Interracial Perceptions and the Role of Political Theology -Tom Sunic

November 29, 2009

Although race, IQ and heredity are of crucial importance in studying the birth and death of civilizations, other factors, such as religion or political theology cannot be shrugged away. There is a tendency among White nationalists and some prominent scholars and activists to harp only on the issue of race and IQ, forgetting the role of ideology in their study of the culture of Western suicide.

Is there a “liberal gene,” a “communist gene,” or a “Christian gene”? Why do millions of intelligent Whites embrace strange non-European political theologies, even at the price of rejecting their own racial heritage?

What comes to mind is the image of many intelligent White Americans who declare themselves Christian Zionists, willing even to lay down their life for this Levantine faith — yet whose beliefs are interpreted as a sign of low-IQ fanaticism by cultivated White nationalists in Europe. For their part, over the last one hundred years, many intelligent Whites in Europe have been intellectual slaves of the democratic mystique and its different ideological variants — Marxism, feminism, liberalism and multiculturalism. As two world wars have shown, the worst enemies of the Western heritage are not just alien out-groups, but strange foreign-inspired beliefs that permeate the West.

East European Mating Seasons

The power of the political myth, however aberrant it may look, often eclipses racial consciousness. This epoch is largely passé in the case of post-communist Europe — an area which served not long ago as a laboratory for insane egalitarian experiments. On the one hand, many cultivated American Whites visiting post-communist Russia are surprised at its racial homogeneity and at the sight of attractive Nordic-looking Russian women. On the other hand, they are rightfully bedeviled by the poor sense of social order and absence of civic responsibility that is typical of Russian males. In terms of physical appearance, many White males in Russia and East Europe appear poorly groomed and uncouth — at times behaving like low-IQ savages. A striking sight is when one observes orderly Nordic-like cranial and facial features of White women in Russia and compares them to many Russian males — whose phenotype makes one wonder whether they belong to the same gene pool.

Naturally, many American White males, disillusioned with the ideologies of liberal democratism and feminism, not to mention the new codes of self-censorship, often find post-communist Europe an ideal mating turf. There are racial and psychological factors to it. These men’s political attitudes are viewed as toxic by many White women in the increasingly inquisitorial West. Typical White women in the USA, focused on their careers and moving up the social ladder, are hardly willing to forfeit their inborn desire for security for a would-be White partner with suicidal “right-wing” ideas.

By contrast, it is virtually impossible to see a White woman in Russia or East Europe regurgitating liberal palaver. Jokes about Jews, gypsies and gays that would be violations of the Criminal Code in the European Union are common currency in post-communist Europe.

Dating a Black man is very rare. Should it happen, the woman is subjected to public opprobrium, and it may result in the beating of an out-group non-European individual by local skinheads — of course, under cover of darkness or when a friendly policeman on the beat turns his head away. Here’s a political ad from 2003 put out by Rodina, a Russian nationalist party. The imagery of defending a Russian woman and her baby against foreign men is quite striking. Such overt defense of White women never surfaces in the above-ground media in the West.

White women in East Europe — however little they may know about the power of modern political myths, are less worried about being called a racist or anti-Semite than most Westerners for whom being called these things is absolutely paralyzing. In fact, very often, along with their White mates, they will themselves complain in abrasive language and in public about real or alleged “Jewish fraudsters Khodorkovsky and Berezovsky”, “Gypsy filth,” or “Muslim fanatics.”

This is one side of the coin. But the other side shows blindness caused by the newly imported liberal political theology. The power of false expectations from the concept of “rich America” is still strong. In particular the word ‘America’ rings a tantalizing bell among women, who project themselves into a non-stop leisure society and who cannot imagine that their would-be US partner may well be destitute if not dirt poor. Their sole fixation is simple: Get out of Russia and hitch up with an American in order to get some veneer of social prestige. Often their expectations and self-projections do not match with reality. The genetic match may be ideal, but the in-depth cultural bondage is often missing.

There has been a wake-up call recently, as shown by the new joke circulating widely all over East Europe and Russia: “Our communist hacks lied about communism, but they told us the truth about capitalism.”

End of A Liberal World

Another irony of history is that the residues of social disorder and regimented lawlessness that the former communist rulers had installed now enable the masses of East Europeans to better retain primeval and even savage instincts of survivalism. This manifest itself in “freedom by default,” as, for example, in the taken-for-granted license to utter words against non-Whites that would otherwise enter into the legal category of “hate speech” in America and the European Union.

Another historical irony is that former communist large-scale terror had led to the strengthening of family ties and had kept traditional values of racial and ethnic awareness better preserved than in the liberal West. No wonder that many Westerners, even foreign diplomats, love to live and work in East Europe. They can give free reign to their explicit Whiteness without looking over their shoulder. For their part, most contemporary East European citizens are fed up and exhausted with former communist diatribes about “humanity,” and “tolerance.” Even when mimicking liberal verbiage and even if socially well positioned, they do not hide their irritation with Western liberal pontificators and their Jewish sponsors, as is the case with the pervasive Soros Foundation. They had listened to the same fraudulent tune of “human rights” and “diversity,” albeit in a Communist package, for well over half a century.

A long time ago, Nobel Prize winner Konrad Lorenz, the father of European sociobiology and the victim of academic boycott, noticed that less-developed humans, with lower IQ’s are better genetically equipped to weather political or meteorological storms than highly evolved yet fragile Whites. Highly refined and intelligent Whites seem to have a low threshold of tolerance for political mendacity, let alone for physical or economic pain that could result in a hypothetical state of emergency. The well-pampered White masses, predominantly of the Nordic subtype, in search of more affluent tomorrows, seem to have lost their ancient sense of defiance — still typical of modern Slavs:

The effects of luxury, produced by the vicious circle of supply-and-demand escalation, will sooner or later be the ruin of the Western world, particularly the United Sates. Eventually Western peoples will no longer be able to cope with the less pampered and healthier people of the East. (Konrad Lorenz: Civilized Man’s Eight Deadly Sins, 1973, p. 30)

The high-IQ Nordic subtype, contaminated by the liberal theology of “love thy neighbor,” is already less resistant to chaotic circumstances than low-IQ non-European immigrants. Alex Kurtagic describes these dark unibrow mud-like creatures in his dystopian novel Mister. The notion, cherished among some White nationalists, of invincible Viking warriors rising up and resuscitating some moribund Western Holy Grail, is a dangerous illusion. For ancient Vikings, the specter of violent death and communal sacrifice was quite normal — quite in contrast to modern Whites scared to death of even minor social ostracism.

Continental Europeans and Americans are often surprised with meekish self-denial posturing of modern Scandinavians and their fake abnegation mixed with hidden arrogance — known as “Jante law.” Today, this mindset means to not rock the boat of political correctness, however much every Scandinavian knows that the oncoming disaster, brought about by floods of non-European immigrants, is just around the corner. All over the West, White males have become so feminized that one should not be surprised why cunning, clandestine and criminal out-groups from Asia or Africa take them for a ride.

Hence the reason that less domesticated Russians and East Europeans, vaccinated for good against communist disease, along with their primitive and often violent behavior, may be of some service in salvaging the remnants of the Western civilization.

For Whites in Western Europe and the USA it may be worth rejecting pious preaching about the human rights political theology. In this sense the visionary early 20th century French-Italian sociologist Vilfredo Pareto, appears timelier than ever before:

There are some people who imagine they can disarm the enemy by complacent flattery. They are wrong. The world has always belonged to the stronger, and will belong to them for many years to come. Men only respect those who make themselves respected. Whoever becomes a lamb will find a wolf to eat him. (“Danger of Socialism,” in The Other Pareto, 1980, p. 127)

Germans, the most intelligent and the most civilized Western people, with exceptional sense of self-discipline, suffered terrible revenge from the Allies in the wake of WWII. The minute, however, they signed the surrender, on May 8, 1945, all German military engagement immediately stopped, even the hostilities by the well-organized paramilitary German youth, the Werewolf.

With their exceptional feeling for legality and respect for the letter of the law, and despite serial kangaroo courts that have been inflicted against hundreds of thousands of German heretics, both in the East and the West, over the last 65 years, the German people has never ever envisaged changing the legal status quo.

At the other extreme one can observe how a bunch of relatively low-IQ rag-tag Islamic fanatics in Iraq and Afghanistan, when fueled by powerful political theology, can tie down and render ineffective the most awesome army on earth. These two examples illustrate that high intelligence on the one hand and fine racial endowments on the other are not enough; rather it is a belief system, regardless of how “good” or “bad” it may be, that is crucial in firing up the masses. Why?

Over the last several decades White conservative scholars, or proverbial right-wingers, all over the West, have held thousands of meetings and conferences that are basically country-club-all-White-men discussions and which are really nothing more than preaching to the choir. No wonder that many modern Whites are often perceived as out of touch with reality by their leftist detractors. Seldom is the root cause of the true dissolving factor of the White in-group addressed: the theology of liberal capitalism.

In the liberal system, each collective project, every transcendental feeling, such as love, friendship or marriage, eventually turns into a perishable commodity. The all- pervasive liberal market must follow its own self-destructive logic. The belief in the pursuit of economic well-being becomes the only factor worth living for. How can one then expect from an intelligent White individual or a cohesive group of intelligent Whites to sacrifice their energy for something that transcends economic competition?

The lack of any transcendental purpose, other than the theology of the market, will eventually spell the death of liberalism. The German legal scholar Carl Schmitt, who has also been academically boycotted as a “Nazi scholar,” understood the self-destructive nature of the liberal political theology. The liberal system cannot force its citizens, under any possible circumstance, to sacrifice their lives for any projects that lie outside the realm of economics (Der Begriff des Politischen (The Concept of the Political) 1932, p. 36, trans. G. Schwab).

However, due to its reductionist essence, which evolves around permanent economic growth, while rejecting any spiritual endeavor, one must never overestimate the strength of liberal capitalism. Nor should one overestimate the importance of a high IQ for the long term spiritual and economic success of a country. The present liberal system is extremely fragile, precisely because its political theology solely operates around the “religion of the Big Buck.” When its sacred economy begins losing credibility, which is already the case, the system will break up — with consequences unseen so far in the history of the West.

Tom Sunic (Web sites: [1], [2]) is an author, former political science professor in the USA, translator and former Croat diplomat. He is a VoR radio host and the author of Against Democracy and Equality: The European New Right (1990, 2002) and Homo americanus: Child of the Postmodern Age (2007). Email him.

Source: Occidental Observer.


7 Responses to “Interracial Perceptions and the Role of Political Theology -Tom Sunic”

  1. Ron on November 30th, 2009 6:10 pm

    I hate to say it, but there does seem to definitely be a genetic flaw in white hardwiring. Jewish media be damned. The reason we’re all talk and no action like women is, I believe, a function of our lower testosterone rates than darker races. Whites are basically nerdy eggheads, and now they’re comfortable and increasingly decadent nerdy eggheads who are enamored by their own abstractions. I have noticed this tendency in Scandinavians especially. They despise Americans, and part of the reason they do is because they think we’re still too “racist”. In their effete worldview, embracing their own extinction is a demonstration of open-mindedness. I also recently had a conversation with an idiotic dutch youth while traveling in Britain, and he actually believed that it didn’t matter if white Europeans become extinct, because he thought this was all just part of the evolutionary process. Yeah, but whose evolution? Certainly not that of whites! But this idiot had a black friend who was “more dutch than the dutch”, he claimed. Whites are idiotic cuckolds who definitely display feminine masochistic tendencies. We’ve made it so easy for the jew. The perfect parasite found its perfect docile host.

  2. Ron on November 30th, 2009 6:20 pm

    I don’t know what Sunic means by “orderly Nordic-like cranial”, but the kind of thinking that goes on inside the brains of such crania these days is quite disorderly.

    As for intelligent whites having a low threshold for political mendacity, isn’t it exactly the opposite? Whites tolerate treasonous politicians and ideologies and do nothing. What context did Sunic mean this in?

  3. Tom on December 1st, 2009 12:03 am

    Last article was Nordic fags, now it is Nordic wimps…oh well, at least this article was worth the read…

    Nerdy eggheads like to solve problems; the problem of having the whole world live together in harmony is just another challenge. I think a lot of Whites sincerely believe that race is not important, and that with proper “policies” and education, multiracial societies can work. They would see it as a failure to “go back” to segregated type societies, so they will fight hard not to return to that way of thinking.

    I don’t think we need to go down the path of being thuggish like Russians or Eastern Europeans. Take a look at Switzerland – definitely not thuggish, and they just voted against Minarets.

    When people have the opportunity to express themselves without being seen they show their true feelings.

    Rather than be brutish, we need to continue to elevate ourselves so that this majority who is worried about the future, can align themselves with us openly without feeling threatened, or being associated with nuts, etc.

    The professional, educated and well-spoken path is the way forward. That will bring intelligent people to our side, and we won’t have to lower ourselves to playing on the emotions of dumb Whites…

  4. Timmay on December 1st, 2009 3:28 am

    No audio to accompany this piece? The friday night, self-aggrandizing, circle jerks are just unbareable these days.

    Your broadcasts, Tom, are the only reason I even listen to this station anymore. Any audio feeds of your excellent posts would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Ian on December 1st, 2009 9:43 am

    Its just an article…There is no accompanying audio feed simple.

  6. Morten on December 2nd, 2009 10:08 am

    In this article, I find that Dr.Sunic is supporting the american view of eastern european nationalist movements, which mostly consists of ideologically childish fascists, skinheads and infighting, as he hints to himself.

    Thank’s for a well-written article, Dr.Sunic, and for working for our cause. But there’s something I don’t understand, and maybe you can help me. Perhaps Tom Sunic has witnessed some ideological development in Russia that I haven’t, or maybe he blinked when Russia’s working class was replaced with millions of asians and muslims in just one generation. It surprises me that a man who has spoken in Western-Europe (quite recently in my country), and in the east, has such an americanized view on Eastern Europe. I won’t say that he’s biased simply because he is from Eastern Europe. I think he’s supporting the americans view of eastern european nationalism in part because he wants to fit in, and because he wants to appear more relevant and of greater importance to american nationalists, being that he IS an eastern european nationalist.

    He has a good impression of Europe, and he knows the truth. Western european nationalists are far more educated, rational, less violent, and have more going for them than eastern european nationalist movements. If a large Russian nationalist group was to seize power in that country, it would quickly develop into local conflicts with neighboring white countries and whole lot of ‘petty nationalism’.

  7. Steve(Codex) on December 2nd, 2009 2:23 pm


    Tom is a very busy man and prolific writer. He doesn’t have time to do more audio than what you will hear on his radio show, so there won’t be any audio accompanying his written pieces, at least in the foreseeable future.

    Keep listening. We’re working on getting new shows going. It’s a process to conceptualize, organize, and launch most new shows, but it won’t be too long before you see new stuff in our lineup.