Peter Schaenk 6/25/08 Common Sense

June 26, 2008

Common Sense

In this program Peter discusses:

  • Common sense, a commodity in short supply when it comes to analyzing the NWO.
  • Bobby Fischer’s “anti-Semitic” comments.
  • 6 million Jews and no birth certificates?
  • Malcolm X’ “anti-Semitic” comments.
  • All the latest news and “This Day In History”


6 Responses to “Peter Schaenk 6/25/08 Common Sense”

  1. Howdy Doody on June 27th, 2008 2:44 am

    The music break at 30 minutes is there a title or group.

    Bobyy Fisher exile to Iceland, amazing really, love Bobby’s plain English!

    Bobby is wrong about the the US in one sense that it was settled and developed by US.

    Bobby got this Freedom of speech from the White men who created US.

  2. Moranen on July 1st, 2008 2:53 pm

    Concerning the listener’s post about Jewish population losses: According to ALL census figures, there were 12-18 million Jews before WW2, and 11-18 million Jews after the war.

    One could even claim, based on these figures, that “before the war there were 12 Jews and after the war 18 million, so Jewish population grew 6 million!!!”.

    “Somebody unacquainted with the difficulties of the problem might assume that the real number of Jewish victims can be easily calculated by comparing pre-war and post-war population statistics, but this is not the case, for dependable statistics simply do not exist. To start with, the number of Jewish victims naturally depends on the definition of the word “Jewish”, and there is no generally recognized such definition. Are the Jews a race, a nation or a religion? All three answers are partially true, but only partially. Can a person who was born into a Jewish familiy still be considered to be a Jew even if he has totally renounced the Jewish religion and tradition? I do not know the answer. Furthermore, regardless of how you define a Jew, the statistics about the Jewish world population are very contradictory and suspect from the very beginning because the figures are more often than not furnished by the Jewish organizations, which evidently have to respect the Holocaust dogma according to which roughy one third of the Jews were exterminated during World War Two.

    The leading pre-war expert on Jewish population statistics, Arthur Ruppin, stated that there were 16.7 million Jews in the world in 1939 (13). For the immediate postwar years, the World Almanac gave the following figures: 15.19 million in 1945 and 15.7 million in the following four years, from 1946 to 1949. But its 1949 issue, the World Almanac quoted the figures furnished by the American Jewish commitee according to which there had been 16.6 million Jews in 1939 and only 11.2 million in 1947 (14). On the other hand, in an article published in the Jewish-owned New York Times in early 1948, Hanson Baldwin, a military expert and specialist on Palestine, stated that there were between 15 and 18 million Jews worldwide (15). As you see, the Jewish world population statistics enable you as easily to prove that the Holocaust took place as they allow you to prove that it didn’t; it just depends upon which statistics you prefer to believe. It’s not in these statistics that we are going to find the answer to our question how many Jews really perished as a result of German policy. ”
    (Jewish population losses in the German sphere of influence during the World War II
    by Jürgen Graf )

    I recommend further reading:
    Dissecting the Holocaust,
    Holocaust Victims: A Statistical Analysis
    W. Benz and W. N. Sanning – A Comparison,

  3. missy on July 4th, 2008 2:27 pm

    Thank you so much Peter for replaying the Alex Jones clip of his outright denial of any Israeli involvement in the events of 9-11. That 20 second clip does more to discredit him than his 100 weekly hours of raving. I think that should be a permanent clip on your show. That clip is irrefutable to all the AJ zombies. After hearing that, there’s no way they can deny his intentions… Bravo…

  4. Igor Alexander on July 11th, 2008 1:57 am


    Slam him all you want, it doesn’t bother me personally, but just as a point of fact, I think you’re going a bit far by suggesting Bobby Fischer was consciously playing a role in a conspiracy. When you have the time, listen to his radio interviews and look at the documents he scanned and posted on his website (I assume they’re still online; if not, I’ll make a torrent). There’s simply no way a plant would say some of the things Fischer has said, and the guy clearly suffered a great deal as a result of the stance he took. Bobby Fischer may not have been 100% ideologically consistent (few people are), but I believe he was sincere. If I have a reproach to make against him, it’s that his approach was a little over-the-top. If he could’ve said the things he said in a more moderated and reasoned manner, he could’ve influenced a lot of intelligent young white kids who idolized him, but instead he just came off like a raving madman to most people. I think the Jewish media (when they didn’t ignore him) used him as a kind of clown to show how ridiculous anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists are, and Fischer didn’t have the self-control or the emotional distance from his situation needed to avoid playing the part.

    Whenever we get a sincere defect from the tribe like Bobby Fischer, we have to cut them some slack. If we don’t, we’re just sending Jews who are thinking of doing the right thing the message that no matter what they do, we’re still going to be against them. This will only reinforce Jewish group solidarity and the Jewish “us against the world” mentality. We need to apply the carrot and the stick principle: reward them for doing the right thing, and smack them hard when they don’t.

  5. Igor Alexander on July 11th, 2008 2:24 am

    Note: By “Jewish media,” I mean the media in general, which is largely Jewish-controlled, and not media which is specifically aimed at a Jewish audience. It occurred to me that folks who are not white nationalists might be confused by the term, hence the clarification.

  6. Peter Schaenk on July 16th, 2008 9:23 pm

    Truthfully, Bobby Fisher is a hard one to figure out. All we can do it theorize at this point.