The New Nationalist Perspective: Politics and Semantic Distortion

June 16, 2009

Tom Sunic discusses:

  • The semantic distortion of the word “conservatism”
  • National Socialism as a left-leaning ideology
  • The need to restore our vocabulary and be in charge of our political discourse.

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6 Responses to “The New Nationalist Perspective: Politics and Semantic Distortion”

  1. Thomas on June 17th, 2009 5:36 am

    Call for Unity from a European-American Ethno-Racial Perspective

    We want a cessation of hostilities toward the Spanish Americans of the greater American Southwest and an end to the Orwellian government-enforced socio-racial white/non-white caste system which relegates the nation’s oldest European-American ethno-racial group to the bottom of the non-white scrap heap.

    We want English-speaking European-Americans to volunteer in a movement for the ethno-racial re-birth of the materially oppressed, spiritually adrift and intellectually dumbed-down multi-racial but still sovereign American nation-state.

    We will begin this October 12th with the most ruckus and memorable Christopher Columbus (aka Pietro Scotto aka Pedro Colom aka Cristóbal Colón) celebration in American history. The sword of European-American historical truth will attract thousands and liberate millions.

  2. GR on June 17th, 2009 9:05 pm

    We want, we want, we want. No one’s listening to you, and you are not a we. Stop multiplying yourself. Stop pretending you matter.

  3. Thomas on June 18th, 2009 1:12 am

    GR, Do you?

  4. george wells on June 19th, 2009 6:30 pm

    Great program! Yes, working on our own identity and mastering the art of discourse are extremely important.

    Thanks for your work. Just one hour is really not enough.

  5. Listener on June 23rd, 2009 4:18 am

    There are actually terms which have been succesfully introduced into general discourse by pro-whites, miscagenation is one such term.

    In general, not only about this program but the cause as a whole, there are a lot of problems, but as important as it is understanding them, it is well known that it is effective to focus on solutions. European Americans face a lot of unfair discriminaton; affirmative action, forced “integration” and so forth. There are ways to minimize the impact of that.

    Practical measures; Being an independent entrepreneur. Buying only from whites, buying from pro-whites is even better, but most important is to buy only from whites. A way to care for ones own group and take measures for it in such a situation, it is sensible, rational and legal as a reaction to the discriminations Europeans face, something that it is healthy and vital to react against.

    I have seen on numerous times, in the movement (if it can be called that), lists of producers and distributors that should be avoided. It is a typical example of focusing too exclusively on the negatives. Instead it would be just as practical if not more so to have in this regard a list of sources that one should use. Whites need to take a stance against the destruction of their rights, sovereignty and race in a time when these issues are not openly discussed and dealt with honestly, but rather Europeans are being run over.

    I think your guest has had a lot of insightfull things to say in the first and third program.

    Also, good article about the EU elections, it is important to have nationalists there, to preserve national sovereignty and deal with what is important. I support many of the basic ideas of the EU; such as that European nations should never go to war against each other again, I think that is something everything can agree is reasonable. The EU even, actually sponsors and runs studies on the ethnical (genetical) heritage of European groups of people, and publicises this. I do not like some of the developments in the EU, and I do not in any way support the monetary union. But the developments with the national parties in the EU parliament, is like Don Black said on his and Dr. Duke’s program; encouraging.

    Things need to happen in the following decades and things will happen. It is vital that our issues are dealt with in a proper way and we have all the possibilities to do so.

  6. Luis Magno on June 27th, 2009 7:20 am

    European Americans are the electoral majority. United we are POWERFUL but we cannot unite simply on the single basis of race. We must unite as well on the basis of culture. We have a 500-year plus culture. There is a history there. It is only on the basis of that history and that culture that we will unite as one race, as proud and fully European American.

    But we must also be willing to grant all other ethnic and racial groups in the country the same and equal ethno-racial and cultural rights enjoyed today only by the Anglo-Saxons and the Jews.

    European American history begins with Christopher Columbus, a European of Scottish descent (Peter Douglas), Italian birth (Pietro Scotto) and Spanish citizenship (Cristóbal Colón), and his celebrated discovery of the Americas in 1492.

    That seminal historical event was followed by the conquest of Mexico in 1519-21 by the Spaniard Hernán Cortés (Fernando Cortez), the greatest European military genius and strategist since Alexander the Great.