Compulsory Diversity News: Episode the Twenty-second

April 12, 2009

VoR radio host Adrean Arlott brings you Compulsory Diversity News. In this episode:

  • Color Commentary Coup d’état: Shaniqua McCullough takes over the CDN studio and shares her memories of living in the hood with little A’drey’drey.
  • Günter Rasstrator: The joy of shouting “Nazi!” for fun and profit.

0 hour 30 min.

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12 Responses to “Compulsory Diversity News: Episode the Twenty-second”

  1. Brittancus on April 13th, 2009 11:47 am

    Why is President Obama pondering another Amnesty, when back in 1986 the Sinpson/Mazzoli bill was made law? It was signed by Ronald Reagan and Liberal Sen.Ted Kennedy swore their would never be another AMNESTY. The Act made it illegal to knowingly hire or recruit illegal immigrants, requiring businesses to attest to their workers immigration status. The law granted amnesties to certain illegal aliens who entered the United States before January 1, 1982 and who had resided here continuously. It was mainly for the sake of 3 million agricultural workers, but once again was mired in fraud and dishonesty. It might have worked, except the next waves of illegal families started pouring through wide open border, demanding even more rights from the American people. So the question simply is? Why ANOTHER AMNESTY? It’s because previous administration intentionally never intended to enforce the laws back then or today! Kennedy certainly didn’t? As usual the American people have been played for fools! Anything that smells of rigid enforcement has been killed or weakened, to clear the way for the free movement of cheap labor. Instigated by free trade entities and clandestine progress towards a North American Union, that represents a direct attack on our Constitution. The heritage Foundation has analyzed the consequences of a new AMNESTY. Which will not only give 40 million illegal families, even more access to government benefits? Then afford them the right to sponsor whole families, whom will end up being another financial burden on taxpayers.

    Unlike the last Amnesty the people are very much informed via the Internet of the consequences, and will lay siege to every Senator or Representative. Just like E-Verify and other new enforcement laws we will try to kill any new Amnesty. We should demand use the 1986 act (IRCA), and strictly enforce its laws as it was intended?

  2. Brittancus on April 15th, 2009 5:48 pm

    Amnesty for illegal immigrants in the United States, will cost taxpayers more than the Liberals will admit? The majority who have no papers are paid under the proverbial table, by parasite employers. Those who are using fraudulent or bogus Social Security Numbers, do pay Federal taxes. A great example of the pathway illegal aliens have fraudulently, exploited free money is the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). In his book financial analyst and economist Edwin Rubinstein. He states that (EITC) is the largest anti-poverty program in the United States — and the most illegal-immigrant friendly. In 2007, more than 23 million households received more than $47 billion in the EITC payments. Much of the so-called “tax relief” goes to people who never paid a cent in taxes, and may have already defrauded the government of huge sums each year. EITC has become yet another means of depriving hard-working Americans of their own resources. It robs some to give to others. The EITC is the most accessible of the major entitlement programs and used by more people than food stamps and welfare (TANF)* combined the author admits.

    The open border factions, including the payed-off politicians will offer you nothing but propaganda, to stifle any truth. The momentum is building to push for anther AMNESTY. Not only will taxpayers be carrying the out-of-shadows new immigrants, because most have only a 7th grade education and will not find work–while 10 million US workers are jobless. Billions of dollars sent back to other countries. Not forgetting the sponsoring of immediate family members, who will be even a larger burden of American taxpayers. Then their are millions more, impoverished, uneducated expecting for a 3rd AMNESTY to rush the undermanned border. Anti-Illegal immigrant advocates believe that killing E-Verify, is to be used in a compromise to promote Sen. Harry Reid, Speaker Pelosi Immigration reform? Reid’s Nevada has one of the largest populations of illegal immigrants. Read undisclosed facts at: VDARE, FAIRUS, JUDICIALWATCH, NUMBERSUSA, AMERICANPATROL, CAPSWEB.ALIPAC.

  3. Chris K on April 21st, 2009 12:45 am

    Did the audio sound like it was fast forwarded to anyone else?

  4. Iranian for Aryans on April 30th, 2009 1:00 pm

    This most recent broadcast featuring Shaniqua is side-splitting and utterly inventive and creative: bravo!


  5. PJ on May 8th, 2009 7:42 pm

    The states should be allowed to deal with immigration. Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California could do a much better job than the federal goverment.

  6. jimmy on May 9th, 2009 9:25 am

    What happened to the show?

    I need my CDN fix, gosh darn it!

  7. Mike Conner on May 10th, 2009 1:05 pm

    Sorry, you may have missed the announcement.

    CDN Schedule Announcement

    Due to job-related circumstances starting this month, Adrean Arlott has informed us that for the next few weeks, it will not be possible to meet CDN show deadlines regularly. VoR will broadcast new shows if and when Adrean is able to create them; most weeks, however, VoR will be playing selected reruns from the archives. Adrean will return to a regular schedule as soon as he can. Look for an update… [Read more]

  8. jimmy on May 10th, 2009 1:56 pm

    Thanks Mike.

  9. Garin on May 21st, 2009 12:25 pm

    Blacks try to blow up several bldgs. including KFC
    Date: Thursday, May 21, 2009, 11:47 AM

    NYC – Apparently disgruntled after not receiving their chicken with Oprah’s coupon. But the four men were arrested by the ‘Colonel’ and Operation Drumstick before the attacks could occur.

  10. george wells on May 21st, 2009 4:29 pm

    Charles Barkley, the hall of fame Black Basketball Player, must listen to Compulsory Diversity News.

    A week ago on an NBA commentary program following a playoff series, the practice of the show is to toast the loosing team and then send them off on a fishing trip somewhere in the world.

    Last week loosing team was sent to MonkeyBay, Malaway. Charles Barkley was asked if he knew where MonkeyBay was.

    Yes, he did know. He said, “Yes, that’s where my sister gets all her kids.” On national TV of all things.

  11. Bill on May 31st, 2009 1:24 pm

    I hate to say it

  12. Dave on June 4th, 2009 11:17 pm

    Please, I’m dying to hear episode 23 where CDN and host Adrean Arlott get Kimba the racist white lion banned from television.