The Sunic Journal: Interview with Dr. Greg Johnson

December 1, 2009

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Tom Sunic interviews Dr. Greg Johnson, the editor of The Occidental Quarterly (TOQ) and TOQ Online. Topics include:

  • The history and purpose of TOQ & TOQ Online
  • The effects of culture on race; eugenics and dysgenics
  • The mindset of TOQ’s opponents and the burgeoning white nationalist movement; “conspiracies” and the reality behind political movement behavior
  • On Being a Pagan, by Alain de Benoist

13 MB / 32 kbps mono / 0 hour 59 min.

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13 Responses to “The Sunic Journal: Interview with Dr. Greg Johnson”

  1. Mishko and Dietrich Fan. on December 3rd, 2009 1:52 am

    Very good show! This is my first introduction to Dr. Greg Johnson and I will be seeking out his work. Many, many, great viewpoints! And as usual, Tom brings great guests and topics to the show. Thank you both.

  2. Tom on December 3rd, 2009 5:24 am

    Another terrific show, started a little boring but keep listening as the Pagan material is very interesting.

  3. Akira on December 3rd, 2009 12:14 pm

    Re: “when I was a young, single man, I was curious about Thailand’s night-life-industry and it’s bar-girls.”

    That’s why I never went there.

    I was in Singapore, and planned to go to Thailand, but al these male tourists and Singaporeans I met just talked about how “great” it was and how you could get women so cheap. I was disgusted. Now I know that outside Bangkok, mot of Thailand is rural or small town, I’d like to go there an avoid Bangkok.

    Most Asian men are shameless about hiring hookers. I think it’s pathetic.

    Re: “The everyday Burmese I spoke with were not cringing in fear of their narco-trafficking dictators, as our Government and media would have us believe, but rather, were concerned about keeping their identity as a people. They would rather be poor and Burmese, than rich and International.”

    What? You mean Soros is a liar!?

    Re: “China has race-based admission policies to public parks and such. There are fees to enter, and I am normally charged ten times what my American-Chinese friends are charged. The official policy is a nationalist one, not a racial one, but every time I’ve entered with an American-Chinese, they’ve always seemed to know that he was from America, and yet charged him the Chinese price . . . ?”

    I remember when I found this out, and thought how strange it was that we hear constantly about how awful “the South” and S. Africa are/were, but not a word about China. They even used to have separate currency based on race. Officially yes nationality, but Hua-ren (foreign born chinese) are treated like locals.

    Re: “Each year in France, more Churches close their doors, and more Mosques open theirs. Visit Paris, before it’s no longer Paris.”

    - That’s why people like MC Piper, Mark Glenn, etc. are so annoying. Always, “The Muslims are the best defense against Zionism! They are our allies. No Islamophobia!” Rubbish.

    Re: “Amsterdam…family-owned business under the same roof for 400 years, situated next to a porno shop with gigantic dildos in the window. I makes me wonder, is there already a culture-war being waged? Which culture will prevail?”

    - Those are the rotten “Enlightenment Values” that impotents like Wilders, Brussels Journal etc “fight for” Pathetic.

    Re: “to the extent that the term “racist” has any meaning at all, Asians are racists.”

    - Most Asians can’t understand the word “racism”. If you explain it, some will ask, “and…?” They can’t understand why someone would invent a word for something so “natural” (to them)

    Re: “Caucasian whites in China are known as “White-Devils”

    - A HK tourist brochure I picked up at the airport said, “Guailuo [foreign devils] are very respected in Hong Kong, and only six were murdered last year.”

    A Korean girl asked me something like “what country’s girls do you like most” Dumb question. I said, “Indonesians” off the top of my head. She looked annoyed, and said, “Oh, you like black girls!?”

    Re: “A white man dating a white woman while living in Hawaii is considered gauche.”

    Same in Japan, Taiwan, etc. The white women are quite desparate and easily sluttish. If a white man is with a white woman (unless she’s tall, thin, blonde, gorgeous) most people think: “What’s his problem?”

    Re: “I’ve never met a person in Asia concerned about racial-diversity. Most would say that diversity is their enemy, and that racial-homogeneity is the key to their own national success.
    Somehow, all of these big media companies, in all of their “documentaries” and “specials” on “racism,” have managed to not once stumble-upon this attitude, which is common sense to most non-white races? I wonder why that is.”

    - Yes. Strange that, isn’t it. They have to destroy Europe first, then America, then Asia. Nobody cares about Africa.

  4. Anon on December 3rd, 2009 1:20 pm

    Please Tom Sunic interview Alex Linder.

  5. Akira on December 3rd, 2009 8:17 pm


    How’d I do that?

    Those comments above were supposed to be for the Craig Bodeker interview.

  6. Sigtrygg on December 4th, 2009 9:35 am

    Promoting paganism is a blind alley in the sense that it has no chance to become part of mainstream culture.

    The same could be said about Tom Sunic’s uneducated anti-capitalism, his (distorted) cult of the 3rd Reich and NS ideology as “pan-whiteism”, just to mention a few of the most obvious blunders. Any reasonably educated person knows that the German NS movement was more pan-Germanic than pan-European.

  7. Luis Magno on December 4th, 2009 7:54 pm

    If I am correct Greg Johnson claims a secular universalist perspective. I challenge that claim. If anything Johnson’s perspective is narrowly White and Orwellian to boot.

    I thank Tom Sunic for giving Greg a platform.

    Con vivencia y derecho,
    Luis Magno

  8. Fenrisulfr on December 6th, 2009 4:17 pm

    One does not have business Xtheising the masses nor paganising them. If nothing else, who does such a thing? Some swastika-wearing fairy wearing a Thor’s hammer or cross? I inquire because such fairies are often part of ‘white nationalist’ *chuckle* proposals.

  9. axeman on December 7th, 2009 2:05 am

    Thanks The Lemming, I like your way of thinking.

    It’s simply saying things as they are.

    It is important to instil the correct spiritual/theological reference points among the masses – bearing in mind that, as with most of these things, if you don’t do it, someone else will. I am not entirely certain however that neo-pagan spirituality/theology is the correct one for Social Nationalist ends.

    And Social Nationalism/NS is not a dirty term, Sigtrygg.

    It’s a ideal with great relevance and potential.

    Why am I not surprised that you berate Mr. Sunic’s “uneducated anti-capitalism”?

    Do you believe there is such a thing as educated anti-capitalism?

    Or is it that you believe anti-capitalism is misguided in the first place?

    Anti-capitalism can hardly be misguided as capitalist forces play such a great role in the challenges that face our nations and peoples. Capitalist forces and ideals interfere with our objectives. They are in many ways incompatible. Capitalism has no racial/ethnic consciousness.

    Certainly defending capitalism in terms of white nationalism is a difficult thing to do.

    I would say actually that anti-capitalism is brought up far too little, and I commend the nationalists that do bring it up.

  10. axeman on December 7th, 2009 2:21 am

    As a counterpoint to what I have just said, it might be interesting to note that Jewland seems to be basically a neo-liberal pro-capitalist regime, which would to some extent suggest that a nationalist ethnostate and the free market can co-exist.


    However it does appear these market reforms were introduced only in the 1980s, after the Jewish ethnostate had been solidly established.

    There is room for thought and discussion on the matter of capitalism and the nationalist cause.

  11. axeman on December 7th, 2009 2:28 am


    “Israel, like many other liberal or semiliberal democracies, is undergoing a crisis of representation. This crisis manifests itself in diminishing voter turnout; in the weakening of traditional political parties and declining party membership; in the rapid emergence and even faster waning of “trendy” new parties; in the growing popular distrust of the political system and of politicians. In Israel, this crisis is particularly salient because until the 90s, Israeli society was characterized by very high voter turnout and by the centrality of political parties, not only within the political system, but in society as a whole.

    There are various reasons for this relatively rapid and radical change. This paper focuses on the ways that the neoliberal transformation that Israel underwent since the mid-80s stripped the concept of popular sovereignty, and even more the practices, of their real meaning. I begin with a discussion of the practical expressions in modern democracies of the concept of popular sovereignty. In the second part, I address the ways in which the neoliberal transformation of Israeli society strengthened an elitist-technocratic model of society and weakened the institutional expressions of popular sovereignty to such an extent that it contributed considerably to the deepening of the crisis of representation.”

    I focus here on Israel because it is a good example of a nationalist ethnostate which shows no sign of losing its nationalist character and objectives.

  12. Sigtrygg on December 7th, 2009 3:31 pm

    I don’t doubt that paganism and anti-capitalism is popular among white racialists/nationalists (i.e. a minority).

    What I doubt is that it is “sexy” among mainstream folks.

  13. Luis Magno on December 8th, 2009 6:48 pm

    White nationalism is in an existential crisis paralleling the American national existential crisis.

    Judeo-Anglo-Saxon capitalism supports the current high levels of legal immigration which worsens the national unemployment problem, diminishes the percentage of racial Europeans living in the country and creates a host of other problems.

    On the issue of secularism versus religionism the answer is somewhere in between (if it can be expressed that way). In Europe where until recently racialism was not an issue ethnicism reigned supreme. Ethnicism in the United States is now on the table.

    But America is not Europe. The mixed-race issue did not exist in Europe when ethnicism triumphed in Europe. Columbian ethnicism has a unique flavor. Before White Nationalism can favorably and seriously entertain the issue of a Columbian-style American ethnicism it must stop ignoring the festering mixed-race problem within its ranks.

    “Columbus’s legacy is the indispensable psycho-social and historical tool necessary for the rebirth of a sovereign American Republic free of the oligarchical banking and monetary controls that have plagued the first incarnation of the American Republic.”