Mishko and Dietrich, 1/30/2009

January 31, 2009

This Week in Disorganized America

In this episode, Mishko and Dietrich:

  • . . . are joined by Jamie Kelso of We discuss the Ron Paul Revolution and the implications thereof.
  • Tune in next Friday when we are joined by Dr. David Duke.

3 hours 51 min.

2/03/09, Susie will be with Christie on TruthBrigade,

January 31, 2009


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January 31, 2009

Save Innocent Parents from Child Protective Services, Feb. 1. 2009…… Florida

January 30, 2009

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Tell America’s Families the Real Agenda Behind
The Department of Children and Families
Date:             February 01, 2009
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Meet Up At:  11 AM

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Contact: Robert Fields (for Miami-Dade)

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The Political Party Of The ‘Angry-White-Male’ Elects It’s First Black Chairman

January 30, 2009

The ‘FORBIDDEN’ Saturday Night Live skit…….

January 30, 2009

THE ‘FORBIDDEN’ Saturday Night Live SKIT

SNL did a “Bailout” skit, which has created some rather awkward problems for NBC. They spiked the video and tried to keep it off the Internet; but aha, there are still some sites that have it.

Very startling to see Saturday Night Live nail the history and culprits of the Big Bailout. No wonder the powers at NBC pulled the skit.

Through impersonations they present stark truth, perhaps one of the most surprising presentations almost allowed on NBC.

Schoolgirls Banned From Lessons By Headmaster For Being ‘Too Blonde’

January 30, 2009

Prothink Radio Worldwide – Wed., Jan. 28, 2009

January 29, 2009

VoR radio hosts Mike Delaney from, Greg Palino from and Quest who writes at his Eye4knowledge1 blog join for another episode of Prothink Radio Worldwide on VoR. Discussed on the show:

  • Launching
  • Positive Fascism
  • Jewish involvement in 9-11
  • Interview with Amir: a Muslim perspective on the Jewish Question
  • Positive Activism
  • Quest’s video “Battle Yourself First”
  • Morals and what they mean to YOU

2 hour 1 min.

Schaenk: War of Perception – Wed., Jan. 28, 2009

January 28, 2009

Radio host Peter Schaenk returns to VoR! In this show, Peter discusses the return of the ‘Holocaust Denier’ Bishop Richard Williamson into the Catholic Church, patriotard broadcasters who call the pope a “nazi”, and several other issues.

1 hour 54 min.

Bro. Nathanael Kapner coming to The Patriot Dames January 29.

January 28, 2009

Real Jew News

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Obama-Nation Articles, IsraHell Articles


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THE TRANSFER & ANNIHILATION OF ARABS in Palestine has been the continuing policy of Zionist Jews since the late 1800’s. And in very recent days with Israel’s invasion of Gaza, the Israeli policy of “ethnic cleansing” has been displayed to the entire world in all of its horrific manifestations.

Obama, in a recent interview on January 26, 2009, with the Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya TV network, reiterated the US “commitment to Israel as an ally and to its right to defend itself.”

And in her first news conference on January 27, 2009, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated that “the America supports Israel’s right to self-defense.” Clinton added that “the rocket barrages which are getting closer and closer to populated areas in Israel cannot go unanswered.”

But to their shame, neither Obama nor Clinton, (both controlled by Jewish votes & money), said nothing regarding Israel “defending itself” against Arab children in Gaza in their “answer” to alleged rocket barrages.

Bringing Israel’s ethnic cleansing policy even more up-to date, on January 26, 2009, Likud leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, promised a Tel Aviv Women’s Network Group that he would expand Israeli settlements in the West Bank if elected premier. Netanyahu said he would allow the settlements to expand to accommodate “natural growth” which he defined as referring to building new housing to accommodate growing families among the settlers.


THE ZIONIST ENTERPRIZE HAD CALLED FOR THE ANNIHILATION of the indigenous Palestinian population in its very foundations. Beginning with Zionism’s founder, Theodore Herzl called for an enforced separation of Arabs from Zionist Jews in the late 1880’s:

“It is best to spirit the penniless Palestinian population across the borders by denying it any employment in our own country.” View Entire Story Here.

It was Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion, who in 1948, expanded on Herzl’s enforced separation, by covertly promoting an agenda of ethnic cleansing:

“The UN partition of a Jewish State being offered to us is not the Zionist objective. Within this area it is not possible to reach our historic goal. But it can serve as a decisive stage along the path to a greater Zionist implementation.” View Entire Story Here.

And in foreshadowing of what had recently occurred in Gaza, in 1967, Ben Gurion overtly stated the means by which the Zionist historical goal would be implemented:

“We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid Palestine of its Arab population.” View Entire Story Here & Here.

In his highly acclaimed book, The Ethnic Cleansing Of Palestine, Ilan Pappe, gives an account of the very first Arab village in Palestine to be ethnically cleansed. Lifta was a large rural village just north of Jerusalem, home to 2,500 Arabs, both Muslims & Christians.

Armed with machine guns, the Israeli Hagana attacked the village, unprovoked, spraying the village coffee house, while members of the terrorist Stern Gang, (Rahm Emanuel’s father belonged to this group), ran through the village firing indiscriminately at Arab residents. Just prior to the attack, the Stern Gang had issued pamphlets to its activists: “Destroy Arab neighborhoods and punish Arab villages.” View Entire Story Here.


DURING ISRAEL’S 22 DAY assault of Gaza, 1,414 Palestinians – among them more than 419 children – were slaughtered. Many Arab children have facial scars resulting from Israel’s use of illegal phosphorus bombs that have left the children writhing in pain.

The opening salvo of Israel’s assault on the 1.5 million residents of Gaza had as its ultimate goal the dismantling of the government infrastructure of Gaza. Israeli leaders had indicated in the months preceding the Gaza invasion that any facility, institution, or person linked to the resistance movement would be considered fair game. This threat effectively placed all Gazan inhabitants as targets for Israeli weaponry. View Entire Story Here.

Now, in the aftermath of Israel’s Gazan venture, Israeli youth are being taught to hate their Arab neighbors and co-residents. “Death To The Arabs!” 800 Israeli high school teenagers chanted in response to an address by Israel’s religious-Zionist Meimad Party leader, Rabbi Michael Melchior, on January 22, 2009.

While the world remains in shock over Israel’s brutal slaughter of innocents in Gaza, the Israeli population (and World Jewry) brush aside concerns about civilian causalities and accounts of Palestinian suffering. And as political analyst, Terrell E Arnold, recently pointed out, Obama remains silent…


WITH WAR CRIME ACCUSATIONS documented & mounting against Israel, including Amnesty International’s call for a full investigation of Israeli atrocities, it has come to light that Israel has turned Gaza into a research laboratory to test newly received US weapons.

After working for 10 days at the Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, Dr Mads Gilbert, a member of a Norwegian medical team, told reporters that a US-made lethal weapon that is highly carcinogenic,called Dense Inert Metal Explosives (DIME), was being used on Gazan civilians:

“DIME has biological effects on those who are either hit by the weapon or are in proximity of its denotation. Tissues and bones are shredded to pieces of those close to the lethal range of DIME. Victims may also subsequently contract cancer from the micro-shrapnel embedded in their body tissue within just four to six months.” View Entire Story Here.

In a very telling, (and morally low), public action of the rogue state of Israel, it rufused to sign the 1972 Biological Weapons Conventions (BWC). Nor did Israel explain the reasons behind its refusal to sign.

Since 1972, Israel has revealed virtually nothing about its activities and capabilities in the Biological Weapons field. Israel has never issued a public policy statement on the question of BW. It is commonly assumed, however, that Israel maintains an advanced Biological Weapons program, and will not scruple to use it against the Palestinians.

Unless, all peoples of conscience & some degree of morality, (Israeli leaders have neither), speak out now against the brutality of the racist state of Israel, the Palestinian people could very well face not only massive “ethnic cleaning,” but the extinction of their race.


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And: Gaza & Jewry’s ‘Mark’ Of Cain Click Here

And: Gaza & The ‘Psychology’ Of Zionist Jews Click Here

And: Michael Hoffman On Israel’s ‘Talmudic’ War Crimes Click Here

And: Gaza & Jewry’s Vulgarization Of Human Life Click Here

And: Jewry’s Crushing Silence On Gaza Click Here

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Pope Welcomes Back ‘Holocaust Denier’ Bishop Richard Williamson

January 28, 2009

Compulsory Diversity News: Episode the Thirteenth

January 27, 2009

VoR radio host Adrean Arlott brings you Compulsory Diversity News. In this episode:

  • Bad Week to be a Body Part: What is it with the media’s fascination with dismemberment?
  • Soft Corinthian Leather: Ricardo Matzoball has joined Tattoo in the afterlife.
  • Gaza, Room 101-Style: An interview with CDN’s Islamic Affairs Correspondent, Islamian Tampónpul, takes a turn for the Orwellian.

0 hour 29 min.

Iceland’s Government Topples Amid Financial Mess

January 26, 2009

The Problem With Intellectually Insecure Whites

January 25, 2009

How Relevant Is Holocaust Revisionism?

January 24, 2009

The Catholic Pope goes YouTubing

January 24, 2009

Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI has entered the mass media world in a big way by posting a site on YouTube.




January 24, 2009

From: Council for the National Interest Foundation

While the AIPAC resolution was moving through the Congress and was overwhelmingly approved, a counter resolution was introduced by Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D) Ohio. The Lobby resolution was passed in the Senate by simple voice vote and in the House by an overwhelming margin. But the resolution from the Lobby, HR Con.Res 34, was totally our of step with the incoming Obama administration that wanted a permanent cease fire as a basis for Senator Mitchell’s mission to the Middle East.

Surprisingly, nine representatives spoke strongly against the AIPAC resolution on the floor of the House. Five eventually voted against it, and 22 abstained. That was a record for a resolution of this kind backed by the full-power of the lobby. Congressman Kucinich’s resolution did not come up for a vote before the inauguration. He did acquire seven sponsors in the twenty-four hours after he appeared at a CNI Sponsored public hearing. That also was a new record.

On January 9, the US House of Representatives passed by a vote of 397 to 5, H. Res. 34, basically endorsing Israel’s massive and brutal attack on Gaza that was in full bloom. The resolution states that Israel has a right to defend itself, and blames Hamas launched rockets (in reality not much more that enhanced fireworks) for the Israeli attack. Fifty-eight House members gave floor speeches on the measure. Most obediently and obsequiously gushed in favor of America’s “strong ally” Israel, and blamed evil “Islamic-radicals”, as well as Hamas for the plight of the starving and imprisoned, yet stubborn (because they just won’t evaporate), Palestinians.
While the rest of the world witnessed unbelievable horrors unfolding, the US Congress was spontaneously endorsing the horror. The Senate had passed the same resolution on January 8, by a voice vote.

There was one positive factor that emerged from House consideration of the resolution: five members voted against it, and 22 abstained. That means that 27 members of the House (all except one are Democrats), have a conscience and may be looking at the true national interests of the US, as opposed to those of a foreign country. Some may have been influenced by the immorality of allowing Israel to use US supplied weapons to kill at will, without justification, and in violation of US law.
Also, nine representatives gave floor statements expressing opposition to the resolution, or stating that they would abstain. Most called attention to the defects in the measure related to its failure to call for an immediate cease- fire and immediate humanitarian relief to Gaza.

Please note that such pro-Israel measures are never subject to the normal full and objective committee hearing process. When there are hearings on matters pertaining to Israel, they are orchestrated as “cheerleading” sessions, led by pro-Israel “think-tankers”. Real hearings would clearly debunk the numerous myths that glorify all things pro-Israeli and vilify all things other.

The timing of Israel’s attack and the ensuing H. Res. 34 were intended to take advantage of the fact that Bush was on his way out, and Obama was not quite in. This was a congressionally endorsed message to the US public, the Palestinians and the world, that while “change” may be in the air, AIPAC is still in charge, and “change: will not apply to this matter. And with the Israeli elections coming up in February it was a perfect opportunity to use US supplied weapons and ammo to trade Palestinian lives for votes.
Few in the House bothered to mention the fact that the Israelis have kept the 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza in a virtual prison for years, and have deprived them of food, fuel, medicine and even water for many months. Much was made of the designation of Hamas as a “terrorist” organization, notwithstanding the fact that Israel originally helped create Hamas, and that it was democratically elected in Gaza in a process essentially forced by the US in 2006.
The ratio of Palestinians to Israelis killed in the brutal onslaught (80 to one) was less than a footnote in the measure’s consideration. Ditto the number of woman and children killed (hundreds).
Members who voted against or abstained should be congratulated and thanked for their courage and conscience.


Please contact Dennis Kucinich and give him your support:

Washington Office
2445 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515

Phone clip_image002clip_image002[1]clip_image002[2]clip_image002[3](202)225-5871
Fax           (202)225-5745


January 24, 2009

Americas abject subservience to the government of Israel has led us into deep complicity in Israels shocking air and ground military assault on 1.5 million defenseless human beings called Palestinians who are crowded in a hellhole called Gaza. I toured Gaza four years ago and was amazed that human beings could survive in that hot, humid land covered constantly with a heavy blanket of dust.
They could not escape, because Israel long ago converted Gaza, a tiny coastal strip adjacent to Israel and only twice the size of Washingtons District of Columbia, into a miserable outdoor prison. Inmates are effectively locked down around the clock, except for a few injured who are permitted to seek medical care in Egypt. For 18 months they suffered from an Israeli blockade. Food and medical supplies dwindle dangerously. Even before the assault, electricity was intermittent and food supplies dangerously low.

Eighty percent of the inhabitants of Gaza are victims of Israels illegal expansion into Arab territory in the Jewish states early history. They, or their forebears, fled into Gaza as a place of refuge when they were forced by Israeli military units to leave their homes in what is now Israel.

As I write, 524 Palestinians have been killed and over 3,000 injuredmany of them women and children. The pretext for this most recent assault on Gaza are homemade missiles launched by Hamas supporters in Gaza that occasionally hit a nearby Israeli village. The missiles caused four Israeli deaths, a few injuries and some destruction. These bombings are also a lamentable violation of international law, but they hardly justify the massacre Israel has inflicted on Gazans.
The plight of Gazans intensified when they voted to power several years ago members of Hamas, a political organization that Israel helped bring into being years ago as a political counterweight to the PLO. Hamas developed into a large, independent and popular organization that provided needed social and other services before emerging as a strong critic of Israels mistreatment of Palestinians. The leadership proposed an extended ceasefire without response from Israel.
The moment Hamas gained authority in a free and fair election, the U.S. government began conspiring privately with Israel on ways to reverse forcibly the electorates decision. So much for the democratic process.

President George W. Bush publicly defends Israels bombing and ground assault by saying, Israel has a right to defend itself. It would be comforting if he would also say that the Gazans have a right to defend themselves against Israels longstanding harsh and abusive treatment. Are Palestinian lives less precious than Israelis? President-Elect Barack Obama has remained silent.

Just before the current Israel assault, Prof. Richard Falk, a distinguished Jewish scholar in international law at Princeton University and recently designated as United Nations reporter on Palestinian rights, was refused entry to Israel and unceremoniously deported after being confined in a dirty cell for 20 hours. Falk writes that the spate of homemade rockets does not give Israel either the moral or legal authority to punish the entire population of Gaza. He adds,
Even before Israels strike a recent study reports that 46 percent of all Gazan children suffer from acute anemia. The sonic booms associated with Israeli over-flights have caused widespread deafness, especially among children. Malnutrition is extremely high and affects, in varying degrees, 75 percent of GazansThe magnitude of Palestinian suffering and the deliberate violations of international humanitarian law by Israel are indefensible.

As a veteran former Republican Member of Congress, I was upset when Senator Mitch McConnell, Senate Republican Leader, brushedd off a reporters question about Israels assault on Gaza in these words: Israel had no choice.
Americas political structure and most of our media are bereft of balanced appraisal. In the Congress, only Democrat Dennis Kucinich of Ohio speaks out in protest. Almost all other Members of Congress toe the Israeli line and express supportive words similar to McConnells.

The Palestinian death toll approaches 500 with over two thousand seriously injured. In contrast, one Israeli soldier was killed and a handful injured. Only Aljazeera television has kept the Arab world fully informed with regular glimpses of the true extent of death and injury suffered by Gazans.

The American people, largely unaware about our governments subservience to Israel, are unwitting partners in the inhuman brutality being inflicted on the people of Gaza. The fighter planes, helicopter gun-ships, tanks, and missiles used to visit death, injury and destruction upon the Palestinians are gifts of the U.S. government. In the UN Security Council, only the United States opposed a call for an immediate ceasefire. Without Americas unconditional military and political support, Israel could never carry out the destruction of Gaza or its humiliation of Palestinians in the West Bank and other war crimes. Americas indifference to the plight of Gazans makes we wonder if our citizens have lost all capacity for moral outrage.

If you wish to find out who is really responsible for Israels scofflaw behavior and war crimes, look in the mirror. Citizens like you and me let lobbyists for a small, ruthless government make America its uncomplaining servant.
Paul Findley; Member of Congress 1961-83, is the author of three books on the Arab-Israeli conflict, including the Washington Post bestseller They Dare to Speak Out: People and Institutions Confront Israels Lobby. He resides in Jacksonville, Illinois.
Israel Attacks Gaza, Silence from Mainstream Media about Israeli Violations of International Law:
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Israel going back into Lebanon after Hezbollah (with the intent of drawing in Iran and Syria) would be in accordance with the rest of the ‘A Clean Break’ agenda that the Iraq quagmire was based on (access the ‘A Clean Break’ link on the upper right of http://NEOCONZIONISTTHREAT.COM ).
Additional at the following URL:
The Israel Lobby Takes Off the Gloves
Gaza ‘looks like earthquake zone’
Former MI6 operative Alastair Crooke reveals truth on Hamas & Hezbollah (click on ‘Hour 2′ link via following URL):
Mearsheimer: Another War, Another Defeat: The Gaza Offensive:
US Support of Israel’s brutal oppression of the Palestinians PRIMARY MOTIVATION for tragic attacks on the World Trade Center in 1993 and on 9/11 as well:

Dietrich and Mishko, 1/23/2009

January 24, 2009

This Week in Disorganized America

In this episode, Dietrich and Mishko:

  • . . . are joined by James Hawthorne on how to export the nationalist revolution to the U.S.
  • Almost no rabbis were harmed during the recording of this broadcast.

3 hours 17 min.

A special thanks to the backbone of VOR:

January 24, 2009

To Rabbi Mark “Mishko” Novosel, a special thanks for all your continuing hard work for the cause in getting the new shows on air and keeping things running. If I told everyone what a good guy you are, I’d ruin your image. Hail and have a restful weekend!