Dietrich and Mishko, 10/02/2009

October 4, 2009

This Week in Disorganized America:

  • More kosher hand-wringing at the ‘divisive’ politics
  • Oprah, Obama denied Olympics
  • Polanski, child rapist
  • And much more…


10 Responses to “Dietrich and Mishko, 10/02/2009”

  1. SpeedRacer on October 4th, 2009 8:38 pm

    Guys another great show. I remember your show from last year 10/03/2008 during the height of the crisis. For over a year, you guys have been calling like you see it straight up.

    The message does not go unnoticed.

  2. S. Mordechai Bagelbaum on October 5th, 2009 11:27 pm

    Oy! They’re naming Jews left and right! Someone arrest them!

  3. TruthSayer on October 6th, 2009 6:04 pm

    This is a great site with lots of awsome ideas. Now, on one of your shows, you said were talking about how essential it is for our people to obtain control of the media such as newspaper and television, and perhaps some sort of hollywood clone. I agree totally with this. Now, besides the great work that you guys are doing here, how about making a lot of short documentaries and such to start explaining so many of our modern problems.
    Moroever, is it even possible to compete with hollywood in any substantial manner? How do we get television stations going? Are there enough of our people out there with enough money and interest to do so?
    Keep up the great work

  4. Gibson on October 6th, 2009 7:34 pm

    Another one calling for Polanski to be released is the French Foreign Minister, Bernard Kouchner, who is also a jew.

  5. johnUK on October 7th, 2009 6:03 pm


    Bernard Kouchner founder of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) which I suspect is an intelligence front and aquantance of war criminials and terrorists.

    “Both of them are charged with genocide: Thaci as a political leader of the KLA and Ceku as its commander and, later, head of the so-called Kosovo Protection Corps. [Bernard] Kouchner [presently a foreign minister in Sarkozy's government] is also charged, as an UNMIK representative who was aiding Thaci and Ceku instead of implementing UN Security Council Resolution 1244″, Marinković explained.
    The investigation affidavit states that Thaci, Ceku and Kouchner intended to destroy most of Serbian and non-Albanian population in Kosovo province, create an ethnically clean province and sever it from Serbia.
    The crimes KLA leaders and Sarkozy’s FM are accused of, took place after the international forces arrived to Kosovo and Metohija on 20 June 1999.
    In the immediate aftermath of the withdrawal of Yugoslav security forces from the province and arrival of the foreign troops, under Kouchner’s patronage, Thaci’s political guidance and Ceku’s command over the terrorist troops, 669 Serbs and 18 other non-Albanians were killed, while 518 Serbs and 13 non-Albanians were severely injured. At the same time, 604 individuals were kidnapped, 584 of whom were of Serbian nationality. Non-Albanian population had no freedom of movement, which resulted in ghettos for the remaining Serbs formed in Orahovac, Velika Hoča, Goraždevac and Štrpce municipalities, which are altruistically called “enclaves” in the West.
    “Serbs and other non-Albanians were under a constant orchestrated campaign of violence and pressure to move out. They were displaced, threatened, their property was being seized and misappropriated, others had their houses torched, their churches, monasteries, and cultural heritage were being destroyed,” judge Marinković said.
    “In total, 250,000 Serbs and approximately 80,000 other non-Albanians were expelled from Kosovo province,” she added.
    During the investigation, judge Marinković questioned more than 200 witnesses who testified about the KLA crimes. She still remembers most of them.
    “I remember a woman, I’m not sure whether she was from the village Istok or Klina, who found a roasted human head in her oven,” judge recalled. “She thought it was the head of her father or mother. There was a child from the nearby village who testified that she was collecting parts of her parents’ bodies scattered in the street”

    There’s a book in France by French journalist Pierre Pean “The World According to K.”
    In a book published a week ago, one of France’s most experienced investigative journalists Pierre Pean describes Kouchner as a lackey of U.S. neoconservatives and a wheeler-dealer who used his political positions of power to secure lucrative contracts from impoverished countries.
    The bulk of the criticism in “The World According to K.” is leveled at Kouchner’s biased policy positions, siding with American interests to misrepresent the conflicts in Rwanda, Darfur and former Yugoslavia. Pean points to the “cynicism of Kouchner’s doctrine which culminated in his engagement in the wars in former Yugoslavia, in advocating NATO bombardment [of Serbia] and invasion of Iraq in 2003, behind which was his siding with American interests”.
    Pean who, in a prior book, revealed former President Mitterrand’s connections with the Vichy regime which collaborated with Nazi Germany during World War II, wrote that Kouchner had set aside conflict of interest in order to receive large sums of money in consultancy contracts from the very dictators he was publicly criticizing, namely President Omar Bongo of Gabon and Denis Sassou Nguesso of Congo-Brazzaville.
    Two firms owned by close associates of Kouchner billed Gabon and Congo a total of EUR 4.6 million for reports the former health minister had written on reforming their health insurance systems.
    The bills were paid in stages and, according to Pean’s research, some of the money was recovered after Kouchner was named France’s foreign minister on May 18, 2007.
    Among else, Pean reveals that co-founder of Doctors without Borders (Médecins sans Frontières), charged 25,000 euros to put together a whitewash report for the oil company Total, accused of exploiting children in collusion with military junta in Burma, aimed at countering the justified accusations of human rights violations.
    Pean’s book contains photocopies of contracts signed by Kouchner and it has emerged that some of the leaked documents came straight from the Elysee Palace.
    One of the Most Despised Western Politicians Among Kosovo Serbs
    Kouchner responded with a long and emotional speech in the French Parliament, saying he was the victim of “an anti-Semitic attack”. To Pean’s accusation that, as a head of the UN Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), he did nothing to condemn and prevent the widespread killings and ethnic cleansing of Serbs from the province, Kouchner reacted by calling such chages “scandalous lies”.

    Anne Applebaum the Jewess author who is aligned with the Jewish international network AEI Olien Foundation, etc who is on a crusade penning smear articles about Putin and Russia and writing articles about Communism era crimes yet somehow forgets to mention her fellow tribesmen/women were behind it like in her book Gulag founded and administrated by Jews has also come out vehemently in support of Polanski.

    “Applebaum it should be noted, is married to Radosław Sikorski, the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs. In his role, Sikorski, along with Poland’s President Lech Kaczynski, will be appealing to US authorities to drop proceedings against Polanski.”

  6. TKO on October 8th, 2009 8:55 pm


    An alternative White “Hollywood” is indeed needed, but unfortunately there are no White organizations in place to meet these goals. Sadly, this movement has never fully realized the power of film in the modern age. The masses are swayed by emotion. Though I enjoy the radio shows,blogs and documentaries like “A line in the sand,” the reality is, the masses could give a crap. They don’t want to hear or see someone droning on about racial demographics, the plight of Whitey, etc. They want “Inglurious basterds (sic) and “Jackass.”

    To form the kind of group needed to create a film company that could produce emotion-based films with our racial-slant would take more than two guys with a web cam and would demand lots of cooperation and effort.( With green screen technology and minimalist settings like “Twelve angry men” for instance, I don’t think money would be as big an issue as one would expect.)

    We just don’t have that at this point. And quite possibly we never will, so we are at the mercy of our enemies to throw out a “Cinderella man” once in a rare while, to remind us of how and what it used to be like to be White men.

  7. Steve on October 9th, 2009 10:17 am


    The masses are swayed by consensus, not emotion.

    Like William Peirce said, you can’t convince a lemming to avoid plunging to it’s death by making it aware of its inevitable fate, you must convince the lemming that the other lemmings are taking a new path.

  8. Steve on October 9th, 2009 2:39 pm




    Obongo got a Nobel Peace Prize! D:

    You can’t make this stuff up! Talk about affirmative action on steroids!

  9. TKO on October 9th, 2009 9:07 pm


    And how do we get them to come to this “consensus?” In my opinion by appealing to their emotions via film. How many holocaust movies, filled with malevolent Nazis and poor, abused jews do we have to be beaten with until we realize the effect this has on the populous of Whites?

    In fact, the jews avoid any factual evidence (because there is none) and go right for the maudlin, tear-jerker propaganda. And they just keep churning it out. Check out the movie, ‘life is good.’ Excellent jewish propaganda that relies heavily on emotion.

    Now Political power would directly bring us the consensus you speak of, but the movement has never demonstrated it has or had any interest in following this path, with the lone exception of David Duke. And that has been some time ago, now.

    In an age where being labeled a ‘hater’ is the new scarlet letter, I’d say emotion via quality pro-White films would be a good card to play. But alas, we’re quite a few cards short in our deck.

    Hope I haven’t come off too cynical with this post, Steve. Just seem to be growing weary of the stagnation in this most dire of all causes.

  10. Steve on October 10th, 2009 12:54 am


    It’s rather easy to control consensus. Like in any group of people, there is always an alpha who commands the gazes and attention of the majority when he/she speaks.

    Today the controlled media occupies this role.

    Fortunately, the internet, a new dynamic media vector, is becoming this source for more and more people. The controlled medias are becoming desperate as their one eyed Jew dies. As you have observed lately, they can only continue their old tricks. They know nothing else. The intensity has been cranked way up and it’s turning people off in multitudes. Each day more and more people become coherent and wonder what the heck is going on!

    Subtlety is the key to subliminal illusion. Once the crowd has figured out the trick, the illusionist is out of a job.

    The internet had only started gaining popularity about 10 years ago. Even then, there weren’t that many online, and a couple years before that, almost no one had a clue what it was about. We’ve come along way in a short time. The signs are everywhere of the coming power shift.

    Consensus fuels political power. You control consensus, you control politics.