Right-Wing College Group Riles Students on Campuses Nationwide

April 30, 2009

FOX News, April 29, 2009

A student group that bills itself as “America’s right wing youth movement”focused on countering radical multiculturism, socialism and mass immigration is causing a stir on a growing number of college campuses across the country.

The conservative political group Youth for Western Civilization is currently organized on at least seven university campuses. According to its Web site, the group hopes to inspire Western youth on the “basis of pride in their American and Western heritage,” counter and ultimately defeat “leftism on campus” and create a social movement in which a right-wing subculture is an alternative to what it calls a “poisonous and bigoted”campus climate.

“A great part of college is definitely meeting people of different backgrounds, but a multicultural ideology teaches that we should appreciate things just because they’re different from our culture with no regards to the quality of the culture and that all cultures are inherently equal,” said Trevor Williams, president of YWC’s Vanderbilt chapter. “I absolutely disagree.” . . . More

Source: TOQ Online


2 Responses to “Right-Wing College Group Riles Students on Campuses Nationwide”

  1. Astraea Shaw on May 1st, 2009 10:35 am

    There is also a great organisation called the (or .org) which has good lawyers helping students who have been unfairly treated or harrassed by the politically correct thugs and banshees. It is worth looking into.

  2. belinda on May 9th, 2009 3:01 am

    Will you HELP us IN SOUTH AFRICA? coz WE’ VE got big problems, We are a very tiny ethnic ‘white’ comunity in South Africa, yesterday my daughter could not go to colledge because the black anc masses are again on riot because they want free board and free food vouchers and goodness knows what else, they smashed windows, destroyed the computers, the lecturers cars, target white students to cause grievouse bodily harm, prevent other students from attending class. The damage to buildings and equipment is un believable, how can we afford this constant loss? everyone else has to pay? my daughter was sent home as their physical safety was in question…. what do we do, we were forced to hand over our country to a majority with no checks and balances for our way of life , now we are watching from the sides while the mass majority ransack, destroy ,steal change our history to suit them and the politically correct, what do we do , turn to God , thats all we can do……xB