The Sunic Journal: Speech at British National Front meeting

September 29, 2009

British National Front

Dr. Tomislav Sunic delivered a speech at the British National Front meeting in West Bradford, UK on Sunday, September 13, 2009. The theme was nationalism within the context of contemporary Western societies, cultural hegemony, and political activism.

Topics of the speech include:

  • Tom’s experience with leftism as a youth, leftist discipline, and flaws among rightists
  • “Nationalism” and the different perceptions/usage between America and Europe
  • Reactive vs. proactive nationalism
  • Pride in one’s racial/national heritage and the psychology of leftist fears
  • The importance of working toward “cultural hegemony” and good presentation for political advancement
  • Disengaging from the mainstream through home schooling and grassroots social activity
  • How we identify ourselves (race/nation/tribe) the destructive nature of exclusive nationalism
  • Dealing with religious affiliation among the various groups of white nations and tribes
  • Egalitarianism, economism, and defining ourselves and the enemy

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