Lectures from Shmuley …

September 30, 2008

by James Edwards

Source: The Political Cesspool

I see where everybody’s favorite rabbi, Shmuley Boteach, has decided to lecture Southerners on “the sin of Confederate hero worship.”

As an American who loves his country, I am appalled by the persistence of Confederate hero worship in the South 140 years after the Civil War’s end. After all, the South fought for a truly evil cause. While there were other factors that led to the Civil War, no serious, objective historian would deny that the principal cause of the war was the institution of slavery, and that the South fought to preserve its “peculiar institution.”

Whether or not the soldiers of the Confederacy personally believed in slavery, they still fought to preserve the hideous, reprehensible practice of buying and selling human beings–each and every one created in the image of G-d–like animals. Babies were torn away from their mothers’ breasts; men, women, and children were whipped like beasts. This was the essential, defining institution that the Confederacy struggled to keep.

Well, isn’t that special?

First off, what kind of “American” would have a name like Shmuley, for the love of God? No Americans I know would ever give their kids a name like that.

Second, this just goes to show that Orthodox Jews like Boteach, no matter how much they lie about it, have no use for the Old Testament. They’re into mystical garbage like the Talmud and Kabbalah, which are the books and principles they actually guide their lives by. They claim to be followers of the Torah, but then they denounce its teachings as hideous and reprehensible. Well, then the alleged Jewish god of the Old Testament is hideous and reprehensible, because after he delivered the Israelites from slavery, he turned around and told them that they should take slaves from the different racial groups surrounding them, and that these slaves were mere property who could be bought, sold, bequeathed, etc., just like any other property. Jehovah even said that they could beat their slaves brutally without fear of punishment as long as the slave didn’t die immediately. If he died from his wounds a couple days after his beating, well, that’s sad, but he’s merely property, and no harm no foul. Meanwhile, Israelites could be indentured servants to other Israelites, but they were never allowed to enslave their brethren. Chattel slavery in the Bible was race based. And God didn’t just wink at it; he specifically told them to take slaves from the other races around them. So now we know that Jews like Shumely not only hate the god of the New Testament, they also hate the god of the Old Testament.

Then he goes on to compound his hate by mixing in lies. He compares Robert E. Lee and other Southern heroes to modern Islamic terrorists. Then he lies and says he’s not comparing them to terrorists. Next he compares them to Nazis, and follows that up by lying and saying he’s not comparing them to Nazis. Of course, does any rational person really expect to hear the truth coming from a guy named Shmuley? Is there anything more rabbinical then comparing someone to a terrorist while insisting that you would never compare him to a terrorist?

Then Shmuley denounces Christians for honoring their ancestors who followed the Bible, and for not believing in a phony Christianity that Shmuley has invented to fool they goyim:

Many of the Southerners who romanticize the Confederacy are religious Christians who lead lives devoted to moral excellence. How is it possible that they would make heroes of men who betrayed the Bible’s essential message: that G-d is the father of all humankind, and all of us therefore are equal before Him?

Of course, there’s nothing like that sort of sentimental garbage in the Bible. Nothing at all. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. In the Old Testament, God has his favorite people, and he couldn’t care less about the rest, and he repeatedly tells the Israelites to go slaughter their neighbors of other races, including women, children and infants, because he wanted them to take the land. You’d think a “teacher of the Torah” would know these things. In the New Testament it’s not much different. Jesus comes into the world, says he only came to save the lost “sheep” of the House of Israel, and that the rest of humanity are “goats” who will burn in a lake of fire for all eternity. A few of the goats may believe and be converted, but if they don’t it’s no big whoop to him, and the disciples should preach only to the lost “sheep”. The Apostle Paul says that God made some people special, and some people common, and some people he merely made to be tossed aside like the potter tosses aside the spare clay. So where does Shmuley find this idiot idea that the god of the Bible is the father of all mankind, and we’re therefore all equal in his sight? Certainly not in the Bible, because it teaches the exact opposite. He’s just making it up. Why would a rabbi not only lie about this stuff being in the Bible, but have the gall to insist that these doctrines that fly in the face of everything in the Bible are somehow its “essential teachings”? Simple. He’s lying about the Bible in order to condemn Christian white people. He doesn’t believe the Old Testament, but he certainly knows what it says. But he’d rather lie about it than admit that Southern slaveholders were merely following the Bible when they practiced race based chattel slavery.

Then he goes on about racism. This is the really rich part. Shmuley isn’t simply a Jew, he’s a rabbi. And he’s not merely a rabbi; he’s an Orthodox Jewish rabbi. And he’s not merely an Orthodox Jewish rabbi; he belongs to the Lubavitcher sect of Orthodox Judaism. Their holy book isn’t the Old Testament; it’s a book written by a rabbi called The Tanya. One of the teachings found in the book, and central to Lubavitch life, is that Jews and non-Jews are two different kinds of beings. Jews, whether atheist, Reform, whatever, are humans because they have Jewish genes. All non Jews are merely animals in human form, whom the Jewish god put on Earth to serve Jews. The souls of Jews are pure and holy, while the souls of “the nations” emanate from the lower world, and are unclean and filthy, pretty much the same kind of “soul” a pig or a snake would have. This is what Shumely Boteach believes. And then he has the gall to lecture others about racism. If the ADL really wants to do something about anti-semitism, they should take away Shmuley’s keyboard.


8 Responses to “Lectures from Shmuley …”

  1. Susie on October 1st, 2008 4:04 pm

    And lest we forget it was a black man, Eli Whitney with this cotton gin invention, that made slavery boom.

  2. Chris on October 1st, 2008 8:33 pm

    (warning: the following information is likely to cause turbo confederates to have a stroke.)

    I wonder if shmuley will reprimand jews for the large amount of jewish support for the confederacy. like Judah p Benjamin who served as Secretary of state, secretary of war and surgeon general for the C.S.A.

    There were also regiments of home guards made up entirely of Jews. Lets also not forget that the Confederacy was funded heavily by the Rothschild family of jew bankers.
    Somehow I think that fat hairy hypocrite shmuley would never take jews to task for doing the same thing as free white men.

  3. roscoe on October 1st, 2008 9:57 pm

    Before the Fr Rev of 1789, you did not have judaics in control of both sides when a war broke out. After that , they have been funding everything and this includes Hitler and tha Nazi’s

  4. Z.O.G. on October 2nd, 2008 12:00 am

    “Rabbi Smelly Buttocks”


  5. Z.O.G. on October 2nd, 2008 4:52 pm

    Rabbi Shmelly Buttochs


  6. Arjay on October 3rd, 2008 6:52 pm

    Shmuley is about as good a historian as he is a rabbi.

    In the north we are taught that states rights were the cause of the war and in the south they are taught that slavery was the cause of the war.

    This is taught because the powers-that-be want southerners to feel guilty for slavery but do not want northerners to believe that any possible debt to the descendents of the former slaves may have been cleared when 600,000 whites died to free them.

    The Jewish extremists that run America plan to make a killing by lawyering the coming reparations shake-down, so they can’t give a central narrative that would absolve Whites of any culpability.

    Further, the Civil War was fought expressly to aggregate power in the central government. It was seccession that enabled aggressors in the north to launch an attack against their fellow Americans. Seccession occurred because the Jew, Judea Benjamin, played the serpent to Jefferson Davis’s Eve and whispered poison in his ear tricking him into convincing many southern states to succeed. Again, like every other revolution in the West – with the exception of the American Revolution, which is why it actually benefited those it claimed to benefit – Jews were behind it.

    Finally, if Southern traditions, heritage, and symbols should be verboten because of a brief 200 year flirtation with slavery, then Jewish traditions, heritage, and symbols should also be banned for their 5000 year association with slavery, including their ownership of all of the slave ships involved in the Middle Passage trade of Africans to the new world and their current involvement in enslaving and trading poor eastern European peasant girls to non-Whites around the Third World.

  7. roscoe on October 3rd, 2008 9:06 pm

    Shankus–do you want to handle the remark about the AM Rev being the exception?

  8. George on October 3rd, 2008 9:06 pm

    Well, if you accept the famous Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s premise about the civil war then thousands and thousands of White people were butchering, slaying, starving and utterly destroying the very souls of thousands upon thousands their White brothers and sisters all for the cause of Negro freedoms, privileges and luxuries associated with being an American in the mid-1880′s. Kind of the same thing in WW2, when millions upon millions of White Europeans were destroyed in order to rescue “the Jews” from “the Nazi’s”. Have you ever heard in your entire life of one single Jew so much as harming a single hair on the head of another Jew in order to save innocent European people from other Jews??????