The Sunic Journal: Interview with Hans Kopp

October 13, 2009

Hans Kopp

Danube Swabian Coat-of-arms

As part of VoR’s series on the ethnic cleansing of Germans from post-WWII Eastern Europe, Hans Kopp discusses the tribulations and suffering his family endured as they were separated and sent to prison camps in various countries, and how they escaped and made their way to America. Topics include:

  • Capture at age 9 and the 3 day march to prison camp with no food or water

  • Life in a Communist death camp in Yugoslavia: starvation, one set of clothes, hygiene & sleeping conditions, crowding, death rates in camps, mass graves

  • Hiding from Tito’s thugs

  • Grandmother’s miraculous survival and return to the family before her death due to injuries suffered

  • Father’s fate in Russian slave labor camp

  • Mother’s fate in Ukrainian coal mining camp (4 years)

  • Flight to Hungary, Austria, and Britain by foot and train

  • Escape to US and reunion with mother

  • Life in US: founder of US Olympic development program for youth soccer, ski instructor, and retired mechanical engineer

  • Responsibility of Allied nations and reason for their silence

  • Popular perception of “human rights” in America

For more information, visit, where you can read an even more graphic description of the horrors suffered by ethnic Germans in Communist death camps in Mr. Kopp’s article, “Human Misery: Life in a Death Camp”, and you can also read his article on the history of the Donauschwaben, “Our Life on Foreign Soil.”

The site also contains a brief history and timeline of the Danube Swabians. Mr. Kopp has written a book entitled The Last Generation, Forgotten and Left to Die, which is available for $60 US. There are only 15 copies left for distribution, so only scholars and those deeply interested in the subject need inquire. His contact for any questions and correspondence is hanskopp.anni

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One Response to “The Sunic Journal: Interview with Hans Kopp”

  1. Matt on October 21st, 2009 11:47 am

    My ancestors also come from this area. The village of Molidorf to be exact. It’s no longer there as it was razed by the communists. Another good book to read (if you can read German) is Molidorf im Banat. Written by Mathias Remsing. It is absolutely appaling what was done to the ethnic Germans.