Mishko and Dietrich, 3/27/2009

March 28, 2009

Mishko (left) participates in voice exercises before showtime.

This Week in Disorganized America:

  • VoR turns one year old–what is in store for the next twelve months?
  • ADL celebrates defeat of school vouchers in Georgia–while taking government money for Jewish schools!
  • Paul Craig Roberts’ “Israel’s American Chattel” article about the Amb. Charles Freeman case.
  • Jetplane justice–Abortion entepreneur is aborted when his plane crashes into anti-abortion monument.


15 Responses to “Mishko and Dietrich, 3/27/2009”

  1. Mishko Novosel on March 28th, 2009 2:00 am

    Does that hat make my head look small?

  2. admin on March 28th, 2009 2:01 am

    No just . . . fuzzy.

  3. George on March 28th, 2009 2:38 am

    What happened to the Patriot Dames?????

  4. admin on March 28th, 2009 2:40 am

    They’re doing Thursday for the next couple of weeks, and thereafter there may be a scheduling change.

    Announcements have been prematurely made this week, and the situation is being rectified.

  5. Avery on March 28th, 2009 7:20 am

    That’s good to hear! I was all bent out of shape about no more Patriot Dames. Susie does some great interviews, and I was looking forward to hear what her next guest Emma had to say. I had been looking forward to that interview all week- then BAM no podcast no show! OY VEY!

  6. expose_them_all on March 28th, 2009 9:46 am

    Great news concerning the Patriot Dames show, I always look forward to listening to Susie and seeing who she has lined-up for interview. The PD’s show along with Peter Shaenk, Edgar J. Steele and Adrean Arlott is a great line-up. Did I forget anybody? Oh yea, those one fellows, hmmm, can’t think of their names . . . thinking . . . . thinking . . . oh yea, Mishko and Dietrich – is there anyway we can axe that show? LOL – Just kidding of course, those two are always a good listen.

    Looking forward to the next host to come to VoR but, during the meanwhile, can we please keep the ones we have now?

    Also, in light of what I posted concerning Peter a few days ago and just for the record, I hold no animosity towards him and I think he does a class act, #1 show. Just as he has to his other broadcasting, he’s brought much insight and integrity to VoR. He’s dedicated, committed and he works hard to produce his shows. I thought it a great idea when Peter became the Program Director, just as most of us did I’m sure. So, thanks goes out to Peter as well as the other hosts on VoR . . .

    In that post a few days ago, I stated so much as, ‘Peter may not be a team player. I felt that Peter, and Peter alone, in his new position, wanted to remove Susie as host. As an avid listener to the PD‘s show, I disagreed with that decision. The main reason of course is because I like listening to Susie and for another, I believe it’s best for VoR to remain a “team” and not solely what one man dictates. Of course I still want Susie to remain in the line-up, but in the future I will not voice my opinions so sharply. While at times I may disagree, I realize Peter will do what he believes is best for VoR.

    As a side note and in my opinion, concerning VNN broadcasting, the shows were good because of a team effort. Everyone involved in that team effort momentarily “stole” the show at times, they went on a rant while no one interrupted. I thought that was great. Here we had numerous people talking, then, we had one person talking, then back to all involved sharing their views again. It really made for great listening – it was a team. Yet, and again – my opinion, when it became the “Linder show” I thought it really sucked. Especially in light of the fact that he banned most of the other people involved – namely Cobb.

    (I was banned from VNN about the same time Mishko was, the excuse for banning him was that he was defending me. More than likely it was because of VoR. Here’s the VNN post

    [It was troubling when Mishko was banned, it was totally unacceptable and inexcusable - so glad he moved on to bigger and better things and a way to inform and enlighten our people more than he ever could in VNN].

    A post in NNN under my AB ID concerning being a team verses the Linder superman BS


    Now, on another note, a few weeks ago I requested a mailing address to send a donation. That request went unanswered. When VoR was in the planning stages and it was considered as a “special project” at that “one” site, we sent the money to an address in Florida. I didn’t keep the information and even if I did, it may not yet be a valid address to use. I understand and respect everyone’s privacy but still, most of us want to send a check or a money order to an address (or PO Box) verses using any jewish online money transfer schemes. Has there been any new developments concerning this?

  7. admin on March 28th, 2009 12:45 pm

    Yes, check the support page:

  8. New America on March 28th, 2009 8:02 pm

    Part 1 of 2
    Key sections are 132 – particularly part (2), which deals with how and why the Jewish creation of Communism REALLY works; 144, how socialism works like military organizations; 166, the future of VOR; and 195, excellent commentary on “What Is Wrong With White Nationalism Today?” hint – it’s 95% of the White Nationalists

    0 Music was Obama’s “Teleprompter” speech mixed with theme music.
    THIS should be the new theme music for Dietrich and Mishko.

    30 Mishko and Dietrich – Plane crash in Kalispell.
    Family of owner of largest abortionclinic in California – abortion movement very Kosher – put in auspices of “freedom” – took away their biological uniqueness and called it freedom – learn from Iraqis – if someone comes and says they are going to free you, turn around and run like Hell – feminism – destruction of White family in Twentieth Century – GOOGLE “Margaret Sanger” – see her and those who came after her – “you reap what you sow” – air crash killed owner of 17 abortion clinics – 5 abortions a day each – 50,000 children we don’t have around – many women on YouTube on regret for abortion – diseases – primary function is to multiply – almost like forced race suicide as mockery of child bearing – being a parent is the toughest job you will ever love – as you get closer to thirty, you start thinking about yourself too much – get depressed – born to suffer and die – mortality becomes an issue – having kids changes all of that – takes you out of yourself – you become a different, better person – society is against children, people who have kids –

    47 Dietrich – Throughout history children have been an asset.
    You invest in them, they take care of you – think of family as like a corporation, building assets – furniture, house, things gain in value – subsequent generations do this, become wealthy – 20th Century was about breaking this up – laying out a sheet of glass and breaking it into pieces with a hammer – we end up atomized – no loyalty to us or them – relying on tv to tell us what’s what – that is our window into society and what people think – we move away from our families, and we have no support structure – all of the artificial support structures see you only as a business – family is an asset – popular culture never apologized for problem – divorce, bastards, diseases,

    56 BREAK – Kwangress clip

    67 Dietrich – Jewish religion is almost a superstition.
    They cannot allow disagreement because we are working against their divine plan of transformation –

    77 Dietrich – Ambassador Charles Freeman op-ed piece in Wall Street Journal.
    (1) Jewish control of media
    (2) no counter voice – this is why the First Amendment is enshrined in the press, and they aren’t doing it – this isn’t just the Israeli lobby – this is Jewish –

    81 Dietrich – VOR has no choice other than to resist, like water wearing down the stone.
    Our birthright is being used as a plaything by the Jews, when economy is destroyed Jews will say we persecuted them and THEN the economy was ruined – this is their MO, we have a glitch in the Matrix, Ambassador Freeman’s signal gets out in the Wall Street Journal, Paul Craig Roberts follow-up article on “America as Israel’s Chattel” – Teleprompter breakdown Obama – VOR did not mix it out the Obama Teleprompter “speech” – pictures Photoshopped if you’re anti-Israel – very simple, powerful, repeated suggestion –

    90 Mishko – Two Jewish groups want reconsideration of Rosen and Weisberg.
    AJC, ADL – spoke to First Amendment protections for the media –

    92 Dietrich – Information is classified US thinking on bombing Iran.
    Critical point – can you recall a White country trying to control America? Only case that comes to mind is of British Intelligence in Rockefeller Center late 30′s – early 40′s – only one – that’s nothing compared to what we are talking about here – THESE Jews are funded by everyday, nice Jews – you buy from him, he sends money to AIPAC – pull up AIPAC – look at their meetings – only at an AIPAC rally can you get Clinton and McCain holding hands and screaming support for Israel – note last week – IDF holy leaders – this is a Holy War against GENTILES – that’s why we talk about what they are doing in Palestine – this is what happens when Jews have the money and you don’t – this is what you are funding, and allowing to happen – this is the same thing they would do to you – see Palestinian and ordinary White person like you – “you’re all animals to us” – there’s no such thing as RACE, but they mean this in their own hateful way – it’s angering because it is real – they are doing this in your name – examples of Israeli soldiers shooting wife and two children because they accidentally went the wrong way – we are drawing a picture – there are so many dots that you step back and see a pattern – Tacitus – they hate everything we stand for, they have contempt for hate rest of humanity – they will not pay for this at the hands of the Palestinians – it will take us cutting off the spigot of the unlimited cash from the US –

    107 Mishko – They have arranged for thousands of Palestinians to be shipped to us and Europe.
    Get White guilt going, move them out of Palestine and into America –

    108 Dietrich – They could not do this unless we paid for it – the point most people miss – Israel does not want peace.
    The Jews don’t want peace – why? Israel does not have enough of a center of gravity as a nation – it is unsustainable – pulled Jews from all four corners of the world, all different languages, cultures – without a common enemy it would completely fall apart – think of the US without welfare – what do you see/ cities burning – one step further – without an enemy, Jews can not exist – that makes anti-Semitism a self-fulfilling prophecy – if they weren’t hated, they would intermix, and not be Jews any more – the rabbis have a motivation to keep Jews afraid, angry, and hating us- it gives them more power – raise the children as Americans, the Jews would lose power – at the Hebrew schools they raise them to be Jews- paranoid and vicious – they’re afraid, and that fear causes them to strike out preemptively – they don’t think badly about screwing us over, because they feel they were persecuted, they would not it now if had a chance – their Holy Book calls our property just stuff they find in the desert – this is being raised in Judaism – their religion is different – it;’s not so much a religion as a racial survival strategy – how – make them paranoid and vicious – how do you get the host population from kicking them out – you claim victim status – how to do it better than say your people has always been evil to our people- the crowning event in the Holocaust, it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny, that’s why they put people in jail for scrutinizing it –

    117 BREAK

    122 Dietrich – VOR – The Sane White Media In Exile.

    123 Mishko – Lula, president of Brazil blaming world economic crisis on white and blue-eyed people.
    They’re trying to make a scapegoat – one of the largest black populations on the planet trying to blame it on White, blue-eyed – it’s like its all coming to a head now, Whites blamed for everything –

    126 Dietrich – Jews make alliance with everyone against us.
    The only reason they HAVE an economy is White people – the difference between high-rises and Mercedes versus sixteen shells for the women – that’s US – the economy stuff – look to Mr. Shmuley – no blue-eyes – Mahathir got it right – Jewish hands, Jewish control – the only reason you aren’t eating one another and have a modern economy is the White RACE – note they are just as corrupt as our government with the Jews – our Jewish control becomes amplified because we are bigger – these non-Whites have gall – went to university in US, taught anti-White stuff

  9. New America on March 28th, 2009 8:04 pm

    Part 2 of 2
    132 – Mishko – Lula was founding member of “Worker’s Party”
    A Communist.

    132 – Dietrich – Communism created, formed, ran by Jews.
    (1) In “Zionism or Bolshevism” by Churchill- these aren’t Russians overthrowing Russia, its European and American Jews- part of appeal to White people – is raceless and classless nature – yet, raceless is the hallmark of Communism – this is what most people miss about Communism – read the life and death of socialism – by an Indian guy – shows how Marx hated the workers – his gay lover, Engels, funded him, exploited workers, sent him money – Marx always in debt – Engels letters – wanted to pay of Marx’s debts – sell his factory, live with Marx –

    (2) META issue Communism is aracial in essence – we always lined along Family, Class, Nation, – the RACE – in Marxism, RACE does not exist – thus, anyone can be an American – education is another term for reeducation – you didn’t see that, bullet in back of head – socialist revolution – example- White farmer in Iowa, whit businessman in Colorado City, have shared interests versus Mexican farmer and Mexican businessman in Mexico City – both see themselves as par of an extended Family with shared interests – Communism – RACE, tribe, nation is up and down (hierarchical, organic), while Communism is side to side – you two businessmen share interests – this is how it triumphed – it’s a poison pill for humanity – brilliant – said you two FARMERS have the same interests – need to overthrow the Elite in your countries – this is why Communists, Socialist, Leftists, have always been about undermining the Family – they don’t see that line – Family, Tribe, Race, NATION – they don’t see it that way, try to break it up, atomize us, redraw the lines – ECONOMIC – blue collar , bourgeois – peasants – workers of the world unite – it was about redrawing the lines so the Jewish elite would unite – Lula is breaking the curve of the aracial , Socialist program –

    143 Mishko – Socialism goal and practices are almost military.
    Break you down and lose your personal identity – we need to get back to Core values, and that is your RACE –

    143 Dietrich – Whites make a sane society you want to live in.
    Wherever the Brown Races go they create chaos – France, for example

    144 Mishko – no Creation there.
    Saw video – Patriotards chanting against illegal aliens – illegals claimed Mayans created university – then why they so stupid- they don’t want to learn, they don’t care – L.A. Unified School District most expensive in the world – 50 – 60% drop-out rate – discussion of Lula’s comments re blue-eyed, White people – Mishko – re the Ferengi – criticism – Spock and Kirk were Jews – little multi-cult on the ship –

    157 Dietrich – Madonna adopting another black kid from Africa.
    Agis called her MUDdonna – why? – Mishko – WHY are they doing that? like I would get a dog. It’s a pet, a symbol. The wealthy don’t have to raise their children. Mishko – it’s like a dog show. Dietrich – Europe in Middle Ages would not let Jews as nannies or teachers – why Bush feel so good about Mexicans? probably raised by one – their gardeners is nice to them, ignore the gardeners kids are beating up their kids in schools –

    166 Dietrich – The future of VOR.
    Recap the creation of VOR – started by Mishko annoying Dietrich – talented, imagination, motivation, sky’s the limit – people stow their own attitudes, work together – we all know it’s bigger than all of us – it’s about the RACE, our people – getting the word out – that’s the mission – in the next year video – on the scene – your idea should be getting way more out than what you put in – get a donation, how do we parlay this into building VOR – building more support, amplify it – utterly selfless VOR team – video reports – combine with other people in other countries who would support this – there is a resistance movement in the US – there is a collusion of interests – we and they want America returned to a sane country – we must get the word out – tv cameras, studios, researches, scripts – takes the kind of money VOR can’t see in the foreseeable future – the logical next steps are getting better, better people, get on real airwaves, go to England – send a guy – learn from BNP – Open Conspiracy of ordinary people trying to restore decency – the other side used international connections – to buy things, to engage in politics – from the outside, people very interested in US politics – they see us as a monolith – bunch of George W. Bush’s – we are a viable resistance to the filth and evil that emanates within and without the United States –

    179 Dietrich – We are not interested in reinventing the wheel.
    We don’t want to reinvent that – we can learn from them – BNP has broken through to Mainstream – press representatives, press time – must get over there and make these connections that will last for life – just like the Other Guys – they don’t see our border lines – why should we see border lines for White countries, a hard book of lessons learned – have our own pulse, our own network of people who have had real political success – Britain, and Muslim countries – who may be interested in funding sources in the US who are not so bellicose – wish I had Mahathir’s phone number – there is money out there – everyone wants to see a sane America- sane White media in exile in America – that’s the next year of VOR – more info re video, and go from there – looking two and three steps ahead – always be building – one person listening tonight, two tomorrow night, three the night after that- as long as we are growing -

    184 Mishko – We are trying to get the message out.
    We need to do it smart and be better than everyone who has come before us – Pierce, Rockwell, each made their own mistakes- we don’t want to be eighty years old, turn on tv, see breaking news, only ten per cent of the world population is White – for us as a PLANET to survive as human beings, the White Man needs to survive- we are the ones who develop technology, Culture, Civilization, and we are the ones who care about the surroundings – the environment – World War 4 will be fought with ticks and stones – If White RACE does not exist, back to the Stone Age – this has happened over sixty years.

    187 Dietrich – BNP can help us get up fast.
    Sixty years, no time left – hitting the ground running – need to build a core of leadership in our own people, who can begin the process of physically organizing – making something bigger than VOR just being an information outlet –

    195 Mishko – People need to take the time, look within themselves, what do you want to leave behind?
    What do you want for the future? no kids? what do you want for your RACE? wouldn’t it be great to live in peace, helping one another out – we must think about our selves and our people first – have gone down pretty crappy road since the sixties – if you want be a part of something that takes us back on the correct path, you must look and say ” is this important to me?” if it is, help out – email us with your ideas, people for interviews –

    195 Dietrich – (1) VOR proof of concept tested over the last year. (2) What is wrong with White Nationalism today?
    In short, it’s not the type of scene that in turn draws good people in – White Nationalism is like a conveyor belt that chews up and spits out good people – 90 TO 95% OF WHITE NATIONALISTS ARE UTTER DEGENERATES. – the people who represent this change look at the specter of what White Nationalism is and say NO – we want to present an alternative face, only solid whites need apply – no paranoid nutsos, no people who like to be hated – your own petty personal problems must be set aside and concentrate on the task at hand – that’s what VOR is all about – the Task – it ain’t about us, and the people who make it about themselves don’t last in this organization for very long – we are flourishing because we have kick started an organization that attracts good people – proof of concept has come through – if you create something better of high standards, and work to build it better, the good people will come to you – they will find you – we will make into an organization that will change the world, the biggest thing since the Enlightenment – we are proud to live in a time where we can beat these guys – WE get to win – WE are the Greatest Generation, or else –

    196 Mishko – we have a lot of heart.
    We have nothing against other races.

    197 Dietrich – We are for our own people, we are unapologetic about this.
    Ordinary White people – the advances of the Twentieth Century have come from out pocket – we are now organized enough to say, “I want a receipt, I want it back. This is not in our interests, a Jewish financial system is not in out interest, Barack Obama is not in our interest, these people work against our interests, and for too long we have been forced to applaud them. We are blowing the curve, we are ordinary people who are putting our foot down and saying ‘No Further.’ This is the beach we have chosen to die on. We are going to push back, starting right here, right norm this is our time, and we are taking it.”

    199 Mishko – Reminds me of Byron Jost movie, “The Line In The Sand.”
    Illegals problem, example of what an uphill battle we have -

  10. New America on March 28th, 2009 8:10 pm


    (2) META issue Communism is aracial in essence – we always lined along Family, Class, Nation, – the RACE – in Marxism, RACE does not exist – thus, anyone can be an American – education is another term for reeducation – you didn’t see that, bullet in back of head – socialist revolution – example- White farmer in Iowa, whit businessman in Colorado City, have shared interests versus Mexican farmer and Mexican businessman in Mexico City – both see themselves as par of an extended Family with shared interests – Communism – RACE, tribe, nation is up and down (hierarchical, organic), while Communism is side to side – you two businessmen share interests – this is how it triumphed – it’s a poison pill for humanity – brilliant – said you two FARMERS have the same interests – need to overthrow the Elite in your countries – this is why Communists, Socialist, Leftists, have always been about undermining the Family – they don’t see that line – Family, Tribe, Race, NATION – they don’t see it that way, try to break it up, atomize us, redraw the lines – ECONOMIC – blue collar , bourgeois – peasants – workers of the world unite – it was about redrawing the lines so the Jewish elite would unite – Lula is breaking the curve of the aracial , Socialist program.

    Comments to follow.

  11. Max on March 28th, 2009 9:46 pm

    What about Mike & GP from Prothink?

  12. Obadiah 1:18 on March 31st, 2009 10:51 am

    Congrats on your first anniversary, guys.

    Here’s something I came across today that I think would make a great discussion topic for a future show. Jim Cornette is a well-known pro-wrestling manager and commentator who was asked to give his thoughts on Paul Heyman, a Jew wrestling promoter. Cornette relates one anecdote after the other about what a dishonest, untrustworthy character Heyman is. At one point he says that Heyman would often lie just for the sake of lying, even when there was nothing to be gained by doing so.

    It’s a very revealing, albeit inadvertent, look into the mind of a Jew by a liberal who is a staunch anti-racist.

  13. Hibernian on April 1st, 2009 6:14 am

    The opening bumper w/Obama was simply brilliant.

    Enjoyed the show as always.

    Thanks, guys.

    re: expose_ them_ all :

    I know you helped with the SPU, and it is great to see some of the original guys STILL helping.

    If not us, who?

    Thanks, bro.

  14. Blue Collar Brad on April 1st, 2009 1:04 pm

    I wrote VNN off. I hope I got it right this time. I wish that there was somewhere else you could post videos beside podblanc because that wild haired Craig Cobb is about as bad as Linder in my book. On Forbidden Truth, at first you could upload videos, but now it looks like you can only do it through youtube. I think within a year you guys have grown in a huge positive manner, with all the guests and new shows. Here is an interesting man that was a General in the United States military. If he wasn’t, he is the best actor in the world. Take time out to watch this video. I think people on VOR will find it interesting. All the best to you for the next year.

  15. Auntiesemite on April 1st, 2009 6:33 pm

    The thought of a “ham terrorist” in a kosher eatery is splitting my side..
    Wearing a suit of “Armour Ham” would be the logical personnel protective gear for the assault. A super soaker wouldnt work, but how about a salad shooter, or a portable back-pack version of a gunite texture sprayer, shooting out pulled pork?…

    On Mr Feldkamp and the plane crash, ..thats like being struck by lightning on a clear calm day.. I have trouble attributing this event to chance… Draw your own conclusions, I have drawn mine…
    God Bless..

    Thanks for another great program..