The New Nationalist Perspective: Sunic interviews Rev. Henry A. Fischer

September 16, 2009

Danube Swabian

In this show, the first in a series on the ethnic cleansing of Germans from post-WWII Eastern Europe, Dr. Sunic & Rev. Fischer discuss the destruction of Danube Swabian Germans (Donauschwaben). Topics covered include:

  • Fate of ethnic Germans in the 1944 “evacuations” in Yugoslavia and the effect of the 1945 Potsdam protocols
  • The condoning of the mass killings under Tito
  • Fischer’s personal story as an ethnic German whose family emigrated to Canada (in “Little Swabian Hungry”) and the social pressures to throw off his German identity
  • Ethnic German demographics in Canada, the US, and elsewhere as a result of the ethnic cleansing from Eastern Europe
  • The spirit of victimology among ethnic groups and the blackout of this sector of European history
  • The importance of the early German settlers of Eastern Europe and their contributions to those lands and their history
  • Prince Eugene of Savoy
  • Eastern Europe as a cauldron of European peoples
  • Fischer’s book and the importance of the Danube to European history
  • The vilification of Germans in the aftermath of WWII

About Rev. Fischer

Rev. Fischer

Henry A. Fischer born in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, is the son of Danube Swabian immigrants from Hungary whose lives and families provide much of the background for his writing and historical research. This resulted in the publication of his first book: Children of the Danube. In a sense, it gave birth to the trilogy entitled: Remember To Tell The Children.

Although a work of historical fiction, it is based on extensive historical and genealogical research, family and village traditions and stories handed down through the generations. They reflect the common experience of the Children of the Danube and their descendants since joining the Great Swabian Migration into Hungary early in the 18th century.

The first volume of the trilogy: The Pioneers deals with their journey down the Danube and the early settlement years in Hungary. The second part of the trilogy focusses on the development of their own distinct identity and lifestyle duirng the first half of the 19th century within the context of the wider society in which they were: Strangers and Sojourners. The final volume deals with their continuing search for a homeland and their eventual forced dispersal throughout the world, leading to their becoming: Emigrants and Exiles.

He and his wife Jean reside in Oshawa, Ontario. They enjoy travelling and the freedom of retirement but spend as much time as they can with their children and grandchildren. A former Lutheran pastor and co-founder of InterChurch Health Ministries, he is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario and Waterloo Lutheran Seminary

Rev. Fischer’s Web sites

Web sites on the history of the Great Swabian Migration into Eastern Europe and their fate, and on ethnic German demographics and genealogy:

Rev. Fischer’s books

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