June 21, 2008

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Dare to know!


By Greg Bacon

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The Holocaust Insurance Accountability Act of 2007 is now snaking its way thru committees, in preparation for what is to quite possibly be a huge extortion of money from the American tax payer.

Copied from the bill is this:

{Experts estimate that the value in 2006 of unpaid life, annuity, endowment, and dowry insurance theft from European Jewry from the Holocaust and its aftermath ranges between $17,000,000,000 and $200,000,000,000.}

(Dowry Insurance? WTF? We’re supposed to pay off for a wedding ceremony that never took place?

What’s next, puppy dog life insurance policies that weren’t collected when “Spot” died?)

Who in the hell are these experts? They’re not named, so we’re supposed to take at face value an utterance from a Congress that will drop everything in a sec to service their Zionist masters in Israel, but could care less whether or not We the People sink or swim… literally.

This act will give Holocaust™ survivors, heirs, dependents, and others, access to U.S. courts for the purpose of entertaining legal actions against insurance companies, even when those claims have already been denied by European Courts. And let them pursue legal action and seek redress–MONEY–against insurance or RELATED companies and seek damages. (Related Companies? Is no one safe from the latest Holocaust™ money extortion scheme?)

And the amounts are to be TRIPLED and include interest.

How sweet it is.

If the insurance company does not pony up information and money, they are subject to losing their business license.

So, when this strong-arming of insurance and RELATED companies goes into effect, who do you think will actually wind up paying for this scheme?

The insurance companies? Initially, but in turn, they’ll increase our rates to make up for the loss of income.

What about the insurance companies that, for whatever reason, no longer exist? How does one get that money? Well, our lap dog Congress has an answer for that in H.R. 1185, entitled the Wartime Treatment Study Act, which establishes a Commission on Wartime Treatment of Jewish Refugees.

In part, this act reads “… including a review of the underlying rationale of the United States Government’s decision to refuse the Jewish and other refugees entry, the information the United States Government received or acquired suggesting such refusal was necessary, the perceived benefit of such refusal, and the impact of such refusal on the refugees.”

The impact of such refusal? As in financial impact? It doesn’t take a soothsayer to see where this is leading. Once the Wartime Commission gets thru pointing the blame at the U.S. for minding its own business and determines that We the People were responsible for something for which we had absolutely NO PART, my guess is that the “Knesset” in Washington, DC will wring its hands, lamenting how terrible, how blah, blah, blah… that the poor dears can’t get money out of a non-existent company.

And proceed to fork over billions and billions of dollars, in this latest racket to shakedown the American pubic into giving wads of cash to Israel.

Who’s behind this Holocaust™ dunning scheme?

Rep. Wexler and Rep Ros-Lehtinen are behind this Fleecing of the American Public Act of 2007. Yes, that same Wexler, as pointed out in WUFYS, who is raising a ruckus about the Cheney impeachment bill, which is dying a slow death in committee. But it serves to distract the quivering masses from that hand reaching into their pocket to extract some bucks for the Holocaust™ .

That our craven Congress has sold out to a foreign power is evident to most, but not all. OK, so try this:

Go to the Library of Congress web page and do some research for yourself to see what bills our Congress has been working on.

At this site, try typing in subprime mortgages, the fraudulent scheme enacted by the banking industry that is causing people to lose their homes, making families destitute and damaging the economy and you’ll see:

137 Bills from the 110th Congress ranked by relevance on “subprime+mortgages”.

Or, type in Walter Reed. As in the Walter Reed Hospital that was shown this past year to be keeping our wounded vets stranded in squalid conditions, forcing them to live in rooms with mold on the walls, vermin running about and vets living in their own waste, and you’ll see:

250 Bills from the 110th Congress ranked by relevance on “Walter+Reed ”

Or, type in Katrina, as in Hurricane Katrina of 2005 that damaged New Orleans and forced thousands of Americans into living on the streets.

Americans who are still homeless to this day, thanks to a complacent Congress and you’ll see:

291 Bills from the 110th Congress ranked by relevance on “Katrina “.

Now, try typing in the word Israel. As in the Israel that has OUR Congress serving at its beck and call, always more than ready, willing and able to shovel ever increasing loads of OUR money to that pariah nation and you’ll see:

326 Bills from the 110th Congress ranked by relevance on “Israel+ “.

Any question now as to where the U.S. Congress’
loyalties lie?

Does this Holocaust™ racket ever end or is it a kind of perpetual motion money making machine, designed to continually pump OUR money into the Khazars pocketbooks?

Better start learning Yiddish now, so you’ll be able to recite the revised Pledge of Allegiance in that country that is now known as:


Article Source: Greg Bacon’s blog