Mishko and Dietrich, 8/28/2009

August 29, 2009

This Week in Disorganized America:

We are joined by Kievsky during the second hour for a great discussion on “what to do.”  Don’t miss!


7 Responses to “Mishko and Dietrich, 8/28/2009”

  1. SpeedRacer on August 29th, 2009 12:20 pm

    Another Great Show!

  2. Kievsky on August 29th, 2009 3:20 pm

    This morning after being on the show, I have come to the conclusion even more strongly that the White nationalist movement needs to put its meager resources into making small business owners out of us. That was my main point on the show last night, and this morning it makes all the more sense to me.

    As I said on the show, I don’t hate Hindus or Asians in general, but their ownership of convenience stores, motels and liquor stores is a visual sign of White displacement. I feel no hostility towards these people, and I patronize a Gandhi mart almost every day. I would never harm a hair of these people or say an unkind thing to them. They aren’t bad or evil people, and they are playing by the rules and doing something that is in their interests.

    Doing business competition with the Hindus to take back our small businesses could very well create a viable White advocacy movement, for the following reasons:

    1. It is a way to engage in a bloodless and perfectly legal form of ethnic conflict, that will teach us how to act cohesively as a “tribe” or even a “tribal army.” The very process of buying up and taking back small businesses will train us how to wage ethnic conflict in a safe way, like a martial arts school where you do full contact fighting with all kinds of helmets and body armor.

    2. Running businesses will separate the wheat from the chaff. We’ll figure out who we can trust and who has character, versus the losers and the crooks.

    3. Owning businesses will allow affordable family formation with stay at home moms, and maybe even home schooling. It will create a culture of “market dominant minority” among Whites, so our children will be higher achieving and more “elite” in society. This is a path that will provide some level of personal reward to White nationalists, rather than having it be all about self sacrifice.

    4. We will be able to fund political activism of all kinds, and our spokesmen will not need to be afraid of “losing their job” because we’ll pay our spokesmen a salary and in the process of spectacular and effective legal nonviolent political activism, our activists can solicit donations.

    5. The White nationalist movement will best succeed as a middle class movment. The middle class are the movers and shakers of society; they keep the country running on the level of the towns. Even Leon Trotsky wrote that so-called “fascist” movements spring from the middle class, not the working class. We have a lot of good working class folks in the movement. Those who want to make the effort, need to be helped to advance to middle class levels of education, income, and physical health.

    The White middle class is being replaced by an Asian middle class. This is at least partly our fault, for being a bunch of slackers. The Asians are not being malicious in replacing us. They are doing what makes sense for them and is in their interest. Defending our race at the level of the social and economic middle class is where we need to focus. It is an unheroic, bloodless, impersonal conflict , but this is where it has to begin, or we will get nowhere.

  3. Chuck on August 29th, 2009 7:53 pm

    Please tell me you guys will start your own Forum soon!

  4. Mishko Novosel on August 29th, 2009 11:59 pm

    Chuck we don’t have the resources to run a forum. That takes human beings and we just don’t have the bodies.

  5. Kievsky on August 30th, 2009 9:03 am

    Expanding on a previous post that hasn’t yet been posted, and on my show, here’s a web site that lists businesses for sale:

    They are surprisingly cheap. You can get a gas station/c-store for less than 100k in some places. Of course you need to do market research and make sure that it’s going to be profitable.

    However, you can buy it in a White majority area, and let the locals know in subtle ways that this store is American owned and operated, and if someone asks for directions, you print out Google Driving Directions for them.

    Once you become an expert on owning/operating convenience stores, you can teach it to other WN’s or even do a “lease to own” agreement, Islamic banking style, where a WN runs your convenience store for you until he buys it off of you.

    Taking back the convenience stores would be a way for the White nationalist movement to do “race war” without blood, without even so-called “hate.” We would flex our muscles as a group, discourage immigration from Asia, restore the White middle class, and make Whites want to join us because we are winners.

  6. SpeedRacer on August 31st, 2009 11:39 pm

    Another example of D.O.A:

    Hawaii – the Jamaica of the Pacific

    Hawaiians assault whites with impunity, while Democrats push to increase discrimination through passage of the Hawaiian Native Rights bill which will create a separate government, exempt from the Constitution, in our fiftieth state. This is all the dream of those teachers of my kids who debunked the idea of America was a melting pot and was, instead, a boiling cauldron of sdistinct races, ethnicities and cultures, all with grievances against the white man.

    You’d be an idiot to visit Jamaica and leave the guarded confines of your hotel (alright, you’d be an idiot to visit Jamaica, period). St. Croix is no place for a white man. And now Hawaii holds no welcome for all non-native tourists or residents, be they white, Asian or black. This is considered progress.

  7. SpeedRacer on September 2nd, 2009 8:59 pm

    I just wanted to say after listening to the show again,

    Dietrich your whiny “Jew” voice is getting a lot better and realistic.
    Kudos, you are near “Rabbi” ready like Mishko.

    The Black Mama voice could use a little polish (maybe go get some practice down at the local laundromat?)

    Forming a White Security Service could actually work if it is based on Irregulars and requires payment up front.