Guidelines for Writing Comments

February 19, 2009

In order to keep VoR running smoothly and moving in the right direction, we ask everyone to follow two simple guidelines for writing comments:

1. Be constructive.

  • Do write thoughtful remarks; do write constructive criticism.
  • Refrain from rumors, falsehoods, baiting remarks, personal attacks, kookiness, off-color jokes, gossip, idle chatter, and other nonsense.
  • Refrain from ethnic slurs and profanity.
  • Refrain from suggesting or advocating violence or illegality.
  • Choose a non-frivolous display name to identify yourself. Do not use more than one display name.

2. Be on-topic.

  • Comments should pertain to the archived show or the news item that was posted. This Web site is not a discussion forum lounge or a chat room. The post sets the topic.
  • Write your constructive, off-topic comments on the most recent Listener Comments post.

Please be advised that any comment on any post may be deleted for any reason at our sole discretion.

One suggestion for a constructive comment: If you enjoy a given show, write a compliment in the archive post comments. Compliments are the only thing that VoR can afford to pay our hosts and producers at the current time.

We do read and appreciate our listeners’ constructive comments, and we thank you for supporting VoR.