Dietrich and Mishko, 3/20/2009

March 22, 2009

This Week in Disorganized America:

  • Kwangress–an assemblage of kings?
  • ADL lauds failure of school choice in Georgia.
  • Hampshire becomes first US college to divest from Israel, and the moral cause for divestment.
  • New America — our birthright.


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  1. jimmy j on March 22nd, 2009 12:28 am

    Corrine Brown – Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Brown attended Florida A&M University, from which she received a bachelor’s in sociology and a master’s degree in education[1], and the University of Florida, where she was awarded an educational specialist degree. She received a Communications/Speech degree from Edward Waters College in Jacksonville, and has been on the faculty at the latter two schools and at Florida Community College at Jacksonville. She served in the Florida House of Representatives for ten years before entering government at the national level, and she is currently a member of the Congressional Black Caucus and the Congressional Progressive Caucus. In college she became a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, one of four African American Greek letter sororities in the United States.

    So dis am bees an ejimikated negro, she jus need someone to kurch her own speekifyin’ bu-foa she go back to du congo-ress.

  2. Crack_Smoke_Republican on March 22nd, 2009 1:46 am

    Here’s Corrine Brown’s Kids at a School Dance in down state Illinois:

    Ghetto Brawl -TOP

    Doesn’t that just warm your heart?

  3. Crack_Smoke_Republican on March 22nd, 2009 1:49 am

    By the way, another excellent show! You guys should have an XM radio station, seriously.

    Keep Fighting!

    The CSR

  4. Crack_Smoke_Republican on March 22nd, 2009 2:23 am

    Mr. Kiel’s new song “Robbery” in E. St. Louis:

  5. Scott on March 24th, 2009 12:28 am

    Does anyone know what happened to Frank Weltner? I think he would make for an excellent guest, problem is I can’t find any recent info on this guy since he supposedly sold his site. Like Karen Valentine what has happened with these people?

  6. K-Sensor on March 24th, 2009 11:03 am

    Scott, excellent idea. If VoR could get Frank that would be a great advertisement. Doesn’t he still run ?

  7. European on March 24th, 2009 11:45 am


    He sold the site some time ago.

  8. Blue Collar Brad on March 24th, 2009 2:35 pm

    Great show. This is just a side note. For a laugh, I wondered if you’ve seen the eharmony commercials. They used to have beautiful Aryan people on them then I guess the Kosher police got a hold of them. Now they have this baboon looking lady saying how she found true love with some white shill. It reminded me of the show my children watched, Napoleon Dynamite, when this geek Kip fell in love with this chimp LaWanda, or something like that. All the best!

  9. New America on March 25th, 2009 6:08 pm

    Part 1 of 2
    SUMMARY: Go to 160 for the opening, go to 182 for the full-power “Fight Club” version. We LET this happen to us. There is no better Cause than your Family, your RACE, and Western Civilization. It’s up to YOU, just Start Where You Are: “Feet in the Street, or Cash on the Barrelhead.”

    14 Dietrich – Morality and Jews
    Jews very organized – Jews trying to destroy White culture across the planet – new article Pat Buchanan Charles Freeman –

    18 Mishko – The Jews in Israel.
    What the Jews do in Israel is the exact opposite of what they do to us -

    20 Dietrich – They know the state of Israel is not sustainable.
    Not economic, military – teeming masses of rapidly procreating Muslims – they have designs on a greater Israel – they do NOT want peace – discussion of morality – “it’s incumbent upon us to resist by any means necessary” –

    32 Dietrich re: Jewish occupation in Palestine.
    This is what Jews do when they get the chance; you can tell the mettle of people when they have absolute power – you can see their essence

    32 Mishko – ZOG – peel back the layers of this government and put up the Star of David.
    We are the slaves to Israel, and nobody wants to have that discussion. When they do they get chastised, and that time is coming to an end.

    34 Mishko – None of what you see on television benefits us as a Race.
    In any way, shape or form. Take the definition of an American. If someone just came off the boat, can they be a Frenchman? No, of course not. An Englishman? No, of course not. An American? Think, be you can’t argue on this basis without being attacked on all levels, and having people with television cameras come to your office and asking your boss, your coworkers, if they know who they are working with.

    36 Mishko – Note no boxers on tv/cable sports shows in last year and a half.
    Reason – White boxers on top – example role model

    47 Dietrich – ADL opposed to recognizing Armenian genocide.
    Would be sharing of space as victims of unique evil – look at Holocaust studies of Armenian genocide, and you will find Jews who were behind the “Young Turks” – Jews fear an investigation of this – opinion piece by Judea Pearl –

    54 Dietrich – Jews have denied nations the right to nationhood.
    We never get that, because we are “a nation of immigrants” – if some Nigerian got off the boat in France, Scotland, they could claim to be Frenchmen – but it would not be true – example of George Soros “Open Society” initiatives – you can’t say “Jews import blacks into Europe.” – exporting Africans to lily-white nations in Europe – “don’t the Jews have the right to exist as a people?” not if we don’t – anti-Semitism rejects Jews as equal members of the human race – anti-Zionism rejects Israel as an equal member of nations – shared history, not religion uniting force of Israel – majority are secular – no thought of religion, after-life – comments in L.A. Times – Jew is NOT a religion –

    60 Mishko – levels of hypocrisy is outstanding, as usual.
    Different color license plates in Israel for non-Jews

    61 Dietrich – Eisenhower used 82nd Airborne, Jews behind racial integration.
    Racial strife leads to easier areas to govern –

    64 Mishko – Israel flying a sonic boom over Palestine at 3 A.M.
    Every few hours at night – Dietrich: miscarriages have increased dramatically – done hundreds of feet over the ground – breaking glass – panic, PTSD children – Mishko – the epitome of the Jewish mentality – if you deal with a Jew in a face-to-face business issue, you’re going to lose –

    68 Dietrich- How much do we know about that which doesn’t slip through the cracks?
    Key: all the Hell the Palestinians of the West bank and the Gaza Strip have been put under, and they are RESISTING – how about us? Why aren’t we? Spirit of resistance?

    83 – Congresswoman Corrine Brown – video from C-SPAN

    87 Dietrich – “It’s time to look at what she got right, and not what she got wrong.”
    She has a college degree. Mishko – she does not use plurals – ask for money to have her make a bumper for VOR

    94 Dietrich – “It’s like three minutes of African, and then suddenly,…
    … America comes back with “the gentlelady yields…” The Empress can not conjugate.

    98 Dietrich – This is indicative of worse to come.
    A democracy – they’ve only gotten a lot stupider since she came up.

    99 Dietrich – The System is working AS DESIGNED!
    The government is a death trap to ordinary White people – it’s illegitimate in every sense of the word – if the world is insane, you must reinsert sanity into the system – it will actively resist and destroy you if you can – the Jews, like any parasite using the natural controls of an organism against itself – the media, for example – media is enshrined in the Constitution, and it’s insane – your sense organs are lying to you – told “we need change,” country is worse and worse – more bailouts, more money for Jews – think they’re going to wake up and tell us the truth? – they’re not going to do that – fear righteous market correction – it’s US who have to get wise to that – the System is not going to get any better – we need to organize, fund, get our hands dirty and ix it -

    107 Mishko – The key is understanding what you hear.
    Audio from Nancy Pelosi, unAmerican to do raids on illegal immigrants –

    110 Dietrich – This place is insane.

    110 Mishko – Violence in Mexico is claimed as our fault.

    111 Dietrich – Study by Germany’s Interior Ministry
    Shows twice as many young men join Kamradschaft (sp?) – twice as many as join legitimate organizations – 6000 Skinheads in Dresden tied to anti-immigrant party used firebombing commemoration – there are two arms to this thing – they want to racially get rid of us, and they want to politically dominate – TWO TO ONE! – like twice as many kids in a VOR political group than in Democrats and Republicans – they’re scared, we’re going to win – they can’t survive the Internet, can’t survive truth coming out about them -

    114 Mishko – One of two things happens to White/Western Civilization.
    In next 20 to 50 years – (1) disappears, and goes quietly into the night, or (2) – share this, and stand up for yourself – if you see something wrong, do what’s RIGHT! -

    115 Dietrich – Don’t do anything that would get you into trouble!

    116 Mishko – It’s a ground level thing.
    Start at your house -what you do what you buy – then you go from there – talk to people casually – example of flyer of Nationalist Coalition in Arizona – THAT is how you talk to people because they uncritically accept Jewish spin – suck it up as if from God’s own words – must be able to relate Reality to people – most people don’t KNOW – they take what they see on the televitz and they accept it as Reality, the Word of God – do research – fabricated, words twisted, leads to one road – Jews doing anything white people do as evil wrong, and a lie –

    119 Dietrich – Google “Israel” and “sonic booms.”
    Timed to destroy the kids – destroy daily life, quality of life.

    120 Mishko – White women want strong men.
    Song “Packed and Ready To Go.” Women love to have solid masculine authority, strong man takes care of them –

    126 Dietrich – VOR “too real, too true to fail”
    Reuters – rabbis told Israel Army they were fighting a Holy War against “GENTILES” who are interfering with our conquest of the Holy Land” – VOR has been asked, “Why do you care about the Palestinians? They’re not white, they’re not us.” Because they are interested in YOU – they aren’t saying they are going after religious war against GENTILES- and THAT is YOU – so, when they talk about bombing the Hell out of Palestinians with no quarter, that’s all about you, too – there are not one time events – you are not special in this equation – “the feeling of an almost religious mission” IDF Rabbinate message “This operation is a religious war.” –

    138 Dietrich – The corollary – Michael Weinstein’s book.
    “One Man’s War Against An Evangelical Military Coup” – the Israeli position – “Blood and soil for me, nation of immigrants for thee” – in American, God help you if you show loyalty to your particular Christian denomination – ambiguous, watered-down, kosherized, means anything to anyone – the numbers of Jewish members in the military is marginal – look in your town – look for manger scene in your town – who fought it? – look up name – example of Sea-Tac airport two years ago – what is the PURPOSE here? – destroying the White majority in this country – what’s the unifying principle here? Anti-YOU! – period – it’s not about hating Whites, it’s about loving the minorities – look at how minorities are treated in Israel – if there was justice in this world, Israel would not exist –

    145 Mishko – The British National Party (BNP) is growing rapidly.
    Say the truth, stick up for yourself, you get attacked – a hammer in the head by Muslims in the case of BNP – we try to take care of ourselves, we get a hammer in the head – La Raza, ACORN, get funded – this Administration will create inflation like no one has ever seen – food prices rising rapidly – why? – devaluation of the dollar – we stick together, we catch Hell – the example of the BNP speaker getting hit in the summer by Muslims is to be seen here, just as matter of time – this is frustrating, because people say it is not affecting them now –

    150 Dietrich US OMB – deficit 1.1 trillion.
    Stimulus package and saving financial system – the deficit is 11.9% of GDP – highest since WWII – it’s not coming, it’s HERE – one third larger budget just for this year? It’s here! –

    152 Mishko – Mind-boggling, “It’s just numbers.”

    153 Dietrich – “Live by the Teleprompter, die by the Teleprompter”
    Obama used one at a rodeo once – Obama with Irish Prime Minister – on Teleprompter, repeating everything Obama said – his speech not on it! – people clamoring for video, would be happy with his Obama’s real birth certificate –

    157 Mishko – Why are they such liars?
    Lock, stock and barrel – AIG bonuses, people complain, but it was written in the legislation – Senator Dodd received most financial donations from AIG – The System’s broke – it’s almost like a bad comedy – are they so corrupt that they just don’t care about their country, their futures? that their destroying people’s lives, their futures?

  10. New America on March 25th, 2009 6:09 pm

    Part 2 of 2

    160 Dietrich – Our lives and our futures are theirs for them to have.
    Just as we learned the basics of morality in society in kindergarden, our stuff goes back to that moral basis. Your future isn’t your future, according to them, and they control your money, and the flow of your money. They have the ears of our leaders.

    They’ve been raised with this “religion really a hate conspiracy – allows them to live among others for thousands of years and not assimilate – STRESS THAT – “Where did YOU come from?” YOUR children don’t know about the nations your ancestors came from; in 100 years, four generations, no memory whatsoever. Your great-grandchildren would grow up 100% American, knowing vaguely where his parents came from, what could care about his distant relatives over there, contrast with Jews, no state of their own for 2000 years, always lived among other people.

    They held onto the Jew thing because it WORKED for them – what that means? Those who didn’t have it married outside of it, but those who still called themselves Jews today of generations of inbreeding back into the Jewish community; seeking out other people, always looking for others Jews to marry back into – this is the most hateful, racist religion. It is no stretch to imagine they created RACISM; no racism among whites for all, creation of Jews. Fooled by refined hate they’ve crafted so carefully over the centuries. The Jew’s problem – enough of us are not fooled by it. Look at how people blame liberals, conservatives, Republicans – ALL of them are reading off the same sheet of kosher, non-Western, anti-YOU music.

    Constitution – either the government represents the people or its illegitimate and needs to be disposed of. People doing stuff for our RACE. We need people who are in gear, how something left over after working all day. If you can’t help, you can help people who are doing something. Help us help your future, your children, your Posterity, your RACE. You can send money to VOR, any amount – 10 bucks a week?

    British film director Ken Loach – not surprised at the rise in anti-Semitism is perfectly understandable following Israeli operation in Gaza. Charge of anti-Semitism is a red herring to keep you focused away from the truth.

    171 Dietrich – Solutions Start with YOU.
    Don’t go into debt. Harden yourself up. Get rid of the tv. Lift weights, swim, do physical activity INSTEAD of watching tv. Look at the Palestinians. They do a good job with low mental powers, small weapons. We have larger brains, many weapons. We want to grow – studios, video, cameras – everyone MUST take part in the Struggle, one way or another – we speak of revolution and resistance, trying to kick you into action.

    174 Mishko – Just act like a White person.
    Talking to people, can’t solve this by ourselves.

    175 Dietrich – Cancelling cable would be a great donation to the Cause.
    Get rid of the tv – maybe you’ll think the White Cause will deserve it – the worst thing that can happen – your cable company will call you offering you increasingly good deals to come back – save a lot of money – desperate to get you cable television – What they fear is “one that can SEE,” phrase from movie “They Live.”

    177 Mishko – Think Nationalistically.
    Think of fall of Communism in former Yugoslavia, you see incredible pride. Think of your RACE – Be PROUD of your RACE. This was OUR Land! Google La Raza, see what they say, “The Race,” see what they claim.

    What we are in is NOT a dress rehearsal. If it comes down to it and we are gone, we are gone FOREVER. You can’t bring back the Creative RACE. When we’re gone, the planet goes to a Dark Ages, This is a new version of the Dark Ages. Look at your own local news; crime going up. The people who are promoting it – the whigger attitude – is a result of what’s being shoved down our throat- Jews promoting their agenda. I don’t know what its going to take, but I know what the steps are. Look in your own house, start there – do I want to live in a White neighborhood? Do I donate money to VOR or do I buy Kosher products? Start where you are, and go from there. We are to the tipping point, and we can’t go back.

    182 Dietrich – It all looks to economics.
    The numbers are charged with politics – the number showing the way the economy and social fabric is going – America’s heyday – gone – don’t bet at it – look at your skin, and see what team you are really on – the team that’s going to keep it together is the team that creates Civilization – the SEEDS of Civilization lie in us ordinary White people – the destruction of this false Reality can only be good things, and a bright future – the absolute moral outrage of what is before s overwhelming to someone who is not in the right frame of mind –

    They are panicking – they do not have it under control – if they did, they would not have to reveal themselves through hate laws, Black president, wars – they have failed, and all we are waiting for is the time for things to percolate up to the top – hundreds of years from now, the year of the peak of Jewish power has already occurred – we are talking back our Destiny, our Birthright – all of our forefather fought and died for this country, this people this is the nature of a birthright, which we as a RACE earned – not earned by us personally – our Forefathers used the phrase Posterity, we use the synonym White People – all of these have worked down to the blue collar mechanics, who is a good person.

    They have made this country OUR Birthright – it’s OURS! – it’s not Aztlan – Northern Mexico is completely uninhabited – go a few miles to the border, and they call want to move to America – don’t want to march in Northern Mexico – they’re noting in Mexico except for Mexico, and they don’t want that – they want what WE Created, they want our birthright, they want our children’s birthright – it’s not our children’s birthright unless we fight for it to maintain – so , are we gong to let our children do it, or do we do it now, when we have THEM surrounded now.

    Two-thirds of this country is pissed off white people who don’t know WHY they are pissed off – the one things the Jews have right is this: When aroused to anger, the White Man is the most dangerous man in the room – time after time, history has shown this – it’s the big white brain that makes you dangerous and the willingness to clear out living space for your children as your forefathers did – our parents and grandparents get a pass because they didn’t understand the stakes – the time is coming to be responsible for the reality of their surroundings –

    We want you to get in with THE struggle of your time – it’s not Democrats vs Republicans, or any of that girly bs – this is a masculine, poetic, the winds of war blow yet again we need everything – fighters, leaders, writers, weapons, war songs – plans, communications – this is the foundational aspect of what we are doing here – it looks like it moving very slowly, but from a historical perspective things are moving quickly – historical perspective of decades and centuries- we are on the peak of the wave – front seat of history – this is the struggle, this is the time – we’ve caught them. red-handed- we need to charge the gates, and we need guys to come with us – it took a while for me to understand that – they murdered 3000 American on 911.

    With their horrible culture, our people are in a state of degradation – you wake up the next day, and dig in – it isn’t our place to live a comfortable life – we have to be revolutionary guerrillas in what should be our own country, it gives you a certain sense of hardness – they can defeat us ten times, as soon as we get that one through, we win – a tyranny acts like a tyranny – blood of Patriots and tyrants – Patriots first – we’re lucky history is going to be interesting again – once you accept that, we’re lucky, and I wouldn’t want it any other way – we can do this easily – 200 million white people plus in America – a mere 20% is 20 million White people against the damn Jews – they don’t have a chance – maybe the Jews will have a chance on Mars –

    198 Mishko – The Fourteen Words are nice, we only need three – IT STOPS NOW!
    This is our birthright.

    199 Dietrich – From the Founders to your Family.
    One and all were part of building this country or other countries that are White – It MUST stop NOW, we have no choice – I’m not going to be a part of the Collapse; one way or another, we move forward and take it back, or we, and our Posterity, perish from the face from the Earth – we know which way we’re going, and anyone who says you have to go down with the ship is a damn liar, and they want the country – we’re going to the Stars – this domination by an alien minority will be a sad footnote in the history of our Race – the REAL history will be colonizing the Stars – onward and upward –

    200 Mishko – We are coaching you to a better Civilization.

    201 Dietrich – Send your friends to VOR
    All emails answered!