Mishko and Dietrich, 3/06/2009

March 9, 2009

This Week in Disorganized America:

  • Happy Birthday Mugabe!
  • Black Nationalists running Detroit, how’s that working out?
  • “Wanton” destruction in Gaza
  • And much more!


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  1. Kievsky on March 10th, 2009 10:59 am

    I like their stylish red scarves! Boring old Rhodesia had no style; Zimbabwe has a president who knows that Communist Red is the new black and black will ALWAYS be in fashion.

    That looks like one tasty piece of cake, too. Zimbabweans starving? Robert Mugabe has a piece of cake for them! No worries mate!

  2. Celt_NJ on March 10th, 2009 4:02 pm

    “Black Nationalists running Detroit”.

    When will the Black Nationalists walk the talk and defend Blacks from the illegals who are killing them?

  3. Crack_Smoke_Republican on March 10th, 2009 8:13 pm

    Great show Misko and Dietrich!

    Check out TiU: the InfoUnderground

    Rabbi cross-examines daughter in sex trial :shock:

    March 4, 2009

    NEW YORK (JTA) — A fervently Orthodox rabbi accused of sex crimes cross-examined his own daughter.

    Rabbi Israel Weingarten, whose daughter accuses him of molesting her from age 9 to 16, is representing himself at the trial in Brooklyn federal court.

    Weingarten, 59, questioned his daughter Tuesday, the day after she testified to the abuse she allegedly suffered by her father.

    The presiding judge called the situation “awkward” and “fairly untenable,” The Associated Press reported.

  4. Blue Collar Brad on March 11th, 2009 4:14 pm

    Ok, you guys have truly won me over. Unfortunately in this darkened time groups are being divisive. VOR is above the fray, is not divisive, is cool and collective, caring, willing to grow the tent bigger, is the new wave of white pride world wide. I am not all knowing and growing quite burned out on this movement. I am a member of the National Coalition, but I have to put my faith in people like you. You warned me about the other network and you were right. I am tired of the boxing match and that is all the other network has to offer. On the other hand, if somebody disagrees with you, you have intelligent debate. I am guilty and I admit it of wasting my time in peeing matches. I hear you guys are really thinking hard of where to take VOR. I wonder if you could do a show about the positive groups that you see could possibly be allies or that you respect. I am not trying to abuse my privilege on this page. This occured 5 days ago, and this is what led to my conclusion that it is time to stop spinning my wheels in the mud and throw my support, time and effort to help you guys grow. I sincerely mean this. This is what led me to this epiphany.

    This letter was to podblanc & I know you guys know who the mastermind is behind podblanc. It is one thing being eccentric but this is what I truly think of him now.

    How’s it going? I’ll be damned if I am going to promote podblanc anymore. I’ll be damned if I am going to have my videos deleted when I can go to the Forbidden Truth, Scott Roberts website. I put the same videos on there and they are not deleted. First of all I did not realize that you were the creator of podblanc. Why wouldn’t I support Scott Roberts over you? He didn’t put his tail behind his legs & run off to another country either, he is staying to fight the fight like I am. I was staying out of the riff between National Vanguard & Voice of Reason but if I have to choose sides there, it will definitely be VOR. So podblanc is your little egotistical cyber world where you can be a little mini Fuhrer. To tell you the 100% truth, you are what I would call a second lemming. I am so swear word sick of you White Nationalists who makes the other people decide to draw lines and scare off any newcomers because they can’t think outside the box to attract any reasonable blue/white collared workers. As a matter of fact, all you guys are is just jew tools, but that is just my simple opinion.

    I am not saying that my video skills are great because I know they are not. In the same token, I don’t expect my videos to be kicked off of a White Nationalist page. There is one thing I am good at though & it’s promotion. I am writing you from my 1488bcb page but I am also bcb1488. All I ever said was that I loved your work, but in your mind that probably makes me gay, right? Let me #!@#@! tell you something right now, I am a family man who is married with children, I practice what I preach, and as the @#@! is hitting the fan because of the new negro zionist jew puppet, the zulu war king, I don’t have time to !@#! around with people who want to play cyber-Hitler. I get that #%@! on JewTube already by the jews, what makes you think you are any better than them? I had 2 accounts on podblanc as well, I assure you though that the one you did not delete, I will be more than happy to take it down. Actually I know I will take it down. Christ, you have those so-called Russian Nazi’s video on there where they are are cutting off somebody’s head, when all they really are is probably Israeli’s cutting off some goyim’s head. The flag behind them is not even a Russian National Socialist flag. The only people who would be attracted to this sickening, ignorant display of brutality would be a jew tool. I think Peter Shank could school you into the war of perception. Ok, I said my piece, you have lost an ally and a comrade, although you probably don’t care, you egotistical, power hungry, love the spotlight, jew tools.


  5. Steve (Codex) on March 11th, 2009 6:35 pm

    Brad, please explain this quote: “I was staying out of the riff between National Vanguard & Voice of Reason but if I have to choose sides there, it will definitely be VOR.”

    There has never been any interaction between National Vanguard and VoR. National Vanguard was dead and gone long before VoR came into existence, afaik. Voice of Reason has not been involved in conflict with any other organization since its inception.

    I spoke to someone who has suggested you may be referring to VNN. Is that the case?

  6. Rosetti on March 12th, 2009 1:17 am

    MIshko, “Hispania” is Spain. Jew Caspar Weinberger redefined “Hispanic” in the 70s to basically mean nonwhite, but that’s not the traditional definition. Spain is a European country with a White majority, like France. There’s also many pro White people in Spain.

    People from Eastern Europe shouldn’t be pissing on Southern Europeans. You don’t have much room to talk.

    Southern Spain does have nonwhite admixture, but it’s still majority White. Much like the Eastern European nations. But if you want to sling crap, anything that can be said about us can be said about you, too.

  7. Mishko Novosel on March 12th, 2009 8:41 am

    Rosetti, the offspring of the Conquistadors and South Americans are known as both mestizos and hispanics. I made a comment jokingly that hispanics should move to Hispania unaware that Hispania does existed and it’s called Spain, so I’ll make a formal apologize on the next show.

    Thanks for the education, it just goes to show you can learn something new everyday.

  8. Andrew on March 12th, 2009 2:57 pm

    Love the show, its FANTASTIC! You are right about 98% of the time, I just have a few quibbles. On the show, when talking about the widespread Jewish criminality, you mentioned some Jewish serial killers. The Son of Sam was Jewish, but John Wayne Gacy was Irish (Catholic Upbringing), Ted Bundy was the illegitimate child of a Methodist mother (father unknown). There are some reports on the internet that these two were Jewish, but they seem bogus. Secondly, I have heard you say previously that Ashkenazi Jews were mainly Khazars from Southern Russia. Lots of material has been written on that, but recent genetic tests have shown that Ashkenazi Jews are indeed Semitic, and in fact are almost indistinguishable from the Palestinians on genetic tests (they are beating up on their genetic brothers). They probably have some small amount of Khazar and European blood, but are mainly from a Semitic genepool, hence the large probosci and beady eyes.

    Other than that, I salute your incisive commentary and hard hitting dialogue.

  9. Mishko Novosel on March 12th, 2009 5:38 pm


    I would appreciate some links to the information you stated. I try to be right all of the time, but apparently I’m wrong on an occasion, but with everyone’s input we’ll get there. I just need to have credible sources.

    You can email me at

    Thank you,


  10. Crack_Smoke_Republican on March 12th, 2009 8:20 pm

    Mishko and Dietrich,

    I just wanted to say Keep Fighting! Your ending to this show was damn good with a real positive perspective against the current theiving Jewry and their Zimbabwification of America. So true! Yeah, we are the winners and it’s good to hear it.

    –The CSR

    Idiot Jew Wake up call to the World: IMF warns of Financial Meltdown…
    By: Crack_Smoke_Republican on: 12.10.2008 [03:41 ] (402 reads)

  11. Crack_Smoke_Republican on March 12th, 2009 8:24 pm

    Keep a clear eye on the enenmies:

    Did Israel’s Talpiot help pull off 9/11?
    By: Crack_Smoke_Republican on: 21.01.2007 [20:46] (3640 reads)

  12. Blue Collar Brad on March 13th, 2009 11:43 pm


  13. New America on March 14th, 2009 2:21 am

    This is Part One:

    Time in minutes

    203 Dietrich: They aren’t going to stop.

    They need us, and they are not going to stop. As long as they can see it’s our fault, and they can have extract more from us, they will. They’ll take more, and more. The intellectual leadership – the people with the mediacorps – live behind very non-diverse gated communities with fences and armed guards. They don’t have to deal with the competition they encourage for white people who work for a living. We’re stuck in the mess they created, and must replace this Elite with another Elite. This Elite will look out for White interests as part of their own interests. The problem is a disconnect between the White Elite and the White body. They’re not afraid of us. They can sell out to the Jews because nothing happens to them, they can work to smooth things over. No, things aren’t smooth now. That’s the problem. Therefore, they have a problem, They are an illegitimate Elite, and must be replaced by whatever means necessary. By the Day of the Rope, more White people will have to be dealt with than Jews just from the sheer numbers of the thing. Our problem is a White Elite that has been coopted by Jewish power. It’s White collaborators, and it’s the fact there will never be enough for these people. This will be much harder to take care of now than if we had taken care of it in the Sixties and Seventies. All of the square-jawed, decent White kids went over to Vietnam. The best are in Iraq, and they are running the country, guarding the Iraq borders while ours are open to infiltration. It’s not going to change until we physically change it. They have inertia. The blacks aren’t going to change, the Jews aren’t going to change. Their hand will not come off the throats of our children; it’s going to have to be chopped off, taken off, by any means necessary. I know there’s a lot of people listening to this for the first time, but that’s how the country was taken over the first time. We should be full of the most righteous indignation, this country is our birthright, and it has been utterly ruined by the Jews and the Races they brought in. We’re looking at a time where people have much less to lose. It’s going to take real patriotism, like the Founding Fathers, not the put a flag on the back of the pick-up truck.

    154 Mishko: We lay out the facts.

    You need to educate your friends. Point them to VOR, say “Listen to this. What do you think?” People that are in denial, just disprove us. Whites have been disenfranchised in America for the last fifty years. It’s not the blacks, Hispanics, Jews. It’s us, and not one single law has been written that benefits us, where we want to go. It’s not going to happen until people get involved.

    156 Dietrich: In their only 70 80 IQ retarded way, they ‘re doing what’s right, looking after their own.

    White people have been brainwashed into having insane reactions, working against our own interests. It’s in their interests to do away with thee laws that move black people into White neighborhoods, why won’t they look after their own political interests. It goes to media – they can put a tv truck in your front yards, go to your boss, “you are employing a hater.” This is soft communism; be rebelling, they are forced to hard communism. Force them to bullets in the back of the head. They don’t have it in them. The best way to deal with a tyranny is to make it act like a tyranny. We’re dealing with a soft tyranny. Madoff. Media spinning is masterful, and predictable, talking about all of these “poor poor Jews” he swindled. At the end of 60 Minutes, you want to send some money to these poor, old Jews. It’s the power of media. I can’t harp on this enough. It’s the power of the One-Eyed Bolshevik. Turn it off, turn off cable tv, keep cable internet. You will thank me. Do without it for three months, and look at it then. You will be amazed at what you catch that you missed. The gentile funds – big money ripped off – the Jews were low level, most got paid back. I see these Jews used as the bottom rung of a Ponzi scheme. He was using the Jews so he could get the big money, that’s money market firms and hedge funds run by Gentiles. It’s like in the 80′s. Milken, Boesky, the S and L scandals, the same as now. It all reads like the guest list as a Jewish wedding.

    203 Mishko: It’s like Social Security.

    You’re forced to put money into social security. I know people who have put hundreds of thousands of dollars into social security, and they want you to do before you collect. What this Jew has done is the same thing. He got his Jews involved, and then, once he got it built up, then he brought in the Gentiles to bilk them. It’s like a funnel, where the bottom drops money to people who are the newest evil. Did the Jews say they lost everything, did they really? Or were they paid out for the last five, ten years, 20% interest, how much did this cover of your initial investment. Everything we talked about tonight gets suppressed? Who suppresses it? TV. Most website, give you, at most, 10 percent of the story. The Jews control the media.

    206 Dietrich: If there’s something we’re not being told, who’s doing that? Who runs the media? Take it procedurally.

    What Jewish interest is there in hiding these facts from you? The truth is, the truth behind the financial scandals, what’s wrong with America, is anti-Semitic. It goes against the Jewish agenda, it puts them on full display, in their full glory, and its not a pretty sight. This is the same reason Jesus whipped the moneychangers out of the temple, the same reason Jews have been kicked out of countries, Muslims have prohibitions about usury, because of Jews. THE TRUTH IS ANTI-SEMITIC. THE TRUTH IS AN ANTI-SEMITE. People have a tendency to shoot the messenger. The statistics are The Truth. I’m going to brush on Viktor Suvorov, ridiculous stuff that made no sense in a Communist army. Ended up with ridiculous and counterintuitive stuff. That’s what we have here. The BBC can’t figure out why boons can’t run Zimbabwe. Give them Rhodesia, they’ll make it Zimbabwe; get them the Paris of the MidWest, they’ll make it into Detroit. This wouldn’t make it five years down the road if the Jewish media stopped it. You don’t take the fetal position; they just kick your teeth in.

    Stand and fight! You come from a long line of fighters, winners, who won fights. The people who lost didn’t make the next generation, and their line was cut off. We had a committee, and decided we didn’t want to live under a Jewish tyranny any more. All that remains is what to do about it. media, getting the word out, media organization, funding, lots of hard work. THIS IS HOW THE JEWS WORK, they don’t need results now. They don’t need to love the people they work with. Self-hating Jews are the best anti-Semites on the planet; they KNEW, first hand, what it’s all about.

    Mishko: 214 Start standing up for your self. Share that with others. Stand up.

    As simple as that might sound, stand up, and rebut them with examples. David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam, other Jewish serial killers. Baruch Goldstein – killed fifty people. Dylan Kleibold from Columbine, John Wayne Gacy. Jack the Ripper. Lenin and Trotsky. You need to be able to defend yourself, and have some ammunition. There’s some ammunition.

    217 Dietrich: NAACP fax to their speakers re white serial killers.

    Popular mythology – more women beaten on SuperBowl Sunday than any other day of the year. Women’s groups on campus hold this up. Myth. Total myth. Interesting how popular mythology that just ain’t true, and it all pushes in the same direction – anti-Male, anti-White sticks to the Jewish agenda, power of media to create this mythology. No effect n blacks. Jews spent last forty years of deconstructing our great literature, political structure, nuclear family, WE are going to deconstruct everything about Jews. There’s plenty to do. Every Friday night. fresh material. HOW can you see it any other way? The middle class is going to start being squeezed from the bottom and the top – welfare people and wealthy people. Something’s got to give. Every piece of BS in the last 100 years has come from White working class, and I see the day we put our foot down and say, “Enough.” The media is keeping us in a bad place, and it;’s getting worse. If our politicians, leaders and social and cultural elite are not working for us, they are illegitimate, period. The Constitutions says, if the government doesn’t operate in the interests of the people, said government needs to be dissolved, to represent the people who make the country worth living in. That’s White people – blue collar, white collar, White people. We have to awaken this Beast, get the cobwebs out, get them thinking. We’re not telling people think like us, do what we tell you to do, we tell you to look in your interests – 40 million Mexicans, banking bail out, Negro president, having us look more like Zimbabwe and Detroit. Your interests are a government and a cultural and social elite that says “So what they don’t want to live around black people? So what? So what if they don’t like the Jewish domination of their culture, even if they don’t know it by name? They will, increasingly. Why? It doesn’t pay not to know anymore. For too long we’ve been able to throw cash at it and stick our hands in the sand, or just keep your head down, raise your kids, let the world go one without you. We don’t have that comfort any more. this is good. We’ve been too comfortable for too long. It will do us good to get our hands a little dirty, get the blood flowing again, and summon our Forefathers, the long line of victors.

    230 Mishko: We should do a “Smack A Whigger Day.” A White person that’s trying to be Black. Why not?

    I’m not saying it, I’m not advocating it, I’m just saying Be Who You Are.

    231 Dietrich: I like the idea of kicking them in the scrotum and saying “That’s from Israel.”

    235 Dietrich: Story from Gaza – “Wanton Destruction of Palestinian homes in Gaza.”

    Thousands of buildings destroyed in 22 day Israeli military operations. Antitank mines in and around destroyed houses. Troops would have had to leave their vehicles to do this. Every square foot of Israel was taken in sheer terrorism, just like in the Communist Soviet union, they made examples out of people. This is what they have done to White America. Same M.O. It’s so profoundly ironic, it’s true, it’s the epitome of the pot calling the kettle black. They say we’re racists and haters? They INVENTED Racism. They INVENTED Race hatred. It’s called Judaism. It’s older then the damn hills. When White people were writing, Marcus Aurelius, “I’m a citizen of the world, all men are brothers,” while the Jews were writing the Talmud, these people invented Racism. The sheer irony and chutzpah to call anyone else a Racist; Jews are racist, too, they call it Judaism.

    242 Mishko: They called it anti-Semitism. You’re anti this Oh! There’s a cash cow, we can make money off this.

    A minority can force its will on everyone else. It is what is going on. You can’t deny it. All we say is true. if we were engineering CNN, how different the world would be. Give us a day. Twenty-four hours.

    More to follow.

  14. New America on March 14th, 2009 2:23 am

    This is Part Two:

    243 Dietrich: People take their cues from media. Look where they spend their money.

    For what my wife needs at work the Mac is four times the cost, but she really, really wants one. With younger people, why do you need this stuff? A new car, new clothes? Why? In the ancient World, people would have clothing for life – a dress for her entire life. Fitting in is a multibillion dollar industry of fashion, clothes, channels on tv for it, publications. look who is ultimately behind the message you aren’t good enough? Peel back the layers and a homosexual Jew will write the script a person says into the camera. media can do this on behalf of the money interests, and look how powerful it is. It spawns an entire industry. media is powerful; it can create entire Cultures, and that’s what it has done with multiculturalism, even against their will.

    246 Mishko: At grocery store, saw White kid.

    Complimented father on having a good White kid. Father acknowledged this. Just by making that statement, the things we need to do is to talk to White people, encourage them – and mention their Race positively, and let it go from there. simple as that. We must be able to Create our own Tribe, which was there, and somehow, the Jews stole it from us. We need to have that. Let’s build Racial Community, talk to each other. build bridges.

    250 Dietrich: It’s all about the children, all about the future, all about Resistance, and what ZOG want you to do is close up.

    Close your doors, your windows, turn on tv, not know your neighborhoods. TV shows White blonds as the bad guys. Turn that stuff off, get in the real world, have sympathy for your fellow Whites. Look at Hezbollah and Hamas, these are contemporary examples of people who have defined the Jews, successfully, in their own way, first, they provided for their own people. Then, the natural Leadership came out. Hezbollah was a Meals on Wheels before they fired the first shot. That’s why nobody rats them out. They have the will of the people behind them. we need that. The way you get there is set a better example. That means turning off the tv, and not being grossly overweight, being sharp intelligent, being able to explain this to your neighbors that is endearing and does not turn them off. this is your job. If you know this, you don’t have the choice of being passive, just listen to VOR and have a few beers. If you KNOW about this stuff, you are NOW a Leader, by virtue of the fact that you have stumbled onto the Truth here, you have to get in the Game.

    253 Mishko: That’s so true. We need to get in the game.

    It’s like a car accident on the road, and they see a hand go up, like a car phone is calling, they relegate their responsibility to another. That’s not us. VOR is building the bridges, and we can’t do everything. We need your help. Not just money.

    254 Dietrich: If you know this, you’re part of the Conspiracy for White Liberation.

    There are no innocent bystanders. You can’t unknow this stuff. We have to make this something we can build upon, and will eventually lead to getting rid of this evil system. We will replace it with something less stupid, something that doesn’t want to drink our children’s blood, that is sustainable, that won’t steal their labor with one hand, and backhand them with the other. We’re not gonna have it. We’re not getting the white picket fences, and the comfortable life. Our forefathers have failed us in this respect. They couldn’t keep the Republic. They committed the ultimate sin of NICE. They didn’t want to take a stand on this stuff, and this tyranny was locked down on us, we were born into it and we don’t have the sins to atone for. WE have nothing to be ashamed of. We’re not the ones who have utterly driven this country into the ground, socially, financially, politically, when this country was run by people like us, everyone loved us, and we had much to be proud of. They have something to be ashamed of; they’ve taken something beautiful, then run it into something that’s very ugly. They have a lot to be ashamed of. You have nothing to be ashamed of, by spreading this message, that can get to ordinary, working class White people, and at the same time spur you on, and work toward something you can be proud of.

    258 Mishko: We’re not selling Berkey water filters, stuff like that.

    When we have proven facts on something, we’ll have a discussion on that. The primary thing is, you’ve got to share knowledge with people, and respect yourself, stop being effeminate and be smart about that. It starts there. it’s all ground level. The Blacks didn’t get all crazy all of a sudden, just because the Jews got behind them. They took it a square at a time. We’ve lost major power, everything that is important to us.

    300 Dietrich: Our Forefathers cleared the country of the savages, and made it worth living in.

    The Jews came along and took the voices away from any sane people, and they say we’re hateful if we say these undeniable truth, and they say “NO, it’s our birthright, and we want a multicultural wasteland where everyone hates everyone else. Jews love that. Sane people want something clean and decent, and White countries are above all decent. Ordinary White people have a decency absent in other Races and their societies. If you want a sane future, a sane government, come with us. You have a voice, and you are who counts, They wouldn’t be as afraid of you as they are propaganda 24/7 if they weren’t afraid of us. they are afraid of because they know in each of us are the heritage, the weeds of Civilization, which is something they can’t have and they hate about us. They hate the fact that Civilization and White people go hand in hand. They like Civilization, they can’t make it, and they hate us for it, and they aren’t going to stop hating us for it. The thing to do is protect yourself. We have people who are smart, cunning, hateful and racist. You have to protect yourself from them. When they occupy the seats of power in your county, you have a lot of work to do.

    Comments to follow.

  15. New America on March 17th, 2009 11:51 pm

    Dietrich said:

    I’m going to brush on Viktor Suvorov, ridiculous stuff that made no sense in a Communist army.

    in reply:
    Suvorov made a much more substantial point that ties directly into the issue of the conflict between Judaism. and the White RACE.

    Suvorov noted Russia was a successful economic power prior to the formation of the Soviet union (for the sake of intellectual honesty, I’m going to use the words “Jew-controlled Soviet Union” instead of “Soviet Union.”

    When the Jews created the “Jew-controlled Soviet Union,” htey also created a central command economy, AND a massive, JEW-controlled black market that became institutionalized to the point that the aboveground economy became worthless, except for meeting the demands for goods that the Central Committee/Politburo REALLY wanted.

    In time, of course, the economy could not mask its internal contradictions, and collapsed, leaving the Former Soviet union as, essentially, a dark, horrific, demographically imploded, Third World Former Empire.

    This is pretty much the plan the Jews have for us, from the looks of things.

    Remember, if the Jews took over the world, it would be seen from space as a dark, dying husk, sort of like, well, the Former Soviet Union did following their economic collapse in 1991.

    That description of the world, seen from space, includes us.

    Suddenly, the Fourteen Words seem much more important.

  16. New America on March 20th, 2009 1:45 am

    One further, important comment re Suvorov and the Jew-controlled Soviet Union.

    A lot of our political science and economics teachers used to lecture us on how much better American society was than Soviet society because Americans had such a wide range of consumer goods available to them than the Soviet people.

    Suvorov discussed the Soviet economy in terms of its lack of a formal price system; a pure, command economy.

    I think he spoke to intentionally skip the obvious point.

    The Jews who ran the Soviet Union looked at those outside the Inner Party as being, literally, mere cattle.

    Now, think of every livestock yard you have seen.

    Did you see any concern whatsoever for the cattle’s lack of consumer goods? Any concern for their lack of color televisions in their feedlots?


    Same for the Russian people, under Jewis domination.

    The Jews have the same plans for us, of course.