Compulsory Diversity News: Season 2, Episode the Fourth

August 4, 2009

Adrean Arlott returns! In this episode:

  • CDN Story Time: Part 3 of Babes in Goyland, A Cautionary Tale

7 MB / 32 kbps mono / 0 hour 29 min.

Contact Adrean: adrean


2 Responses to “Compulsory Diversity News: Season 2, Episode the Fourth”

  1. Kievsky on August 5th, 2009 12:13 pm

    That was really great, Adrean! you are a riveting storyteller!

  2. Kradmelder on August 7th, 2009 2:14 pm

    Another brilliant episode of “Babes in Goyland”. It is too bad more people will not hear this. How many more episodes will there be? When it is complete will you combine them into one single file for download so we can share with people who will not normally come to this site by CD or sending a link?