The New Nationalist Perspective: Sunic interviews Andrew Yeoman

September 1, 2009

Andrew Yeoman is the founder and spokesman of the Bay Area National Anarchists (BANA). Discussion involves the nature and background of National Anarchism and the activities of BANA. Topics discussed include:

  • The history of nationalism in leftist movements
  • The local nature of BANA, the importance of grassroots social movements, and how they work
  • What “tribe” means to the organization
  • The growth of the movement and various National Anarchist groups around the US
  • Explanation of National Autonomous Zones (NAZ)
  • Extensive community and charity work done by BANA
  • Critics and supporters of National Anarchism
  • How tribalism ties into race

12 MB / 32 kbps mono / 0 hour 53 min.

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One Response to “The New Nationalist Perspective: Sunic interviews Andrew Yeoman”

  1. Kievsky on September 2nd, 2009 1:01 pm

    Hey Andrew Yeomans!

    I haven’t listened to the interview yet, but everything I’ve read about BANA is very encouraging. You have created a new model for organizing that is a clean break from the old, unworkable models of the past. You present a group that ordinary, normal people will want to join. When you wrote that a couple in your BANA tribe got engaged, that really says a lot.

    What we really need is for our groupings to go the distance, to last and not break up because of stupidities. I think BANA is going to go the distance — in 2019 BANA will still be around, and much larger, and there will probably be hundreds of other local “national anarchist” organizations. Heck, I’m considering naming my little social network “SNENA” for “Southern New England National Anarchists,” but I think I’d want to correspond with you first before doing so. You can get an idea of my ideas from the 8/28 This Week in Disorganized America, where I was a guest starting the 2nd hour.

    Well, i’m going to listen to the show. You use the term “affinity” that’s a good term to use for what we want to accomplish.