CIA Attempting to Foment Civil War in Iran

June 26, 2009

By Matt Johnson

After two decades of attacks on Iran, the US government holds that the recent Iranian elections were illegitimate. How is this surprising. The CIA has been involved in attempting to manipulate the Iranian government since they sponsored the Shah’s coup against Mossadegh in 1953. But today, a Mossad connected opponent of Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad, Hossein Mousavi, is struggling to be installed as President by Israel and the United States.

In this recent election, the current president, Ahmadinejad, won just over 63% of the vote. In a predictable fashion, the opposition claims fraud. But this is an old tactic: the US backed parties have tried it in Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Serbia and many other places. It is a common tactic. But why should the current president have won the election? It seems if his rule has been just and economically prosperous, then how could he not be reelected? The very fact that Iran has elections is enough to upset the America/Israeli propaganda against the Persian people. But what are the facts?

Ahmadinejad was elected in 2005 without a peep from the west. Since 2005, according tot he CIA itself, Iran has grown economically an average of 6% yearly, very respectable when one considers the US sponsored sanctions which has driven up unemployment to an American level of 12%, though this is currently falling quickly as relations with China continue to grow. In the process, Iran has become the 18th most powerful economy in the world, and importantly, has diversified its economy substantially away from the oil sector, with a 4.5% industrial (non-oil) growth rate per year average since 2005.

Even more, Iran has successfully stood up to Israeli and American threats, including threats of nuclear war courtesy of John McCain. In terms of foreign trade, Iran has developed a foreign trade surplus of over 25 billion US dollars, and also has $100 billion of foreign currency in its banks, much of that is American. Iran has rebuilt its military into a first world fighting force. Like Iraq under Hussein, Iran under Ahmadinejad and his immediate predecessors has taken a third world country and turned it into a first world one, complete with universal schooling and a near 100% literacy rate.

It will only be a few years until Iran becomes a thriving industrial economy where the oil profits, according to the government, will be plowed into major industrial and trading enterprises, creating a diverse and powerful economy. 

But apparently, none of this is enough to warrant any reelection.

The Los Angeles Times wrote the following in late 2007: “In praising the Iranian president, Arabs quickly navigate around historical religious animosities and present-day fears that Iran is undermining Sunnis in Iraq and elsewhere. They prefer to speak of how Ahmadinejad is a rallying voice for Islam at a time the region is bewildered by its powerlessness to fix Iraq, Lebanon and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

And the highly prestigious international news agency, Stratfor, wrote in May of this year, “Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s popularity has risen among Iranian voters, Iran’s Press TV reported May 13. A poll conducted revealed that 58.6 percent would vote for Ahmadinejad in the June 12 presidential elections.” The identical numbers were reported by the neo-con organization, “Stand for Israel,” no doubt with a shudder. Why does this man need to rig elections?

Certainly, food prices have gone up, but Ahmadinejad has also increased spending to assist the poor, and revamped old programs with the same end. It is hard to believe that the average Iranian holds the president responsible for American sanctions or the fallout from the American-created economic crisis that has enveloped the world.

Mir Hossein Mousavi, the man who the west says won the elections, espouses policies that are consonant with his western backers and slick, New York oligarchs, but unpopular with the Iranian people. Mousavi advocates the western line for Iran: free western television and the elimination of Islamic law in the country. Most of all, Mousavi has condemned all forms of “Holocaust revisionism,” as if that is an issue with the Persian population. Such a program was developed in Washington and Tel Aviv, and had no resonance with Iran as a country, especially in the countryside. Mousavi has received millions from the west in recent months to mount an attack on Ahmadinejad. The very fact that the Mousavi campaign is running with English language websites and Facebook pages strongly suggests the work of western operators, since the identical modus operandi was present in the west’s manipulation of both the Serbian and Ukrainian elections in recent years.

Persian journalist Reza Fiyouzat writes that Mousavi has close ties with one Manuchehr Ghorbanifar, former Mossad double agent and leading figure in the arms deals in the Iran/Contra scandals. In Chapter 1 of the Walsh Report on the Contra scandal, we read this paragraph:

On or about November 25, 1985, Michael Ledeen received a frantic phone call from Ghorbanifar, asking him to relay a message from [Mir-Hossein Mousavi] the prime minister of Iran to President Reagan regarding the shipment of the wrong type of HAWKs. Ledeen said the message essentially was "we’ve been holding up our part of the bargain, and here you people are now cheating us and tricking us and deceiving us and you had better correct this situation right away.

There can be no doubt that Mousavi is CIA and has been created as a shill to fight the Anti-Washington president of Iran, using cliched tactics and fashionable slogans not to win elections, but the next best thing, to receive money and approbation from the west. Mousavi is a part of the globalist plan for Iran and close to the CIA. The very fact that the west is spending this much money trying to manipulate these elections proves just how frightened the American government actually is.

-Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson