Letter from Joe 9/25/08

September 27, 2008

Komrads, About 75 or so folks, including a couple Blacks and a few Mexicans who have lost sons to illegal Mexican murderers, gathered at City Hall. About 125 mostly Mexicans and a handful of Whites protested the rally. The Sanctuary follies of SF were foremost on the agenda.

Most notable was the commie (ANSWER) and Indian attack on free speech. They made as much noise as they could with noise makers, musical instruments and drums and pots and pans as they walked around the police line …no attempt on the part of the police to separate them more than about 5 feet from the Minutemen assembly.

Now we all know that commies could care less about free speech , in fact they assert ‘no free speech for ..” fill in the blank, nothing new here. But the Indians, excused in some ways because they have never heard of free speech, were particularly avid in their noise making, particularly the rotund , short clutch of squaws who formed a very tight little knot of brown furies and made the most noise, having a grand old time circling the wagons of the white folks. I asked a couple male Indians if they knew what free speech was, keeping a smile on my face…they looked a bit bashful, possibly embarassed, but maybe they just had no English. The Pee..Pul, United..Will Never be Defeated!…that one was missing today.

A couple of 20 something whites motioned me to step over the line while they shook their shoulders…signaling male aggression. I guess they did not cotton to my sign: “Border? or Corridor to Catastrophe?”, and, “Our People built this country…Defend it…or your kids will wake up in the Third World.” Could have been Jews..

In other words, the commies were worse than the Mexicans. Nothing like a race traitor, a loser, a defector from one’s primary group, to be the nastiest piece of dirt imaginable.

Significantly, the most notable feature was the very low numbers of protesters, and almost no whites except for the ANSWER thugs. Also, the more -equal- than -others…Becker and his water boy, Sal, the obvious jew…were NOT there.

The Times they are a changin…the Wind now blows from the NORTH, a high IQ wind, and while slow to anger, can explode into a hurricane. HIgh IQ and the best soldiers in the world, Whites. Smart , tough, loyal, in it to the end…the antithesis of those Black cops in New Orleans during Katrina, who deserted en masse when the going got tough.

Which gets me to speculate on the losers, B students, resenters, of the White Left. They are here because their forefathers fought for the genes that these ingrates carry, for this land, built the land, and even tried to befriend many Indians with schools, and the rest of it. (Never mind the savagery and slavery of Indians…) Nevertheless, these white traitors hate their forefathers and want to return the country to a 21st Century Stone Age…which will be not stone tools but stone rubble and Third World violence, corruption, crime, mayhem, disease, and chaos wherein all the Whites will be murdered…if ONLY murdered, we will be in luck.

Our pioneer fathers did not systematically kill Indians, they negotiated with them and, finally, settled them on land of their own and gave and give them handouts. Amerindian IQ, north and south, is 87 average. This is remarkably smarter than African Black IQ which is average 70. IF the Chinese had beaten the Europeans to North America, there would be no Indian history, no reservations, no museums, and no movies depicting Whites as the real savages. Indeed there would be no Indians at all to build casinos and other culture ruining institutions…no Indians at all as the Chinese would have killed every last one of them…ditto the Blacks…in another time, like the future, when the West is overrun by blacks and browns, dying, and the Chinese invade with the blessings of whatever Whites are left…hoping to be accorded some status like slave for example, if only to be saved from the wretched of the earth, machetees swinging, guns blazing, etc.

A Stone AGe civilization was going to give way before any of the rest of the planet’s people. They should thank us for getting here first, just as Blacks should thank us for putting up with their nuisance, crime, ugliness, low IQs, welfare and education costs, etc. How many blacks would volunteer to GO HOme? “Man…shiiiiiitttt! Yo Mama, you mo fos gawn send us Home? Where ma piece?? Off dis marshmallow pig, honky mo fo. shiiiiittTT Ya’ll OWE reparations Man Owe us! Fo’ever…….

What we need is a two-state solution: Mexicans have a state so it is pretty easy to send them home. Blacks we would not ship back to Africa because we are too humane. So , a set-aside of Texas and Mississippi or some such would be the right thing. We would also have to provide White governors, etc. or they would butcher one-another. White Man’s Burden.

I know a cop in Redwood City who says that a Mexican will shoot you quicker than a black. Most Blacks know that they are dumb and without much skill or ambition, and trust whites more than they trust their own race….this is also true of other ethnic groups…they trust whites over their own ethnics , etc.
The Mexicans show us no deference and make plain their La Rasa racism and allegiance to Mexico. To the commie White traitors, this is great because the Mexicans are more insane than the Blacks and will kill, kill, kill. The commie Whites and Jews love it…they seek the destruction of a White Culture and Society that has rejected them more or less because of their hostility and hatred of their betters. Traitors get it first, then the more general enemy. This is the way the world works.



One Response to “Letter from Joe 9/25/08”

  1. Susie on September 27th, 2008 8:48 pm

    Very good story. I remember when the corrupt Civil Rights movement began, many native American stood beside them. That didn’t last too long before the natives disengaged from the Jews.

    Now, you tell us they are in with some commies? I find that strange. Can you do more digging or maybe post a video of the protest?

    Thank you. I would like to know more.
    The Patriot Dames