Lamestream press continues hard-hitting coverage of Obama

May 30, 2009

This time, instead of taking regular Friday lunch buddy Joe Biden, he took NBC anchor Brian Williams and his crew, who were following the president around all day for a “day in the life” segment.

According to the White House press report, there was a huge scream from people outside when the president and company pulled up.

The president ordered a cheeseburger and fries, and once again he dissed ketchup.  He picked jalapenos, tomato, lettuce and mustard for his burger.

After ordering, Obama walked around the restaurant saying hello to some customers while eating peanuts, which are a staple snack at Five Guys.

When asked by one customer how his presidency has gone so far, he said it has been about what he thought it would be like.

“More problems than I thought, because we didn’t know the economy was going to collapse,” the president said while chucking some peanut shells.

Pay no attention to the fact that he’s just nominated an openly racist, latino-supremacist to a life tenure at the supreme court.  ‘Homeboy likes jalapenos, we’ll run with that!’

Obama Goes For Friday Five Guys With Brian Williams | NBC Washington