slaves (or Nubians) in ancient Egypt, but they were typically neutered so interbreeding was minimal. In the simpleton view, since Egypt is on the same continent as Sub-Saharan Africa, and we all know that negroes come from Africa, ergo Egyptians are “Africans” and thus the simple minds make the shaky connection that Egyptians are negroes.

    There are many methods to disprove this simpleton view. Firstly look at Egyptian hieroglyphics, look at images of ancient Egyptians. No person of any importance ever appears to have any negro features in the ancient hieroglyphics. And of course we have modern science which can trace genetic lineage via DNA. But of course brainwashed simpletons will refuse to recognize this.

  10. Arthur on December 16th, 2009 9:29 am

    Eureka I have found it. Using the Congo Bongo school of logic I can prove that the first medical doctors were negroes. Modern medicine as we know it is of Greek origin. Cleopatra was also of Greek origin. Cleopatra was queen of Egypt. Egypt is on the continent of Africa. Africa is where negroes come from. Therefore Greeks are negroes.

  11. Bruto on December 16th, 2009 10:02 am

    If Negroes were so intelligent, what happened that they are the most primitive and backward race on earth today? They are still in the stone age compared to Whites. Whites are mental, Negroes are physical. It is obvious they are just now on the first rung of the knowledge ladder. Just one minute past walking upright. They will never catch up with Whites in any field. Political correctness has made the Negro think he is a superman who has been in hiding all these centuries. Their only roles with even slight success was tap dancing slavery.

  12. Bruto on December 16th, 2009 10:14 am

    No, wait! Perhaps I have wronged the Negro. I just read an article that they are being taught “Self awareness” with mirrors.

  13. Arthur on December 16th, 2009 10:44 am

    If you want to split hairs and get technical, Sub-Saharan Africa stalled during the Middle Hand Axe Period of the Paleolithic Era. The archaeological record has yielded evidence that advances in stone technology spread from Europe to Africa up until the time of the Middle Hand Axe Period, which coincides with the desertification of North Africa. The theory holds that over time fewer people traveled through the ever expanding Sahara Desert, and literally the flow of technology stopped flowing south to Sub-Saharan Africa during the Middle Hand Axe Period. As evidence, Mousterian Era stone technology has yet to find its way to Sub-Saharan Africa.

    Sub-Saharan Africa reverted to its natural state and remained primitive until Arab and European sailors began to sail around Africa. Then we start to see an influx of new technology and even traces of civilization creeping into Africa, but only along the costal areas where Arab and European sailors and traders made contact. One factor we consider a big step toward civilization is the domestication of animals. Look at the areas of Sub-Saharan Africa where negroes started domestication of cattle, all costal areas. Ideas and technology were introduced into Sub-Saharan Africa. Even with this knowledge today, Sub-Saharan Africa tends to revert back to a primitive state almost immediately whenever White influence fades.

  14. See through you, round two. on December 16th, 2009 1:44 pm

    Cool you guys actually read these things,

    I agree with a lot of the things you say concerning the Infrastructure as owned and run by many “Jews”… also I agree that this homogenization of cultures “diversity” is bad for people and the roots, its like they are pulled up and replaced instead of standing firm… a loss of IDENTITY.

    However a lot of African people can you not feel for at all??

    they were up rooted and brought to America against their will, and as I’ve learned Jews played a magor part in the shipment and owning the majority of the fields etc, basically your average white guy was no slave owner.

    The African people ignorant of this would naturally hold something against whites having this murky part of history against them.

    It took alot for Black people to affirm a voice in America and you boil this down to some contrivance as wanted by Jews… If you have ever read Malcolm X AUTObiography you will see he was aware of this.. and states when there is an exodus by the whites its first started by the the Jews.. he stated that they supported the Blacks cause but wouldn’t want to live with them :)… he was a very intelligent Black guy.

    they Murdered him when he opened his hearts to whites… he was too dangerous than because he was no longer spouting a purely black movement but a people movement of all colors and cultures.

    A very eloquent passionate speaker and you not respect any of this at all??

    Did you know Native indians were the ones to introduce vitamin C to the europeans?? oh ofcourse that was before the “civilized” Europeans murdered and enslaved them, Columbus another you know who.

    In relation to the word Etiolated… well what powers this life? what is it that all life grows from???? what beyond water is the most fundamental thing to our very survival???

    The SUN, and we white people cant handle it. The very thing that grows life and its dangerous to us.. to Blacks?? Melanin.. nope no problem… the SUN is intense in Africa.. all life comes from Africa it makes sense that as the people migrated to colder weather we became etiolated over time. the very word means to become pallid over time through lack of sunlight.. hence im one pale mother..that cant even sit near a light bulb without burning.

    OK another one for you… MUSIC??? where did those great soulful sounds come from? heard the blues right?? originated from Gospel singers in America.. that later became Rock.. the rolling Stones learned their music from black people, same with elvis, our music today is influenced by the origins of these people, Leadbelly, Robert Johnson, Billie Holiday. The sounds Originate from western Africa.. you guys seem to love the Idea that they are all mindless uncultured savages.

    Why are the Egyptian mummies African, fuzzy hair Black skin. And Cleopatra was black by the way… same with hannibal the roman general.

    Heard of the Moors? the Fez wearing peoples.. the reason Morocco has such beautiful architecture was because of these people, they were black… they knew the geometry, the same geometry present day masons use. The numbers of nature, the spiral, Fibonacci sequence…Divine ratio.

    How Ironic the black Moors built in CasaBLANCA, whitehouse.

    You guys read of from European script.. History goes much further, Did you know the word CHEMistry derives from KHEMET, the name of Ancient Africa… same with alCHEMy.

    how far does the Jewish manipulation and contrivance of history go? you think Alexander the great was really great? or perhaps a murderer that took from people, ancient Knowledge.

    You guys are good but look deep .. look up things like the Mesopotamian civilizations… Advanced science, these people were building while we were still looking for our cans of Guinness in the caves.

  15. See through you, round two. on December 16th, 2009 2:22 pm

    I understand the anger towards these other racial groups I totally do, all based on experience, Ive met lovely people of all colours and had no problems, you see im a Brit, and you guys suffer a worser angst by these groups.. just watch the film training day and you see some parts of America are worse than Bagdad. You guys are armed to the teeth and weapons are in Crackheads hands.. its dangerous.. this is horrible.

    Its understandable, but you cant generalize an entire group of people.. you have your Ideals.. we all do when we’re young, those of a middle to above average intelligence that care about the environment their in… you look outside you see shock and awe.. nasty hellish stories.. what colour were the nutters that did columbine?

    my point is the news you get is it not programmed to Bias too? there could be 50 50 stories between all races and the news will run with 99 percent black, you see it reaffirms your anger.. all the time there were just as bad things done by whites.

    Blacks live in the predominantly poor and run down neighborhoods… hence the more criminal activities… but the majority of the criminals that run your government what colour are they?

    its all how you wish to perceive.

    I hate Rap music but whose to blame.. who gives the platform for the majority of it? pushing this gangster IMAGE.

    but then again we spawned Heavy metal… ouch… ears BLEED.

    Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Nina Simone, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley.. to readdress the balance.

    This one is for Skirner next time your on could you have a long conversation with Dietrich about quantitive easing, I think you two together might just about explain it to me… ill be the car on the monopoly board. mono (one) poly (many) one over many.. Pyramid power.

    why did you create that alias? not ment to be on the show? or an excuse to ramble on with the Egghead stuff.

    the show you did with the man from the south was hilarious, “git of MA GAD damn porch BOY!”

    It was like a character from a Coen Brothers movie.

    take it easy fellas, not having a pop just think the racism is sad…
    Dont forget we colonized the world for god sake.. what lovely gentle people we were.. took from india, south Africa, Burma… Australia (through the Aborigines of the cliffs for godsake..made a big prison)

    other than that your shows are good… Dietrich is very astute and Mishko is more the mother hen making sure things run smoothly.

  16. See through you, round two. on December 16th, 2009 3:07 pm

    To Bruto,

    Have you ever been to Africa? our way of life is Alien to these people, same with the indigenous of many lands, indians for example.

    They are more akin to nature, they live with the earth, we live in BLOCKS, houses etc.

    is TV not a primitive invention? has it not dumbed many?.. is a Car not a primitive invention if we live in close communities. we run on treadmills to get places… very superior and such masterful intelligence.

    Nikola Tesla a GENIUS a great man with photographic memory didn’t want to leave his ideas to us “civilized people”.. the man was shunned by the intellectual community, died penniless, where was us civilized people to see brilliance when it comes… the reason all is electric is because of him, AC alternating current… the guy invented wireless 80 odd years ago… could create weather storms.

    is our way of life more civil that the “savages” that live with the earth. Do they knock our tress ..and kill our lungs?

    do they make sex objects of their women?

    Eat from microwaves? plastic foods.

    look around mann it aint civil we live in a ZOO… we look at a watch to determine the time and no longer the sun… we feel from the head and not the gut. wake up… this a aint civil.

    bombs and guns aint civil. phones with cameras aint civil… the earth under google scope aint civil. Petrol aint civil (and no im not a climate change fundamentalist.. their cap and trade aint civil too..its the SUN)

    we are heading into a new AEON, time is based on the cosmos, our days of the week are named after the planets, Moonday, Saturnday, Sunday.. the others too but you do the etymology.. in french Lundi, mercurday etc… month comes from Mooneth.

    we have 365 days a year because we spin in a circle and each day is a degree, 360 degrees to a circle, the other days left over are on account of the winter and summer solstice.. the time for most religious festivals including ..the equinox.

    the climate is temperamental because of solar flares and the changes.. new times ahead.

    I digress, look around and we are so civil, industry civil? the pill to stop pregnancy civil? chemicals in our foods and water civil?

    illegal wars civil? apartheid civil?

    look around man your a slave wake up and face the music, we all are born into it.

    God if our freedom and not some outdated religion the eternal now, truth, freedom.


  17. See through you, fifty two. on December 16th, 2009 3:29 pm

    Oh yea, just looked at that helicopter,

    thanks for the tears.

  18. Arthur on December 16th, 2009 6:26 pm

    ■See through you, round two.

    You are persuasive and make some good points. I do agree that negroes in Sub-Saharan Africa do live a more natural lifestyle. But I am not willing to concede that “natural” is superior. The law of the jungle is not superior. You can take the boy out of the jungle, but you cannot take the jungle out of the boy. This is why negro crime is so high. Negroes dress in clothes of civilized man and mix with civilized man, but in those primitive little peanut brains they still instinctively live by the law of the jungle.

    I do not mean to bash the negro. I like negroes, as I like other primates such as the chimpanzee and the gorilla. But I do not want my sister or daughter to breed with a gorilla, chimp or negro. So far political correctness (Jews) have not forced gorillas and chimps on me, in my neighborhoods, in the schools, and mandated affirmative action for gorillas and chimps. The only problem ape is the negro since he is forced on me.

  19. round two reply too Arthur. on December 16th, 2009 8:46 pm

    Well I feel sorry you feel this way, in the after life you’ll be met by many… all races and then return to water.. pure unbiased.

    take a raindrop.. its part of the sea.. has no beginning and no end.

    Many blacks are this way because they were severed from their roots.

    What happens? an entire way of life gone and a new one in which your a utility.

    do you like the song Amazing Grace?

    its sung at many funerals… its a song of redemption.. it was written by a White missionary that came to his senses when understanding what hell was brought upon these people.

    they were thrown from ships to die, loyds bank owned.

    you see some will blame the jews for many things but no one is a puppeteer to your own God given conscience.

    White people exploited these people too… as though for hundreds of years it was acceptable.

    you believe in your constitution right? it speaks loud in equality.

    or is it animal farm, some equaler than others?

    you know in bhurma orwell witnessed soldiers throw babies in the air and spike them.

    slaves wombs were cut open.. the most intolarable cruelty. oh yes but none of that happened right?

    Malcolm x father a pastor wasn’t murdered across train tracks by the KKK right?

    we dont go there, the wars in the mid east dark skinned peoples blown to bits, bought and payed for by us…. you dont recive the bloody reccets though, perhaps the injection of fresh oil.

    many are neurotic in America because your double standards.

    your very language is schizophrenic. truth is jews and whites have been living of the backs of these people. just look at where all your stuff comes from.

    Double standards.

    Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;
    None but ourselves can free our mind.
    Wo! Have no fear for atomic energy,
    ‘Cause none of them-a can-a stop-a the time.
    How long shall they kill our prophets,
    While we stand aside and look?
    Yes, some say it’s just a part of it:
    We’ve got to fullfil the book.
    Won’t you have to sing
    This songs of freedom? -
    ‘Cause all I ever had:
    Redemption songs -
    All I ever had:
    Redemption songs:
    These songs of freedom,
    Songs of freedom.

    Bobious Marleous Aurelious (some european poet, I dont know)

  20. Arthur on December 16th, 2009 11:06 pm

    Author: round two reply too

    I have a soft spot in my heart for hippies, even British hippies. You may be misguided, but are not malicious. You are right on target about some things, especially the double standard held by many Americans. The ZOG is incredibly audacious in holding a double standard when it comes to Israel.

    I do have love in my heart for the lesser creatures. I do not believe it abusing any animal. I am a vegetarian, like Hitler was. I have very little love for cancer and parasites such as mosquitoes and jews. But I recognize their place in nature. Their purpose it to make us stronger.

  21. Arthur on December 16th, 2009 11:32 pm

    Negreos are prone to criminality for the same reason that a wild lion is prone to prey on herbivores. Lions and tigers that have been in captivity all their lives sometimes revert to instinctive behavior and attack a trainer or their owners. The negro only has a few centuries of exposure to civilization and is still very much an instinctive creature, as opposed to a cerebral creature. As Mishko often puts it “They think with their junk.”

  22. Bruto on December 17th, 2009 6:35 am

    To: See through you:

    I;ve never been to Africa, but I’ve seen several microcosims in northern cities, however. Anything to do with Negroes is primeval, since you tried to spin the word “primitive” to include cars and televisions. When one uses the word primitive when speaking of a race, one means earliest or original stage.

    From your post, it is obvious that you long to live with the savages, I assume to better your health, knowledge and education. Scatology may enhance your miserable life, Sir..

  23. Bruto on December 17th, 2009 6:48 am

    Bulletin! Bulletin!
    Amazing Grace was not authored by a missionary.

  24. Arthur on December 17th, 2009 7:14 am

    Hippies do not let facts get in the way of their opinions. Hippies tend to be lazy and do not expect anyone to verify their claims.


    Ordained in the Church of England in 1764, Newton became curate of Olney, Buckinghamshire, where he began to write hymns with poet William Cowper. “Amazing Grace” was written to illustrate a sermon on New Year’s Day of 1773. It is unknown if there was any music accompanying the verses, and it may have been chanted by the congregation without music.


    do you like the song Amazing Grace?

    its sung at many funerals… its a song of redemption.. it was written by a White missionary that came to his senses when understanding what hell was brought upon these people.

    Lesson to take away from this: Hippies may use colorful stories to persuade the ill-informed, but anything a hippie says is suspect and should be collaborated before accepting as fact.

    Thanks Bruto for shining the light of scrutiny on this hippie story teller.

  25. round two reply too Arthur. on December 17th, 2009 8:19 am

    to Brute, and the Arth.

    On the word primitive, well arent we the pedant, you never use metaphor or allegory or illustration? does everyone in this court agree that primitive can be used to name a number of things.

    you see we invented this language you present day Americans bastardized… “awesome!” and if your familiar with the Shakespearian verse you’ll see how versatile the amalgamation of distant languages is.

    If your brain is unable to comprehend my meaning than perhaps you should go back to savage school.

    language flows your comedian Bill Hicks knew this and came to Britain to seek refuge from you guys.

    In orwells 1984 he put forward the premise of Newspeak, it is the language you guys use, totally schizts hence the disheartening contradiction with your society, wars for peace, friendly fire..

    some are too damn laughable. you have a corporate language, why do you think Aldous Huxley wrote Brave NEW world. New york, New England, New you guys are babies in the scale of history.

    Though im not totally knocking you all this that is what has become of you wasn’t always, in the earlier days America was a great country, a place of true freedom free from Alien powers, you guys are so sophisticated how long did this Utopia last? while watching friends it crept up on you like a virus, small symptoms, a cold a sneeze.. now your sitting on your death beds, The US is a carcass falling for the flies.

    Moan about your government all you want but it wasnt a Government that made your country it was the everyday man.

    The wool has been pulled, and you guys speak new speak.. you guys are delayed at age too not by your own fault.

    in most european countries drink doesn’t have an age limit.. but you guys have to wait a long time to 21 before you can truly socialize. In Britain its 18, 3 years before we get it out of our system and start growing… at 21 you guys seem like teenagers… not all ofcourse there are exceptions, it seems your maturity is delayed because of the system.

    not talking of you personally.. but the younger generations before you.

    The American Constitution is probably the greatest legal documentation for human rights you created, but the fickleness of the times undermined it.

    thank your Newspeak schools for this… and Big Daddy TV with his ever watchful and parenting eye.

    On Amazing Grace, I know you guys like the quick answers, the fast food.. the conveyor belt without the pause.

    “Wilberforce fostered and supported missionary activity in Britain and abroad.” wiki a slapdash site but this they are right on.. oh yes they made a film of it too… you see he was a trader that had an AMAZING GRACE.. and went on to do and support missionary work.

    No Hippy DUDE, just happy.

    Happy to see character before colour, I know your a lost cause so we leave it at that. Your water kept in a Stone Vase my friend.. a conscience in a box unbeknown of the MACROCOSM.. thats that little thing beyond your own ideals and conceit.

  26. Arthur on December 17th, 2009 9:37 am

    round two, I will concede your point on language. All that poetic license crap is over my head. I am just a working man.

    Some of your other points do hit home, specifically what you wrote about Newspeak. But when you write of the decline of freedom in the USA and “Big Daddy TV with his ever watchful and parenting eye” you conveniently overlook the source of those social ills. There has been a purposeful attack on White America by very devious aliens who are intent on destruction of White culture in America. Most of the ills you write of are directly from those aliens. Some of them are technically America citizens, but they are not American. To quote one of the aliens, “I am not an American citizen of Jewish faith. I am a Jew. I have been an American for 63 years, but…a Jew for 4000 years.”

    In your politically correct country, history professors can be sent to prison for telling the verifiable historical truth if the truth contradicts the fables from the jews.

  27. Bruto on December 17th, 2009 10:16 am

    Round two,

    If you did not know what was meant by primitive in my post, you are in need of help. Since your country invented the language, I have a question for you: Why do you use the word “than” for THEN? I notice you do it often.

  28. Bruto on December 17th, 2009 10:50 am

    Round Two,

    The main thing that has brought the U.S. to its presenr position is being run as a Democracy. It was meant to be a Republic which goes strictly by the Constitution.

  29. Bruto on December 17th, 2009 10:52 am

    And, yes, we know who brought about the change.

  30. round two reply too Arthur. on December 17th, 2009 11:39 am

    Thats was my point,

    im well aware of who America is run by, in fact your ills come from Britain as the banking system is central to this. Cromwell.

    I agree, Republic! well informed representatives adhering to old American freedoms… the Constitution… like in star wars :).. just at present Darth has installed he’s psychopaths… and got the nodding dog looking left, than right, than left again… like tennis there is no left and right but the owners of the court it self that matter in understanding… to why.

    Than in Britain is synonymous with then.. its not like further and farther.

    Its not your fault, there is very intelligent people in America its just the system is rigged against you.. Britain is becoming more dumber too.

    In Britain America is central to popular culture, films music… but unfortunately theres no time for why America came to being.

    Orwell again, who controls the past controls the present who controls the present controls the future.

    well.. Benjamin Freedman clears this one up.

    The sad thing is we like you Americans but obviously not your representatives that misrepresent you… they spin that you guys are dumb.. but we know the media is Sly and fickle… its contrived to be this way by you know who… plus its a big bloody place and states are like countries to us, Britain is a pin head on the map.

    Isn’t there even some states that don’t pay tax there? Alaska maybe im not sure… while in most places the super rich are not taxed at all.

    George Carling put it best. “its a big F***ing club and we aint included”

    I think the times will change on a positive note, revolution is in your blood, only i hope none is spilled getting there.

    People feel the vacuum, the mass psychosis. A collective conscience asleep, it cant go on for ever.

    Sitting on a wave thats heading for a crest.

  31. Skirnir on December 17th, 2009 5:20 pm

    In response to the ‘silly voice’ allegations, you must have caught me doing a jew impression at the beginning of the show, as Mishko does from time to time. Though Rabbi Tapirstein specialises on ervuim, Rabbi Shekelstein, from whom you heard, tends to be involved more in swindling goyim, for he has a face that yells: ‘trust me!’

    As for the hippie nonsense, I would just as soon leave them to their own devices, but they have decided to visit their nonsense here, and thus it becomes my problem. Something powerful, likely supernatural, is causing them to eschew factual arguments with citation in favour of these wishful interpretations one is to take at face value, as Arthur astutely pointed out. O Muses, why have you forsaken these chowder-heads, or is there a tenth Muse, Μωρία (Moria), who did inspire them to write such moronic things? O Cilo, muse of history, and Athena, speak unto them, and very loudly, so that they may not listen to vile Moria any longer!

  32. Arthur on December 17th, 2009 6:03 pm


    Meaning no disrespect Skirnir, but Mishko’s jew voice is a hard act to follow. Mishko has it down pat, so anyone else in comparison may seem amateurish. I appreciate what you brought to the show. I hope to hear more of you in the future. You seem to be a very bright guy.

    “round two” seems like a hippie to me, but he says he is not a hippie, “just happy” (happy is synonymous with gay). But no matter how he refers to himself, his words seem to be more “artsy” or “new age” than my way of thinking. Like that nonsense about being reborn as a drop of rain. In his last post he seems to be an astute guy, with thinking not so far away from my own. “round two” is starting to grow on me and seems to be ok in my view. Anybody who agrees that the jews are the root of the problem is in general agreement with me.

  33. round two reply too Arthur. on December 17th, 2009 7:41 pm

    Very true, I am happy and gay (taking the word back) dancing and singing amongst the splendid and splendiferous butterflies… feeling splendidly.

    some rambles on this our aMUSing.

    artsy no, metaphysics maybe, good Vibrations. New age no, there’s nothing new about the age except the neurotics that have made an industry of it… it simply comes from the precession of the stars… and yes some hippies noted this back in the day..

    “this is the dawning of Aquarius” or does astronomy (star law) fit in the new age category too?!? shame if it does may as well tell the sun go back to bed, cynics wont be needing you this morning.

    On rain drop, I didnt say reborn as such.. we already are.. 70 to 90 percent of our body is made of this hippy thought of fancy… not to mention the first thing that breaks at pregnancy… the earth is mainly water.. more an ocean than an earth.

    Psychology may be a good topic for you guys.. we know who has mainly run this field of fallacy.. yet there’s a “gentile” gem amongst them… Carl Jung.

    The man coined the terms; introvert, extrovert, synchronicity, archetypes, collective unconscious… the guy had much to offer in terms of enlightening the psyche…. you see this field is perverse because of the guy Fraud.. all relating to sex. Carl Jung no.. SPIRIT.

    Whats interesting is those two were friends but split because of their differences on this..

    I note from Jungs Biography Memories Dreams Reflections;

    “I can still recall vividly how Freud said to me, “My dear Jung,
    promise me never to abandon the sexual theory. That is the most
    essential thing of all. You see, we must make a dogma of it, an
    unshakable bulwark.” He said that to me with great emotion, in
    the tone of a father saying, “And promise me this one thing, my
    dear son: that you will go to church every Sunday/’ In some
    astonishment I asked him, “A bulwark against what?” To
    which he replied, “Against the black tide of mud” and here he
    hesitated for a moment, then added “of occultism.” First of
    all, it was the words “bulwark” and “dogma’* that alarmed me;
    for a dogma, that is to say, an undisputable confession of faith,
    is set up only when the aim is to suppress doubts once and for
    all. But that no longer has anything to do with scientific judg-
    ment; only with a personal power drive. ”


    “The impression this conversation made upon me added to my
    confusion; until then I had not considered sexuality as a pre-
    cious and imperiled concept to which one must remain faithful.
    Sexuality evidently meant more to Freud than to other people.
    For him it was something to be religiously observed. In the face
    of such deep convictions one generally becomes shy and reti-
    cent. After a few stammering attempts on my part, the conver-
    sation soon came to an end. ”

    Bingo baby, man had the dude clocked, talmud anybody. they revere this guy in this field… Jung dont get a mention…..why?

    we know why… another great guy for the books Carl Jung.

    Its oh so getting in these contentions and all but at the end of the we got have something educational to add ay?

    me old mucka.

  34. round two reply too Arthur. on December 17th, 2009 7:50 pm

    oh yea if i miss some words out from time to time its because Im having a wank in between typing..

    sorry about that, chronic problem..I have terrible arthritis.

  35. Bruto on December 17th, 2009 8:52 pm

    Round Two,

    “Than in Britain is synonymous with then..”


  36. Skirnir on December 18th, 2009 12:14 am

    Arthur, I would wager a 10oz. bar of silver that this loopy person, is inspired more by acid than by any muse, the fictional Μωρία (idiocy) included.

  37. round two reply too Arthur. on December 18th, 2009 6:24 am

    Yes than can mean horse manure too if you wish.

    You are right I have just broke free from a local institution but why let personal details get in the way.

    You see the bars were closing in and I had to bite my way through a wall, Shawshank Redemption style.

    none of you find that fascinating the Jung story.?.. I wanted to study psyche but was termed of by all the Freudian theories.

    Oedipus bull crap and all, do in your father to sleep with your mother.. you want to talk about crack! put this guy under your microscope of scrutiny.

    Anyway i got a spaceship to catch meeting Hendrix at 9.

    take it easy and in the words of one of your great congress men.. I will be back.

    Arnold running things! the aliens that run america really do crack themselves up… Stalone to be secretary of education..

    “children this is a pencil… and this is an upper cut”

    “can we get ER on the line.. slys broke a knuckle.. some kids face that got in the way”

    oh yea do stay away from Acid.. not good.

  38. Danny and the camberwell carrot on December 18th, 2009 7:02 am

    Dudes brother Nathanael is genuine, theres no way you can fake being that bothered by these people.

    A poem from the old land, John Dryden – Absalom and Achitophel.

    “The Jews, a headstrong, moody, murm’ring race,
    As ever tri’d th’extent and stretch of grace;
    God’s pamper’d people whom, debauch’d with ease,
    No king could govern, nor no God could please;”

    lets brake it down… this was written in the 17c by an English poet…as part of a larger poem.

    Headstrong.. stubburn and thought of as intelligent…
    stretch of grace……..Chutzpah!
    pampered people?… benefactors and beneficiaries.
    last part most revealing… no king could govern??? no president too.. no God could please? never happy always moving…always “troubled”…

    You see they ruled things in Roman times too beneath the surface ..just like the US that has followed on from the Roman Paradigm.. Capitoline Hill.

    Religion was used to control.. religion was Big Brother.. the modern equivalent is CORPORATION.

    You see who wrote religious books? that ruled the people? you know the word Vulgar.. that means common.. was the name of the Bible in Rome.. the Vulgate.

    Why does Philistine mean uncultured barbarian? a philistine was a Palestinian… Bible ancient day spin.. just like the Media.

    Why are children called kids? if a kid is a baby goat?

    Newspeak… in order for America to be free they need to take back their minds.

  39. Bruto on December 18th, 2009 7:50 am

    Danny and the camberwell carrot,

    We also need a Tarpeian Rock for those people and their bought politicians.

  40. Bruto on December 18th, 2009 8:20 am

    Congress and the Senate are an ebay to the “those people.”

  41. Danny and the camberwell carrot (round two) on December 18th, 2009 8:44 am

    Agreed, You cant dispute the facts, or how about your dual citizen chief of staff?

    Or 3 bill and then some to a foreign “friend”..

    what maddens me and should peeve you guys of the most is paying for this crap… its like ..people are what keep the thing going and dont see the usury… ignorant.. another Orwell one..

    the state Maxim Ignorance is strength…

    when he wrote this ever thought about the strength to who?

    the other two maxims were

    Was is peace and Freedom is slavery.

    the guy finished this in 1948 the same year Israel was officially recognized.. 1948.. 84..48..84… recognized by your psychotic Truman.. whom dropped the bomb… he may have been crypto.

    I agree with everything as said by you guys and what VOR does.. except any racism… thats just me… I feel it sometimes lets what you guys do down a bit.

    Its like great information.. eloquent conversation.. and than bang.. darky.. .. stereotypes dont have a problem with.. most are funny.. but i mean a genuine dislike for someone just on colour alone.

  42. Arthur on December 18th, 2009 9:52 am

    Danny and the camberwell carrot (round two) on December 18th, 2009 8:44 am

    You wrote: “but i mean a genuine dislike for someone just on colour alone.”

    I will agree with you there about color. Skin color is not justification for prejudice, in my opinion. People should not be stereotyped based on skin color. However, if one takes a look at the demographics of cities with substantial populations of negroes there is some uniformity. It is highly predictable that the crime rate of any city, state, country, or other district has a correlation to the percentage of negroes.

    I want to justify my position on skin color. Red is a common color of many Pit Bull Terriers, and is also a common color for Labrador Retrievers. One should not judge a dog by its color. Some Pit Bull Terriers are very docile. But statistically speaking one can accurately predict that Pit Bull Terriers are more prone to bite, fight, or otherwise engage in aggressive behavior than Labrador Retrievers.

    It is not skin color I abhor, I am adverse to behavior that includes a proclivity towards criminality and other social degeneracy. I just so happens that negroes are culturally inclined to exhibit many of the tendencies that I prefer to avoid. In addition to a proclivity to crime, negroes also have disproportionately high rates of sexually transmitted diseases, especially AIDS. There are more likely to be recipients of public assistance and more likely to be poor in spite of government largess being directed at negroes. Negroes consistently score at the bottom of intelligence tests worldwide.

    I am not prejudiced against viruses or cancer, however I would prefer to avoid contact with them. Some cancer and some viruses may be very nice, but I do not want to get to know them individually to discern which ones are nice and which ones are potentially harmful to me. I’d rather just steer clear of all of them. It is unfortunate that a few bad cancers and viruses have muddied up the reputation of other benign cancers and viruses, but that is not my concern. I think I am justified in avoiding even the nice cancers and viruses. There may be some fine upstanding negroes here and there too, but I do not want to find out. I’d rather avoid them all.

  43. Danny and the camberwell carrot (round two) on December 18th, 2009 10:18 am

    To Arthur,

    It was people like stalin that regard people as a number, a demographic, one dies its a tragedy a thousand and its just a statistic..

    Its true in America Black communities are volatile, but the history of it is people crammed into cities no jobs or opportunities drugs allowed in by your CIA… central intelligence for who once again..

    by design… and aids was a man made curse not some manifestation from intimacy with some beloved monkey.. originated in western Africa along with the polio vaccine… its a modern virus with no pathology sprung from nowhere.. accept the sick scientist that medalled with kidneys of chimpanzees.

    Makes sense vaccine and oh a few months later Aids.. first case in the 50s..same time… also did you know the cure or palliative treatment comes from African people… over time nature and immune system built up a defense against it.

    You see you regard them as Dogs.. an attitude not so far from a talmudic jew..regarding.. us.. gentile.

    it is a form of contempt.. because of economics…. run down cities.. dodgy people… I know many run down cities with whites that can be just as hostile.. accept not with Guns.

    If it wasnt for the fact of your occupied Government your Gun culture is one of the worsest ills.. if we talk demographics in most european countries the violence is a shadow in comparison to what goes on in the US.

    but the other side to it is people want to protect themselves.. its kind of the cart before the horse.. one is the brother of the other.

    I put it down to bad experiences.. that shape peoples outlook.. perhaps you had a terrible time with some racial groups that shape the way you look at all.

    But it is a bit like a politician.. the stats, demographics…or even a merketer.. “we see most people of these groups” etc

    but outside of America its a different story.. there is cultured people…. you may be the majority in your country but in terms of the world.. us white people are the Minority.

    Imagine these groups got together…. wouldn’t stand a chance..imagine they thought of you in the same light… a cancer or virus?

    good night mate.. good luck with that.

    one percent of chinas population alone.. could Bruce lee us out of town.

    the spiral of contempt has recourse.. Karma.

  44. Danny and the camberwell carrot (round two) on December 18th, 2009 10:47 am

    You guys seem to be coming from the Nietzschean line of thought,

    the superman. Master and slave bull crap..

    to speak of people in such a way highlights a sense of superiority.

    Its also known as fascism.

    We good, they bad, we all equal but some more equal than others.. four legs good two legs bad..

    Is there no black people you respect?

    if not personal then from history at all?

    Nelson Mandela, Luther King, Ghandi…

    musicians? Hendrix, Marley…

    Hendrix had to come to britain to get away from the prejudice in America…

    Muhamed Ali? while whites were over in vietnam this guy stayed home, why should he fight and kill other black folks when the black folks suffer the same for that very country… this ring a bell?

    you think segregation was a good thing? how petty the seats on the bus was.. ay?

    You do know we harvest their resource and lived of their backs?.. even today with the oil in the mid east…and the opium.

    Yes maybe the you know whose of this world manipulated these things to being.. but where were the cultured white people to put the brakes on it?

    taking tea from India.. and making surfs of the land.

    its funny there is like a hierachy to this slavery… Jews at the top.. whites beneath and blacks beneath the whites… BIG BROTHER.

    Are you not conditioned?

    to not recognize the blatant obvious, the jews colonized you and you colonized the blacks… the blacks colonize themselves.

    Welcome to european history.

  45. Arthur on December 18th, 2009 11:10 am

    I am not comparing animals or viruses to people. I am referring to behavior. But since you accuse me of comparing humans to animals I will do so. To make another animal analogy, it is well known that Grizzly Bears are prone to predation. I suspect that some gentle giant Grizzlies may be predominately herbivores. I should not automatically prejudge all Grizzlies based on the reputation of some Grizzlies. Some Grizzlies may be very docile and non-threatening. However, if I were camping and a full grown Grizzly charged into my campsite, would I be justified to presume this Grizzly may be dangerous? Fortunately I am not forced to send my kids to school with wild Grizzlies, or have them integrated into my neighborhood. When I am out in bear country and I see a big Grizzly approaching, I do presume he is a predator and may be dangerous and I take necessary precautions. It is natural to do the same when other well known predators approach. However, political correctness tells us that we should not prejudge people based on the known characteristics of the majority of those of the same race. So it is not socially acceptable for me to consider an approaching negro as a likely predator. In reality negroes are far more dangerous than Grizzlies, if we compare the statistics.

  46. Danny and the camberwell carrot (round two) on December 18th, 2009 11:30 am

    Forget the political correct nonsense thats another breach of your independent thought and opinion.

    True about grizzlies.. but im yet to see one pick up an electric guitar… and bring music into a new kind of fruition.

    Its true there’s danger.. but the cause is more complex to why the effect.

    I wouldn’t want to live amongst people where your under a constant potential of troubles… your points are valid.. but I recognize why it is…

    Many blacks cant wait to get out of those neighborhoods themselves.. peace of mind.

    But their behavior is not indicative of all.. and I know many black people that are good people, than again this is in Britain.. less problems.

  47. Arthur on December 18th, 2009 11:34 am

    ■Danny and the camberwell carrot (round two)

    Speaking of segregation and apartheid, why does your country whole-heartedly support the racist regime that occupies Palestine and brutally and violently subjugates the indigenous population? This is not something that happened in the past, but this is something that continues to occur at this very moment, with the blessing and financial support of the British people.

    You write of how negroes in America have suffered from prejudice, segregation, and discrimination. Compare the life of the average negro in America to the average negro in a typical African country. Which negro would you think has the better lifestyle?

    You also earlier wrote about America being a gun culture and you seem to think that is a bad thing. What do you think about the Swiss? Try to find a household in Switzerland without a gun. The Swiss are at peace and not so prone to violence or crime. The reason is that Switzerland is still predominately White. Guns are not the problem

  48. Danny and the camberwell carrot (round two) on December 18th, 2009 11:49 am

    Its America and Britain.. you guys support Israel with bucks and so does Britain.. you see the people of this country dont support.. but you dont get that in the media.. the mass of millions of demonstrations.

    The reason for this is America was assimilated by the banking system from over here…. corrupt to the core.

    Rothschild ring a bell? they along with Zionists set that state up.

    Well when you talk of the “negro” which is just latin for black.. in America.. it depends what you mean by Africa.. its a massive place.. some countries are doing well.. some not.. western Africa is far better of than lets say Zimbabwe.

    your generalizations show no degree of knowledge on this..which is a shame as it reaffirms your thoughts about them.

    Africa was such a dump.. that loads of whites actually moved there.. crazy ay?!?!?!

    Switzerland point noted.. but hits the windscreen like a fruit fly… one country a very tame one at that.. its full the rich.. central banks.. off shore accounts.. geneva… big deal.. lets talk countries.. France, Germany, Belgium, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Portugal…and so on.

    You do think a bit like a guy from the day.. lynch mobs etc.. people have come a long way… you want to go back to those days?!?!?!

  49. Arthur on December 18th, 2009 11:49 am

    round two

    Now I can see some of your point about negative stereotyping. You just stereotyped me as a detractor based on what others wrote about you. I never wrote “bull” in response to your posts. That was a different person, but you threw me in that group and stereotyped me. Go back and read the posts. It was not me who wrote that about you.

    I am a victim of your stereotyping and prejudice. I should call the NAAWP. There really is such an organization, but I am not really going to call them because I am not a crybaby wimp.

  50. Danny and the camberwell carrot (round two) on December 18th, 2009 11:56 am

    No i wasn’t relating the Bull to you, i was agreeing that the Political correctness is bull.. dont let it get in the way we know whose pushing that.

    they want a gagged society.. censorship aint my thing mate.. freedom of thought, speech, opinion.. American constitution.

    We are not children.. people cant be or shouldn’t be suppressed for what the think..

    another Orwell – Thought Crime, God how this mans semantics was ahead of the game.

  51. Arthur on December 18th, 2009 12:09 pm

    round two

    Read my words carefully. I wrote “Compare the life of the average negro in America to the average negro in a typical African country.” The specific word I used was “typical.” That does not refer to the richest or poorest but to the typical African country.

    Have a look at what the United Nations recently stated about Africa:

    ”Hence, the bad news: two of every five Africans live in absolute poverty, and their numbers are rising. Also, four-fifths of “low human development countries” — those with high population growth rates and low income, literacy and life expectancy — are in Africa.”


  52. Arthur on December 18th, 2009 12:36 pm

    Danny and the camberwell carrot (round two) You wrote:

    “ your generalizations show no degree of knowledge on this..which is a shame as it reaffirms your thoughts about them.”

    It is true that I have never been to Africa. But I still stand by my generalizations about Sub-Saharan Africa (black Africa). There is a bulk of evidence indicating that Sub-Saharan Africans fare worse than North Americas or Europeans in standards of living. The evidence is overwhelming and I feel no compulsion to go there in person to verify.

    I have also never been to the moon but I believe that the moon is more barren than Earth, based on evidence I have seen. Again the evidence is sufficient and I need not go there to verify in person.

    Back to the original point, I was referring to the typical negro in America compared to the typical negro in Africa. Of course there is individual variation, that is why I use the word “typical.’ Not all North Americans and Europeans live better than all Africans, and I never made such a claim. The point is that negroes in America on average live better than negroes in Africa. Perhaps my bastardized American version of English is at fault. But in American English “typical” means:

    1 : constituting or having the nature of a type : SYMBOLIC
    2 a : combining or exhibiting the essential characteristics of a group b : conforming to a type

  53. Danny and the camberwell carrot (round two) on December 18th, 2009 12:53 pm

    But you run of from european script…

    education? what does a tribesman do with economics..

    In some parts they play with diamonds as though they were just stones.. we attribute this value.. they are coming from a totally different paradigm.. an alien to us form of living.

    thats my point.. you may look at this as primitive but .. we live the “modern” way of life.. they carry on in the same way for thousands of years.. thanks to industry they are becoming an endangered people.

    who is the cancer? honestly?? big business men..

    you say who is better of.. well its hard to answer both lifes are poles apart from one another.

    Imagine a life where your food grows beside you… you live in a community.. your survival is food based.. food and shelter.. your medicine comes from the bush.. oh yes this is where our “modern” stuff comes from.. plants.. and who had the knowledge of these for thousands of years?

    A tribesman would laugh at the idea of Bills… bills to power the sun, and bills to the clouds… everything has a price in our culture.

    they are even trying to put a price on carbon.. a natural gas..will end at methane??

    when the shipmen were dying of scurvy around the time of columbus who introduced the citrus fruits knowing it would cure their ailments?

    oh so primitive our medicine came from their knowledge of the plants.

    Different lifes its not such an easy thing to determine.. and your “stats”.. well some communities are lucky enough to remain un scrutinized..

  54. Skirnir on December 18th, 2009 4:00 pm

    Maaaaan, is that the BC bud I am hearing?

  55. Arthur on December 18th, 2009 6:26 pm

    You do make a valid point about the bushmen and bills. Banks and credit rating institutions noticed long ago that negroes are less likely to pay their bills. But this was seen as racism so the government stepped in to impose regulations and new programs to insure that negroes got credit. This is partially why there is a banking crisis today. Many people do not pay their bills. You can take the bushman out of the bush, but you cannot take the bush out of the man. Even after a few centuries of domestication, negroes are still prone to behave instinctively.

  56. Proof that Alex Jones' Wife is Jewish on December 18th, 2009 7:12 pm

    Well, I’m sorry to interrupt all of these nonsensical bullshit posts, but I heard you guys talking about Alex Jones in this show and I thought I would give you guys the proof that his wife is Jewish. I discovered the proof earlier this year on the genealogy website

  57. Proof that Alex Jones' Wife is Jewish on December 18th, 2009 7:34 pm

    Here is documentation from two genealogy websites( and proving that both of Alex Jones’ wife’s mother’s parents are Jewish.

    This means that Alex Jones’ wife’s mother is fully Jewish, which means that Alex Jones’ wife herself is at least 50% genetically Jewish. But, significantly, this also means that according to traditional Jewish Halakah law, Alex Jones’ wife is fully Jewish, because according to traditional Jewish Halakah law, a person is considered to be fully Jewish if their mother is Jewish, regardless of the race, ethnicity, or religion of their father.

    In addition to this, Alex Jones’ wife’s father’s middle name is ‘Lowe’, which means that in all probability he is Jewish as well(‘Lowe’ is almost an exclusively Jewish name). This would mean then that Alex Jones’ wife is genetically 100% Jewish. But even if Alex Jones’ wife’s father were not Jewish, Alex Jones’ wife would still be considered fully Jewish by traditional Jewish Halakah law, because her mother is fully Jewish.


    Here is documentation from the genealogy website proving that Alex Jones’ wife’s mother is Jewish.

    Proof that Alexander E. Jones(Alex Jones) is married to Kelly R. Nichols(Kelly Rebecca Nichols):

    Proof that Kelly Rebecca Nichols(Kelly R. Nichols) is the daughter of Edmund Lowe Nichols and Sandra Kay Heiligman:

    Proof that Sandra Kay Heiligman is the daughter of H. Heiligman(Haskell Heiligman) and Velma Ruth Lattimer:

    Proof that Haskell Heiligman(H. Heiligman) is Jewish:

    Proof that Velma Ruth Heiligman(nee Lattimer) is Jewish:


    Here is documentation from the genealogy websites and proving that the Heiligman family are Jewish immigrants from Russia:

    Proof that the Heiligman family is Jewish:

    Proof that the Heiligman family are immigrants from Russia:

  58. Proof that Alex Jones' Wife is Jewish on December 18th, 2009 7:35 pm

    Alex Jones’ wife’s name is Kelly Rebecca Nichols. Her nickname is “Violet”.

    Her father’s name is Edmund Lowe Nichols. Her mother’s name is Sandra Kay Heiligman.
    ‘Lowe’ and ‘Heiligman’ are almost exclusively Jewish surnames.

  59. Proof that Alex Jones' Wife is Jewish on December 18th, 2009 7:40 pm

    And that’s only the tip of the iceberg of Alex Jones’ Jewish connections. He has many others.

  60. Dawn Landry on December 18th, 2009 7:46 pm

    What are you doing for our race-what are you doing for the white race?

  61. Mishko Novosel on December 18th, 2009 9:39 pm

    Holy smokes do we need to create a forum for you guys?

  62. Proof that Alex Jones' Wife is Jewish on December 18th, 2009 11:02 pm
  63. Proof that Alex Jones' Wife is Jewish on December 18th, 2009 11:07 pm

    Alex Jones’ Wife was an “Attack Dog” for PETA

    Alex Jones admitted on his radio show on May 6, 2009 that his wife Kelly Rebecca Nichols was an employee of the animal rights organization PETA in the mid-1990′s at a very high level. He said that she worked in the organization’s headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia. He said that she “immediately went right to the top” and “happened to get right in to the inner circle” and was “just immediately in the upper sanctum” of the organization because of “blind luck or whatever” or because “she was smart” and “they liked her”. He said that she was “only there a few months” and that she “left pretty fast.” He said that PETA “used her for media” because she “had a degree in that”, and that she “has been on the cover of USA Today” in connection with an article about PETA. He said that his wife was PETA’s “attack dog”. He said that she was offered a “lucrative book deal” by a “major publisher” with a $50,000 advance to tell her story about the inner workings of PETA, but that she turned it down because she was afraid of retaliation from PETA employees, and that he advised her against the book deal because “nobody would believe” her stories about PETA.

    Alex Jones specifically talks about his wife’s connections with PETA during the following segments of his radio show interview with David Martosko of the Center for Consumer Freedom:

    Part 1
    00:16 – 01:10, 02:50 – 03:45, 04:16 – 04:30, 05:20 – 06:12, 08:44 – 09:23

    Part 2
    01:30 – 01:53, 03:07 – 03:20, 05:40 – 06:48

    Alex Jones’ wife Kelly Rebecca Nichols was involved in two very high profile publicity stunts while working for PETA. In 1996 she threw a tofu cream pie into the face of fashion designer Oscar de la Renta while he was in a Dallas, Texas department store for a fashion promotion. Also, in the same year, she threw a dead raccoon onto the dinner plate of Vogue editor Anna Wintour while she was dining at the Four Seasons restaurant in New York City. The Anna Wintour dead raccoon incident in particular is very famous. It is probably the most famous publicity incident in PETA’s history. If you perform a Google search for the terms “anna wintour” + “dead raccoon”, you will see hundreds of articles referencing this story on the world wide web:

    Here are two articles that reference the Oscar de la Renta tofu cream pie incident and one article that references the Anna Wintour dead raccoon incident:


    Oscar de la Renta got egg well, actually tofu on his face.

    The fashion designer was at the Neiman Marcus store in Dallas for a fashion promotion and to emcee a little fashion show when a member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) ambushed him and smushed a tofu cream pie in his face. (Hey, whatever happened to the ethical treatment of people?)

    Ms. Kelly Nichols, who also yelled “Fur shame Oscar kills,” was protesting the fact that the Big O still designs with pelts. So she pelted him and was taken into police custody.

    Now who’s the laughing clown?

    Oscar de la Renta takes a pie. He is currently a two-time recipient. In an interview with Fashion Week Daily, he commented on his experiences: “I was doing promotions on the ground floor of a store, once in Dallas and another time in Portland, Oregon. I got a huge lemon meringue pie in my face. The first time I didn’t press charges because I said, ‘This is a desperate woman. But next time, please try another flavor.’ “

    Anna Wintour

    A fur protester (again, acting independently of PETA) dumps a dead raccoon on Anna Wintour’s plate at the Four Seasons, shouting the trademark Wintourian insult, “Fur hag!” We can’t help but be a little disappointed with protesters on this one. You drop a rotting raccoon carcass on the woman’s dinner plate and the best insult you can come up with is “fur hag”? The Independent does later track down the raccoon-thrower, who vouched for Wintour’s loyal fan base and said, “There are many people at Condé Nast and at Vogue who wanted to help me, and I soon got a call telling me she was going to be at the Four Seasons.” Ooh . . . mutiny! A new wrinkle in the fabric!

  64. Proof that Alex Jones' Wife is Jewish on December 18th, 2009 11:32 pm

    Alex Jones Qualifies for Israeli Citizenship

    The popular internet and radio talk show host broadcaster Alex Jones is eligible to migrate to the state of Israel and claim automatic Israeli citizenship under Israel’s “Law of Return”, because his wife is Jewish. The Israeli “Law of Return” statute was amended in 1970 to include [i]spouses of Jews[/i].

    Law of Return

    The Law of Return (Hebrew: חוק השבות, ḥok ha-shvūt) is Israeli legislation, enacted in 1950, that gives Jews, those of Jewish ancestry, and their spouses the right to migrate to and settle in Israel and gain citizenship.


    On July 5, 1950, the Knesset, Israel’s Parliament, enacted item 5710-1950 the Law of Return.[1] Follow-up legislation on immigration matters was contained in the Nationality Law of 1952. These two pieces of legislation combine religion, history, nationalism, and democracy, in a way unique to Israel. Together, the legislation grants special rights to Jews with the aim of facilitating their immigration to the Jews’ ancestral homeland.

    The Law of Return declares that Israel constitutes a home not only for the inhabitants of the State, but also for all members of the Jewish people everywhere—be they living in poverty and fear of persecution or in affluence and safety.

    The law gives the right of return to those born Jews (having a Jewish mother or grandmother), those with Jewish ancestry (having a Jewish father or grandfather) and converts to Judaism (Orthodox, Reform, or Conservative denominations—not secular—though Reform and Conservative conversions must take place outside the state, similar to civil marriages).

    Eligibility requirements

    Those who immigrate to Israel under the Law of Return are immediately entitled to citizenship. However, differences of opinion have arisen as to whether a person who claims citizenship under the Law of Return should be automatically registered as “Jewish” for census purposes. According to the halakhic definition, a person is Jewish if their mother is Jewish, or if he or she converts to Judaism. Charedi citizens of Israel generally do not recognize conversions performed by Reform or Conservative Judaism. However, the Law provides that any Jew regardless of affiliation may migrate to Israel and claim citizenship.

    Originally, the Law of Return was restricted to Jews only. A 1970 amendment, however, stated that, “The rights of a Jew under this Law and the rights of an oleh under the Nationality Law… are also vested in a child and a grandchild of a Jew, the spouse of a Jew, the spouse of a child of a Jew and the spouse of a grandchild of a Jew”.

  65. Proof that Alex Jones' Wife is Jewish on December 18th, 2009 11:40 pm

    Alex Jones and his Entire Family Qualify for Israeli Citizenship

    Alex Jones’ wife and three(3) children are Jewish. Because they are Jewish, they are eligible to emigrate to Israel and receive automatic Israeli citizenship under the “Law of Return”. Israel’s “Law of Return” allows any Jewish person anywhere in the world to immigrate to the state of Israel and receive automatic citizenship. In addition, Alex Jones himself also qualifies for automatic Israeli citizenship, because the Israeli “Law of Return” was amended in 1970 to include spouses of Jews. Alex Jones is the spouse of a Jew, so he qualifies for Israeli citizenship under the “Law of Return”. Since Alex Jones and his entire family qualify for Israeli citizenship, Alex Jones and his entire family are therefore de facto dual citizens of the state of Israel.

  66. Alex Jonesberg on December 18th, 2009 11:42 pm

    Is Alex Jones Planning to Flee to Israel with his Jewish Family?

    Alex Jones employs a high powered and very expensive female Jewish attorney named Elizabeth M. Schurig. Keep in mind that Alex Jones and his Jewish wife and children all qualify for Israeli citizenship:

    “Ms. Schurig represents a wide array of clients faced with multi-jurisdictional tax, estate, and business planning issues. She is experienced in the design of complex estate and business plans for U.S., non-U.S., and dual-citizen clients, and in assisting such clients with their pre-immigration and expatriation tax planning.”

  67. Alex Jonestein on December 18th, 2009 11:48 pm

    Alex Jones’ Flagship Radio Station is Owned by a Jew

    “The Alex Jones Show

    Alex’s mainstay is his nationally syndicated news-talk show from his studio in Austin and broadcast on the Genesis Communication Network, based in Minnesota. The Alex Jones Show airs on over 60 AM, FM, and shortwave stations across the United States Monday through Friday from 11:00 a.m.—3:00 p.m. Central Standard Time. As well, Alex’s show is the largest draw for the talk genre on Shoutcast and the Internet. As of April 2008 a fourth hour has been added to the show, running between 2 p.m.—3 p.m. CST. In addition, Alex does a syndicated and nationally broadcast Sunday show on Emmis Communications’ KLBJ 590 AM in Austin, Texas.”

    “Veteran broadcaster Alex Jones brings his unique perspective to the KLBJ team with a brand new, hard-hitting news and information program unlike any other on the air. Jones is a seasoned investigative journalist who has broken hundreds of national stories during his career. He is an aggressive Constitutionalist who digs deeply into the facts to defend property rights, our nation’s borders, and the Second Amendment while he sends out a rallying call to the American people to resist foreign entanglements and wars for corporate interests. Jones eschews the bogus political labels of “left and right” and instead focuses on what really matters: what’s right and wrong. With this powerful new program, Jones brings more of the same dynamic interviews and insightful commentary that he presents on his nationally syndicated radio broadcast Monday through Friday to folks in Central Texas every Sunday afternoon from 4:00-6:00pm.

    KLBJ AM is owned by a company called Emmis Communications:

    “One of the nation’s most respected diversified communications companies, Emmis Communications (NASDAQ: EMMS) owns and operates radio and magazine entities in large and medium sized markets throughout the U.S. Emmis is the 9th largest radio group in the U.S (based on listeners) and has been voted the Most Respected Radio Company in a poll of industry CEOs.”

    “Emmis (the Hebrew word for “truth”) went public in 1994 and now owns and operates radio stations in the nation’s largest markets, including: WRKS-FM (98.7 KISS FM), WQHT-FM (HOT 97) and WRXP-FM (101.9 RXP) in New York City; KPWR-FM (Power 106) in Los Angeles; and WKQX-FM (Q101) and WLUP-FM (The Loop) in Chicago.”

    “Emmis Radio also owns and operates: KDHT-FM, KBPA-FM, KGSR-FM, KLBJ-AM, KLBJ-FM, and KROX-FM in Austin; KSHE-FM (KSHE95), KPNT-FM (105.7 The Point), KFTK-FM (97.1 FM Talk) and KIHT-FM (K-Hits 96) in St. Louis; WLHK (Hank FM), WIBC (93.1 FM), WFNI-AM (1070 The Fan), WYXB (105.7 FM), and Network Indiana in Emmis’ hometown of Indianapolis; and WTHI (99.9 FM) and WWVR (105.5 FM) in Terre Haute, IN. The company’s international division operates Sláger Rádío, the #1 radio network in Hungary, three networks in Bulgaria, and Radio Expres in Slovakia.”

    The founder, president, chief executive officer, and chairman of the board of directors of Emmis Communications is a Jew named Jeffrey H. Smulyan:

    Jeffrey H. Smulyan, 60, serves as Chairman of the Board of Emmis Communications Corporation, an Indianapolis-based radio, TV and magazine publishing company with operations in 10 U.S. markets, as well as Hungary, Belgium, Bulgaria and Slovakia. A cum laude graduate of the University of Southern California with a B.A. in History and Telecommunications, Smulyan earned a Juris Doctor degree from USC School of Law, where he served as note and comment editor of the USC Law Review.

    After operating two radio stations – WNTS in Indianapolis and KCRO in Omaha – Smulyan formed and became principal shareholder of Emmis in 1980. A public company since 1994, Emmis owns and operates 21 FM and 2 AM radio stations in the nation’s largest markets; six local, regional and national magazine operations; and the No. 1 radio network in Hungary and nine radio stations in the Flanders region of Belgium. Emmis is currently in the process of selling its 16 television stations and has announced the sale of 15 of them. In 1995, Emmis became the first company to own top-rated stations in New York and Los Angeles simultaneously.

    A former director of the National Association of Broadcasters and former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Radio Advertising Bureau, Smulyan serves as past chair of the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership, a consortium of CEOs from central Indiana’s largest corporations, sits on the Board of Trustees of the University of Southern California and the Board of Directors of Finish Line, Inc., an athletic apparel company. He is a member of the American, Indiana and Federal Communications bar associations, and has served on numerous civic boards and committees. As principal shareholder, he led a group that purchased the Seattle Mariners baseball team in 1989, selling the club three years later. During that time, Smulyan served on the Major League Baseball owner’s Ownership and Television committees.

    In 2000, Smulyan was honored with the American Women in Radio and Television’s Silver Satellite Award, the National Association of Broadcasters’ National Radio Award, and as Radio Ink’s “Radio Executive of the Year.” In 1995, the radio industry newspaper, R & R, voted Smulyan one of the 10 most influential radio executives of the past two decades. He received the American Women in Radio and Television’s Star Award in 1994 and the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from Ernst & Young the following year. In 2004, he was inducted into the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame. Other honors include the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Breath of Life Award; the Jewish National Fund’s Tree of Life Award; the Indianapolis Business Journal’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award; the Leukemia Society Diamond of Hope Award; the State of Indiana’s “Sagamore of the Wabash”; and he has been inducted into the Indiana Business Hall of Fame.

    In 1994, Smulyan was named by The White House to head the U.S. Delegation to the Plenipotentiary Conference of the International Telecommunications Union. As a United States Ambassador, he represented the U.S. in various bilateral meetings, negotiating a landmark agreement between Israel and the PLO.

    In 2005 Emmis was named one of FORTUNE magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” and for the last two years Emmis has been named one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana.

    Smulyan, who enjoys sports, politics and reading, resides in Indianapolis with his wife, Heather. He has three children: Samantha, Cari and Bradley.

    Here is his picture:

  68. Alex Jonestein on December 18th, 2009 11:55 pm

    Alex Jones is Now being Broadcast on Sirius XM Radio

    The popular internet and radio talk show host Alex Jones is now being broadcast on XM Radio every Saturday from 6:00pm to 9:00pm on Channel 165 – Talk Radio:

    XM Satellite Radio merged with Sirius Satellite Radio on July 29, 2008:

    SIRIUS and XM Complete Merger

    “NEW YORK, July 29, 2008 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX News Network/ — SIRIUS Satellite Radio (Nasdaq: SIRI) and XM Satellite Radio today announced that they have completed their merger, resulting in the nation’s premier radio company. The new company plans to change its corporate name to SIRIUS XM Radio Inc. The combined company’s stock will continue to be traded on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the symbol “SIRI.”

    SIRIUS XM Radio begins day one with over 18.5 million subscribers, making it the second-largest radio company, based upon revenue, in the country; and, based upon subscribers, the second largest subscription media business in the U.S. With under 10% penetration of the home and car market, the opportunity for continued growth is significant.

    “I am delighted to announce the completion of this exciting merger between SIRIUS and XM,” said Mel Karmazin, CEO of SIRIUS XM Radio. “We have worked diligently to close this transaction and we look forward to integrating our best-in-class management teams and operations so we can begin delivering on our promise of more choices and lower prices for subscribers.”

    “Every one of our constituencies is a winner. Combined, SIRIUS XM Radio will deliver superior value to our shareholders. By offering more compelling packages and the best content in audio entertainment, we are well positioned for increased subscriber growth. Our laser focus on subscribers will continue and listeners can be assured that there will be no disruption in service. We also believe that the completion of the merger will eliminate any confusion that has been lingering in the marketplace,” added Karmazin.”

    The chairman of the board of directors of Sirius XM Radio is a Jew named Eddy W. Hartenstein:

    The Sirius XM Radio executive management team consists of six(6) people, five(5) of whom are Jews:

    Executive Management:

    “Sirius XM Radio has assembled a highly experienced team that is bringing satellite radio out of the future and into the present.”

    Mel Karmazin(Jew) – Chief Executive Officer, Sirius XM Radio Inc.

    Scott Greenstein(Jew) – President and Chief Content Officer, Sirius XM Radio Inc.

    James E. Meyer(Jew) – President, Operations and Sales, Sirius XM Radio Inc.

    Dara Altman(Jew) – Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, Sirius XM Radio Inc.

    Patrick L. Donnelly(White European) – Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Sirius XM Radio Inc.

    David J. Frear(Jew) – Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Sirius XM Radio Inc.

  69. Alex Jonestein on December 18th, 2009 11:57 pm

    Summary of Alex Jones’ Jewish Connections

    1.) He has a Jewish wife named Kelly Rebeca Nichols, and he has three(3) children with her.

    2.) He and his Jewish wife and children all qualify for Israeli citizenship under Israel’s “Law of Return”.

    3.) He has at least nineteen(19) Jewish sponsors and advertizers that financially support his radio show and websites.

    4.) He has a Jewish lawyer named Elizabeth M. Schurig who is also the lawyer for Holly Lev Bronfman, the sister of Edgar Bronfman, Jr. Thus there are only two degrees of separation between Alex Jones and the Bronfman family, one of the most powerful Jewish Zionist families in the world.

    5.) His flagship radio station, KLBJ AM, in Austin, Texas, is owned by Emmis Communications, a media conglomerate based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The founder, president, CEO, and chairman of Emmis Communications is the dual Israeli citizen Zionist Jew Jeffrey H. Smulyan.

    6.) His radio show is broadcast on Sirius XM Radio. The chairman of Sirius XM Radio is the Jew Eddy W. Hartenstein. The CEO of Sirius XM Radio is the Jew Mel Karmazin. The President and Chief Content Officer of Sirius XM Radio is the Jew Scott Greenstein. Of the six(6) executive officers of Sirius XM Radio, five(5) are Jews.

  70. Levy on December 21st, 2009 10:04 am

    You guys are very good but why waste it on hating jews? I know some people in the media buisness around the world that can give you good jobs and make real money if you just drop this hate.

  71. Bruce on December 21st, 2009 11:01 am

    Thats what the shows are all about LEVY!!! Selling out to the JEWS. It’s people like you that started MY countrys downfall. Most of our ancestors DID NOTsell out so it made it possible for us WHITE AMERICANS to exist today. So go blow your Shofar Levy. We don’t want your jobs!!!

  72. Mishko Novosel on December 21st, 2009 11:16 am

    Thanks Bruce. Levy you have to understand that we all have jobs and won’t sell our souls to the children of satan. The future of our race is our primary concern, not a few shekels.

    Merry Christmas

  73. admin on December 21st, 2009 1:51 pm

    . . . if you just drop this hate.

    You first.

  74. Arthur on December 21st, 2009 3:21 pm

    Come on now, you guys did not really fall for this provocateur calling himself “Levy.” This guy is clearly not a jew. Jews are not so forthright. Real jews are devious manipulators to the core. If this “Levy” impersonator were actually a jew, he/she/it would have tried to “outsmart” you. They think of themselves as very clever.

  75. Mishko Novosel on December 21st, 2009 4:44 pm

    Arther, we know, we’re just playing along. I’m pretty sure it’s probably one of our friends having fun with us.

  76. Dietrich on December 22nd, 2009 2:20 pm

    You mean “Bagelbaum” isn’t a yid? =[

  77. Bruce on December 22nd, 2009 4:23 pm

    Thanks Mishko and Dietrich. I admit i have been stressed out lately. I live close to Postville Ia. and am disgusted with what the Rubashkins have done to North East Iowa. As the late William Perce Would say,”there is dusky aliens all over the place”.

    I also have a grand daughter that is on the verge of being born prematurely and hope everything turns out ok.

  78. Bruce on December 22nd, 2009 4:24 pm