Dietrich and Mishko, 1/16/2009

January 17, 2009

This Week in Disorganized America

In this episode, Dietrich and Mishko:

  • . . . are joined by Rob Kievsky on self-sufficiency and living White.
  • Almost no rabbis were harmed during the recording of this broadcast.

3 hours 17 min.


One Response to “Dietrich and Mishko, 1/16/2009”

  1. New America on January 29th, 2009 7:43 pm

    A remarkable show, which one and all should archive for educational purposes.

    The key points are listed by the time at which they appear in the broadcast.

    TOPIC – The Kievsky Plan of Small-Scale, Replicable, MDM Model of VDARE’s Sailer, WN Economic Sovereignty
    1hr 17m Kievsky intro – the Kievsky Plan – goal of following Chinese model market dominant minority concept of Steve Sailer at VDARE – one buys house, others pay it off, others buy their own houses, rent to WNists who work like dogs to make enough to get their house, etc – Replicate over and over.
    1hr 30m key is REPLICATION of the Chinese model – must find people who will do ANYTHING to win
    1hr 34m example of Hessians in Revolutionary War – Hesse trusts treasure to Rothschild – cites Niall Ferguson – Rothschild Model is the key to WN victory

    in reply:
    This is the key to a successful Revolution – the economic empowerment of transferring OUR money from THEIR System into OUR System. By extension, this model – Economic Sovereignty – is something we can do a day at a time, a dollar at a time. Sending some money to VOR each and every month, for example, is a step in extending Kievsky’s Economic Sovereignty model to the Communications sector of the economy.

    I don’t necessarily completely support Ferguson on Rothschild; they don’t trust ANYONE.

    And, note that many of the Hessians remained in America, became Americans, and dominated much of Pennsylvania with a very successful social economic model, independent of the control systems of the old country.

    TOPIC – White Communities
    1hr 40m the power of guns – Kievsky – “they can incinerate us from space” – Dietrich – NO – us like Gazans – we learn from Hamas – started as “Meals on Wheels” and helping poor people – Tribal thinking –

    in reply:
    Dietrich has this right. Space based lasers/particle weapons, an extreme case, indeed, can not work on flexible, organically developed social structures, like Hamas, which went from being a local “Meals On Wheels” to being the elected representatives of the Palestinian people.

    “Tribal thinking” worked spectacularly for Brigham Young, and the Mormon people, despite horrific problems at the beginning (near starvation), and it can work for us.

    TOPIC – Jewish Power – How It Works Against Us
    1hr 42m Jewish power is push button power vs peddler power of rag traders
    1hr 44m brain problem from movies
    2hr 20m – the “defaults”
    2hr 22m people don’t want you to help them

    in reply:
    The “default” choices offered us in all realms act to control us, by placing us under the control of addictions which the Jews control. For example, as Metzger’s guy, “Lone Wolf Wall Street” noted, “The Jews work to place themselves between us and our addictions, which they then supply for us, making us their servants.”

    This is worth an entire show in itself.

    And, “people don’t want you to help them” because (1) their addictions are more important than solving the problem, and (2) most problems are solutions of other problems – and the addictions serve to mask us from realizing and dealing with the effects of the problems, stopping us from developing spiritually, and psychologically.

    TOPIC – Relationships, and the Destruction of the Adult Masculine for the White Race
    2hr 30m “speed seduction”
    2hr 39m bonobos are territorial – chimps vs bonobos
    2hr 40m Kievsky has more memes
    2hr 42m they want to keep us as puppies –
    2hr 43m Dietrich dogs are retarded wolves

    in reply:
    This is a topic that is worthy of much more discussion – HOW have Men become so marginalized in our society, and what can be done to overcome this.

    The larger issue, and the most correct issue, is that we are literally being domesticated as puppies, while our ability to turn into Wolves requires being in the company of “wolves” – in our case, Alpha Males who are conscious on the issue of a Positive Model of Race.

    THIS, as I have said before, is where Terrible Tommy’s Model of the Lone Wolf begins to make a great deal of sense.

    TOPIC – We have accepted an artificial Reality, and the “Real” Reality maps poorly on our manipulated Minds.
    2hr 44m find a better way – French philosophers on hyper-real – modernity – the simulation has outpaced the Real – everything from high fructose corn syrup to ways Jews have organized things – Reality is too slow, dealt with simulation way more than real life –
    2hr 47m Supernormal stimulus same as hyper-real – simulation has outpaced the Real
    2hr 55m red pill blue pill discussion

    in reply:
    Coping with this will be the great Challenge facing us, as the density of information hitting us is increasing exponentially, literally overwhelming our ability to cope.

    TOPIC – Our RACIAL Organizational Choices are being foreclosed to us, using both active and “silent” measures.
    3hr 00m we must become the Mafia – System predicting this – “silent measures” against us – Hale collected addresses, White did
    3hr 02m Dietrich – the System can’t let one drop of us through the dike -
    3hr 05m organize Resistance – must not give them ANY pretext to arrest us – market dominant minority model of WN organizing
    3hr 06m Dietrich – they can stop you anyway if in a community in Idaho – call your house a compound -
    3hr 07m Kievsky – WN it is catching on – example of ordinary person knowing what SKN 1488 means – kids coming up who know of it – if The Order was around today, we would be cheering them on like Bonnie and Clyde –
    3hr 10m Mark – we are on the Titanic – Obama’s Jew backers can’t make it happen –

    in reply:
    Once we realize it IS possible, so much becomes probable, and we can Create a new Real, for our RACE.


    in reply:
    Bolded and capitalized as THIS the phrase that says so much, and says it so well.

    Multiculturalism IS the Berlin Wall between US seeing the possibility of uniting Racially, and US remaining the ONE minority group you can official discriminate against.

    And, like the Berlin Wall, once people realize it CAN came down, they will TAKE it down, and transform their country.

    This is a motto that goes well on bumper stickers, and, well, most anywhere.

    TOPIC – Definitions, Terms and Phrases – THEIR Power to Choose
    3hr 12m Kievsky look at writer Benjamin Friedman – the Moral Consequences of Astronomic Growth – Ibn Khaldun – dynasty kings in the city versus the nomads in the desert – WNs are the nomads in the desert – we are more resourceful, on the fringes – don’t overthink things – its really simple –
    3hr 30m looking for new show hosts like Prothink guys
    3hr 37m think of the Race over the next 100 years – mention WN Tube as well as YouTube –
    3hr 39m Dietrich – The Truth is more bizarre than shock radio.

    in reply:
    We MUST do what our Racial Enemies do, and that is to think in terms of centuries.

    We must be what we want the world to become, and we must Consciously Create the foundation of this Better World in our daily lives.

    TOPIC – Definitions, Terms and Phrases – OUR Power to Choose
    3hr 42m give you a little vocabulary – some sort of Primer for WNist – words and phrases defined by April Gaede – GREAT voice –
    3hr 43m Jews plan the extinction of the White Race by calling a Human Rights Commission – we must find OUR Language, and organize as sane, healthy, well-adjusted White people

    in reply:
    This is what is literally driving us insane; the Words that are used do not map to the concepts in our Minds, and, as these Words and Pictures are reinforced by the most powerful mass control system in the history of the world – color television – we are literally going insane, and blame ourselves for this.

    That ties in with the next Topic.

    TOPIC – The Collapse of The System, Replaced With OUR System
    3hr 44m System will defeat itself – we will be left standing
    3hr 45m “spoon fed” versus “shovel fed” the Truth – or go back, take your Blue Pill, – we will not tell you comfortable lies
    3hr 46m rebellious kids yesterday, “dancing, rock ‘n’ roll,” tomorrow, will “take out the problem” – they are “re-educating,” we are “educating,” like learning to ride a bike
    3hr 47m Civilization, technology moving forward, not having to lock your doors at night – these are White things – no bassmobile going down the street – this is the gift to our Posterity – we get to be the Hard Ones, our Posterity will be more comfortable, they will learn the lessons – “Our lot is to fight, so they won’t have to.”

    in reply:
    This is the ultimate Goal for us – recapturing the America of the Forties and Fifties, where you could sleep with your house unlocked, and your keys in the car.

    This will be our Gift to our Posterity, as we will have to fight, “so they don’t have to.”

    This will cost time, effort, and money – sending some money to VOR each and every month is an excellent place to start.

    Kievsky and Mark Faust might make a really good radio pair.