Save Innocent Parents from Child Protective Services, Feb. 1. 2009…… Florida

January 30, 2009

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Tell America’s Families the Real Agenda Behind
The Department of Children and Families
Date:             February 01, 2009
Time:            12 NOON

Place:            Raymond James Stadium

                     4201 N Dale Mabry Hwy

                     Tampa, FL 33607-6103



Meet Up At:  11 AM

                      ABC Liquors

                      2001 N DALE MABRY HWY


            (corner of W Spruce St and N Dale Mabry Hwy)

                     Tampa Florida, 33607-2532


Contact: Robert Fields (for Miami-Dade)

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3 Responses to “Save Innocent Parents from Child Protective Services, Feb. 1. 2009…… Florida”

  1. Angel on January 31st, 2009 11:59 am

    Please see how this woman was jailed for not turning her 3 other children to the Dept. of Human Suffering!
    Children are interogated, abused, bribed, tormented, stolen at machine gun point, and lied to. Whatever it takes to get children to answer the way DHS wants them too. See how these children were once happy with their parents in a Christian home. Now look at what they have done to these innocent children and parents. There was NO abuse found! Give the children back!
    Pass this on to everyone you know. People need to be aware that your children could end up stolen and sold for adoption for profit. A big money making scheme! It’s discusting!

    Free the Pastor and parents! And let the children go home!

  2. Susie on February 1st, 2009 1:16 pm

    Thank you for this information!! I still can’t wake people up to the fact CPS is stealing children FOR NO REASON. And the white children are particularly vulnerable because of the financial incentives and the socialist agenda.

    I am fighting also against CPS.

  3. landa on April 1st, 2009 1:38 am

    my name is landa. I have 2 kids. both of my kids are in foster care. my kids in foster care . since last year. I live here in canton ohio. Im trying to start my own support group. it is a lot of families need help here. cps is taking way too many kids. we need to cut cps funding. cps is all about money. we have to fight for our kids. we need a lot of families to come together. its time to stop being quite. it time for us to make it hard on cps. my case worker she lie all the time. she go to court & lie on me in court. all of our kids are being kept in foster care all cause of funding cps get. every state needs a family rights group. we should not vote for cps no more, my kids are being hurt in foster care. my case worker knows about it. she wont do nothing. my kids are in the same foster home. my kids have marks on them & ring worms. the case plan is a big joke. I go to parenting class. I dont like nothing about the parenting class. they tell a lot of lies. it cost 23 dollars a day for those parenting class. its very sad that kids have to stay in foster care & being hurt. I need a very good fighting lawyer. im going to need a lot of e-mails. im going to need a lot of help here in ohio. anyone living in ohio starting sending me a lot of e-mails. we have to get help here for a lot of families. I have a lot plan to help families dealing with cps. lets not give yp on our kids. my e-mail is we have a lot of work to do. we all have something we need to do. it to come together to fight for our kids. lets bring all of our kids home safe. i really need e-mail. come on ohio its time to wake up. we have to fight cps I go to goodwill parenting class its a lot of families trying to get there kids. all there case workers keep telling them. the foster parents want to adopted there kids out. I told them for every child cps adopted out they get money for it. I KEEP relling all the parents to give there kids to a family member or a close friend of theres. they can do interstate. we need good lawyers around here. keep on fighting