Seizure of 440 at polygamist camp unlawful, Texas appeals court says

May 25, 2008

On April 4, 2008, a caravan of Texas State vehicles, Child Protective
Service case workers and buses from the El Dorado Baptist Church circled
their way toward the community of the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints
in El Dorado, Texas. Their mission was to remove all the children, over
460 of them, into protective state custody based on a single, anonymous
female caller that said young girls were being forced to marry much
older men.

The State Police blocked all roads into the multi-acre community. With
possible advanced warning, the adults in the community were in the church
and the children were playing peacefully outside when authorities arrived.
The children, with bags and suitcases of clothing and teddy bears boarded
the Baptist Church buses with many of the women, who would not leave
the children.

A call to the Baptist Church by this author found that the church gave
them the buses “because they needed them” and it “is
in God’s hands.” When asked if anyone else had called the church
about the improper use of the buses by the state, the woman stated,
“No, no one else called.” But this author knew there had been
at least one caller before her because that was how she got their phone
number and knew the woman would answer the phone. The pastor was not

The anonymous female black caller who placed the 911 call about the
community had previously placed other crank calls. Her name is Rozita
E. Swinton and she is listed on
as an Obama delegate. She lives in Colorado but as yet authorities state
she cannot be found.

An outraged American society, suspicious of such a raid on a peaceful
community, conjured up remembrances of Waco, Texas and Ruby Ridge. Those
living around the community were not so kind. They spoke on YouTube
videos concerning the raid as justice for a sexually perverted group
of people and seethe with opinions about the rape and child abuses that
must have been going on in this quiet community.

On the Rita Cosby show about a week later, an authority on the raid
stated that what was going on in the community was ‘like a Third World.’
When Rita asked what he meant, he stated, “They make their own
clothes” and “they dumpster dive.”

The Patriot Dames immediately put up a video on YouTube on April 8,
2008 denouncing the raid as being without probable cause and not following
proper procedures. The Patriot Dames, as the SubieSisters, put up two
more videos about the raid with live footage filmed from the television
set. Over eight thousand people visited the site, most stating the raid
was illegal and biased against a religious sect.

Little by little, the truth was coming out. The State Police found the
anonymous caller weeks later and identified her after a caseworker became
suspicious of the caller changing her story and her name several times.
Still, the children remained in a 40 by 100 foot brick compound with
only one bathroom.

The Court decided in early May that the children would be put in foster
homes throughout Texas and they were. The innocent parents of these
children could do nothing but watch, plead and cry for the safe return
of their families.

There was not much coverage on the news networks about this tragedy
except to prejudge this religious sect as being perverted. This farming
community, with pristine homes and yards, orderly farms, beautiful white
church and modern wood community house would have been an example of
the American way under different circumstances. Instead, the Fundamentalist
Latter Day Saints were made to look like perverts whose only purpose
was to marry off young girls in arranged marriages to old men.

Finally, on May 22, 2008, through grimaced teeth, CNN and Fox news casters
had to announce that the state appeals court said, “…that authorities
had no right to seize more than 440 children in a raid on the splinter
group’s ranch in western Texas last month.” Although the children
are to be returned, authorities, especially Child Protective Services,
are making it difficult for the parents to barter the safe return of
their children through hearings by five judges in San Angelo on what
the parents must do to regain custody. Those hearings, which began Monday,
were suspended after the ruling May 22.

The children’s salvation throughout this terrible ordeal of being ripped
away from the only mothers they had ever known was a Legal Aid attorney
for some of the parents. Julie Balovich stated, “It’s a great day
for Texas justice. This was the right decision.” And indeed it
was but it did not have to come six weeks later. This raid should never
have happened in the first place based on a single anonymous caller.
A proper investigation should have been conducted but it appears the
Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints were put into the same category as
Waco and Rudy Ridge, a ’secretive’ group that must have been anti-government
and had weapons. The content of the search warrants have never been
made public.

Child Protective Services is out of control. They have far too much
power and authority and there have been numerous incidents of ‘child
stealing’ made by distraught parents over the years. A visit to YouTube
will document this anguish.

The children eventually will be returned but will not be the same carefree,
secure and happy children they once were. They will have been exposed
to Fluoride in the water, pizza, chemicals in the food, television,
video games, pollution and disease. The court ordered that their DNA
be taken from the children. They may have behavioral problems and trouble
sleeping and the worse….future visits from Child Protective Services.


16 Responses to “Seizure of 440 at polygamist camp unlawful, Texas appeals court says”

  1. white bullet on May 26th, 2008 8:00 pm

    Where is the sound gone.?
    Half the time I tune in there is no sound.
    what gives?

  2. Bob in DC on May 27th, 2008 1:35 pm
  3. katman on May 27th, 2008 2:24 pm

    bob, the first mistake they made was letting them on church property. that being said, one would have to ask just how far the scumbag authorities were willing to take this? if it was me, i would have rolled the dice and figured that they didn’t want another waco and since the layout of this place , according to the footage i have seen was much better for defense than the waco situation was. frankly, my vote is for resistance at first, not later. no admittance. and then you would still have your children. they could have done this and then had their lawyers move in court for injuctive relief and then taken it to the appellant level as well, all the while preserving their position as it was before the raid. imho, their first big mistake was allowing them on the property. it appears to me, they were allowed on there and then went on a fishing expedidtion , looking to try and find anything they could get on them. they hauled those children off in a baptist bus. this is a outrage. the pastor of that church should have been fired for allowing this. the patriot dames think this had some kind of alterative meaning. perhaps they are right. all i can say, is that as a thinking , and breathing american, this whole episode made me very angry and very upset and very suspicious about the real meaning behind this event…

  4. Susie on May 29th, 2008 10:13 am

    White Bullet, what do you mean ‘no sound’? Are you talking about the radio shows or the posted videos? Thanks.

  5. Susie on May 29th, 2008 10:13 am

    Bob in DC, thank you.

  6. Susie on May 29th, 2008 10:25 am

    More and more U.S. citizens do not feel secure in their property or persons. Although the Columbus Police Department was trained when to legally back off and when not to, there was always this undercurrent that ‘Since I wear the badge, you darn well better give me that driver’s license!’ and ‘If you have nothing to hide, why wouldn’t you let me search your house?’
    So to suggest that the FLDS should have refused entry to their community when they had search warrants, would not have worked. Certainly there are excellent attorneys out there who fight for justice that should have volunteered their services pro bono, but I have not heard of any stepping forward.
    They were on a fishing expedition. Search warrants are specific and the details of these warrants have not been made public yet. Very suspicious.
    The use of the Baptist buses is a further example of State abuse. The only ‘alterative meaning’ it had was the power of the State over a religious organization and representatives of that church that lied. Wouldn’t you say people lie when they have something to hide?
    Thanks for commenting on my article. How easily people let their rights be taken from them.

  7. katman on May 29th, 2008 2:13 pm

    well i saw what happened up there and it did not miss my attention. it was nothing less than a warm up venture. it was a gaming operation. they just looked and watched to see what would happen and if anyone would notice. the sheep were asleep as usual. it was quite easy to use the cops and others to do what they wanted because these people have been trained to do what they are told and not ask questions. this is the new breed. lower iQ’s are the order of the day in law enforcement these days and there is a reason for this. well the way the property is layed out, could have been defended easier than the waco situation just from looking at the pictures of the area. they did well doing this. they knew there would be trouble one day and this is why they chose that property. so , my proposal would have been simple. no admittance to the property , especially when the excuses used on those warrants were based upon bad information and lies. this would have come out anyway. the lds always have good attorneys. they are well connected and protect each other. do i think they are a bubble shy of plumb? yes i do, but nevertheless, what was done , was done to us all. i do not care what they do on their own property. it is their business. so what do you think they would have done if they had resisted them? would the police be willing to give up their lives over this? that is the question. a stand off, would have bought time while the courts would do their work. do the goons want another waco type stain to appear at this time? i don’t think they would. i think they would have backed off. and like i said earlier, this would have bought time, and you would still have your children. i mean, what else is there? would i allow my children to be hauled off in front of me on buses, over some nonsense? sometimes, a man has to do what a man has to do…..

  8. katman on May 29th, 2008 2:24 pm

    by the way, susie, they had a child protective custody case down here in corpus christi about two or so years ago. the texas cps brought a cop over to this guy’s house to get his children. they came to his door and he knocked. and he answered the door and they told him why they were there and he allowed them in the house. i have heard it repeated many times, his first mistake was to let them in…..i have heard this many times here and there. do not let them in . make them make their move. enough is enough already. this has got to stop . they take these children and they get money for them. its all about money. the whole damn thing is about money. they don’t give a rats ass about the children. they only want the money.

  9. katman on May 30th, 2008 12:25 am

    texas supreme court rules all children must be returned to parents.

    sort of i think…….

    now , they should sue the district court judge for all of this, and acting outside her judicial authority and jurisdiction….. the bitch should be taken down for this. all because some dumb nigger chick called in a complaint and this was all lies…….find her and sue her black ass too…….

    never underestimate lds lawyers………

  10. Susie on May 30th, 2008 8:45 pm

    Well, your assessment of the police is somewhat true. They do what they are told. Our chief of police, James Jackson, stated in the Columbus Dispatch a couple of years ago that “the Columbus Police Department is too white.”

    If you’ve see the Columbus, Ohio P.D. propaganda video on YouTube you will see that they want a non-white department. I think this is insane because we have good black and white cops. Stupidity has nothing to do with race except with the biased chief.

    You are correct. The situation in El Dorado was done to see if anyone noticed. I noticed those living around the village REALLY did not like the community. They conjured up all kinds of ideas about ‘what must have been going on in there.’ Evidently raising a family and being self sufficient is foreign to the neighbors.

    I believe ‘the police’ would have liked another Waco or Ruby Ridge. It would have given them a chance to play with their new toys. Now, while I am pro-police, I am anti-Homeland Security and the Terrorism Tip Line. When Lt. Fred Bowditch told me over the phone on August 27, 2007 that they only ‘investigate Hamas and Hezbola’ and not the Mossad, I about fell off of my secretary chair.

    So, the people of FLDS showed character and sense to let them come in and show their butts.

  11. Susie on May 30th, 2008 8:58 pm

    True, do not open the door. The cop is supposed to be there in case there is a fight or something, not to forcibly take the child unless they have paperwork. In any case, do not open the door.

    Columbus had a case worker in about 2002 that was playing cop and telling this father she was going to take his kids and he stabbed her to death. It was awful.

    When it is posted, listen to our May 29 radio show because it is about CPS. Our guest explains why it IS about money.

  12. Andrew on June 7th, 2008 12:56 pm

    Are you people serious? THEY WERE RAPING AND SEXUALLY ENSLAVING CHILDREN!!!! The kids deserve better than that and they had every right under the law or under moral conditions to do what they did. What the hell is wrong with you people??

  13. Jane Hackney on September 19th, 2008 8:58 pm

    Another plea from a grandmother. My daughter had her two children taken today
    from my home by city of Mesquite police and Dallas County Constable at Dallas
    County CPS instigation. The investagate as much as said she’d gotten a court
    order because we would not open the door when she can by twice this month.
    She had to “investigate” my grandbabies welfare.

    We gotten the oldest back a couple of month ago from them placing him with my
    x-husband in different county. There was never any court actions or lawyers ;
    just CPS with there so called safety plan. It was usually from month to month
    until the x decided my daughter had to come backto my house to live because he
    didn’t want her to go back with her boyfriend. He kept the baby boy. The last
    safety plan expired 11/9/07. We never after that got anything else in writing.

    Where can I find any lawyer to help us. They said this time there would be
    court actions. They are using the excuse of failure to thrive.

    I have not been able to find any lawyer to take a case against CPS and I can
    barely make ends meet now without any legal fees. Legal aid will not even look
    at your request against CPS.

    Please Please HELP ME SOMEONE

  14. katman on September 19th, 2008 10:29 pm

    Jane there is this guy named RALPH WINTERROWD that comes on RBN on sunday afternoons at 6:00 pm every week. He more or less specializes in this sort of stuff. My advice to you is to call him or go to his website and email him about your problem. He may be able to help you.

    I know some things about this sort of stuff mainly by listening to his show off and on. Here is what I do know. The lawyers will not help you on this unless you are wealthy and you can afford a good one who will actually help you. I would presume this is not the case. Therefore, you must do this on your own. This will require due diligence on your part and the part of people helping you. You need help from friends (if possible) as witnesses, to help you when you go to court etc………and go to court is what is necessary. you must learn court procedures and the legal issues surrounding this sort of case. One thing I do know. It is hard slugging it out with these people over children because they get money for children. I know it sounds crazy but it it is true. This is the case for judges and the cws workers etc. so they will lie about your case to keep the children. The first mistake you made was when you let them get them. At the first hint of trouble, those children should have been moved and appropriate actions taken to preserve the control of those children. I know this perhaps would be difficult for whatever reason. But you have no options on this. I have heard many people talk about this and it is always the same. It is up hill battle to get children back once they have been taken. Just look at what happened over in San Angelo earlier this year with the LDS children. But you can do this , yourself with help from friends on a pro se basis and you can win. But you must do due diligence and study and prepare your case and then go after the bastards. That is all I can tell you on it. Good luck. This phenomenon of the state stealing children is something that turns my stomach and makes me think it is time to kill people who do things like this to other people’s children. But hey , that is just me. There will be a time for that later. Right now , we must wait. But make a mental note of who is doing this to you and remember when it is time to take the revenge that is most assuredly coming.

  15. katman on September 19th, 2008 10:29 pm
  16. Howdy Doody on September 20th, 2008 6:43 pm

    Every Judge and public official who worked on this should pay $$$ out of their own pockets till they lose their own properties.

    Back in aroun 2004, the Boston Globe had a story with photo of a jooish school offical at this expensive suburbian home where she had the police with her to remove the two children 12 and 13 for being home schooled, both parents were standing in front of the home in the photos, he was a doctor and she was a univeristy instructor or the other way around. Well the end of the story said the police refused to remove the children for the school Official.

    This is Bolshevik NKVD tyranny..

    When have you heard of an yeshevha school being raided ?