The Sunic Journal: Carl Schmitt

November 24, 2009

Carl Schmitt

Continuing his series on the New Right, Dr. Tom Sunic discusses the first among the New Right’s intellectual founding fathers: the prominent jurist and political theorist, Carl Schmitt.

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One Response to “The Sunic Journal: Carl Schmitt”

  1. Morten on November 25th, 2009 9:42 am

    The idea of an intellectual overclass in the western world is outdated.

    Decades ago, the primary industry absorbed most people’s daily schedule, and by the time they were done feeding the cows and plowing the fields, they were too tired to even talk. Back then, only scholars had the knowledge and intellect required to understand the world of politics, literature and art. It would take them hours just to figure out a definition in the dictionary, or receive letters from other countries to be politically à jour.

    Since the advent of the internet, and the transition to a secondary and tertiary economy, young people can more effectively educate themselves on world politics than any outdated scholar from the old age. There has been a revolution of information, and the intellectual overclass in Europe and USA are desperately competing for the public’s attention, in some attempt to prove their importance. The truth is that they are no more knowledgeable or useful than any “nerd” in his early twenties who spends hours on wikipedia every day..